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  • Exotic
    ExoticDag siden

    Wheres the vid about Bradley the plugs warehouse??

  • Conrad Hernandez
    Conrad HernandezDag siden

    Bradley need to sell me some weed

  • eric palei
    eric palei3 dager siden

    Video: Steven is a trained professional. Me: who tf trained him

  • Cole B
    Cole B3 dager siden

    Wow Steve liked all the fucking comments

  • Nathan bossman
    Nathan bossman8 dager siden

    Steve you got to try a game we play here in new Zealand called possum. Possum is when you climb to the top of a tree and duct tape two scrumpys to your hands roughly 16standard drinks. You have to consume both drinks before removing from your hands and attempt to climb back the tree . So far I've had 3 attempts only made it safely down a tree once 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cody Cheeze
    Cody Cheeze14 dager siden

    “Get two birds stoned at once” 😂

  • Auggie Aliaga
    Auggie Aliaga15 dager siden


  • Miguel Mora
    Miguel Mora15 dager siden

    @stevewilldoit 107k likes gotta visit gravity’s compound😤

  • Luke Savage
    Luke Savage16 dager siden

    Find the compound

  • Kos_Toxicwaste
    Kos_Toxicwaste16 dager siden

    I love all the trailer park boy references I’m re watching literally all your videos I love you man

  • Madi H.
    Madi H.19 dager siden

    ok but the cinematography and production of these videos is actually MINDBLOWING. they’re so well made !

  • Waterkipje
    Waterkipje19 dager siden

    #VisitTheCompound because 100K likes

  • NoE ZuNiqqA
    NoE ZuNiqqA21 dag siden

    Been 100k!!!

  • DeViL dUdE
    DeViL dUdE22 dager siden

    Brad overdoses on steroids

  • Nicholas Walsh
    Nicholas Walsh22 dager siden

    2:29 Bradleys a little small:)

  • Usually Hero
    Usually Hero22 dager siden

    100,000 likes done... Let's raid Brad's compound

  • Travis Andrews
    Travis Andrews25 dager siden

    This guy is fucking drunk

  • DrGrinsp00n
    DrGrinsp00n26 dager siden

    #vist the compound

  • Jd
    Jd29 dager siden

    He has to show the compound

  • Preston Torres
    Preston TorresMåned siden

    That’s 100k likes

  • Owen Gaebel

    Owen Gaebel

    28 dager siden

    I’m the 106thk like

  • shad witts
    shad wittsMåned siden


  • Nathan Mir
    Nathan MirMåned siden

    Give papa Mullen his video back

  • Ethan Essex
    Ethan EssexMåned siden

    i rly cant fw these boys anymore cuz they drink white claws

  • Benjamin Seifert
    Benjamin SeifertMåned siden

    Please get DOM in these vids!!!

  • Nate Dorner
    Nate DornerMåned siden

    what does full send mean?

  • KingJelly43
    KingJelly43Måned siden

    What happened to that drug dealing kid abuser Bradley Martin

  • Tobias R.
    Tobias R.Måned siden


  • Bigboydom
    BigboydomMåned siden

    wheres the compound at kyle

  • Trey Lepper
    Trey LepperMåned siden

    Steve: “Figured since I was picking up a couple pounds from you, I could get a workout in too... ... Get two birds stoned at once.”

  • Z Taliaferro
    Z TaliaferroMåned siden

    Hot 40s 😵

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff CrisafulliMåned siden

    All of us.

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff CrisafulliMåned siden

    I want the best for us thats all I want.

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff CrisafulliMåned siden

    Idc whos better bro

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff CrisafulliMåned siden


  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff CrisafulliMåned siden

    Dont be like them.

  • Jeff Crisafulli
    Jeff CrisafulliMåned siden

    Why you callin me a pussy.

  • Lawson Craig
    Lawson CraigMåned siden

    Steve’s face after brad tells him it’s unhealthy 3:08

  • Travis Rorie
    Travis RorieMåned siden

    He said that’s not accurate he never said that’s not true

  • Timothy Hassett
    Timothy HassettMåned siden

    brad i need some lbs..... dm me back bro wtf

  • Matthew Murphy
    Matthew Murphy2 måneder siden

    “Get two birds stoned at once” -Steve the send god

  • Mantra Music
    Mantra Music2 måneder siden


  • L_IVED
    L_IVED2 måneder siden

    drad sells\

  • F1LLU5
    F1LLU52 måneder siden

    We got 100k likes, looking forward to seeing Brad's compound

  • Bryan Zepeda

    Bryan Zepeda

    Måned siden

    Yeah me too!!

  • Chris Frick
    Chris Frick2 måneder siden

    I bought heroin from brad back in 2013 not lyin

  • Misael Medina
    Misael Medina2 måneder siden

    hahahahahaha Brad with his bad influences and his jacked asian funny # plug

  • Amado Sulvaran
    Amado Sulvaran2 måneder siden

    100,000k where is the vid😂

  • Hard EditZ
    Hard EditZ2 måneder siden

    Is Brad your dad

  • flipnotrab
    flipnotrab2 måneder siden

    BMC (Bradley Martyn Cartel) will spell threats with limbs of nelk boys on the streets of LA.

    JARVIS MORNINGSTAR2 måneder siden

    Only HIMYM fans know Edward Forty Hands💯💯🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

  • Fabrice Diaz
    Fabrice Diaz2 måneder siden


  • Brad Ake
    Brad Ake2 måneder siden

    He said "get 2 birds stoned at once" classic

  • luke green
    luke green2 måneder siden

    Just getting on this channel and Steve I’m advising u to stay away from brad the dealer he seems like a horribly bad influence!!!

  • Sk Srinivasna
    Sk Srinivasna2 måneder siden

    Steve why would Bradley make u do that he’s so rude he sold 7 pounds of ketamine to kindergarteners

  • Waterkipje
    Waterkipje2 måneder siden

    It’s at 100k likes, soooo.....

  • Harambe
    Harambe2 måneder siden

    you’re the reason i started drinking at 13. love you steve

  • A J
    A J2 måneder siden

    No no brad I don’t wanna inject that needle in my arm or no I don’t want that horse seamon in my mouth

  • Jonathan Villagran
    Jonathan Villagran2 måneder siden

    What’s that one song in the beginning shit had me giggin

  • onmyj0b__
    onmyj0b__2 måneder siden

    4:03 look at this :D i bet its true

  • William Lynch
    William Lynch3 måneder siden

    Dawg got the plug 1200$ a p🤣

    KRAZY_K3 måneder siden

    Steve is just permanently drunk 😂

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell3 måneder siden

    okay but how the fuck you gettin 1200$ a pound of gas? cuz I want that plug

  • Blake Hammond
    Blake Hammond3 måneder siden

    Am I the only one that realizes 1200 is kind of a rip off for one pound

  • isaiah baughman
    isaiah baughman3 måneder siden

    Only Steve would come up with Edward 40 hands, I’m crying 😂😂😂😂

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B3 måneder siden

    Steve is my hero When he’s picking on Brad it’s hilarious

  • Paul Donnelly
    Paul Donnelly3 måneder siden


  • DabVader530
    DabVader5303 måneder siden

    I love how kyle is just in background actually working out while Steve is drinking 40’s

  • Youngboy Icy
    Youngboy Icy3 måneder siden

    This got 100k likes #visitthecompound !

  • Preston Waddell
    Preston Waddell3 måneder siden


  • KeoniFromYT
    KeoniFromYT3 måneder siden

    I’m always watching your vids HIGH AF Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve !!!!! Liked comment and subscribed

  • NA Gaming
    NA Gaming3 måneder siden

    101k likes, lets see the compound!!!

  • David Smith
    David Smith3 måneder siden

    "You see that bubbleyyy, that's real"

  • Tim Clukey
    Tim Clukey3 måneder siden

    This at 100k let’s see that stash

  • Klazity
    Klazity3 måneder siden

    umm it just hit 100k likes, where we going boys.

  • Miguel Magana
    Miguel Magana3 måneder siden

    Why do they show us that the are drug dealers

  • Jacob Silverstein
    Jacob Silverstein3 måneder siden

    he hit 100k🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Kyle Vaughan
    Kyle Vaughan3 måneder siden

    Steve I’m 16 doing 40’s in 5 min hire me👍🏻

  • Izaac Aliston
    Izaac Aliston3 måneder siden

    Bradley is low key sus 👀 Like if you agree 👍

  • Bobby Lavery
    Bobby Lavery3 måneder siden


  • Bruno Fina
    Bruno Fina3 måneder siden

    Bradley’s being held hostage

  • Grant Pickern
    Grant Pickern3 måneder siden

    Man, brads such a good drug dealer

  • Devan Bug
    Devan Bug3 måneder siden

    Fuck cugatron

  • Silas Bailey
    Silas Bailey3 måneder siden

    It’s at 100K likes! Where’s the video??

  • ygK
    ygK3 måneder siden

    It got 100k they finna visit the compound tho🤔

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens3 måneder siden


  • Reuben Orbell
    Reuben Orbell3 måneder siden

    So when Steve was talking about Bradley’s morning routine, Bradley said none of that is ACCURATE.. didn’t deny it

  • Kase Chopp
    Kase Chopp3 måneder siden


  • Mustafa Mahmmod
    Mustafa Mahmmod3 måneder siden

    Brad it is not good to lie

  • Mister
    Mister3 måneder siden

    #visitthecompound 💯 k

  • Patrick Bottin
    Patrick Bottin3 måneder siden

    100k likes let’s goo!

  • Ryan DeVries
    Ryan DeVries3 måneder siden

    #VisitTheCompound we are at 100k

  • Tarik Mujic
    Tarik Mujic3 måneder siden


  • Juan Day
    Juan Day3 måneder siden


  • Tyler B. Smith
    Tyler B. Smith3 måneder siden

    It has 100k likes now yall visiting his place??

  • David Flores
    David Flores3 måneder siden

    Bro that’s a 100thousand

  • Frederik Thiesen
    Frederik Thiesen3 måneder siden


  • hun selli
    hun selli3 måneder siden


  • Preston Schoals fit
    Preston Schoals fit3 måneder siden


  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen3 måneder siden

    Yo 1200 a P is a good price fr. I need to get plugged in with brad.

  • L1GHT #
    L1GHT #3 måneder siden

    Funny how when steve said he wakes up and takes a shit tone of coke, brad said thats not accurate but didnt denie it

  • William G
    William G3 måneder siden

    I see 100k likes when we gonna see bradley martyns compound