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  • Fantasy vevo
    Fantasy vevo8 dager siden

    Get this to 100k likes yoo 😂😭

  • VIIJuniorIIV
    VIIJuniorIIV23 dager siden

    Pointless ass video

  • Li Paongo
    Li Paongo23 dager siden

    Omg faze temperrr is a black belt?

  • Buffum Auto racing team
    Buffum Auto racing teamMåned siden

    Only fans is for the boys not adapt

  • Carina Meyer
    Carina MeyerMåned siden

    Of onlyfans.com/carina2102 😘💞

  • Tommy T
    Tommy TMåned siden

    "fire sale" lmfao

  • KonjiYami
    KonjiYamiMåned siden


  • KonjiYami
    KonjiYamiMåned siden

    Frazier and Jarvis’s reaction when he said gimme the other stack 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • KonjiYami
    KonjiYamiMåned siden

    Frazier and Jarvis and Alex tho. That part. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg i couldnt stop for like 20 mins

  • Carly Edwards ✓
    Carly Edwards ✓Måned siden

    Onlyfans girls r all lames and dumb so they couldn’t go to college and get an actual job

  • Sapatos Delo Santus
    Sapatos Delo SantusMåned siden

    Mine was permanently restored through *Cyberwizard19 on instagram* he is truly a life saver 💯

  • Cooledgarjr Roblox
    Cooledgarjr Roblox2 måneder siden

    I hope a random person who likes this will become a billionaire ha

  • Tony Juarez
    Tony Juarez2 måneder siden

    Molly eskam😅😂

  • amk jido
    amk jido2 måneder siden

    Don't review onlyshit cuz it's shit

  • Spirits Ace
    Spirits Ace2 måneder siden

    Can we talk about how bruce jennner was an olympic runner a long time ago before was all wack

  • COW_BOY_blayze13 Yeet
    COW_BOY_blayze13 Yeet2 måneder siden

    James chariools is gay

  • Jwilly
    Jwilly3 måneder siden

    Everybody had that one gaming nerd walking around the school using a gaming headset as headphones. One time a kid in my class pulled out his Rgb razer mouse and pad to pullup the textbook

  • Woody
    Woody3 måneder siden

    So happy Jev isn’t here

  • Chase Hainzl
    Chase Hainzl3 måneder siden

    he said 5 letter word

  • Omar De La Torre
    Omar De La Torre3 måneder siden

    He should do Celina Smith aka SteveWillDoIt girlfriend

  • Christian Weston
    Christian Weston4 måneder siden

    "what gaming nerd keeps a headset on..." You don't game idiot😂you're washed

  • Jr O.
    Jr O.4 måneder siden

    No hate to the real ones but im with you. Onlyfans is ok now but its gonna turn into a MySpace an because you set yourself up to only rely in that with no back up. You're pretty little face is going to be flippin burgers at a mickey D's when onlyfans finally dies an we all know it will in time

  • Sophie Moon
    Sophie Moon4 måneder siden

    MY FREE ONLYFANS 🤤💦 onlyfans.com/crystalmoon148

  • Evan Stutzman
    Evan Stutzman4 måneder siden


  • Mr Yoshi
    Mr Yoshi4 måneder siden

    796,256 views 87 k likes 1.5 k dislikes

  • Spaze. Cookies
    Spaze. Cookies4 måneder siden

    Review ash.kashh

  • Robin Rand
    Robin Rand4 måneder siden

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  • Robin Rand
    Robin Rand4 måneder siden

    _Am proud to recommend _*_Donaldhack1_*_ on _*_IG::_*_ he is the best... _*_WA: +16282596917_*

  • Freddy Max
    Freddy Max4 måneder siden

    Am so proud to recommend *donaldhack.1* on *IG:::* got me into my boyfriend account and I saw nasty sh**t he does. WhatsApp: +16282596917

  • idiot
    idiot4 måneder siden

    Does crystal lust have a fans only?

  • Juan Cuchilla
    Juan Cuchilla4 måneder siden

    Let’s go congrats on 6mil adapt ⚡️

  • -ELITE -
    -ELITE -4 måneder siden

    says he cant fall back but he fell back on that jump 3 times

  • Meezi
    Meezi4 måneder siden

    We miss the 'adapt is the type of' videos likenif u agree

  • Snowyy
    Snowyy4 måneder siden

    Where is the account

  • FrebreezeCan
    FrebreezeCan4 måneder siden

    Adapt: "What kind of gamer keeps his headset on" Jev:

  • zachariah britt
    zachariah britt5 måneder siden

    what a douchebag 🤮🤮

  • Alex Hoefler
    Alex Hoefler5 måneder siden

    You’re fake and your sister is better Faze

    LOLUMS5 måneder siden

    Why tf did this fkn guy come up next...

  • ghost
    ghost5 måneder siden

    bro we so close to a 100k cmon guys adapt the funniest to do this ong yurr

  • big ass lake in thebuildingyesir
    big ass lake in thebuildingyesir5 måneder siden

    7:45 thats a big ass lake with tacos

  • Red Flare
    Red Flare5 måneder siden

    6:53 A glass?! A glass?! It's a plastic cup.

  • Ferocious_Snail Roswell
    Ferocious_Snail Roswell5 måneder siden

    Little does alex know how deep and all the truth he was talking when starting only lemonade

  • Ace Team
    Ace Team5 måneder siden

    washed up

  • tiffany amber
    tiffany amber5 måneder siden

    💘 my of is @ juicyamber

  • Blessed Beyond measures
    Blessed Beyond measures5 måneder siden

    Check me out🌪✔️🥰🥳 onlyfans.com/missj7

  • Vctr Flrs
    Vctr Flrs5 måneder siden

    Ain’t no saving her if she had an onlyfans

  • Vctr Flrs
    Vctr Flrs5 måneder siden

    Man tommy asking alex if he’s good, really think that wasn’t planned

  • PrizE Clan
    PrizE Clan5 måneder siden

    5.27 adapt: give me ur other stack for another cup Faze Kay: um ok?

  • PrizE Clan

    PrizE Clan

    5 måneder siden

    No refunds and if u guys want more there's plenty here

  • Beefy
    Beefy5 måneder siden


  • Thutop Tsewang
    Thutop Tsewang5 måneder siden

    Who every reads this u don’t know what to say

  • Lil Lillz
    Lil Lillz5 måneder siden

    how u gon be mad that she has an onlyfans but she dont even want u

  • Ern Burn
    Ern Burn5 måneder siden

    Faze adapt ain’t looking too good bruh I hope his mental health is good

  • Myst16
    Myst165 måneder siden

    I miss his old videos tbh back in Arizona and new york

  • Aaron Morales
    Aaron Morales5 måneder siden

    who else waiting for the vid of him reviewing them?

  • Domurchik
    Domurchik5 måneder siden

    The girls that are easy to get is not insteresting to me at all

  • Tara Heidorf
    Tara Heidorf5 måneder siden

    Hey y’all check out my onlyfans. Brand new to the site. And fun content @taxley21 😛🥰

  • try_meagain12
    try_meagain125 måneder siden

    Adapt type of guy to play a game when his monitor isn't on and say easy dub "I beat u in fortnite Jarvis" if he says that

  • Raheem Stewart
    Raheem Stewart5 måneder siden

    Adapt should request to buy lana rhoades only fans

  • Melody Radford Gaming
    Melody Radford Gaming5 måneder siden

    Hey, I'm Melody Radford from Australia 🔞 I have all free content once you join! onlyfans.com/melodyradford

  • MoistBandito ¿
    MoistBandito ¿5 måneder siden

    Guarantee 97% of your viewers are younger than 14

  • versetheworld
    versetheworld5 måneder siden

    Fire sale had me dying

  • Enzo Caparelli
    Enzo Caparelli6 måneder siden

    post videossss

  • Darrick Jory
    Darrick Jory6 måneder siden

    I am about to sell OnlyFans for $55 now just because of this video

  • Darrick Jory

    Darrick Jory

    6 måneder siden

    Wait the max is $50.00. Such bullshit man!

  • Kobe Sosa
    Kobe Sosa6 måneder siden


  • YungLoWkfrmtheDub
    YungLoWkfrmtheDub6 måneder siden

    who was the girl he was talking abt?

  • mikaelatube
    mikaelatube6 måneder siden

    I don’t get how you can shit on a girl for making money... shit on the guys buying her shit.

  • FaZe Baka
    FaZe Baka6 måneder siden

    Actually there are free only fans

  • Hydrqq
    Hydrqq6 måneder siden

    i mean 4.00 that's a steal tho... Edit: Its a joke relax lmao

  • Santa's Ghost
    Santa's Ghost6 måneder siden

    Adapt put the headphones on the alligators eyer lol

  • Lorena Barba
    Lorena Barba6 måneder siden


  • Logan Hobbs
    Logan Hobbs6 måneder siden

    Yo pretty sure i just fought you cod ffa. Astronoman1. You're a baller amd prolly best quick scoper out there. I got you a few times though 😉👌👌

  • Sshwiwiwj Ehehej
    Sshwiwiwj Ehehej6 måneder siden

    Chloe but the c and l is silent

  • Morgan Elliott
    Morgan Elliott6 måneder siden

    You stupid

  • Thomas Evans
    Thomas Evans6 måneder siden

    Who else is watching this in 2021 👇

  • Ky le

    Ky le

    6 måneder siden

    Ur not funny

  • Fishy brother

    Fishy brother

    6 måneder siden

    Nope 2020 cause that’s when u posted it😂

  • Michael Favre
    Michael Favre6 måneder siden

    Review belle delphine onlyfans

  • Ar 15
    Ar 156 måneder siden

    Adapt type of guy is one who smashes faze rain car then buy him a new one

  • Avalanche
    Avalanche6 måneder siden


  • Daddy Keighston
    Daddy Keighston6 måneder siden

    I hope the random person who likes this will be able to do a backflip!

  • Dante Taunts

    Dante Taunts

    6 måneder siden

    Already can

  • dowe
    dowe6 måneder siden

    100% clicbait

  • Ar 15

    Ar 15

    6 måneder siden

    Clickbait my ass onlyfans 4 dollars pshhhh that’s expensive

  • James Cate
    James Cate6 måneder siden


  • Maddux Munnecke
    Maddux Munnecke6 måneder siden

    Who else is watching during COVID-19

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali6 måneder siden

    I love adapt mans 😂😂

  • UnsoundDeer92
    UnsoundDeer926 måneder siden

    Its been 2 moths and Adapt is still Sub'd to that girl on onlyfans

  • Skye~Leigh
    Skye~Leigh6 måneder siden

    Trisha patyas omg your reaction would be priceless !!!

  • Amara Febrianti
    Amara Febrianti6 måneder siden

    Hello 😊 support my channell nolocal.info/have/video/g4hhaJp8l6mRypo 😘

  • End Of Everything
    End Of Everything6 måneder siden

    this joke doesn’t even know what his shirt says

  • Shaun Diz
    Shaun Diz6 måneder siden

    i've searched for some of these chicks onlyfan contents... they literally post photos of them in bikinis, like the same shit they post on instagram. if i had a pussy i'd be a god damn millionaire

  • Alex Pol
    Alex Pol6 måneder siden

    Lul delete your account

  • Jaxon Osborne
    Jaxon Osborne6 måneder siden

    You make fun of faze Jarvis for no reason you are a bad you tuber

  • my guy is a simp
    my guy is a simp6 måneder siden

    Who clicked on this is a simp

  • Ayaan nabeel
    Ayaan nabeel6 måneder siden

    What r onlyfans?

  • yung VIJ
    yung VIJ7 måneder siden


  • Piece Control Kyle
    Piece Control Kyle7 måneder siden

    "5 letter word Finesse" words to live by Adapt even though that word has 7 letters 😆😆😆

  • 16bitFishing
    16bitFishing7 måneder siden

    In 10 years these girls will have 0 subs, no career, and a kid who gets ridiculed at school because his mom has nudes all over the internet. But hey make that money girls 👌

  • HelenDiazOfficial
    HelenDiazOfficial7 måneder siden

    Did you know that 35% of Onlyfans creators DON'T do porn? www.onlyfans.com/helendiaz

  • HelenDiazOfficial


    7 måneder siden

    P.S Mine is currently free ;)

  • Glo Kid
    Glo Kid7 måneder siden

    Fame has hit the faze clan so hard they are stuck in the 3rd dimensional world rip

  • The Golden1 Channel
    The Golden1 Channel7 måneder siden

    Did you notice she said Taco that was from elixirs video

  • Billal Ullah
    Billal Ullah7 måneder siden

    Ur sister should make a only fans

  • deadboylife
    deadboylife7 måneder siden

    Rewatching this vid for everyday he doesn’t upload

  • Evan the toker
    Evan the toker7 måneder siden

    I was shocked to learn teawaps name is Amir lol