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Sunday was a big step forward in the potential arrival of a European Super League. Twelve clubs released a unified statement late in the day announcing their intention to begin play in the new competition as soon as possible. The response has been universally negative, with statements from major footballing bodies vehemently condemning the potential league and even threats of players on those teams being barred from national team competitions. ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti, Nedum Onuoha and Julien Laurens react to the news and examine the impact of a potential Super League.
0:00 The 12 teams currently committed to the competition are: Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus.
0:18 Dan Thomas reads UEFA's statement cautioning potential entrants into the Super League that they could face banishment from other competitions.
0:59 Marcotti explains why the clubs interested in joining a Super League are not happy with the state of the UEFA Champions League.
3:19 Laurens says talk of a Super League feels different than it has in the past, and Sunday appears to be the start of an intense poker game between the parties involved.
4:47 Onuoha doesn't think the Super League will happen, but says he's not against powerful clubs pushing back against footballing bodies like FIFA and UEFA.
6:09 Marcotti says the poker is over, and he assesses what he calls a "philosophical issue" with clubs wanting to remain in their domestic leagues but also play in a breakaway competition.
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  • Kip Valentine
    Kip Valentine6 dager siden

    Watching the poker vids, training the game all while listening to music that makes me sharp and able to achieve. I like Delta Parole, AFi, etc as music, what you guys listen to focus I am curious?

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo17 dager siden

    Kroenke really expects me to PAY to see my team get absolutely destroyed on a weekly basis

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty18 dager siden

    This reminds me of that Nike commercial where all the top footballers were copied into Perfect tactical cyborgs and it took the fun out of the game

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone19 dager siden

    Proud to be a Dortmund fan today, especially. Not so proud to be a Chelsea supporter today

  • alida flus
    alida flus21 dag siden

    Now Sevilla would have to win both UCL and Europa League.

  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    17 dager siden

    F. Skinner, another member of the Broad of Supervisors, commented, “Let’s stand up and be strong and say ‘stop it.’”

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa22 dager siden

    As a bayern fan💟 I welcome you all friends.

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    18 dager siden

    F. Skinner, another member of the Broad of Supervisors, commented, “Let’s stand up and be strong and say ‘stop it.’”

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl23 dager siden

    We need to stand together against Super League. No matter which club you support

  • kolim jone

    kolim jone

    19 dager siden

    It's already game over.

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo24 dager siden

    Imagine this : ESL happens, the club's distribute money among themselves, and suddenly real Madrid and Barcelona begin a catfight over a certain sum of money. Disgrace

  • alida flus

    alida flus

    21 dag siden

    I wonder how players and managers are reacting to this right now.

  • yuitr loing
    yuitr loing24 dager siden

    The French guy is so French in his speech that I fell off my chair listening to his French accent.

  • hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa

    22 dager siden

    This is what happens when american companies and american sports culture gets involved in Football, hope people learn from this near disaster

  • Grassroots Football
    Grassroots Football24 dager siden

    not only will they not get more money they might not be allowed in the comp next season and a points deduction.. they knew it hit or bust.. money was not the motive edit the streets doesn't forget nedum onouha supported this farce

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong24 dager siden

    Leicester City Fan Here. Just here to Recruit Fans... 🦊

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon25 dager siden


  • mightyboy50
    mightyboy5025 dager siden

    I want to see a super league. I want to see the top teams fight for top 6. We will get to see amazing match up s vs top teams twice! Home and away. Champions sometimes u don't get to see ur dream match because it all depends who gets through the next round. In super league every single top team will play against each other twice to try to be in the top 6 and not only that super league also offers a knockout stage between those top 6 clubs and one true champion. This is the best entertainment anyone could ask from soccer!

  • Rex Longfellow
    Rex Longfellow25 dager siden

    I'm sure Gab was thinking of Bayern and PSG when he was talking about the three. He must be gutted that they didn't betray their fans.😂

  • Ye ye Ass beard
    Ye ye Ass beard25 dager siden

    I officially hate Chelsea now

  • Sreeda UM
    Sreeda UM25 dager siden

    I don't support ESL at all, but I understand these clubs' need to recover from this great economic depression. UEFA must do something of a help bcz they are already in huge debts. And, as a Madridista I only wish my Presi and my team to not be termed as scapegoats.🤷 Viva Football 💙, Hala Madrid💜.

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv25 dager siden

    Leicester City Fan Here. Just here to Recruit Fans... 🦊

  • mahartj
    mahartj25 dager siden

    they were bluffing ... and Uefa had a royal flush

  • Yellow
    Yellow25 dager siden

    Please don't try to call it the "AMERICAN Super League" that's really *F---D-UP. 1. American owners were three/3 out of the 12. _2. The fans in the MLS DIDN'T LIKE THE SUPER LEAGUE EITHER. WHY? they were aware of the origins of SOCCER/FOOTBALL as well._

  • Unit 17
    Unit 1725 dager siden

    Let's have a European super league but don't include UK teams.

  • Grassroots Football

    Grassroots Football

    24 dager siden

    @Unit 17 maybe mate but i think what they need to do is remember where they came from and why they are who they are and give back to the leagues who made them.. you should never bite the hand that feeds you and in the case of a superleague on the continent which still wouldn't be able to compete with the premier league, they would ruin the grassroots game set in structure on the continent for well over a hundred years.. and for what, more money.. money should never dictate a sport

  • Unit 17

    Unit 17

    24 dager siden

    @Grassroots Football That's perfectly fine,however I still think Europe needs to push for a super league with its major football clubs.Maybe the Italians,Spanish,Dutch,Portuguese and us Belgians can work something out.

  • Grassroots Football

    Grassroots Football

    24 dager siden

    suits the uk.. premier league would still be bigger hah

  • Victor Louis
    Victor Louis25 dager siden

    It's already game over.

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn25 dager siden

    I wonder how players and managers are reacting to this right now.

  • Ralof of Riverwood
    Ralof of Riverwood25 dager siden

    This is what happens when american companies and american sports culture gets involved in Football, hope people learn from this near disaster

  • Blaž Mertelj
    Blaž Mertelj26 dager siden

    This shows how big owners know how to do big decisions better than beaurocrats.

  • Favour Jordan
    Favour Jordan26 dager siden

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  • Promise Justine

    Promise Justine

    25 dager siden

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  • Lucky Rice

    Lucky Rice

    25 dager siden


  • Marcapoli Hart

    Marcapoli Hart

    25 dager siden


  • Marcapoli Hart

    Marcapoli Hart

    25 dager siden

    His availability is on WhatsApp👇

  • Lucky Rice

    Lucky Rice

    25 dager siden

    I wanna Invest too, how do I get to Ryley Bauer?

  • Barmy Neddy
    Barmy Neddy26 dager siden

    Oh well, that was short lived

  • Paulo Silva
    Paulo Silva26 dager siden

    Don´t whant this soccer league keep your weapons blood money.

  • sai vignesh
    sai vignesh26 dager siden

    Recently my fav club was bayern for their performance but now im there forever fan for their character🔥

  • L W
    L W26 dager siden

    "The biggest pucker game"

  • Hadar1991
    Hadar199126 dager siden

    I am kinda excited for Super League, but I am that inferior international fan who never was in person at Manchester City game. The one aspect I have problem with is that the founding members have guaranteed place in Super League. I would prefer that each year weakest 2-4 clubs would be relegated from Super League to Europa League and the best 2-4 clubs from Europa League advance to Super League. And domestic success only guarantee spot in the Europa League, so club must prove their self internationally before having the change of playing in Super League.

  • ForeRunner For Christ
    ForeRunner For Christ26 dager siden

    Do away with champions league and create super league with relegation promotion system. All leagues involved in champions league promote top 3 teams to start super league to unite European soccer. Would be great. Just a lot of travel involved.

  • Ray Chau
    Ray Chau26 dager siden

    From the owners perspective, its about cutting out the middle man - UEFA.

  • Prince Fidele
    Prince Fidele26 dager siden

    people supporting FIFA and UEFA really shows how we've been brainwashed in a lot of things that we get used to it without considering anything that could even be better or different ,imagine if someone was getting the bigger part of your earnings ,i am sure if there is a way out none of us would hesitate , let us stop this nosense and hear first what ESL brings to the table before we even start bashing them , at the either UEFA,FIFA OR ESL they all want money if it was not nothing would be worrying for anyone

  • koliikho ko
    koliikho ko26 dager siden

    If happened, most benefited team will be Arsenal

  • BG
    BG26 dager siden

    If the super league truly believes it can benefit the larger footballing hours mid with greater funds, it needs to show the breakup. I’m certain if the local federations receive more money from the Super league than from UEFA for their needs, the local federations will have a rethink.

  • Jerry Omwansa
    Jerry Omwansa26 dager siden

    A united fan here considering Everton possibly

  • Psychology, Philosophy and Facts
    Psychology, Philosophy and Facts26 dager siden

    Arsenal and Tottenham will fight to top the group from bottom😂

  • Big Dee
    Big Dee26 dager siden

    Divide, conquer, distract

  • mit _
    mit _26 dager siden

    So the richest want more money so they can keep draining talent from all the average clubs in Europe.. and we are supposed to want that? The same industry that made the bigger clubs big, can build a new generation of big clubs. Let them leave and become globe trotters for the money.

  • TRON x
    TRON x26 dager siden

    GO TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. We keep pointing the finger of greed at these clubs instead of these mercenary football players that are ruining the game with their high wage demands. Have a tier of earnings that is consistent for the game. If a play is world-class he can expect a certain amount and no more. It is that players and their agent ruining the game with their money-grabbing. These clubs have to find a way to make money or they bust. Simple as that. This Superleague is a byproduct of the greed that already exist in football. You can't pay Garth Bale £600k a week and think you can get away with it for too long.

  • xFallible
    xFallible26 dager siden

    Just a Zenit fan recruiting

  • Sourabh Chouhan
    Sourabh Chouhan26 dager siden

    Now what's Arsenal gonna do?? Its just about money now, clubs with money - they will play against each other and some of the the don't even deserve to be there

  • Liam O'Donovan
    Liam O'Donovan26 dager siden

    Yet to still hear one valid argument against the proposal....calling owners greedy doesn't count. What's wrong with watching the top 20 teams compete week in and week out.

  • Grassroots Football

    Grassroots Football

    24 dager siden

    what gives them the right to change the clubs culture that has stood or over 100 years?

  • Jamezz007
    Jamezz00726 dager siden

    fek fek fek fek

  • guppy lovers
    guppy lovers26 dager siden

    Because of money

  • Blake Se7en
    Blake Se7en26 dager siden

    Arsenal have won more trophies all the other London clubs put together. Don’t blame the English six...blame the owners and also blame the stupid idiots in charge off English football for prostituting our clubs out to foreign buyers. You didn’t put up a fight then, so don’t just get involved when you are going to lose money...because money is all you are interested in only too. It won’t happen as it is a way to get a new financial deal with the other greedy gits at uefa!

  • Binay Shrestha
    Binay Shrestha26 dager siden

    One would assume people are against the super league.yet when u read comments they r still making fun of another club. It is all about money.unless uefa get a cut from the profit esl makes they are against.the only thing we can do Stop buying their merchendise and game tickets after the covid epidemic is over.

  • Hannah montannah
    Hannah montannah26 dager siden

    This is the worst disgusting movement recorded in history just because some greedy billionaires wanting more money destroying people hardwood over 100 of years1😔😔😔

  • Kevon B
    Kevon B26 dager siden

    This super league would be great for all clubs .

  • Ajil Jagadeesh
    Ajil Jagadeesh26 dager siden

    Most of the people doesnt understand that the true villains are UEFA in this sceanrio, all the clubs actually want is a better profit margin, which would benefit the smaller clubs in uefa, but them pushing it back to 2024 will only make it harder for these clubs, big clubs do lose a lot of money, they never said they wanted to quit the domestic leagues and never planned on making this exclusive forever just for the moment since its only the beginning, after a couple of seasons they plan on introducing other clubs to these competition which was clearly mentioned, why is UEFA against this league and not against cups such as the madrid cup or catalonia cup? because it generates very less profit, UEFA are being greedy here, the clubs just want to more revenue since its their players and popularity and fanbase that actually generates this money for UEFA themselves. UEFA are making it out seem like this will ruin football but it doesnt affect us fans. We get top notch matches every season that we get from uefa and the UCL will still happen and so will domestic leagues, Its just UEFA thats making the domestic leagues to ban these clubs and threatening to ban the players as well who has no say in this. Like what did the players do? Its the team management who decides this, and if a player is under contract, you cant just expect them to quit, unless they can secure a transfer and the lower ranking clubs wont have enough money to fund all these top players either. So banning players from representing that nations? Its just too much, UEFA are the villains. They dont wanna lose power so they are spreading hate, manipulating the fans and threatening players and coaches who has nothing to do with this.

  • Rami Ben Kemla
    Rami Ben Kemla26 dager siden

    The 12 teams are not against playing in domestic and UEFA leagues. So solve ur problems with Uefa and Fifa, peasants.

  • Lagranarob -
    Lagranarob -26 dager siden

    The Champions League have been favoring teams for many years , that's what's wrong. Although the teams favored are against it? Lol

  • irvin llanos
    irvin llanos26 dager siden

    Ueffa game restriction on football is nothing compare to the free football in super Europe league

  • Siddhant Singh
    Siddhant Singh26 dager siden

    Oblivious guy here..could someone explain why it is so bad?

  • Stanley Liew
    Stanley Liew26 dager siden

    we support UNFAIR FFP to protect rich club, and we love stupid VAR. We don't want revolution, say NO to Europa Super League. we love the corruptions of UEFA and FIFA. we need more team in Champion league, so the player cannot rest and we can have more matches to watch, maybe 60 team. And please organize world cup in Siberia and Antarctica after Qatar world cup. all fans LOVE IT.

  • Duncannon
    Duncannon26 dager siden

    Could someone from Europe explain why this is bad? From an American perspective, this makes the game easier for us to follow.

  • jorvega123
    jorvega12326 dager siden

    Salary cap needed in European soccer to be fair play field.

  • J G
    J G26 dager siden

    Go to your local park support your park teams

  • G Jones
    G Jones26 dager siden

    Its the international football thing that pisses me off the most. That's almost half the Wales squad missing from the Euros if this scumbag move goes ahead. They need to quit their clubs asap.

  • Corey Stinson
    Corey Stinson26 dager siden


  • Brian Lineekela
    Brian Lineekela26 dager siden

    UEFA, FIFA; none are innocent

  • Dee Kay
    Dee Kay26 dager siden

    What about Bayern Munich,and PSG

  • cqvio doli
    cqvio doli26 dager siden

    50 years been a United supporter and this has actually brought tears to my eyes i will not be following Manchester United again i will be following FC UNITED

  • Fru Awung
    Fru Awung26 dager siden

    No player will agree to sign in those clubs again

  • bayram efe
    bayram efe26 dager siden

    Let Barca and Real play matches every week.American wrestling uuuuuhahahahaaaaaaaa

  • lu na
    lu na26 dager siden

    Stupid question but can someone explain why this is really bad? They will still play in their domestic league no? A bit confused at the outrage

  • Cool Daddy
    Cool Daddy26 dager siden

    UEFA are a joke and it is because of their mishandling of soccer that we have come to this. What have Juventus, AC Milan, Inter, Arsenal, Spurs, Man City done in Europe to be thought of as elite. Chelsea are only slightly better. Time to return the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE to a proper champions competition and give automatic group stage places to actual champions. In this way, teams from smaller populated countries can earn money to develop themselves.

  • James Ruscheinski
    James Ruscheinski26 dager siden

    If Manchester City, Real Madrid and Chelsea were to be dropped from Champion League semifinals on account of Super League, would the teams that lost to them in quarterfinal take their place, and if any of those teams also dropped (i.e. Liverpool), would then go back to team that lost to them in round of 16?

  • J&J Travels
    J&J Travels26 dager siden

    Let's give it a try shall we.

  • Barton Seagrave
    Barton Seagrave26 dager siden

    Where will they source their new players from.

  • Carlos Isaac
    Carlos Isaac26 dager siden

    No psg

  • Elliot Pavitt
    Elliot Pavitt26 dager siden

    Arsenal are gonna get their backs blown out in 4K

  • Elliot Pavitt
    Elliot Pavitt26 dager siden

    Big teams on this list: Man United Liverpool Chelsea Real Madrid Barcelona Atletico Madrid Inter AC Milan Juventus Who tf invited Arsenal & Tottenham to get piped every weekend ? 😂😭 As for City they should be banned from the UCL as it is let alone because of the ESL

  • trent jenkins
    trent jenkins26 dager siden

    Big capitilist dont like efficient competition, they say they do but genuine competition reduces profits. what they really like is markets rigged in their favour. Thats where the big money is.

  • A Hamzinho
    A Hamzinho26 dager siden

    Wow there’s a lot of Americans here

  • simon greenwood
    simon greenwood26 dager siden

    Football is a business but these owners seem to be forgett8ng the fans are there customers, and no customers means no business, up the dale

    SGS SUGANN26 dager siden

    I didn't think a day like this will come in football this is an absolute disgrace.

  • phixion.
    phixion.26 dager siden

    I can't help but feel this American guy is a snake. I can't help feeling he's been an instigator through this. (from an analyst and advisory roll) I can't help feeling he knew before this all kicked off, And is going to line his pockets from this.

  • B Dlamini
    B Dlamini26 dager siden

    We have to understand that Messi earns 500k a week. For him to leave that wage on a matter of principle is a huge financial risk to him and his family. He won't for example leave Barca over this decision.

  • Andre Holmes
    Andre Holmes26 dager siden

    Gabbs blinking always kills me 🤣

  • B Dlamini
    B Dlamini26 dager siden

    This essentially knocks out la Liga. No one will watch it the same

  • rod chichester
    rod chichester26 dager siden

    UEFA is just angry because the super league will take money out of their pocket.

  • rishi Patel
    rishi Patel26 dager siden

    European super league will not happen❤️😘

  • _Max Smiet_
    _Max Smiet_26 dager siden

    Guys join Bayern - you are welcome With open arms

  • Akhil Koundal
    Akhil Koundal26 dager siden

    Money league

  • Shane Price
    Shane Price26 dager siden

    What I want to know is if VAR will get the axe? It has ruined the game, can't even celebrate goals anymore without waiting to see if it was taken away

  • Epic One
    Epic One26 dager siden

    Uefa is corrupt that’s why they want to do there own thing

  • Loris Cicchino
    Loris Cicchino26 dager siden

    It’s rubbish!

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B26 dager siden

    Man U fan here, and I'm saying kick them all out of their respective national league. No team(s), and I mean team(s) are bigger than their league. Clubs come and go, but football must live on

  • Blue Fantasy
    Blue Fantasy26 dager siden

    Watch my videos

  • Ramin Arezou
    Ramin Arezou26 dager siden

    Okay guys, they are gonna make the super league, YOU will watch it. We all know it

  • gigi giggio
    gigi giggio26 dager siden

    In the Italian media there have been rumors that ESPN/Disney is the prospective broadcasting partner for this Superleague. Others such as Amazon have refuted any involvement in it. Fans should keep this in mind when considering views from ESPN since they have a potential conflict of interest.

  • Jonathan Landeros
    Jonathan Landeros26 dager siden

    I see fans supporting new clubs close to their area, or even a few starting a new club with some financial backing. I don't see European fans following their original teams as they join the super league....

  • MA LUO
    MA LUO26 dager siden

    We should have a more objective report about UEFA and ESL. The history, transparency, and the detailed plan of ESL, why should UEFA has to control the football.

  • FunnyTvShows
    FunnyTvShows26 dager siden

    If this does come into action, why in the world would new upcoming players wanna join this garbage? It's better to sign with a club that's not as big as these are but at at least you'll be free to play and win more than 1 cup.

  • The Real
    The Real26 dager siden

    Respect to bayern and psg ,can't believe as a barca fan ,barcelona really dropped down its moral status. Footballers today are playing just for money ,not for enjoyment

    ROHINI KOTKAR26 dager siden

    Means all the best clubs will always play with each other. I am agree with this option - ESL👍👍

  • BATpixi
    BATpixi26 dager siden

    I don't care for this new league. But if you deny the players the chance to play for their national teams, then you are also the problem and loose all respect. This is like punishing unions workers cause of something the CEO decided.

  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt26 dager siden

    UEFA pretending they have ANY power over big clubs. Big clubs: "We dont play ANY more UEFA games" Big clubs: "We make our own league" UEFA: ... Next UEFA league will be championship clubs.

  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt26 dager siden

    Theres nothing to fight. If some players dont wanna play in super league, they are welcome to leave and go play in lower teams. Super league clubs dont give a dam if X player leaves.. all best teams are in the super league.. No player will care about UEFA.