Expert Welders/Florida Men Complete Hand Built Mini Jet Boats!!! Think They'll Work??

Film og animasjon

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Guys these boats are looking SO GOOD! Cannot wait to get the engines in!
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  • Benny T
    Benny T15 minutter siden

    When do we get to take these lil boats on the water?

  • Gee Royce
    Gee Royce11 timer siden

    17:06 bro was gonna fly with the boat 💀😂😂

  • Ron Jackson
    Ron JacksonDag siden

    Learned from a old man potatoes help with welders flash burn. Either put slices or raw mush on your eyes no burn the next day. And a hell of a lot cheaper than a hospital visit

  • Matt V
    Matt VDag siden

    James: They cloud your eyes up real bad and basically make u go blind." Cleet: "Yeah, good call not doing that." XD

  • hugo quaresma
    hugo quaresmaDag siden

    My profession is welding, bsa on Belgium Antwerpen Refineries, and with electrode aluminum i can make better job that you with the tig torch on pulse high frequency machine, my advice for you guys stop saying "experts" welder Americans. Im not Belgium im an proud portuguese welder that win more money that the president of my country so haters im not a kid saying what i don't know.

  • Christopher Slipp
    Christopher Slipp3 dager siden

    Let's do a challenge who can weld best n put up or shut up Cletus. Come on there buddy. Your probably scared that I can do better. 💯

  • Jackson Hundchen
    Jackson Hundchen3 dager siden

    We need episode three

  • Kody AWESOME
    Kody AWESOME4 dager siden

    No update on the boats man....

  • Hebu The Lone Wolf
    Hebu The Lone Wolf4 dager siden

    u guys need better ventilation when welding aluminum, that stuff is super toxic

  • Ethan Kim
    Ethan Kim4 dager siden

    I love how theres 2 Huracans just in the room

  • Cash Money
    Cash Money5 dager siden

    i have a questio about the thickness of the aluminum I'm trying to make one of thesefrom a punch that a local business has and I'm a new welder and want to make one.

  • TylerM0103
    TylerM01035 dager siden

    The into😂😂

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White7 dager siden

    Are we ever gonna see these on the water?

  • Neribel Suarez
    Neribel Suarez8 dager siden

    I know I’m 3 weeks late but I see myself (a drift head) drive a crown Vic turned into a drift car.

  • Just Harry Johnson
    Just Harry Johnson9 dager siden

    Cleetus I do love you guys and this channel is great but please add some different music to your videos. You use one I think its called sloane all the time. I love you guys talking so maybe just edit over the talking while you are doing the time-lapse. That way you get more story across to the audience. But either way love this channel.

  • Benjamin Cazeault
    Benjamin Cazeault12 dager siden

    No offense to simplisafe but I think it would be a lot cooler to have the drifting cop

  • Wolf Party
    Wolf Party12 dager siden

    Have you guys ever check out the drag boats from Thailand 🇹🇭, those guys RIP !!!!! Checkem our!!! 💪🏼👊🏼👍🏻👍🏻🤣

  • Lance
    Lance12 dager siden

    When will we see these baddies in action???

  • Cody Breeding
    Cody Breeding12 dager siden

    Just for the record if you get "welders eye " or flash burn is what it called cut some potatos into and put it on your eyes ..i do t know the science behind it but it pull the burn out

  • RaggedKiwi
    RaggedKiwi13 dager siden

    Tip when cutting/grinding aluminium put candle wax on your tools. Re apply often and it stops the swarf from clogging everything up

  • Chris M
    Chris M13 dager siden

    I'm looking forward to watching you guys do every stupid thing possible in a jet boat. Let the eagles fly.

  • Dreads N Drags
    Dreads N Drags14 dager siden

    so were the fuck are the boats lol

  • Obvious Gaming
    Obvious Gaming14 dager siden

    Should build a pond for dem boats der lol but it will be dope for a police only aggressive(drift) driving course on PPV

  • osmosiss 1
    osmosiss 115 dager siden

    I used to weld inside aluminium tankers, and you get burnt in the worst places if you don’t cover up or put sunscreen on under the chin. Hello from Australia 🇦🇺

  • Christian Hendryx
    Christian Hendryx15 dager siden

    Kyle's got them welding hands. I'd let him throw beads all over me anyday

  • Lindon Murphy
    Lindon Murphy15 dager siden

    They should get James boat a pit viper wrap for the window

  • Kevin Dahms
    Kevin Dahms16 dager siden

    When are we going to see new content on the Jet Boats? I love the fabrication aspect of these videos. Thinking of getting myself one.

  • Elizabeth Del castillo
    Elizabeth Del castillo16 dager siden

    I’m glad I saw a top comment that watch the whole minute ad even though they may or MAY NOT consume it

  • Chris Himself
    Chris Himself17 dager siden

    "Yours doesn't slide because you welded it so ugly" -Just had to get one in there LOL

  • White Trash Trail Bikers
    White Trash Trail Bikers17 dager siden

    I’ve built my own boat from scratch but it was made out of plastic 55 gallon drums wood and a trolling motor 😂

  • Austin Feathers
    Austin Feathers17 dager siden

    Welders eye is the worst feels like hot sand being thrown in your eyes hurts to blink and your eyes is pouring water out and yours eyes are so swollen that it’s impossible to blink And it hurts to look at any lights had to drive my self to eye doctor and it was so hard for me to look stuff up on my phone cause of the light

  • Mack Parker
    Mack Parker18 dager siden

    A beer can will.float...... Just saying

  • Dilawar Lutfi
    Dilawar Lutfi19 dager siden

    The only time now we get to see that part of the freedom factory is when his video is sponsored by SimpliSafe lol

  • Dallan Rowlandson
    Dallan Rowlandson20 dager siden

    How exciting.

  • john william
    john william20 dager siden

    Expert welders don't get arc eye Lol

  • Brandon Curry
    Brandon Curry21 dag siden

    we need another jet boat update asap

  • Jim Sedd
    Jim Sedd21 dag siden

    Oh and quit playin with boats, yer hangin out with Finnegan too much.

  • Jim Sedd
    Jim Sedd21 dag siden

    Cleet, I can see you on late night commercials after the news selling used cars. If you ever want a career change I think you have a future in it bro.

  • Steve Solaka
    Steve Solaka22 dager siden


  • Joel Crume
    Joel Crume22 dager siden

    “Yours doesn’t slide as good because your welds don’t look good”, your man cleeter😂

  • simon jandrell
    simon jandrell22 dager siden

    look forward to seeing those Fying Machines on the Water look AMAZING and their Stupid Fast

  • Jomama
    Jomama22 dager siden

    One looks like a Miami vice and the other a commercial fishing boat lol

  • Sombrero
    Sombrero22 dager siden

    trying to get James as straight as possible, got it...

  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown22 dager siden

    Wear safety glasses with antiglare we have to in the shop with multiple welders going the reflection off the walls from everyone welding will give you arc eye

  • Ethan Masters
    Ethan Masters22 dager siden

    cant wait to see them in the water

  • 1981gMachine
    1981gMachine23 dager siden

    This project improved everyone's welding ability. Only way to get better is by welding and this was a lot of welding.

  • Steven Harris
    Steven Harris24 dager siden

    Keep up with the boat videos yeeyeee hell yeah brother

  • Russell Early
    Russell Early25 dager siden

    so... is Rubes getting a hitch now?, Ruby and Leroy towing these beauties up to a certain lake in Georgia?

  • Ryan Roberts

    Ryan Roberts

    21 dag siden

    I know the lake you're talking about

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker25 dager siden

    Use potato slices to pull the burn out of your eyes.

  • Levi Whitman
    Levi Whitman25 dager siden

    Those jet boats are fun but my brother built a 10ft headwater with the thickest metal and umhw available and found the the sides are really weak and dent too easily, a company called firefish male some similar but supposedly better

  • supwitchu100
    supwitchu10025 dager siden

    Even more lame!!!!

  • imagri1
    imagri125 dager siden

    Couple of welder tricks for ya boys. Aluminum and stainless are very reflective, sun screen does wonders. And if you have someone welding behind you and you can see the light from their work on the inside of your lens, you’re getting smoked. A rag or shirt or something to block the light from behind or, a $10 welding screen between you guys will do the trick.

  • CarZ2go
    CarZ2go25 dager siden

    Nice Job Cleetass

  • Ryan Rogers
    Ryan Rogers25 dager siden

    It’s called flash burn not welders eye😂 if it happens again put potato slices on your eyes for like 30 minutes. Something with the starch cures it. Sounds weird but it works 100% of the time

  • Joe Maddox
    Joe Maddox26 dager siden I have found and saved the rarest Mazda FC RX7 ever made!

  • todd gregory
    todd gregory26 dager siden

    I’m in the middle of building my mini jet 12’

  • Brendan Karwacki
    Brendan Karwacki26 dager siden

    Man watching this video makes me miss welding😞😎💥

  • throttle bottle
    throttle bottle26 dager siden

    absolute rippers or sinkers? :)))

  • throttle bottle
    throttle bottle26 dager siden

    you just need a tall tower with 3 snipers, solved ;) be sure you let them practice on mosquitos and bugs :))))

  • Joey Ries
    Joey Ries26 dager siden


  • Gorilazz
    Gorilazz27 dager siden

    LOLOL that "Florida man" looked awfully suspicious

  • Blaze Hinojosa
    Blaze Hinojosa27 dager siden

    I’m an officer, and I can drive like that. Check it out... I’ll wait. 👍🏼

  • Nicholas Beach
    Nicholas Beach27 dager siden

    How tall is he

  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ Sorenavki27 dager siden

    in NZ/AUS i've seen people put 12A / 13b rotaries Lol, you are going to have alot of fun!

  • davidpaulin
    davidpaulin27 dager siden

    @Cleetus McFarland There's a shop here in quebec building something similar. B shop performance and they call it the "rivercross"

  • Jarrad Sutton
    Jarrad Sutton27 dager siden

    Where's holley?

  • ThaOneGuy
    ThaOneGuy27 dager siden

    Who else look away when he was welding

  • david elsasser
    david elsasser27 dager siden

    Turds sellouts. You can't build a boat i would buy

  • Cory Hannon
    Cory Hannon27 dager siden This is your future!

  • Yotaak
    Yotaak27 dager siden

    More jet boat content!!

  • Rockeroller
    Rockeroller28 dager siden

    Building your own car next?

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis28 dager siden

    Oh I could be the security guard there for sure I would be rippin and detaining people that got out of hand left and right

  • stevo2055
    stevo205528 dager siden

    Boys need to get some welding screens to put between you haha arc flash is not a good time

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith28 dager siden

    Cut a potato in half and put the raw side on your eyes. That's what my welding instructor told me in college.

  • Aaron Page
    Aaron Page28 dager siden

    Hope you had some sun screen on them legs! Like being in an intense tanning bed

  • C Hawk Fly
    C Hawk Fly28 dager siden

    As a professional alloy boat builder this was tough to watch pretty rough the welds look way to large to much heat I build boats

  • its kwis
    its kwis28 dager siden

    Cleetus to James "Yours doesnt slide as good cuz your welds are ugly" i died laughing

  • Steve Rehfuss
    Steve Rehfuss28 dager siden

    I am NOT a boat guy. But those look like they will be a blast

  • Cody Davis
    Cody Davis28 dager siden

    I like how @11:00 there is casually a rear bumper delete Huracan in the background.

  • Enzo Fitzhume
    Enzo Fitzhume28 dager siden

    It's called "Flash Burn" !

  • Kyle Zatzke
    Kyle Zatzke28 dager siden

    That room at 316 Speed will never be the same again... lol! What gracious hosts!

  • Adam Hartmann
    Adam Hartmann28 dager siden

    I watched this video and now NOlocal is showing me a ton of jet boat videos.

  • levi troyer
    levi troyer28 dager siden

    It's like building a cardboard boat with all the cardboard you want and 2 rolls of duct tape

  • Daniel Halas
    Daniel Halas28 dager siden

    Last time 1 sister was built better than the other she sank.

  • DVS Customs
    DVS Customs28 dager siden

    Freedom 8s in a crown hell yeah brother

    DINOMITE2228 dager siden

    “boohoo, flash burn hurts!” *spends the entire video welding next to each other in shorts and tshirts*

  • Todd Baldwin
    Todd Baldwin28 dager siden

    Now you have to create your own hover craft

  • carter hibberson
    carter hibberson28 dager siden

    Yours eyes are saw because of gas not the light. And it’s called ray burn not sun burn too

  • Aaron Moats
    Aaron Moats28 dager siden

    Grinding welds on the bottom of the boat and wax it with rain repellent it'll help you go faster

  • Aaron Moats
    Aaron Moats28 dager siden

    Grinding welds on the bottom of the boat and wax it with rain repellent it'll help you go faster

  • jeb grossutti
    jeb grossutti28 dager siden

    Pike looks just like the most famous jet boat in Canada. The OG 1980’s tv show that made everyone want a jet boat to jump some logs.

  • Ayron
    Ayron29 dager siden

    It’s not a sun burn!! Their was no sun involved it’s flash burn!

  • Bobby Tucker
    Bobby Tucker29 dager siden

    That's beginning to look like "Shelby Stanga's" boat, The "Swamp Man", lol. Lookin' good.

  • Relaxgringo
    Relaxgringo29 dager siden

    Lmao the simply safe advertisement

  • Mango
    Mango29 dager siden

    Man I can’t wait to see where this project will go in the future, it will be awesome!

  • Combo Beams
    Combo Beams29 dager siden

    “FlOrIdA mAn”. Stick with the content rando.

  • Alex S
    Alex S29 dager siden

    The only ad I’ve ever enjoyed

  • Mr_B_O_M_B
    Mr_B_O_M_B29 dager siden

    16:49 Cleetus singing some Fleetwood Mac

  • Evan Boubouka
    Evan Boubouka29 dager siden

    16:50 - was that a sneaky Fleetwood Mac cover? :P

  • The Architect
    The Architect29 dager siden

    Cool to hear coop is getting one, as one of ur long time best friends , good to see he will be involved still in some adventures.