Everything Wrong With Jared's "$100,000" Dream Truck (NOT What He Expected)


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Today, Jared takes his truck to Randy at GRC to see what's wrong with his new dream truck, a 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 3500 HD. It's a little more than he bargained for, but it sure looks amazing....right?
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  • Wrench Every Day
    Wrench Every DayMåned siden


  • matt davis

    matt davis

    20 dager siden

    Got my shirt. When do we get the piece of the truck?

  • Matthew Leu

    Matthew Leu

    Måned siden

    This video just doesn’t work. Not a good video, not good editing, and pretty bad narration. This video should have just been scrapped. Big fan but this video isn’t hitting like it should have. Just 2 guys with random/awkward conversation.

  • Dean P. Tolentino

    Dean P. Tolentino

    Måned siden

    Randy you should have a channel of your own.

  • Gabes Reef Tampa

    Gabes Reef Tampa

    Måned siden

    @bigbadbronx72 2XL

  • bajanviper


    Måned siden

    @Steve Deyoung , I know, RIght?!? seems like @wrencheveryday needs to produce more !!!

  • Matthew Grear
    Matthew Grear6 dager siden

    Glad you got a gm truck vs the Ford

  • Dennis Brooks
    Dennis Brooks16 dager siden

    Back in and avoid all the steering marks. Why would you not?

  • Adam Patterson
    Adam Patterson17 dager siden

    Well ill be DIPPED

  • Peter Andrews
    Peter Andrews17 dager siden

    well ill be diped lol greeting from Australia big fan of Vice Grip garage watched the episode were you worked on the independence Chevelle great work

  • Gimpy
    Gimpy17 dager siden

    I'll be dipped. I actually like a channel that was recommended to me from another youtube channel and I ain't even mad. Thank Derek. Hi Jared!

  • John D S
    John D S17 dager siden

    Randy is giving you good prices. Great friend.

  • Chuck Johnson
    Chuck Johnson18 dager siden

    I'll be dipped!

  • Jose Jaramillo
    Jose Jaramillo18 dager siden

    It should be embarrassing that I got to strive to be like boscoe too become a great mechanic at sensing when you need to just look away. But dang he knows what he’s doing lol

  • Reubenb 1027
    Reubenb 102718 dager siden

    With all those awsome dodges sitting out there. He definitely needs to start a youtube channel

  • Jerry Craig
    Jerry Craig18 dager siden

    Can I ask, WHY would a guy that seems to know better, buy a GM diesel???

  • Jerry Craig
    Jerry Craig18 dager siden

    Can't you turn that lane shaking stuff off??? I'm keeping my very used 91 K2500, his name is Oafy and he's a great truck!!! Once I fixed Chevy's idea of 4 wheel drive

  • James Michael
    James Michael18 dager siden

    Hey man Derrick sent me over great content that's a nice GMC. I've got a 98 Sierra with 291,000 still going strong best truck made. Cheers from Jacksonville Florida

  • TheCaptaintoby
    TheCaptaintoby18 dager siden

    I'll be dipped.

  • Jeremy McNicol
    Jeremy McNicol18 dager siden

    I'll be dipped

  • socalrcr
    socalrcr18 dager siden

    Well I'll be dipped. That there is quite the goin to town rig a guy has there.

  • Dusty Phillips
    Dusty Phillips18 dager siden

    Well I'll be dipt.

  • Barry Russell
    Barry Russell18 dager siden

    Pretty nice truck

  • Corey Forshey
    Corey Forshey18 dager siden

    I’ll be dipped!

  • Ray Beaudry
    Ray Beaudry18 dager siden

    I'll be DIPPED!!!

  • Tristan Cassel
    Tristan Cassel18 dager siden

    Randy should start a channel. NOlocal needs more International content!

  • Ronald Rebolledo
    Ronald Rebolledo19 dager siden

    When Bosco layed down paws up in between everything 😂

  • 717 Weston
    717 Weston20 dager siden

    It’s a GM product of China Junk

    PRESTON NELSON20 dager siden

    Hundred thousand dollar truck, LoL....

  • Alexis DeVille
    Alexis DeVille21 dag siden

    I hope you got a second set of keys and remote!

  • Pete Henderson
    Pete Henderson21 dag siden

    You have to have the weight off front end to check ball joints

  • J Powell
    J Powell21 dag siden

    Not only the diesel titan is junk the gasser is just as bad. My buddy just traded his 19 titan after total engine rebuild. Wasnt used hard either and well maintained.

  • MeTwoFirst
    MeTwoFirst22 dager siden

    Hire a mechanic before buying & never depend on luck since everyone sells for a reason - most are not to give you a good deal..

  • MrRiggyRiggs
    MrRiggyRiggs22 dager siden

    Not a bad repair bill. Well worth that for years of using it.

  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell23 dager siden

    #28 of Jared's truck arrived today in the mail... Might have been cut buy Jared... Yes Yes I ordered the T-Shirt

  • T H
    T H23 dager siden

    It's sad. Front end parts bad at 50,000 miles.

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown23 dager siden

    I just got my shirt and by the looks of the Titan bumper it looks to be a Jared Pink custom cut one. LOL My box is #175 of #300.

  • Daniel Carnahan
    Daniel Carnahan23 dager siden

    Got my shirt yesterday and bumper piece #248. Thanks

  • Jon Hiller
    Jon Hiller23 dager siden

    That’s crazy I have a 2015 camaro with 36k miles and the front shakes on it also , the rack and pinion has an inch of free play side to side we got it with 28 k miles and it’s been doing it since day one

  • travis.is.win
    travis.is.win24 dager siden

    Imagine that. Dealerships didn't want video evidence of them attempting to fuck you. Shocker.

  • Matthew's Motorsports
    Matthew's Motorsports24 dager siden

    I can’t believe gm didn’t put a rack on those trucks instead of having a box and drag link setup

  • Shane T
    Shane T24 dager siden

    Lol still calling the ~$80k truck a $100k truck

  • Frank Gomez
    Frank Gomez24 dager siden

    That's not how you check the ball joints, or the idler arm pitman arm, probably the fact that the truck is not driving straight caused the funky tire wear, plus the tire on the left front looked like was coming apart, it would explain the pull and the vibrations.

  • Keith Quarles
    Keith Quarles24 dager siden

    can't wait to see the episode of how the truck gets fixed i actually like the duramax diesel 3500 keep up the good work Jared love your truck

  • Dank Spangle
    Dank Spangle25 dager siden

    I'm also trained to sit when there are problems. I rarely stand up.

  • Matt Brewer
    Matt Brewer25 dager siden

    Thats a piece of shit

  • Danny Abreu
    Danny Abreu25 dager siden

    When your an XL there sold out and you love the Chanel so much that you buy 2 2xl just to show your support .... keep up the good work guys

  • TheWhiteOctopus
    TheWhiteOctopus26 dager siden

    What's a "def tank?"

  • Theodore Smith
    Theodore Smith26 dager siden

    "I know you are a cummins guy, I know you have some friends who are strokin guys"

  • Just Tim
    Just Tim26 dager siden

    When you buy a ford 6.0 it’s $5000 to bulletproof the engines, because they’re junk and a pain in the ass to work on

  • Just Tim
    Just Tim26 dager siden

    FYI you don’t do an alignment just from changing an idler arm and pitman arm lmao 😂 that’s only tie rod ends and ball joints you need an alignment, also the oil pan is going to seep within another 1000 miles after changing it dude all Diesel engines seep oil on the pans , even at 3000miles brand new

  • Just Tim
    Just Tim26 dager siden

    All Diesel engines start seeping oil due to the engines running on oil pressure(for those that didn’t know)

  • ThaSouth Garcon
    ThaSouth Garcon26 dager siden

    Nice truck, $1500 is a steal for a new truck... that GMC grill is handsome.

  • Mel Dickerson
    Mel Dickerson26 dager siden

    That’s a lot of rust for a 6 year old truck

  • Ron Goheen
    Ron Goheen26 dager siden

    Fix front end problems, then rotate the front tires to the inside dual. You will get to finish wearing them out and have good tires on the steering, not to mention saving money.

  • bbaaspencer1
    bbaaspencer126 dager siden

    Stealership would cost you $3200 for all that!

  • Michael Deethardt
    Michael Deethardt26 dager siden

    2015 was a bad year for duramax trucks

  • Hamza
    Hamza27 dager siden

    Mans murdered that oil disptick. Bent

  • focke wulf
    focke wulf27 dager siden

    good thing you bought a GMC it will go great with your wrench every day tee shirt

  • Truckguy 6.7
    Truckguy 6.727 dager siden

    you may have put the drivers running board on the passenger side and vice versa. Hard to tell by the video but you may want to check that.

  • Truckguy 6.7
    Truckguy 6.727 dager siden

    I always thought the filter on the outside of the transmission was cool but I was told recently there is one on the inside of the pan too. Still have to pull the pan to service them. Anybody know if thats true??

  • Guy martin
    Guy martin27 dager siden

    That truck's name is a mouthfull lol

  • Peter Stergos
    Peter Stergos27 dager siden

    Went to buy a shirt all sold out :(

  • xotic86
    xotic8627 dager siden

    Damn she’s pretty rough under that makeup..... doesn’t look like it’s been very well cared for

  • C Trox
    C Trox28 dager siden

    LOL! Tires cupping and cargo blankets for creepers!!

  • Michael Varela
    Michael Varela28 dager siden

    I tried to buy a shirt but tbey are all sold out. I needed a 3xl even tried a 2xl

  • Cody Davies
    Cody Davies28 dager siden

    Not even 2 mins in and i hear cumming guys and stroke guys.....i had to stop the video and chuckle for about 5 mins lol

  • rpavlik1
    rpavlik128 dager siden

    Only a grand for that suspension stuff? Cheap. Our Nissan Versa had over double that in suspension work from driving over road construction a few times. Yeah, we sold that sucker once it was fixed.

  • Trey Schroeder
    Trey Schroeder28 dager siden

    I would actually suspect the lined wheel wells would be a factory option on a Denali. My High Country Silverado has them lined from the factory.

  • Eric Albertson
    Eric Albertson28 dager siden

    The ford with 6.7 power stroke is the most solid truck all around

  • Ann Godiva
    Ann Godiva28 dager siden

    So limited, sorta like that titan turbo casket issue! LOL

  • showgirls around the world a dancer family
    showgirls around the world a dancer family28 dager siden

    I thought tavarish gave you a brand new truck?

  • Bobby D
    Bobby D28 dager siden

    The front end looks never greased it’s common problem with gm trucks which is why pitman and idler arms go bad

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts29 dager siden

    You should have bought a Ford or a dodge

  • MustNotSleep MustWarnOthers
    MustNotSleep MustWarnOthers29 dager siden

    Cleveland is in Idaho not Georgia.

  • Dana K.
    Dana K.29 dager siden

    Just seen this video and wanted a Roadside shirt.....Sold Out!!! Dang It!!!!

  • Money mike Slick will
    Money mike Slick will29 dager siden

    Randy start a damn channel already!!!

  • Tim datoolman
    Tim datoolman29 dager siden

    I guess that's why Nissan is almost out of business. Nice Denali though.

  • Mark0090A
    Mark0090A29 dager siden

    I hate that they put those cheap aftermarket tow mirrors on that Beautiful looking Denali

  • Lovell Mills
    Lovell Mills29 dager siden

    Anddddddd there sold out

  • Z Fine 1
    Z Fine 129 dager siden

    Love all the IH truck in the background. Wish they still made 'em. Bodies suffered from severe rust issues but those were downsized trucks made by a truck manufacturer.

  • KYS
    KYS29 dager siden

    What a Beautiful Truck. And i know that LP5 is a Beast!

  • Ross Gardner
    Ross GardnerMåned siden

    Nice truck Jared got the same one just not a dually. My first diesel and I love it.

  • TheBibliofilus
    TheBibliofilusMåned siden

    Imagine when these techloaded diesel trucks with cylinder deactivation etc. gets 20 years old... what will still work?

  • lordspam
    lordspamMåned siden

    Broke back $100k dream truck?

  • Saulala Saafi
    Saulala SaafiMåned siden

    The newer tow mirrors would complete the look, beautiful truck🤝

  • brent vance
    brent vanceMåned siden

    First thing First it’s a GMC enough said.

  • Robert Palmore
    Robert PalmoreMåned siden

    Chevy does a lot of things really well. Things like the Corvette, Camaro and some other things that are to be really respected. Trucks? Not so much. Go to Goshen Indiana where they make loads of RV's. The Walmart is the place to get checks cashed and the like. Over half of the toter trucks are Dodge with that great Cummins engine. The rest are almost exclusively Ford. There are some Chevy's but not many. I looked at one older Chevy truck that had a frame that stopped a little after the cab then the rest was bolted on. Just shook my head and walked away.

  • Chad Harrison
    Chad HarrisonMåned siden

    Dude, I don't think I have ever seen so many adds pop up in one 24 min video?

  • Real High End Glass for Sale
    Real High End Glass for SaleMåned siden

    I feel like you guys would laugh at the "my pillow" advertising on your video...

  • Aidan Francis O'Flynn
    Aidan Francis O'FlynnMåned siden

    Randy is a straight up good guy which is rare in the trade.

  • dPaul Williams
    dPaul WilliamsMåned siden

    Jared and Tavarish have a great dynamic. Randy should have his own channel.

  • Maxima
    MaximaMåned siden

    Lmao...no preinspection....ur fault

  • Björn Johansson
    Björn JohanssonMåned siden

    The fans in the seats is awesome! i got that in my Saab 9-5 aero 01! :D

  • Travis R.
    Travis R.Måned siden

    shirts are sold out

  • Nigel Trujillo
    Nigel TrujilloMåned siden

    Look at all those Internationals! 😍

  • jamesw95
    jamesw95Måned siden

    I would have taken my truck to Randy too, seems like a solid mechanic and a dry sense of humor.

  • Richard Harvey
    Richard HarveyMåned siden

    Replace the front end stuff with kryptonite brand. You will never replace again.

  • Lukas Baardson
    Lukas BaardsonMåned siden

    this truck was like $75k when it left the dealer lot maybe $85k if there was no discounts no way it was even close to $100k tho

  • mikeissweet
    mikeissweetMåned siden

    My new used mercedes has almost the exact same tire wear. Assumed it was the rims. Bout to jack it up and look

  • stung93
    stung93Måned siden

    I must be missing something, that thing didn't cost anywhere near 100k new, that is a 50k used truck...Clickbait

  • Arnold Verser
    Arnold VerserMåned siden

    who pays 100k for a used 6yo truck???

  • T H

    T H

    23 dager siden

    @Arnold Verser yeah I hear ya. Click bait.

  • Arnold Verser

    Arnold Verser

    23 dager siden

    Well then why didn't he state that in the heading, search false advertising even on the NOlocal channels

  • T H

    T H

    23 dager siden

    He didn't. Other video stated $50,000 something. They say 100 cause that's what a new one would go far.

  • Moy Hernandez
    Moy HernandezMåned siden

    Randy seems a cool guy to hang out with 👍

  • Steve McKnelly
    Steve McKnellyMåned siden

    S/O Cleveland, GA! Home of the Cabbage Patch Kids!

  • Philip Harris
    Philip HarrisMåned siden

    Add a steering stabilizer to front end its has the brackets for it but GM had bright idea it didn’t need it will add life to front end and drive a lot better I have the exact truck added one to mine tires last longer and drives a lot better especially when towing heavy