Eat it Or Yeet It #9: Drinks Only

Eat It Or Yeet It? More like DRINK IT or YEET IT! This drinks only episode is the definition of a thirst trap.
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  • Juni Fruity :3
    Juni Fruity :32 dager siden

    This episode could've been called, Sip it or Spit it

  • Leif Opstad
    Leif Opstad6 dager siden

    Noah punked himself so bad 🤣

  • Leo Meow
    Leo Meow12 dager siden

    The camera is hot

  • Gabia Braz
    Gabia Braz12 dager siden

    why is the guy with the black shirt and painted nails not part of smosh videos.

  • Arcwolf the lord of thunder
    Arcwolf the lord of thunder12 dager siden

    6:19 Hhahahaha that face!!

  • Alexandria S
    Alexandria S15 dager siden

    Kimmy is adorable!

  • Gilder Benitez
    Gilder Benitez15 dager siden

    They should have said drink it or spit it

  • Jane
    Jane18 dager siden

    Noah being all serious while looking like a ketchup bottle is cracking me up

  • Joia White
    Joia White18 dager siden

    Kevin’s hot Go Kevin

  • Rahilul Islam
    Rahilul Islam19 dager siden

    Damn I'm in love with kimmy's laugh!😍😍

  • Dominique Warnken
    Dominique Warnken24 dager siden

    You guys should try turcky broth a broth made from chicken bones it is rilly good

  • Nique DR
    Nique DR24 dager siden

    I think surstromming broke Noah xD

  • Justin
    Justin26 dager siden

    Look at them all drinking from the same cups...

  • Its ZakiVirus
    Its ZakiVirusMåned siden

    Shld be "sip or skip" or anything similar

  • Autumn Harget
    Autumn HargetMåned siden

    I love Courtneys hair im in love 😍 by the way she acts is amazing 😌 (im not flirting)

  • Navi
    NaviMåned siden

    they had the perfect opportunity to say swallow it or spit it

  • Malvika Prasad
    Malvika PrasadMåned siden

    from start searching for shayne and he never disappoints!

  • Skylar Scott
    Skylar ScottMåned siden

    it should have said the big sip or big gulp

  • Alexus Parenteau
    Alexus ParenteauMåned siden

    Y’all will appreciate chicken broth when you get a colonoscopy and can’t eat actual food 😭😂

  • Wilson 3
    Wilson 3Måned siden

    The saltiest thing in the world is McDonald's fries. Duh🙄

  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah2 måneder siden

    Courtney’s hair is so cute

  • donnysaxbonk
    donnysaxbonk2 måneder siden

    Hydrate or diedrate

  • Kingluke 463
    Kingluke 4632 måneder siden

    Drink it or clink it

  • • SLiM_ JiM•
    • SLiM_ JiM•2 måneder siden

    I think i heard James Charles in the back round at 3:00

  • Whatever Is Necessary
    Whatever Is Necessary2 måneder siden

    I drank apple cider vinegar so

  • LJAD07
    LJAD072 måneder siden

    drink it or sink it

  • The Like Button
    The Like Button2 måneder siden

    *Not to be dramatic and stuff, but I would DIE for Kimmy* *That is all.*

  • Dmitry Sturgeon
    Dmitry Sturgeon2 måneder siden

    Noah is correct in "whats better than water" and I will die on this hill

  • Goelena Milano
    Goelena Milano2 måneder siden

    ah. pre COVID smosh where they could actually share drinks hahaha

  • Sam H
    Sam H2 måneder siden

    The dude with the blue fringe is delicious! I’d drink him anytime.

  • Jumar Yu
    Jumar Yu2 måneder siden


  • georgie roberts
    georgie roberts2 måneder siden

    No, that's cloudy lemonade. Lemonade is clear

  • georgie roberts
    georgie roberts2 måneder siden

    This one shoulda been called slurp it or burp it

  • Gg Comp
    Gg Comp2 måneder siden

    Olivia : This is great Noah : You know it's like butterflies on (or something) Olivia : Oh Shit

  • Zack shaffer
    Zack shaffer3 måneder siden

    *shane appearing from the shadows like a being between dimensions at Olivia being strange* “...what!?”

  • Kyleigh Tremblay
    Kyleigh Tremblay3 måneder siden

    "It's the plot of Interstellar"

  • Oliver Bauer
    Oliver Bauer3 måneder siden

    Shoulda called it Spit or Swollow

  • just another clone trooper
    just another clone trooper3 måneder siden

    bro that last one looked like harley quins starbucks order

  • Reetom Bera
    Reetom Bera3 måneder siden

    Dark Water shouldn't have been Dark Water. It shoulda been just straight Creme de Menthe. That woulda been hilarious.

  • Ava Aboy
    Ava Aboy3 måneder siden

    KEVIN THOUGH 😍 Hope you put him in one of the eps!

  • Doge Man
    Doge Man3 måneder siden

    I thought it would be called drink it or sink it

  • Charlie SPENCER
    Charlie SPENCER3 måneder siden

    garrets mood is literally a goblin 247

  • Alexa K Vick
    Alexa K Vick3 måneder siden

    From the creators of burger but cold- water but green

  • Abby King
    Abby King3 måneder siden

    Does anyone else think Courtney should be in one eat it or yeet it?

  • Alexander Tenorio
    Alexander Tenorio3 måneder siden

    Kimmy- fuck it! Lol

  • Zachary Mleynek
    Zachary Mleynek4 måneder siden

    we need more kimmie

  • chloie miller
    chloie miller4 måneder siden

    *Garret to the side* “ write down Buffalo semen” 😂😂😂

  • paige eck
    paige eck4 måneder siden

    Damien: I wanna diedrate Me: Mood

  • Curious Naruto
    Curious Naruto4 måneder siden

    Drink it, or sink it!

  • Aidan Savena
    Aidan Savena4 måneder siden

    they should put gasoline as one of them in the next round

  • Reagan Dillon
    Reagan Dillon4 måneder siden

    Rather than this being called the Big Drink I vote that the next time this theme comes up we call the big bite the Super Sip

  • William Carmody
    William Carmody4 måneder siden

    You should have named it sip it or spit it

  • Rogue Maverick
    Rogue Maverick4 måneder siden

    Slurp it or burp it

  • iben friis-fagermo
    iben friis-fagermo4 måneder siden

    i feel so bad- i tought that noah had a lobster hat on

  • Jasper
    Jasper4 måneder siden

    Can we talk about "Bread Bitch" tho ?????

  • Attacking Lizard3
    Attacking Lizard34 måneder siden

    Noah looks like he's in a hotdog costume

  • Horror Movie Scream Queen
    Horror Movie Scream Queen4 måneder siden

    Damien is so ballsy during these games, I love it!!!!

  • Avery Tillette
    Avery Tillette4 måneder siden

    There needs to be a Courtney revenge episode 😂

  • M0ND4Y
    M0ND4Y4 måneder siden

    I can’t stop laughing when Damien chugs his drink and it just pans to the Garrett cam, where we see Shayne having fucking PTSD

  • Lost Vayne21
    Lost Vayne214 måneder siden


  • Ondra Broz
    Ondra Broz4 måneder siden

    Garret: buffalo semen write that down

  • Gene Phillips
    Gene Phillips4 måneder siden

    15:47 LOFL

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose4 måneder siden

    Who else wants to see Courtney in an episode anyone?

  • rudradave
    rudradave4 måneder siden


  • rmc 14
    rmc 144 måneder siden

    They missed an opportunity to have my favourite coffee as the big bite

  • Clown Slayer
    Clown Slayer4 måneder siden

    Should’ve put vodka 😂

  • Kizra Lynn
    Kizra Lynn5 måneder siden

    It should be called sip it or dip it

  • Cole Hart
    Cole Hart5 måneder siden

    Is this the 2nd one where Shane isn't eating/drinking stuff?

  • Isaac RR
    Isaac RR5 måneder siden

    4:55 was unexpected 😂

  • Matrixie Kitty
    Matrixie Kitty5 måneder siden

    I feel something they should bring into the show is the world’s most bitter green tea, Kuding tea! That would be an interesting entry

  • Dumb Boiled egg
    Dumb Boiled egg5 måneder siden


  • Lillian Ledlow
    Lillian Ledlow5 måneder siden

    Olivia when she realizes shes wearing butterflies: 👁👄👁

  • Tom G
    Tom G5 måneder siden

    0:12 I was rewatching this during quarantine and I noticed the look on Garrett's face when Shane walked in and out of the frame and I kept rewatching it. It has me dead 🤙

  • Moderate Arsonist
    Moderate Arsonist5 måneder siden

    1:30 the little ‘I love you’ from Damien to Noah is so cute

  • Annika Guerena
    Annika Guerena5 måneder siden

    6:19-6:20 Shayne is you when you where little secretly watching an r rated movie with your parents. Idk how to explain for some reason. If your know I mean, help me explain it more clearly

  • Lucy Baumann
    Lucy Baumann5 måneder siden

    Kimmy’s reaction to her drink is one of my favorite things ever.

  • Lucy Baumann
    Lucy Baumann5 måneder siden

    Noah has a my favorite coffee under his hat

  • Diana Djenev
    Diana Djenev5 måneder siden

    6:51 shayne's eyesssss hahaaa

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton5 måneder siden

    I can’t tell if Shayne’s voice is dubbed over Garrett

  • Tyrexisaurus_Rex
    Tyrexisaurus_Rex5 måneder siden

    6:24 In the Episode where Brittany Broski was on, Damien got the Squid Ink Pasta dish. More proof that Damien is psychic (Garrett thought that the Squid Ink Pasta would be a bad dish for the contestants, except for Damien).

  • Blurryface
    Blurryface5 måneder siden

    10:58 that guy might be swedish xD

  • Glitch Gaming
    Glitch Gaming5 måneder siden

    they should do Italian cuisine and the big bite is spicy escargot

  • Kakyoin Noriyaki
    Kakyoin Noriyaki5 måneder siden

    Is everyone at smosh gay or lesbian that guy who tried the strumming thing has painted nails

  • Jasper Jay De Graeve

    Jasper Jay De Graeve

    5 måneder siden

    Painted nails don't mean they are gay but Smosh has a decent amount of diversity.

  • tiewin
    tiewin5 måneder siden

    you should call it drink it or sink it

  • Skye Hatton
    Skye Hatton5 måneder siden

    Olivia doesn't wear the track suit. Olivia *is* the track suit!

  • Harry Donahue
    Harry Donahue5 måneder siden

    Their next mercy should say "You're safe from the game." And then the eat it or yeet it logo on it somewhere.

  • Keith Ang
    Keith Ang5 måneder siden

    Yoo Hoo bread bitch I can’t stop laughing

  • Ujwal Shetty
    Ujwal Shetty5 måneder siden

    5:22 Noah should have rejected the high five

  • Max Leong
    Max Leong5 måneder siden

    can't wait for more E.I.O.Y.I content. i know it will be a long while for any content of guests with more than Smosh members to do an episode with the current circumstance. but the last episode was shayne's revenge and this is a shayne and garette against the rest. going to hope either E.I.O.Y.I or Bee-kini Wax continues. maybe Joven, MattRaub and a special guest? 😈

  • shaquala dalambakis
    shaquala dalambakis5 måneder siden

    Technically Shayne is in this episode XD

  • Rue Rodgers
    Rue Rodgers5 måneder siden

    Yes Ian, we all wanna see it

  • Alex Routledge
    Alex Routledge5 måneder siden

    Shayne has become the very thing he swore to destroy

  • Arjay Regis
    Arjay Regis5 måneder siden

    I miss kimmy

  • Jane Uremovich

    Jane Uremovich

    5 måneder siden

    same :(

  • Coffee
    Coffee5 måneder siden

    Idk why but when the bread boy was passing out le bread I could smell the bread

  • Buttered Piece Of Toast
    Buttered Piece Of Toast5 måneder siden

    I think Noah just looks like a hotdog

  • Michiko Manalang
    Michiko Manalang5 måneder siden

    “Yoo-hoo, Brrread Bitch!”

  • Jaymie Dumont
    Jaymie Dumont5 måneder siden

    Next time you guys do a drink edition put the liquids in a cup where they can’t see the substance so then it makes it 10x worse (You guys can put them in the Smosh water bottles to “casually” plug them)

  • Jaymie Dumont
    Jaymie Dumont5 måneder siden

    1:23 Everyone: *picks on noah* Noah: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Sander Hagenaar
    Sander Hagenaar5 måneder siden

    Nobody Me in my mind: garret cam, somtimes a shane. Ya know from the spidersong

  • Gal Araphel
    Gal Araphel5 måneder siden

    Olivia: well it couldn't be that bad Ian: *or could it?* *Vsauce music starts playing*