Eating The World's Hottest Wings Challenge

FaZe Banks, FaZe Cizzors & more EATING WORLD'S SPICIEST CHICKEN WING (Ghost Pepper Challenge)
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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe AdaptÅr siden

    If you use code “Adapt” in the FORTNITE Item Shop, I’ll bring you a pack of Oreos

  • Reagan Czapla

    Reagan Czapla

    MÃ¥ned siden

    sweet i love oreos

  • Is2_ Tricks

    Is2_ Tricks

    MÃ¥ned siden

    Get scammed

  • Is2_ Tricks

    Is2_ Tricks

    MÃ¥ned siden


  • Alex Nyc

    Alex Nyc

    MÃ¥ned siden


  • Jayden C

    Jayden C

    MÃ¥ned siden

    Btw I might survive I love spice I love spice better than sweet

  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel Garcia3 dager siden

    Samuel Garcia $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Adrian Melendez
    Adrian Melendez7 dager siden

    You know they was high 😂

  • Game Master
    Game Master7 dager siden

    Thats how its going to feel in hell😔

  • nate justice
    nate justice11 dager siden

    Jesse and Nino back together!?

  • Ethaniumm
    Ethaniumm18 dager siden

    Here in 2021

  • Aarush Mishra
    Aarush MishraMÃ¥ned siden

    People who think that it's real ghost pepper wings

    BIGFATGUY21MÃ¥ned siden

    love the prison break intro

  • 卄メㄒ乇刀ツ
    卄メㄒ乇刀ツMåned siden


  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan TurnerMÃ¥ned siden

    Banks the type a guy to eat a hot wing with a fork lol I’d legit eat all those

  • Shakeel Rahman
    Shakeel RahmanMÃ¥ned siden

    She better not put water on her face otherwise all the makeup will wash off Me realising that Temperr is really tall as well

  • Is2_ Tricks
    Is2_ TricksMÃ¥ned siden

    Can u make adapt the type of guy

  • Qt Trip
    Qt TripMÃ¥ned siden


  • Fiji Gio
    Fiji GioMÃ¥ned siden

    3:00 the only reason I clicked was cause banks

  • taylorgang romero
    taylorgang romeroMÃ¥ned siden

    soon as i seen they were strips not wings i stopped watching 1st Lie

  • Vyseper Gaming
    Vyseper GamingMÃ¥ned siden

    At 1:20 cloak lied about eating more LOL

  • muhammad saif
    muhammad saifMÃ¥ned siden

    1% of people watching this may your parents live 100 years and you 2

  • KY_KRAZY Gaming
    KY_KRAZY GamingMÃ¥ned siden

    I do

  • GetRect_boyJrYT Garcia
    GetRect_boyJrYT GarciaMÃ¥ned siden

    a girl is even braver then rice

  • wrapin


    MÃ¥ned siden

    This dude funny 🤣

  • LazerSky side22
    LazerSky side222 måneder siden


  • Frank Cadiz Kawamoto
    Frank Cadiz Kawamoto2 måneder siden

    imagine caring about being last to comment

  • MFX 386
    MFX 3862 måneder siden

    You re playing poker?

  • Sweatyys
    Sweatyys2 måneder siden

    Only if faze sway was there man would of are them all

  • Static :0
    Static :02 måneder siden

    That prison break soundtrack tho

  • Benjamin Del Rio
    Benjamin Del Rio2 måneder siden


  • Patrick Phillips
    Patrick Phillips2 måneder siden

    This is nothing tbh lol. Just watched a guy eat 21 boneless wings with 12 Carolina reapers grinded in with hot sauce and cayenne pepper etc.

  • BBG Fluid ッ
    BBG Fluid ッ2 måneder siden

  • sasq Watch
    sasq Watch2 måneder siden

    Bro Ricky must have been high before this

  • Saul Soto
    Saul Soto2 måneder siden

    When I saw banks face I'm like wazup banks too spicy

  • Jayden Stiles
    Jayden Stiles2 måneder siden

    4:36 the black ops 2 memories hit him

  • Jorell Bautista
    Jorell Bautista2 måneder siden

    Who’s watching this video in 2020 Rn

  • Payton Drummond
    Payton Drummond2 måneder siden

    Rice is so cringe

  • VIPER Moe
    VIPER Moe2 måneder siden


  • GD God
    GD God2 måneder siden

    Imagine if he payed these actors 50$ to pretend that it’s really hot

  • khalif abdurahman
    khalif abdurahman2 måneder siden

    You should order chicken from howlin rays with the Howlin spice

  • dFuZe Smohkah
    dFuZe Smohkah2 måneder siden

    Banks is so aggressive, like he didn’t have to do Teawap like that

  • Graudaco
    Graudaco2 måneder siden

    Rickys shirt got me dying

  • Meat Ball
    Meat Ball2 måneder siden

    Rice gum girl has more balls them him smh

  • Mc donald
    Mc donald2 måneder siden

    Quarantine sent me here

  • UndergroundSlime
    UndergroundSlime2 måneder siden

    If Your Watching This in 2020 your a legend💪

  • YoutubeSuck
    YoutubeSuck2 måneder siden

    Everyone after eat hot wing : start acting crazyyy Tommy : *IM FEELING LIKE IM IN THE SAUNA BRO*

  • Jonathan Vazquez
    Jonathan Vazquez2 måneder siden

    i will eat anything for money

  • Joey Galler
    Joey Galler2 måneder siden


  • Joey Galler
    Joey Galler2 måneder siden

    You’re so dramatic

  • Filit Lazkin
    Filit Lazkin2 måneder siden

    Prison break intro

  • Eclipseツ
    Eclipseツ2 måneder siden

    The spicyiest chicken is dyers cryers

  • Tekka 9247
    Tekka 92473 måneder siden


  • Cxsmic YT
    Cxsmic YT3 måneder siden

    its so spicy ima going to pour water on my hair bc that will help haha

  • Rid Yt
    Rid Yt3 måneder siden

    How is that hot I eat that for dinner

  • Mr Beyond
    Mr Beyond3 måneder siden

    Bro I’m the 1000th person to dislike xD

  • gaming tube
    gaming tube3 måneder siden

    I heard water makes it worse 😆

  • Peter Loya
    Peter Loya3 måneder siden

    Love the prison break into !!🖤😂

  • Skeeta Bop
    Skeeta Bop3 måneder siden

    Is it me or does rice sound like fe4rless

  • Runtz
    Runtz3 måneder siden

    When you first get high that’s what your eyes look like

  • Stix
    Stix3 måneder siden

    If I was in faze I will be like adapt 😂😂

  • Nothin Here
    Nothin Here3 måneder siden

    Bruv there not that hot

  • Chr1s Avila
    Chr1s Avila3 måneder siden


  • BTT Hybrixz
    BTT Hybrixz3 måneder siden

    Just eat Ice cubes or a slushee or something cold

  • Bans iQ
    Bans iQ3 måneder siden

    That sound gave me nostalgia

  • jArVaN
    jArVaN3 måneder siden

    1 year later.....

  • Matthew Drake
    Matthew Drake3 måneder siden

    That noice though

  • sewerpickle7293
    sewerpickle72934 måneder siden

    Is that nelk

  • Ccc Vvv

    Ccc Vvv

    3 måneder siden

    No it's the sidemen

  • edwin0027
    edwin00274 måneder siden


  • jasmin batanovic
    jasmin batanovic4 måneder siden

    that would taste fire with ranch

  • Crunch
    Crunch4 måneder siden

    Yo I joined faze

  • OMEEZY !!
    OMEEZY !!4 måneder siden

    What a legend Adapt is 🔥🙌

  • Sa rez2020
    Sa rez20204 måneder siden

    Back to most simplest time

  • Tpr vanish
    Tpr vanish4 måneder siden

    That be looking spice

  • Tomazic7
    Tomazic74 måneder siden


  • Gorete Malherbe
    Gorete Malherbe4 måneder siden

    I'm sorry

  • H C
    H C4 måneder siden

    No one gonna talk about how temperr didn’t drink anything after he ate it

  • Vintage Playzz
    Vintage Playzz4 måneder siden

    I mean it looks gud tho

  • God of everything goku
    God of everything goku4 måneder siden

    that is Dave’s hot chicken

  • Steve Guiterrez
    Steve Guiterrez4 måneder siden

    Faze banks sucks does he even play anymore ?!

  • Jarebear
    Jarebear4 måneder siden

    “And I love it I love it” adapt

  • toxicity
    toxicity4 måneder siden

    thas what you get cizzor for making the deathrun

  • Zovex
    Zovex4 måneder siden

    Alex using the prison break intro in the beginning who else knows

  • Davo Agar
    Davo Agar5 måneder siden

    So many pimples ewwwww

  • Jonah Randle
    Jonah Randle5 måneder siden

    Just wanna say I’m watching this again

  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq5 måneder siden

    Is that bad or good

  • Subhaan Ulhaq
    Subhaan Ulhaq5 måneder siden

    Watching in 2020 I am a savage

    MAC GAMING5 måneder siden


  • avesbish
    avesbish5 måneder siden

    when banks told u and teawap to fuck off like wtf he could have been way cooler than that lol

  • Ethan akers
    Ethan akers5 måneder siden

    yall need some milk

  • Sammy03
    Sammy035 måneder siden

    When you give your white friends a burrito with pico de gallo

  • Heather Thomas
    Heather Thomas5 måneder siden

    That is not that

  • FIGUEROAx714
    FIGUEROAx7145 måneder siden

    Bro the sauce from buldak noodles is way more spicy :/

  • FIGUEROAx714
    FIGUEROAx7145 måneder siden

    Yo Dave’s got chicken is the best I want it to be in Orange County

  • Plazify JN
    Plazify JN5 måneder siden

    Dang those look hot hot

  • Reflex0528
    Reflex05285 måneder siden

    Cizzorz jabaited ADAPT LMAO

  • snakesFN
    snakesFN5 måneder siden

    How many people watching this in 2020

  • Dash
    Dash5 måneder siden

    Why does he but that old crunch

    SIGHT5 måneder siden

    At 4:03 banks just censored himself with his hiccups

  • PP Big Shlong 15
    PP Big Shlong 155 måneder siden

    I love how ricegum was crying at first but he was ooh that shit kicking in while smiling

  • Landon Cronin
    Landon Cronin5 måneder siden

    How they say it’s worlds hottest but it’s from zaxbys

  • The beast Sawas
    The beast Sawas5 måneder siden

    Anyone from 2020

  • my precious
    my precious5 måneder siden

    Who here 2020 cuz dis got recommed

  • Dilianys Martinez
    Dilianys Martinez6 måneder siden

    Where is sway?

  • King gamer 254
    King gamer 2546 måneder siden

    You guys can eat your wings while I hide and eat crackers

  • Zayed Hashmi
    Zayed Hashmi6 måneder siden

    It looks so delicious dude