EXCLUSIVE: New Michigan Voter Data I Stumbled Across! | Good Morning #MugClub


Steven reviews Senator Mazie Hirono's insane takes on Big Tech censorship, then turns to review some data from Michigan that doesn't add up. Then Steven and the team review the latest video from The Cut, "What Are White People Superior At?"
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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder5 dager siden

    What do you think of what is going on in Michigan? And does this warrant looking into further?



    3 dager siden

    Biden is playing HIDE 'N' SNIFF!

  • This Guy

    This Guy

    4 dager siden

    @StevenCrowder Hey Steven, Will *us* scumbag freeloaders get a *Free Friday Morning Mug Show* today???

  • ronald bentley

    ronald bentley

    4 dager siden

    I'm sure that governor whitmer who took every opportunity possible since March to publicize Joe Biden and say that Donald Trump wasn't doing anything for her state and continues to say the federal government needs to provide financial assistance for all of the business she just closed would make sure that the election was "Fair". Don't trust her or the rest of her leadership team.

  • Kwame Morgan

    Kwame Morgan

    4 dager siden

    @Kyle P I sent Titan King the facts and he stopped replying to me lmao

  • TimDroz


    4 dager siden

    Be interesting to see how these precincts were reported in previous elections. When Obama won, was it with 173,000 votes from precincts reporting 0 registered voters? How about when Trump won four years ago? Either there's a pattern that shows some kind of consistent behavior, or there's a pattern that shows a very suspicious outcome.

  • Enchanted Warrior
    Enchanted Warrior4 minutter siden

    Why isn't the legal team just asking for a total recount and audit of the mail in ballots, this is where the problems are, and there is enough evidence to show cause to scrutinize them closely

  • Stephen Blankenship
    Stephen Blankenship21 minutt siden

    A president senator governor or mayor are nothing without the people and the people are nothing without them. The both need each other.

  • valpro99
    valpro9924 minutter siden

    Wait. City of Detroit precinct 1 Registered voters 752, Votes cast 114, Turnout 14%. Then we get to AVCB part of the spreadsheet. So we think were finished with Detroit and it pops up again at the end of the spreadsheet. City of Detroit AVCP 1. Absentee Votes case 1506! WHAT? Impossible. There are only 752 registered voters in precinct 1. OK. Lets look at precinct 2. 1140 registered voters.. AVCP 2; 2011 votes. This is impossible. And its this way the entire rest of the spreadsheet for all 100+ precincts in Detroit. And guess what. Turns out that 97% of these AVCP votes are for Biden. How is this not suspect? Something isn't right here.

  • SWog
    SWog26 minutter siden

    I think the Dems cheated... and I think they're gonna get away with it. I hoped Sidney Powell would expose all this, but look at her now. NOBODY wants to have anything to do with her... but four days ago I was hoping they'd ditch Rudy and put her in charge. I don't know what to think anymore. This is either the biggest scandal in US history, or millions of people have been taken to Batshitcrazyville.

  • Nick Hawkins
    Nick Hawkins32 minutter siden

    Has anyone else noticed all of the liberal feeds suddenly showing up in our NOlocal feeds? Things that make you go, hmm....

  • Michael Asbury
    Michael Asbury33 minutter siden

    I just received a survey from our senator. Wanting to know what issues was most important to me. No where on it does it list voters fraud, or term limits. I told him there is no issue more important than voters fraud or term limits. I also conveyed that if he can't fix these 2 things then he can't do anything for we the people . If corrupt career politicians can't fix what we need then we don't need them in office of power. No other issue need be addressed until these 2 issues R fixed . People R out there talking about an armed response to this . So in the face of civil war . What other issues can there be . Fix the broken corrupt government U political hacks !

    JUSTIN POOLETime siden

    How does someone get an absentee ballot without being registered? Seriously dosent make sence ...a absentee ballot needs a name and address!!

  • Talkn Trash
    Talkn TrashTime siden

    No matter hoe much the MSM says there is no evidence of fraud..m doesnt make it true! Also 4 dem senators are pressing NOlocal to censor people which is a clear violation of the 1st amendment! They should all be charged and thrown in jail for treason!

  • ric techow
    ric techowTime siden

    Hey Crowder love the sarcastic sardonic humor. A good match with the Aussie humor. For the benefit of those from other countries looking in with total astonishment could you please do a quick how to guide to electoral fraud so we understand better? (you could have fun with that anyway). What the hell! 173,000 unregistered voters or 173,000 manufactured votes or some combo. How can this be accepted and certified? A quick count of the number of registered voters before and after the election would quickly show if 173,000 unregistered voters registered on the day in the precincts with zero registered voters. I guess the simple answer is if you have people criminally forging votes and vote counters criminally failing to apply checks then you could stuff as many votes in as you want. I just don't understand why Biden didn't win by more. Why aren't the envelopes with signature and name/address kept for checking? Inconvenient evidence I suppose.

  • ric techow
    ric techowTime siden

    Hey Crowder love the sarcastic sardonic humor. A good match with the Aussie humor. For the benefit of those from other countries looking in with total astonishment could you please do a quick how to guide to electoral fraud so we understand better? (you could have fun with that anyway). What the hell! 173,000 unregistered voters or 173,000 manufactured votes or some combo. How can this be accepted and certified? A quick count of the number of registered voters before and after the election would quickly show if 173,000 unregistered voters registered on the day in the precincts with zero registered voters. I guess the simple answer is if you have people criminally forging votes and vote counters criminally failing to apply checks then you could stuff as many votes in as you want. I just don't understand why Biden didn't win by more. Why aren't the envelopes with signature and name/address kept for checking? Inconvenient evidence I suppose.

  • Talkn Trash
    Talkn Trash2 timer siden

    All the MSM even fox is claiming there is "no evidence of fraud".... yet there clearly is evidence. They think that whatever they say makes them the arbiters of truth. I'm sick of them! Now they are claiming trump is anti black and they have sued him for violating the voters rights act for challenging the clear fraud that took place. They have just proven that most of America will comply even when a clear fraud took place in front of their eyes. They also are touting "america first" is gone.... which is weird for the upcoming leader of the country to openly say he is going to prioritize other countries over his own.... I dont understand how people can be okay with this crap!

  • Robert
    Robert2 timer siden

    "Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of elections and results." Democrats: Lets just board up the windows, only allow our people in the room to "count" the votes, and call anyone who questions the result a rayyyyyycist.

  • Mark Norman
    Mark Norman2 timer siden

    Why don't we just re vote

  • whipivy
    whipivy2 timer siden

    Did they compare the total registered voters in the primaries to the number of votes cast to biden in the general election?

  • Freeedléo
    Freeedléo3 timer siden

    Just accept the results lol, you're wasting your time trying to find evidence that doesn't exist.

  • Freeedléo


    15 minutter siden

    @Falc072 unless there are 30 or so faithless electors, Biden wins

  • Falc072


    Time siden

    The results aren’t final yet and this is less than “Russia Gate”

  • tbonezac
    tbonezac3 timer siden

    MI final vote total is 5,536,892 at 100%. That is ~230,000 votes greater than the 59% reported in early AM of Nov 4. Early AM total at 59% was 3,129,343 votes which is 59% of 5,303,971. 230,000 reflects 4.3% more than 5,303,971. Where did the 230K votes come from?

  • Daniel Tademy
    Daniel Tademy3 timer siden

    I think that cut video was done with actors. That could not be real. WOW

  • S P
    S P4 timer siden

    I forgot this is just a channel of bashing and making fun of fellow americans. Got enough of this watching trump talk over the passed 5 years.

  • Michele Jay
    Michele Jay4 timer siden

    We will all be under quarantine forever.

  • !mrdunn brucvald
    !mrdunn brucvald4 timer siden

    Where's the coverage on Eric Coomer and Dominion?? ERIC COOMER. ERIC COOMER> ERIC COOMER

  • S P
    S P4 timer siden

    This passed 4 years has been hilarious for the rest of us to watch. Even better coming to an end. I cant wat for the comedy show made from.this passed term

  • The Hessmo Show
    The Hessmo Show4 timer siden

    Type in the whistleblowers name Eric C. (iaramella) on Facebook and watch it come down in less than five seconds.

  • Sean D.
    Sean D.5 timer siden

    Hands down the best Dane Cook impression I've ever heard and seen. You need to have a new segment called "Data with Dane" where you bring up unrelated/irrelevant data, I would laugh my ass off from start to finish.

  • Kel ly
    Kel ly5 timer siden

    As a Canadian I had to rewatch the Detroit/Wayne county data 3 times to make sure I understood it. HOW DO 173,000 VOTES FROM 0 REGISTERED VOTERS THAT APPEARED AT 2AM NOT CAUSE EVERYONE IN THE USA TO THROW A FIT???? THIS IS INSANITY!!!

  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson5 timer siden

    Theres always SOME conspiracy with the votes... every 4 years... or am I the only one to notice?

  • Noah
    Noah5 timer siden

    Song in the beginning?

  • Noah


    5 timer siden

    Wait I found it. Its Pogo Data and Picard Remix

  • Michael Atkinson
    Michael Atkinson6 timer siden

    hahaha you guys are still crying about this... haha

  • Michael Atkinson

    Michael Atkinson

    54 minutter siden

    @Falc072 “Presidential Joe Biden”

  • Falc072


    Time siden

    “Russia Gate”

  • John wock
    John wock6 timer siden

    The more racist they got, the whiter they got.

  • Gee Schwag
    Gee Schwag6 timer siden

    Well this video didn't age well. Steve why do you pander to such an idiotic segment of the population? How do you look yourself in the mirror knowing your livelihood is about taking advantage of dumb people?

  • Falc072


    Time siden

    Wdym it didn’t age well?

  • salil pai

    salil pai

    6 timer siden

    Well because he loves to give them the turd they want.

  • Drogyn Turalyon
    Drogyn Turalyon7 timer siden

    New Crowder Video Comments Disabled . . . Is this because your sponsor is getting dragged for being Anti American , Anti 2nd Amendment Shit stains that are bowing to the woke mob on twitter instead of standing with Kyle Rittenhouse.

  • DeepFried Oreo
    DeepFried Oreo7 timer siden

    Didn't trump lose the vote in 2016, but win through the electoral college? This year, didn't Biden win the electoral college? Do votes even matter in your country? Even if you prove that Trump won the vote, Biden still won the electoral college... So even IF Trumps party is able to prove they won the vote, Biden still wins, the same way Trump did...

  • Jesse Michael
    Jesse Michael7 timer siden

    People who fight wars are patriots, not Trump supporters. You guys just vote for Trump and take the meaning of Patriot away from our veterans. You should be ashamed.

    RAFAEL BELTRE7 timer siden

    I love watching the privileged laughing at social issues regarding privilege 😅🤣🤣🤣

  • J Law
    J Law7 timer siden

    Hey look, the literal definition of an echo chamber. If Parler was a NOlocal show.

  • anthony wen
    anthony wen7 timer siden

    If there is so much of this so called 'voter fraud', why has Trump's legal team made so little progress in taking these cases to court ? :)

  • Wytchfinde


    2 timer siden

    You think that's not going to be stonewalled and resisted?

  • Cool Name
    Cool Name7 timer siden

    Trump won Michigan we know it

  • Charles Last
    Charles Last7 timer siden

    Hahaha this is so funny everyone’s crying

  • hannahr77
    hannahr777 timer siden

    blacks are so racist a fact

  • zac3197
    zac31977 timer siden

    Steven it has happened again, in Australia search 'steven crowder voter fraud' your search results have been moved down and there are slanderous videos before it. I do not think this is chance because its happened to you before. Goodluck sir, peace be upon you ❤💪 use vpn to check

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith7 timer siden


  • Ghost
    Ghost7 timer siden

    U lost my sub with ur conspiracy theorizes.

  • JMD!
    JMD!8 timer siden

    The coffee bag is gone.

  • KhanalSush
    KhanalSush8 timer siden

    aweee poor babies. Your daddy lost so have to make excuses for why he lost. Crowder doesn't seem to take in the fact that every time Trump's lawyers went to court, they basically couldn't confirm that voter fraud was prevalent. Ya'll are bunch of snowflakes.

  • Pinball Man
    Pinball Man8 timer siden

    Kelly Loeffler & David Perdue are traitors for not standing with Trump in Georgia recounts. Being silent is not supporting our President. These two traitors must go.

  • Trevor Gasperetti
    Trevor Gasperetti8 timer siden

    You should do a “Change My Mind” segment about canceling student debt. I personally think that it is a ridiculous idea that everyone thinks it should be done via executive order and will be the solution to all problems. There are so many reasons against it

  • stev stevhoov
    stev stevhoov8 timer siden

    RUDY ,..will bring this to the Supreme court,..

  • stev stevhoov
    stev stevhoov8 timer siden

    W T F ?????

  • Marigi 201
    Marigi 2018 timer siden

    Pundits like Shapiro and crowder used to be a source of informative perspective, but now it’s becoming clear that they don’t pay attention to all the facts and only cover the news that doesn’t discredit them. It’s slimy if they claim to be reporters. It’s slimy if you’re supposed to be impartial news sites.

  • Vodka Slam
    Vodka Slam8 timer siden

    It's funny how The Crowder Crew makes fun of Polish People calling them Crazy. Yet us Polish Republicans are fighting Antifa on the streets. If the law can be manipulated by politicians? That's when us The People go out and fight for ourselves

  • Debora Williams
    Debora Williams8 timer siden

    Mazie Hirono is literally a TROLL! To call it a Senator is a misnomer.

  • Way2sober
    Way2sober8 timer siden

    Don't you have to be a registered voter to request an absentee ballot

  • Christian Nielsen
    Christian Nielsen8 timer siden

    Good luck with your civil war :)

  • Ryno Games
    Ryno Games8 timer siden

    Single Malt Scotch

  • Michelle's Adventures
    Michelle's Adventures8 timer siden

    I hope to stop omar from staying in office. They need to recount her stuff. Ugh we cannot stand her

  • Lee Schindler
    Lee Schindler8 timer siden


  • nicole skye
    nicole skye8 timer siden

    Guess what Crowder...Trump LOST! Michigan has certified its election results and the GSA authorized the presidential transition last night. These MAGA tears are truly delicious. And to think that you guys were calling us snowflakes back in 2016 is especially laughable. You are and have been the real snowflakes, always and forever.

  • StrayGamer
    StrayGamer9 timer siden

    1:22:47 was fucking hilarious. Please have him on more often!

  • Life Of Daisy
    Life Of Daisy9 timer siden

    It's Nov 24th. Are we screwed or is this a demoralization campaign?

  • Diego Lugo
    Diego Lugo9 timer siden

    Worst episode by far!! I want my frog facts!!!

  • J T
    J T9 timer siden

    Boycott NOlocal, there is a market for a competitor to emerge that doesn’t censor legitimate dissent by misrepresenting it as nonfactual.

  • hawaiian robot
    hawaiian robot9 timer siden

    how many octaves did your voice go up by when you heard about the transition

  • GoroGotHands GoroGotHands
    GoroGotHands GoroGotHands9 timer siden

    He's not so Loud anymore is he? :)

  • Mohamed Bin elias
    Mohamed Bin elias9 timer siden

    All off new

  • Stephen W
    Stephen W9 timer siden

    The selection is a fucking joke

  • Aldous Dick
    Aldous Dick10 timer siden

    This is just laughable. Every one of these voter fraud cases have been thrown out. But here we are pretending that there's a legitimate case out here. The funniest thin is that people on Trumps side have come out and admitted that the cases were so few in number and it went both ways you had some for Biden and Trump. Why are you going around spreading this nonsense. Oh I know why because the democrats are horrible. Newsflash both sides are horrible, but the trick is for you to hurl insults and hate at people who disagree with you politically, all the while the government is passing terrible laws. But keep throwing your feces at your political rivals fucking sheep. -God Damn America All praise be to The Most High

  • Ben Currin

    Ben Currin

    9 timer siden

    Man’s just looking at the actual voting records from Wayne county lmao

  • Matt Bales
    Matt Bales10 timer siden

    Bill Burr impression is on point

  • Manaka Kisaragi
    Manaka Kisaragi10 timer siden

    Where's a video on the current situation for each Trump lawsuit? You know a deep look into how SOLID all of those cases are. So much that they're 2-34, many thrown out by conservative judges. I mean, don't we want to detail how true the fraud claims truly are, since we are so intellectually honest?

  • Don Eldorado
    Don Eldorado10 timer siden

    Right-wing comedian trying to do data science.

  • Chip Douglas
    Chip Douglas10 timer siden

    Smh No faith in our democracy these aren’t real Republicans Just like trumps not a real Republican

  • Gihon88
    Gihon8810 timer siden

    the funny thing about courts and law is that if you have no proof you have no case... tumps lawyers should have told him that or they should have faked evidence would have been easier since he had no proof of his conspiracy or claims.

  • William Rolf
    William Rolf11 timer siden

    Where did not gay Jared go??

  • Richard Wright
    Richard Wright11 timer siden

    I can almost smell the desperation through my screen. Like honestly lads, you'll do yourself more harm with this coping

  • Jon Bryden
    Jon Bryden11 timer siden

    Lol... The concession begins...

  • Patty Walpole
    Patty Walpole11 timer siden

    Sidney has evidence of bribery for Georgia election against the AG and sec of State

  • max powers
    max powers11 timer siden

    Not so loud now

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong11 timer siden

    Look how quiet all you Trumptards are lol

  • Troy and Skyelar
    Troy and Skyelar11 timer siden

    How do I find the song at the start?

  • Jertzy Fisher
    Jertzy Fisher12 timer siden

    "Election fraud" ha ha. Finally you're doing real comedy. It's getting quiet on this channel ATM?! You're running out of desperate straws to clutch to. Change my mind.

  • Tig ol' Bitties

    Tig ol' Bitties

    11 timer siden

    You're so gay it's embarassing

  • Matthew Maguire
    Matthew Maguire12 timer siden

    Trump lost. This is fucking embarrassing at this point

  • Kyle McCormack
    Kyle McCormack12 timer siden

    Last video was four days ago...?

  • max jablonski
    max jablonski12 timer siden

    Steven's face pops up on my feed while my wife and I were scrolling through videos. I said "Ugh. I hate Steven Crowder." My wife says, "He's just an asshole who goes out everyday and proves that he is an asshole." God I love her.

  • Brad the impaler
    Brad the impaler12 timer siden

    Steven: You commit a crime, ANY crime, you are no longer "peaceful". Criminal: *Violently jaywalks*

  • RiPandtear
    RiPandtear12 timer siden

    Going to be so fun to watch this guy spin further and further down into delusional insanity lol. He gone!

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers13 timer siden

    Umm it’s over ...idiot

  • Fluffycakes
    Fluffycakes13 timer siden

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Steven is losing his mind 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Feats of Strength
    Feats of Strength13 timer siden

    The idea that Trump knows how to play Chess ha ha, Chess is a game that requires patience, planning and one in which cheating is practically impossible. I doubt he would be able to lose at it gracefully or have the attention span to learn how to play through trial and error.

  • Feats of Strength
    Feats of Strength13 timer siden

    Where's Stever Cryden?

  • Feats of Strength
    Feats of Strength13 timer siden

    Where's Steven?

  • Feats of Strength
    Feats of Strength13 timer siden

    It's over for Steven Cryder, not been seen in 4 days and Trump has let the transition begin, Bet Steven feels like a dumbass as he cries into his pillow.

  • Mr. Bongs BurgH
    Mr. Bongs BurgH13 timer siden

    You're telling me a man was such a big brain can't figure out that he lost the election actually he lost a popular vote twice

  • Mr. Bongs BurgH
    Mr. Bongs BurgH13 timer siden

    What's wrong did your snowflake president need 14 days to figure out he lost

  • Mr. Bongs BurgH
    Mr. Bongs BurgH13 timer siden

    Whaaaas whaaaa so this is what it sounds like when somebody who is all tough and big and bad for years ago is now a crying little b****

  • Mr. Bongs BurgH
    Mr. Bongs BurgH13 timer siden

    Boohoo irregularities boohoo they found seven votes that didn't go to Trump they cheated boohoo boo hoo boo hoo

  • David Solis Jr
    David Solis Jr14 timer siden


  • Lori Gaston
    Lori Gaston14 timer siden

    I think they're confusing "white people cooking" with "British cooking" where they reference seasoning/blandness, Main comments of Americans eating in UK is how "bland" it is...because they don't over-salt the food in the UK. As for Tuna...omg really?! I grew up never having had a Tuna casserole, because my mother can't stand them. As an adult, I learned how to make several versions of Tuna casserole and my kids enjoy them! We tease my mom constantly that we're having Tuna casserole when she comes to visit, because she dislikes them so much (she hates peas, among other canned veggies). And when I say "Tuna", I mean "white albacore" because I actually can't stand tuna. I also can't eat trout, even fresh caught. Salmon has to be super fresh. I could go on, and on, and on with food stereotypes. The only stereotype I hold to is I have a white girl pacific NW pallet. I can't stand even medium spicy foods, depending on which spice is used. There are certain things my husband and I both enjoy when it comes to spices, and others burn my mouth (and ruin meals for 2 days) while he enjoys them just fine.

  • Frank Jackson
    Frank Jackson14 timer siden

    The laughter is therapeutic keep up the nice work all

  • Dan Delion
    Dan Delion14 timer siden

    ONLY ANTIFA ELITES ARE ON NOlocal YOU DISAPPOINT ME CROWDER!!!!!! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Prince Kanoa
    Prince Kanoa15 timer siden

    Too late they already called it in Michigan.

  • hawaiian robot

    hawaiian robot

    9 timer siden

    and pennsylvania and georgia and

  • ThatDarnKitteh
    ThatDarnKitteh15 timer siden

    They're not confused, you're confused 🤣

  • Tig ol' Bitties

    Tig ol' Bitties

    11 timer siden

    Yeah well your party is mostly gay and think they're assigned the wrong gender at birth. Now tell me who is more confused?