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Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro + Chilling with Ranboo
18:55 The Egg
1:29:00 The Return Journey
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  • Kat Gacha 3606
    Kat Gacha 3606Time siden

    Not me watching tubbo leave and join the game

  • Drink Soda
    Drink Soda3 timer siden

    I prefer scrambled. Or sunny side. Eggs are yummy.

  • SirDookPants v2
    SirDookPants v24 timer siden


  • 5 timer siden


  • GachaXx_xX Tulip
    GachaXx_xX Tulip5 timer siden


  • Blaze playz
    Blaze playz5 timer siden

    Lo key the egg sound like smeagle from lord of the rings and it may be a influencer but were gonna put it in the pan and boil it

  • Sonja Kruse
    Sonja Kruse5 timer siden

    Rip RipRip😞

  • Sonja Kruse
    Sonja Kruse5 timer siden


  • sxkeboy
    sxkeboy5 timer siden

    time stamp for ms: 10:41

  • Isaiah Becker
    Isaiah Becker6 timer siden

    29:05 steve is jesus

  • AddiBaddi Wolfe
    AddiBaddi Wolfe8 timer siden

    What’s up

  • AddiBaddi Wolfe

    AddiBaddi Wolfe

    8 timer siden


  • Mira
    Mira8 timer siden

    did nobody understand the sentence by techno about dreams song HAHSHA

  • BigJillandBaldMartin toys reviews
    BigJillandBaldMartin toys reviews9 timer siden


  • ¿HaiUwU?
    ¿HaiUwU?10 timer siden

    *E G*

  • Pandabair 1104
    Pandabair 110412 timer siden

    Tries to repair door...makes it Also, the moment Badboyhalo meets someone crazier than he is: POG

  • AnRandom
    AnRandom15 timer siden

    How about Gudetama

  • Dioros E. Villanueva
    Dioros E. Villanueva15 timer siden

    "Would like to meet a saviour the red egg"

  • Dioros E. Villanueva
    Dioros E. Villanueva15 timer siden

    Did you you know that your eyes skip the the repeted words

  • Dioros E. Villanueva
    Dioros E. Villanueva15 timer siden


  • Enyomi .i
    Enyomi .i16 timer siden

    ranboo and techno's conversations are so incredibly awkward. Like everytime they 'try' to talk to each other I wanna die

    CLUSTER_ KING17 timer siden

    Techno blade never dies!!

  • Sahana
    Sahana18 timer siden


  • wakwakpPp YT
    wakwakpPp YT19 timer siden

    47:13 sounds like shmeg

  • Alixmery Minaya
    Alixmery Minaya19 timer siden


  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle20 timer siden

    15:00 stalin thought of it first

  • TurtleBees
    TurtleBees20 timer siden

    Tubbo practically sneaking in and out of ranboo's house just so they can see eachother is extremely funny to me pfft

  • woofskaya x
    woofskaya x20 timer siden

    its like that Beast With a Billion Backs Futurama movie - love the tentacle! or... egg.

  • Umbreon Zekrom 30322
    Umbreon Zekrom 3032221 time siden

    44:38 if you wana knoe what this refrencr is its : lamas with hats

  • Oli Fabianski
    Oli Fabianski21 time siden

    techno: i dunt undrstond BBH: u big mufin den

  • Dreamulous
    Dreamulous22 timer siden


  • randomgurl1990
    randomgurl199022 timer siden

    He can't be an egg mormon. He doesn't have a missionary companion.

  • petrichor :]
    petrichor :]22 timer siden

    Techno’s fans: *donates hundreds of dollars to him* Techno: *casually ignores*

  • Dioros E. Villanueva

    Dioros E. Villanueva

    15 timer siden


  • Cameron B
    Cameron B22 timer siden


  • Jui 1300

    Jui 1300

    15 timer siden

    Yea, he uses it for plot

  • top of the world gaming
    top of the world gamingDag siden

    Isn’t ranboo also half ghast? So in theory have ghast powers?

  • Buttons!
    Buttons!Dag siden


  • Andrew Hurt
    Andrew HurtDag siden

    clear the eggs vines

  • Minebender J
    Minebender JDag siden

    this just in badboyhalo is doing some SUS STUFF

  • Ricardo Hernandez
    Ricardo HernandezDag siden

    I love how the most exciting part of the stream is just trying to save steve

  • JJ Black
    JJ BlackDag siden

    3 minus 2 is 1 idiot

  • Darkside Rose
    Darkside RoseDag siden


  • Atticus Meacham
    Atticus MeachamDag siden

    nobody: technoblade: egg missionary

  • Shadow pubg
    Shadow pubgDag siden

    Technoblade Never dies ya baby remember that not even close

  • Gamer Friend
    Gamer FriendDag siden

    4 second early -a kind man

  • Dag siden


  • SkellarX
    SkellarXDag siden

    egg sus

  • mythical shadow
    mythical shadowDag siden


  • Xenora Linx
    Xenora LinxDag siden

    no egg bad

  • Lancastrianer
    LancastrianerDag siden

    The egg was the least interesting thing in the stream. We want to know more about Steve. Whats his favorite food? Whats his favorite book?

  • Bruno Lespinasse 2021
    Bruno Lespinasse 2021Dag siden


  • Nathan Wood
    Nathan WoodDag siden

    "That is true, I don't like people i don't like." Technoblade 2021.

  • Arteni Teodor
    Arteni TeodorDag siden

    wait what is technos second chanel ??

  • Jui 1300

    Jui 1300

    14 timer siden


  • dijon_cussell
    dijon_cussellDag siden

    Steve never dies 1:30:36

  • You are an idiot
    You are an idiotDag siden


  • jordan 2.1
    jordan 2.1Dag siden

    Bad is such a bad actor........

  • Toby Blair
    Toby BlairDag siden

    Post more

  • Christina Lammert
    Christina LammertDag siden

    cook the egg

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex HernandezDag siden

    I love Dream

  • Bruh NicePlay
    Bruh NicePlayDag siden


  • Thin Man
    Thin ManDag siden

    Egg Egg Egg Egg Egg Egg Egg Egg Egg Egg

  • Ej Sargent
    Ej SargentDag siden

    Ok look I'm with BadBoyHalo on the whole join the Egg, BUT no one threatens Ranboo.

  • Numpty muffin
    Numpty muffinDag siden

    A note

  • Nathan
    NathanDag siden

    Why is he hiding ranboo? Is there lore im missing here?

  • Cooked Porkchop
    Cooked PorkchopDag siden

    who else watches the whole video without skipping even youre just watching the vods

  • Boop Abibo
    Boop AbiboDag siden

    the egg was talking backwards i couldn’t make out a lot of what it said but it did say “ i know you” and “ i will give it to you”

  • Hannah Kindall
    Hannah KindallDag siden

    54:48 That rotten flesh floating on lava: Hi

  • Love Queen Potato
    Love Queen PotatoDag siden

    Techno protecting Ranboo was unironically the cutest thing ever. Totally didn't warm my heart at all.

  • Curious Creator
    Curious CreatorDag siden

    love the thumbnail

  • DrkD34th
    DrkD34thDag siden

    egg bad go brrrrrr

  • kirill fed
    kirill fed2 dager siden

    I cai

  • Crimson
    Crimson2 dager siden


  • Opinions on Jesus
    Opinions on Jesus2 dager siden

    Techno: Throw It Puffy: Throw It Chat: Throw It Ranboo: I can't Techno: Understandable, have a great day

  • LenoxPL
    LenoxPL2 dager siden

    It’s like some random dude joins the SMP during stream and just griefs with hacks

  • my hand
    my hand2 dager siden


  • my hand
    my hand2 dager siden


  • DAN YT
    DAN YT2 dager siden

    Technoblade is the john wick of the dream smp

  • hunter hartquist
    hunter hartquist2 dager siden

    I love how techno has to click to his other screen to play the egg sound lmao

  • Vaibhav
    Vaibhav2 dager siden


  • Gaurav
    Gaurav2 dager siden

    Click bait

  • derpydude
    derpydude2 dager siden


  • Nikki Joad
    Nikki Joad2 dager siden

    Egg plus potato means😐 I actually don't know

  • Veeran Harnarine
    Veeran Harnarine2 dager siden


  • Szonja Csaki-Bojthe
    Szonja Csaki-Bojthe2 dager siden

    Bbh is being controlled by the egg 🥚 I just noticed

  • Arthur Bernardo
    Arthur Bernardo2 dager siden

    Whoa... bad just got into drugs

  • skullybox brain
    skullybox brain2 dager siden

    Egg mmmmmmm mmmmmmm egg

  • LaZy NoODLes
    LaZy NoODLes2 dager siden

    do a face revel man

  • Landon Flores
    Landon Flores2 dager siden


  • Arshan Omar
    Arshan Omar2 dager siden

    How many of u checked his discord?

  • Blade Sports
    Blade Sports2 dager siden

    I love how techno acts totally oblivious to bads attempts to make him join the egg, but he just knows exactly what’s going on

  • • coco the dog •
    • coco the dog •2 dager siden

    *e g g*

  • Braedan Richards
    Braedan Richards2 dager siden

    Puffy should join the syndicate

    SPIN XD2 dager siden

    Bro just stream already

  • Down Glasgow
    Down Glasgow2 dager siden


  • Miliam Ragay
    Miliam Ragay2 dager siden

    ahhhhhhh yes tabbing out

  • Finex Gamer
    Finex Gamer2 dager siden

    I love how he starts the live stream and says I'm 4 sec early and the live chat goes like late x2000

  • *ohayo* ._. Otaku4 ever
    *ohayo* ._. Otaku4 ever2 dager siden

    Egg no chicken

  • ERRORcode 12
    ERRORcode 122 dager siden

    I did not breath for the entirety of the steve return part

  • Jose Tavares
    Jose Tavares2 dager siden

    He's how to basic

  • technoblade
    technoblade2 dager siden

    Technoblade go brrrr

  • pog champion
    pog champion2 dager siden

    Title : egg 🥚 5 million people : interesting

  • Whomeii
    Whomeii2 dager siden

    The egg got into Techno’s mind and was immediately bullied into submission by all the other voices