Escaping A Buried DOUBLE DECKER BUS!

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  • Moist Waffler
    Moist Waffler2 timer siden

    My guy over 300k like Where's my tgf Airlines

  • Auston Liu
    Auston Liu7 timer siden

    Ah yes, Ye old ass dust

  • MrEpic Man
    MrEpic Man13 timer siden

    When my favourite NOlocalrs turn into my favourite Thing to watch as a kid 👁️👄👁️👌🏻 B O B. T H E B U I L D E R

  • Calvin Howard
    Calvin Howard14 timer siden

    Jays last words: “Do it, and I’ll jump.”

  • Shanae P
    Shanae P16 timer siden

    This video makes me want to cry I’m getting claustrophobic myself and I’m not even there 💀 😭 😂

  • Karkat Vantas
    Karkat Vantas17 timer siden

    You know the kid from attack on titan? After he comes out of the titan form, the wierd eye lines. That's romell laughing

  • Harry Hodgkinson
    Harry Hodgkinson18 timer siden

    Plane next?

  • samuel clarke
    samuel clarke23 timer siden

    16:22 When my mom sees a spider...

  • Ben Green
    Ben GreenDag siden

    180k likes and we will bury a plane. 371k likes later. We’re gonna bury a cargo ship. What do you mean

  • JOSHCOD 487
    JOSHCOD 487Dag siden

    15:58 ask for food gets water lmao

  • Mony Miller
    Mony MillerDag siden

    This.....was....beautiful! XD

  • snow man
    snow manDag siden

    Double double decker bus

  • Henry Vo
    Henry VoDag siden

    Pls do a video of u going to a gem mine finding gems

  • Dark Fox
    Dark FoxDag siden

    My friend said to come and check these guys out and he said you're like sidemen on syraight cocaine

  • Michelle Simpson
    Michelle SimpsonDag siden

    Berry a plane

  • Summer Last
    Summer LastDag siden

    I love how they are.the only ones that actually don't clickbait LMAO I love them they make my dad

  • pdsa 123
    pdsa 1232 dager siden

    Sooooo good!!!!!!

  • Niall Ward
    Niall Ward2 dager siden

    You never even seen your dad bruh

  • UnderratedGamingx2 •
    UnderratedGamingx2 •2 dager siden

    I live in America and it’s so funny like your videos make me Laugh like out loud no channel from the USA could do that but you can lol brits are funny

  • dead pool
    dead pool2 dager siden

    Do a boat then do a plane burried in a boat would be mad then buried in a plane 😂

  • Professional ???%
    Professional ???%2 dager siden

    jay looks like he has ticks or something..

  • Tristan Davis
    Tristan Davis2 dager siden

    I’m getting whistlindiesel vibes 😂😂😂love these guys

  • Yoshi Lamb
    Yoshi Lamb2 dager siden

    I’m fucking dying from laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Todoroki shouto
    Todoroki shouto2 dager siden

    Well let’s get the plane shall we???

  • Sebastian Perez
    Sebastian Perez2 dager siden

    Someone should make a slip compilation of tgf

  • sam vaughan
    sam vaughan2 dager siden

    369k nice btw double what jay asked for so that means 2 planes

  • Dastan479
    Dastan4792 dager siden


  • The flying Dutchman
    The flying Dutchman2 dager siden

    5:29 I thought that was the point of this channel.

  • Harry Woodham Manzo
    Harry Woodham Manzo2 dager siden

    Do you live in Kent

  • Luciano Willemsen
    Luciano Willemsen3 dager siden

    Flashbangs part and smoke part hella insane that was amazing tactical shit my god oh andere say hi tot ya mum for me

  • Kelsey
    Kelsey3 dager siden

    Can’t tell me no one thought of just putting wooden slats down for the bus to reverse on

  • Cricket H
    Cricket H3 dager siden

    I wondered where my school bus went

  • I am Redzemper
    I am Redzemper3 dager siden


  • Josh Ashworth
    Josh Ashworth3 dager siden

    they’ll probably end up burying a train

  • tbocurry vlogs
    tbocurry vlogs3 dager siden

    15:58 I'm laughing my butt off of how funny this is Can we get some more food? Nah hydration

  • itstimefor pizza
    itstimefor pizza3 dager siden

    This is single handedly the most unsafe video I've ever seen first cooking oil, little ventilation and hey for shits and giggles lets throw some smoke grenades down in there so they're gonna die bruh

  • Datsa Toilet
    Datsa Toilet3 dager siden

    Tgf is one of those channels i force myself not to watch for months so it feels amazing when i come back and see titles like this😂

  • PickledOrange 113
    PickledOrange 1133 dager siden

    Sir Jamie and sir *roman numeral* bro I was ded a while ago 😂🤣

  • Finz
    Finz3 dager siden

    Why did I get an ad with an autistic cat then

  • Wave Rider86
    Wave Rider863 dager siden


  • Cam Tan
    Cam Tan3 dager siden

    The “how’s my driving” sticker

  • Iceberg FIBS
    Iceberg FIBS3 dager siden

    Imagine selling a pre roll and giving them ass dust 🤣

  • CW Gamez
    CW Gamez3 dager siden

    Yo why does it sound like billy ny the science guy made that video

  • abigail davis
    abigail davis3 dager siden

    I am DYING when jay nearly put his head through the windscreen 😂😭 but romel gave him a hug after 🥺

  • RiskyGamer22
    RiskyGamer223 dager siden

    i just found a girl reacting to this vid and she questions everything they do

  • Sarah Morley
    Sarah Morley3 dager siden

    This is how many times Remelle said are you okay 👇🏻

  • Channel Name
    Channel Name3 dager siden

    “I’m doing a food” 😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • Jeremiah Sanchez
    Jeremiah Sanchez3 dager siden


  • faad aziz
    faad aziz3 dager siden

    Do the the burying plane video

  • Perran Metcalfe-Waller
    Perran Metcalfe-Waller3 dager siden

    have you ever peed on a bus?........ no? HAHAHHAHA

  • Ovi The Monster
    Ovi The Monster4 dager siden

    15:58 my fav part of the vid lol

  • PandPr0Ali69
    PandPr0Ali694 dager siden


  • Retro91 game review
    Retro91 game review4 dager siden


  • Deki Gmir
    Deki Gmir4 dager siden

    In 2040: we are burying a mall

  • mooser30
    mooser304 dager siden


  • Tyreese JAi
    Tyreese JAi5 dager siden

    You are my favourite NOlocal's I swaer

  • kirbsno4
    kirbsno45 dager siden

    Funniest video from TGFBRO

  • Carsdman
    Carsdman5 dager siden

    You have to do it

  • UnidentifiedYT **
    UnidentifiedYT **5 dager siden

    I have epilepsy, whatsnwid deez flashing lights

  • v.e.a plays
    v.e.a plays5 dager siden

    Next do a house

  • Kinnon the living Legend
    Kinnon the living Legend5 dager siden

    “My dad owns 3 concords and an actimel😂

  • bible john
    bible john5 dager siden

    You should fill a double decker with water and swim around in it

    OLIVER GAMING5 dager siden

    Where is the plane video

  • DaZDanker
    DaZDanker6 dager siden

    this is next level

  • MikeInnit
    MikeInnit6 dager siden

    11:49 -

    ITSYOURCREEPY UNCLE6 dager siden

    Cant wait for the airplane video

  • Kugelfisch_2824
    Kugelfisch_28246 dager siden

    Buried in a plane

  • Malgus Man
    Malgus Man6 dager siden

    Jay has to have brain damage after that shit lmao

  • SchoolComputerClub
    SchoolComputerClub6 dager siden

    NGL TGF is the reverse of the usual NOlocal channel. Their content ages like fine wine where usual content ages like milk and tomato ketchup mixed

  • nitroworldz 99
    nitroworldz 996 dager siden

    Why does luke look like matt from wii sports

  • Peafoot
    Peafoot6 dager siden

    2:14 actin like the rapture started

  • Pearcey111
    Pearcey1117 dager siden

    You guys a fucking crazy, but a good crazy, that bus could of caved in any minute, stay safe guys

  • Harry McGovern
    Harry McGovern7 dager siden

    If you die you wont have to dig a grave bc you have already dug one lol

  • MI Guy
    MI Guy7 dager siden

    Jay thinking: yeah so basically imma smash my head thru the front window and then plug ur ep man

  • Bailey Wesley
    Bailey Wesley7 dager siden


  • Yes Lad
    Yes Lad7 dager siden

    Imagine walking in a field and seeing a bunch of grown men digging a hole getting in a double decker bus locking themselves in it and driving into the hole fucking epic

  • magicbxys
    magicbxys7 dager siden

    I pissed my self watching this🤪

  • iambored
    iambored7 dager siden

    the dislikes are from people who can't afford a double decker bus

  • chelsea Skrr
    chelsea Skrr7 dager siden

    Next time can we get a POV from swinging in the digger 😂😂😂😂

  • Gaming_noob
    Gaming_noob7 dager siden

    The roof go U

    CHAVCHAZ _7 dager siden

    Yo it’s 364 k u doing the plane v

  • Cake9543
    Cake95437 dager siden

    Next vid : fitting a plane in a hole

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton7 dager siden

    Buses are fun...😁

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton7 dager siden


  • Will pierson
    Will pierson7 dager siden

    Just think of Winnie the Pooh ever time you take a sh** don’t worry he will understand.

  • Crewmate _
    Crewmate _7 dager siden

    i love how romells first instinct when the bus was being pushed in and the glass cracked was to ask if jay was alright

  • Will pierson
    Will pierson7 dager siden

    Do you mean sh** or Winnie the Pooh.

  • Will pierson
    Will pierson7 dager siden

    You guys look like a couple of cave minors. More like a couple of cast aways.

  • Will pierson
    Will pierson7 dager siden

    Just yesterday I could not stop thinking about Bob the builder theme song. I had to listen to some Bob Marley just to get it out of my head. And I haven’t watched that show since I was a child.

  • Pigwidgeon Benzo
    Pigwidgeon Benzo8 dager siden

    4:34 That is too dangerous !

  • Jetlag
    Jetlag8 dager siden

    Vote for tgf to make an smp sever

  • Kwame Morris
    Kwame Morris8 dager siden

    When he dropped I was like “😂”

    VIV-HYDRO -VIV8 dager siden

    15:58 18:46 😂 😂

  • korey hill
    korey hill8 dager siden

    When he hit the windscreen 🤣🤣🤣

  • S1N_preston
    S1N_preston8 dager siden

    Bro this is the best video of 2020 no doubt 😂😂

  • Rouge King
    Rouge King8 dager siden

    Bury an actual house and live in it

  • Martin Löwengren
    Martin Löwengren8 dager siden

    Why not be burried in a real coffin and see who freaks out first

  • 夕立かい2
    夕立かい28 dager siden

    hi im TGF fan! form Philippines 🇵🇭 👍✌️

  • KikBak Vlogerz
    KikBak Vlogerz9 dager siden

    Swr jays just on all the drugs in the world

  • Intresting Doggo you lookin at
    Intresting Doggo you lookin at9 dager siden