Extended Deleted Scenes | Derek Series Two

Film og animasjon

Here's some that didn't make it to TV
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  • Elaine Lingenfelter
    Elaine Lingenfelter15 dager siden

    I hate to say this cuz I love the way you write but he's right about the haircut looking so stupid. It looks fake it looks like it should be a lot shorter on the sides and it just is made to look really awkward wig.I kind of understand why it kind of ruined the way he felt about playing his part even though he did great they should have fixed the wig

  • tom richardson
    tom richardsonMåned siden

    Kev reminds me of me which makes me sad

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon ThomasMåned siden

    One of Ricky's best creations.

  • Launchpad McQuack
    Launchpad McQuackMåned siden

    Karl's replacement is a twat

  • Fuzzy 123
    Fuzzy 123Måned siden

    Great show Underrated

  • Andy Mooney
    Andy MooneyMåned siden

    Its funny how everyone says how sweet Derek is but u got Kevin saying throw spunk at the wall some will stick 🤔

  • Abir
    Abir4 måneder siden

    11:14 ricky you should have kept this scene

  • Cheryl Cold
    Cheryl Cold5 måneder siden

    Kev is truly inspirational.

  • sarah louise
    sarah louise5 måneder siden

    i’d love to know Derek ☺️

  • Nigel
    Nigel5 måneder siden

    Like or loath Ricky Gervais you can't deny his ability to write the most stunning drama's, Derek and Afterlife. They're so well written, they make me laugh and cry uncontrollably in equal measure. The office and extras were both great , but his later stuff is just amazing.

  • torai manchester
    torai manchester5 måneder siden

    the spunk monologue was impeccable, how that was cut god only knows

  • uttaradit2
    uttaradit25 måneder siden

    his best work

  • EnzymeDom
    EnzymeDom6 måneder siden

    Geoff absolute cock

  • caroline g
    caroline g6 måneder siden

    Ive been honoured to have known a few Dereks in my life. ❤

  • Me
    Me6 måneder siden

    I loved the characters. Such a natural way of acting. The scene with the dieing dog and after that the scene with the dog Kev made. So beautiful. Love Gervais because of his love for animals. His humor and intelligence. And with Derek I forget he wasn't really autistic. Hannah pfff beautiful played. For all of them a big applause beautifully done

  • Alex Howard
    Alex Howard7 måneder siden

    Still one of my favorite shows.

  • C7 0151
    C7 01517 måneder siden

    Geoff is such a prick

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas7 måneder siden

    Best character you've done ricky, good acting too well done

  • savage_turbot
    savage_turbot7 måneder siden

    you can tell Ricky wasn't in the room for those Karl scenes...no way he could make it through those monologues without laughing

  • savage_turbot
    savage_turbot7 måneder siden

    "..because its overlooked by the estate!"

  • Karl Juice
    Karl Juice7 måneder siden

    Derek is now dead,taken by covid19.

  • Steve McCarthy
    Steve McCarthy8 måneder siden

    18-5-2020: Wow. Took me five years to find this and I binged watched it in two days. To me this made me laugh, smile, cringe, cry, and think about the meaning and value of life. There are real life folk such as Derek, and Ricky you must have had some contact in your life to portray this so well. Ps bloody hell, the dog scenes got me and I’m a bloody 50 year old kiwi in the upside down world.

  • amel hae
    amel hae8 måneder siden

    I love Derek. The last scene here is so sweet

  • Sea Gypsies Belly Dancers
    Sea Gypsies Belly Dancers8 måneder siden

    Please bring back another series

  • Kjca
    Kjca8 måneder siden

    Jeff was a massive bellend 😂

  • Simon Olsson
    Simon Olsson8 måneder siden

    Does anyone knows where i can find all the seasons off this lovely serie? Here in Swden we only hade the first 2 seasons on netflix :(

  • What's next?

    What's next?

    7 måneder siden

    @C7 0151 ... and a special

  • C7 0151

    C7 0151

    7 måneder siden

    There’s only two seasons mate

  • Mark Hall
    Mark Hall8 måneder siden

    omg why was Derek saying "fuck it" cut hahha

  • Tracy Haus
    Tracy Haus8 måneder siden

    Subtitles r ridiculously off..like I would understand the worda anyway..im American so half this goes right over my head..but still better than American crap

  • Charlie Dann
    Charlie Dann10 måneder siden

    "Why do i like animals? Because they dont look at me funny." :(

  • Sandi Hagger

    Sandi Hagger

    6 måneder siden

    Love Derek such a sweetheart ❤️

  • Rai Turner
    Rai Turner10 måneder siden

    Dug is the fucking best.

  • Fuzzy 123
    Fuzzy 12310 måneder siden

    Great show

  • LifeOfRy
    LifeOfRy10 måneder siden

    *because it’s OVERLOOKED BY THE ESTATE*

  • Carol Snook
    Carol Snook10 måneder siden

    Did that beggar even say thank you? Where the hell have people's manners gone? Diabolical!!!

  • D
    D11 måneder siden

    Is the Bald guy Karl Pilkington? I dont think we ever got this series here in the states, it's hilarious!

  • kav6 66

    kav6 66

    11 måneder siden

    Yes it's him,watch the Derek OUTTAKES, kev and Derek in the caravan😂😂😂

  • King KiwiTV
    King KiwiTV11 måneder siden

    Derek get a fucking mars bar lol

  • Vicky from the block
    Vicky from the blockÅr siden

    Hannah's face during the caretaker interview! Was waiting for karl to come in and shout BULLSHIT! 😂😂😂

  • Stuart Braden
    Stuart BradenÅr siden

    Tell you what! Ricky smashed this character 👏👏👏👏👏love Derek..... Makes me laugh & cry..... We all need a Derek!!!!!!!!

  • Sandi Hagger

    Sandi Hagger

    6 måneder siden

    Totally agree ❤️

  • karina andersen
    karina andersenÅr siden

    animals don't look at me funny ;(

  • Sandi Hagger

    Sandi Hagger

    6 måneder siden


  • Abe Normal
    Abe NormalÅr siden

    Jizzfest 😁

  • Phil Ellett
    Phil EllettÅr siden

    L Kk

  • Bob Bilheimer
    Bob BilheimerÅr siden

    "Derek, get a fucking Mars Bar!"

  • Nazz Me
    Nazz MeÅr siden

    Never seen this before...its just plain beautiful!!!💝

  • Lucy Potter
    Lucy PotterÅr siden

    "Fock it!"

  • robg71
    robg71År siden

    I love the dialogue at 7.00 with Kev and Vicki. "Why would anyone want sex with me? Can't be right in the head" :)

  • Last of the famous
    Last of the famousÅr siden

    "Why read books when you can read a neck "

  • Klara Stern
    Klara SternÅr siden


  • CipherBay
    CipherBayÅr siden

    I wish the show went on longer

  • Dean
    DeanÅr siden

    Please give Kev is own show!

  • robg71
    robg71År siden

    Gervais really touched on something here. Kev is a Brilliant character His Montage of offers to Hannah are Hysterical :)

  • snowy10ful
    snowy10fulÅr siden


  • Ben Ellis
    Ben EllisÅr siden

    A truly brilliant sad touching and downright hysterical series and a genius in writing by Ricky Gervais

  • paul torr
    paul torrÅr siden

    Ricky Gervais is a genius

  • Leo from Freo
    Leo from FreoÅr siden

    Should have kept Derek's animal description in the broadcast show.

  • Derpyderp
    DerpyderpÅr siden

    The Beatles who simple rock and melodies, then they wrote Rubber Soul, Rikki Gervais wrote The office and Extras, then he wrote Derek.

  • Joe Lloyd
    Joe Lloyd2 år siden

    The funniest proposal you will ever hear 4.45 onwards . Pure gold. The funniest covo I have ever heard. Haha

  • Richard E
    Richard E2 år siden

    This all should have been in the shows. There is not nearly enough Derek on tv. Please bring it back. I've watched them all 4 times.

  • bumpy6994
    bumpy69942 år siden

    his fucking "hair" at 8:30

  • pickles lilly
    pickles lilly3 år siden

    Karl's hair omg I once cut my mates hair like that

  • noisydope1138
    noisydope11383 år siden

    the character Derek has helped me so much, i love that guy and i love Ricky Gervais obviously but, Derek is the kind of person all people should strive to be. "just be kind"

  • pinky pete
    pinky pete3 år siden

    the caretaker in the second series was pants

  • Eric Lawless
    Eric Lawless3 år siden

    Other superb bit of TV created by Ricky gervais

  • StrykesV2
    StrykesV23 år siden

    *It's a jizzfest.*

  • rainy V

    rainy V

    7 måneder siden


  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle3 år siden

    The real Gerv/Smerch/Dilkington crew will get this. I was listening to this but not looking at the screen, at approx 5:45 when Karl says "...when I nearly died from that..." and I was expecting him to say "the Mr Freeze Pop..."

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle3 år siden

    I can't help but look at Derek (the program, not the character) through a kind of Gervais/Zeitgeist lens. I wonder if Derek would have been given this life were it not for Ricky's only professional apology. Actually, that's probably what Derek is. An extension of his apology.

  • ukz unique
    ukz unique3 år siden

    I don't care.

  • Ben Holmes
    Ben Holmes3 år siden

    Glad the scene with the homeless man was cut. It's a bit too 'on the nose' that derek is a really kind human.

  • Dancer CJ
    Dancer CJ3 år siden

    wow - 6minutes in karl really nails home a great point about saving people and the spider under the door scenario to make themselves feel better. greatly put. I see where he is coming from but they are great actors also.

  • Dancer CJ
    Dancer CJ3 år siden

    the 5minute in part - god! I'm in tears!!!! the shooting his cream bit. the wording also! haha

  • Shadow TV
    Shadow TV3 år siden

    I love how Ricky almost laughs at 1:00 at the "miserably" Karl threw in.

  • Brett Watkins
    Brett Watkins4 år siden

    the Mars bar was brilliant should of kept that in

  • billy the kid
    billy the kid4 år siden

    great show, very happy what this show has given us

  • JLG Gaming
    JLG Gaming4 år siden

    1:00 u can hear Ricky laughing

  • mssorrento1


    År siden

    Yeah I heard it! It's was like a short chuckle

  • Miu Grey
    Miu Grey4 år siden


  • hass294
    hass2944 år siden

    even the deleted scenes are genius

  • Funky Monkey
    Funky Monkey4 år siden

    when derek is talking about animals it's the most real and touching thing...I love derek so much

  • handstampedbylee


    2 år siden

    That’s how I feel about animals 🐑🦌🦆🐍🦅🐴🐗🐺🐛🐜🐢🐙🐟🐬🐳🦀🦖🐞🐝❤️❤️❤️

  • Rita-Marie Lawlor

    Rita-Marie Lawlor

    4 år siden

    It's all so true. :)

  • Daniel Irving
    Daniel Irving4 år siden

    I absolutely love Kev think he's class especially the scene at 4:42

  • Sam Sunderland
    Sam Sunderland5 år siden

    tyler harris smells like piss

  • Sam Sunderland

    Sam Sunderland

    5 år siden

    +Sam Sunderland youre not wrong

  • Empire_Bricks
    Empire_Bricks5 år siden

    god I loved this show and still do I wonder why the cut the seen with Derek giing the hobo the pound I thought that seen was perfection

  • Jeanie coudriet
    Jeanie coudriet5 år siden

    Please say there will be a season 4!!!! I love this show!!

  • bobombo1988
    bobombo19885 år siden

    Karl is just Karl!

  • Jack Johnston
    Jack Johnston5 år siden

    Fock it!

  • xenafan234
    xenafan2345 år siden


  • xenafan234
    xenafan2345 år siden

    I love Kev, I miss Carl, aka Dougie!

  • OneLuckyPunk
    OneLuckyPunk5 år siden

    Derek is one of the sweetest characters ever.

  • villekenttämies


    4 måneder siden

    @Harry Drake what show/comedian is good in ur opinion and if this is shit why on earth would you be watching the extended deleted scenes from series 2

  • Harry Drake

    Harry Drake

    5 måneder siden

    @Rowan Melton Only idiots like you and the other dullards here think this schmaltzy, lazily-written crap is any good

  • Sandi Hagger

    Sandi Hagger

    6 måneder siden

    Carol Snook I know right always 🙄 I think Ricky Gervais is absolutely incredible playing the character of Derek 😘Xxx

  • Carol Snook

    Carol Snook

    10 måneder siden

    @Harry Drake there's always one to lower the tone. .

  • Harry Drake

    Harry Drake

    År siden


  • Bowie Addict
    Bowie Addict5 år siden

    I love Derek. I've NEVER watched a series that made me laugh and cry every episode. I wish the series had continued. "Fuck it". :)

  • Bowie Addict

    Bowie Addict

    5 måneder siden

    @Rowan Melton I can still dream. 😊

  • Sandi Hagger

    Sandi Hagger

    6 måneder siden

    Totally agree didn’t want it to end :(

  • king norfolk
    king norfolk5 år siden

    Derek is not shit it's very smart and very thoughtful, it made me cry

  • Kjca


    8 måneder siden

    sparkyinbath Explain.

  • ceer d

    ceer d

    År siden

    @sparkyinbath can you explain what you mean?

  • ceer d

    ceer d

    År siden

    @sparkyinbath the opposite of shallow

  • Romeo Whiskey

    Romeo Whiskey

    År siden

    @sparkyinbath you fucking idiot

  • Romeo Whiskey

    Romeo Whiskey

    År siden

    @sparkyinbath ha yea, of course. Where in the hell is your sitcom?

  • Darren Wilkins
    Darren Wilkins5 år siden

    It's like that "when the wind blows"....err..whistle. It's a shitcom.

  • Boris theBlade
    Boris theBlade5 år siden

    Did karl sort of write his own scripts or something? hes speaks like he normally does just as a different person

  • sobchak1
    sobchak15 år siden

    Maaaaaars BAR BAR BAR

  • C7 0151

    C7 0151

    7 måneder siden


  • Adam Weishaupt

    Adam Weishaupt

    8 måneder siden

    Tell me why Tell me why Tell me why don't they play the game of swingball.

  • Jonah Holmes

    Jonah Holmes

    År siden

    only true karl fans will know

  • Super_tramp_142


    År siden


  • OTDA


    3 år siden

    Blerg Blerguson couldn't find Twix, so I had ta sorta, change the chocolate

  • Tommy Razzle
    Tommy Razzle5 år siden

    I thought Derek was one of the most thoughtful and tender comedy/docu comedy shows ever.

  • Joseph Donohoe
    Joseph Donohoe5 år siden

    Derek get a fucking mars bar

  • Dan
    Dan5 år siden


    KIDSVEVO@5 år siden

    Can't believe Karl is gone

  • Cornwall1888
    Cornwall18885 år siden

    Karl genuinely gets annoyed lol.

  • Ben Richards

    Ben Richards

    5 år siden


  • Im a gay faggot
    Im a gay faggot5 år siden

    6:00 I love how Karl isn't really acting, but that it's his honest opinion

  • TheMysteriousCatPerson


    År siden

    SirNilzey I don’t think so, I mean I hate Geoff, but from behind the scenes, Geoff seems the complete opposite, loves dogs

  • Balderino Kripperino

    Balderino Kripperino

    År siden

    thinking the exact same thing when watching. you can't act that good.

  • Gordon M

    Gordon M

    3 år siden

    Karl is a wonderful guy. Honest, eccentric funny guy.

  • Kara Shea

    Kara Shea

    3 år siden

    I think Karl has done a MARVELOUS job acting - especially since he's not (as he says) a "proper" actor. I mean you see him get really fired up and angry! You go, Karl

  • SirNilzey


    4 år siden

    @erosion271 Yeah right, fatso panicked and picked a shitty replacement. That's what happened.

  • Callum Davage
    Callum Davage5 år siden

    I wish they made some more podcast/radio or anything with Ricky, Steve and Karl my favourite thing they've done. Think I've listened to every podcast/XFM they've done like 3 times need some new ones 😃

  • Nilguiri
    Nilguiri5 år siden

    3:41 I hope gribbons and meringue utans made it into the episode.

  • Nigel
    Nigel5 år siden

    This is shite! The office and extras are great. Derek is full of crude and vulgar humour which is barely funny.

  • Richard Bunning

    Richard Bunning

    5 år siden

    Boring bastard

  • TheBusterMan


    5 år siden

    @***** Well,I thought most of these deleted scenes were good enough to be kept in.

  • jeezuschryst


    5 år siden

    You're comparing apples and oranges. Derek isn't meant to be a straight forward comedy

  • Johnny Torpedo

    Johnny Torpedo

    5 år siden

    @Rise We only want what's best for him.

  • Qzit


    5 år siden

    Making plans for Nigel.

  • 2pmpabutterfly
    2pmpabutterfly5 år siden

    Lol 8:01 was like Ricky taking the piss out of Karl for leaving the show

  • Apex
    Apex5 år siden

    Just watched Season 1 Episode 6. Balled my freaking eyes out! This show is incredible

  • Sandi Hagger

    Sandi Hagger

    6 måneder siden

    Agree with you all ❤️Xxx

  • K J

    K J

    8 måneder siden

    @Apex me too

  • Megan Teague

    Megan Teague

    4 år siden

    +cowslaw me too! It's so emotional. I love Derek!

  • Apex


    5 år siden

    @Gavin McLeod Exactly. As someone who has Dad issues himself, this resonated so true with me. I completely lost it.

  • Gavin McLeod

    Gavin McLeod

    5 år siden

    @Apex I couldn't stop crying. When the car stops and he runs back to his dad. Wasn't able to contain myself.