Fabricating a STEALTHY EXHAUST System for my 650WHP SLEEPER!


Today we turn the big turbo LS6 Volvo wagon into a TRUE sleeper by fabricating a quiet exhaust system for it. The exhaust is constructed of 3.5" stainless steel pipe, a vibrant performance muffler, a borla muffler, and is 100% tig welded.
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  • magical jay
    magical jay18 timer siden

    You can also try an electric cutout for it can be louder

  • Alex Walls
    Alex Walls3 dager siden

    I love how happy you were with yourself when you cut the pipe without test fitting haha good job 🤙 Only just started watching your channel and its been great!!

  • Alexander Wingeskog
    Alexander Wingeskog3 dager siden

    I wonder if there is a stealthy diy noise cancelling kit you could buy. If you are going "high tech" with the "outside" sound resembling a Volvo B engine why not see if there is an active noise canceling kit you could install as part of a stereo kit maybe to make the noise inside (at least for the driver) be the sound of silence :-) ---edit These seems to do what I what I thought of. www.halosonic.co.uk/ Can't find much of consumer products though...

  • Giovanni Padilla
    Giovanni Padilla4 dager siden

    What waste gate brand and size u are running?

  • Michael Yount
    Michael Yount4 dager siden

    I've got an LS powered 242 -- love following along. Are you gonna revisit your tune after you do the full exhaust?

  • cole wilkie
    cole wilkie6 dager siden

    Where did you order the pipe from?

  • Typokeke
    Typokeke6 dager siden

    "quiet as possible" instals straight pipe size of a babys head

  • Der Papito
    Der Papito6 dager siden

    No purging?

  • ForceFedGarage
    ForceFedGarage8 dager siden

    that cam sensor has kicked your ass twice. replace the pins in the connector, before it kicks your ass for a third time lol

  • Boosted_347
    Boosted_3478 dager siden

    How has his hair still not grown back since he cut it 😂 I can’t take him seriously bald

  • jack day
    jack day8 dager siden

    Is it AWD?

  • RustyRadoLs2
    RustyRadoLs29 dager siden

    What generation 7875?

  • Tj Reeve
    Tj Reeve9 dager siden

    You should lower the car down from the ramp just to make sure it clears the driveshaft enough

  • Madhuntr
    Madhuntr9 dager siden

    ok wasnt the same but close ^^.

  • T Hanks
    T Hanks10 dager siden

    Play a Volvo diesel inline 5 sound 🤣🤣

  • thiago lopes
    thiago lopes10 dager siden

    you have to bring to some events, just to make people notice because for the level of work that you put in these videos you should be getting more views

  • Dante
    Dante10 dager siden

    Day 5 of asking Caleb to do an in-depth video once the Volvo is finished about all his cars including, everything that has been done to them, what the specs of them are, what the original plans for them were, what the plans are now, and how the plans have changed.

  • Val
    Val10 dager siden

    One word: Talent.

  • Napp Motorsports
    Napp Motorsports10 dager siden

    Pro Tip for welding V Bands: Clamp the entire V Band assembly together (both side and the clamp) and it'll help stop it from warping!

  • Mopoworks
    Mopoworks10 dager siden

    Your mufflers are straight throught type so it will always have a rumble. You could try fabricating a better chamber type muffler

  • Terminal Psychosis
    Terminal Psychosis10 dager siden

    Does having it run "quiet" all the time really make a big difference in HP. Not SOO much. I might be wrong, but it's not a funny car with 2000 ps where it'd matter. Just needs to be tuned for a tiny bit of back pressure. Ok, being annoyingly loud is it's own endgame. but really... on THIS build, with such an Oma's car... why? Just blow the doors off of em, nice n quiet. :) Just adds to the humiliation, and no massive electronic systems needed.

  • Luke Cheney
    Luke Cheney10 dager siden

    yo registration expired

  • goodtogoace
    goodtogoace10 dager siden

    you're gonna hear a V8 no matter what exhaust is on there. especially aftermarket. you could've gone with a new stock silverado muffler since those are quiet. i know mine is. but then you're downsizing to less than 3.5" and even in stock silverados there's a low grumble. 3.5" is gonna sound burly regardless, aftermarket is gonna sound burly regardless. on the plus side, you have the added comfort of owning a hotrod without that horrible exhaust drone that everyone's drunk uncle with a big block fails to admit is the reason they never drive it!

  • SEMontages
    SEMontages10 dager siden

    Finally someone did this!

  • Aureliano Serrano Latorre
    Aureliano Serrano Latorre10 dager siden

    Bro, do u still have the blue miata, if so, how much would it cost if u were to sell it? I mean the one that u blew the diffrelcial in

  • A Douglas
    A Douglas10 dager siden

    u need a car that was made after 2010

  • Deni BG
    Deni BG10 dager siden

    my favourite car is volvo 264

  • Donovan Piko
    Donovan Piko11 dager siden

    Do you plan on welding / swapping the diff on that thing? Most people don't check what kind of crusty diff you've got, and old audis have some pretty nifty diffs.

  • dinesh neal
    dinesh neal11 dager siden

    Maybe of you put a stock resonator it'll quiet it down a little more and it won't take up a lot of space since its a straight piece

  • Jenna Miller
    Jenna Miller11 dager siden

    Definitely add the speaker to hide the ls engine sounds...

  • collin castillo
    collin castillo11 dager siden

    the reason why it’s not that quiet is because those were resonators not mufflers, if you can see straight through it...it’s a resonator

  • Rx Lo10
    Rx Lo1011 dager siden

    Excellent job 👍

  • if Integra
    if Integra11 dager siden

    Should’ve just tucked in the exhaust without the tip out, now that would be real sleeper

  • Alberto Gonzalez
    Alberto Gonzalez11 dager siden

    I'm surprised no one mentioned installing a varex xforce muffler to have quiet or loud by a click of a button. They have mufflers for a 3.5" piping.

  • Tony Mattisson
    Tony Mattisson11 dager siden

    The Volvo B21 or B23 you almost never hear in the engine bay with a closed hood. What you hear mostly is the high noice from the clutch fan on the engine LOL. So a big noicey fan that follows the RPMs could get it to sound like a Volvo engine LOL. In Sweden we call them the hay dryer fan the oem ones LMAO. You did an awesome job on the exhaust. I have heard so many exhaust on 240s that where only 2"-2 1/2" that's scrambling against the chassi. Especially when they are lowered it can be hard to get clearance over the rear axle. But most don't think that the rear axle is not in ride height on a 2 post lift. It's easier done on a 4 post lift when you still have the ride height properly at place. Either way it's impresive to fit a 3 1/2" exhaust on an old Volvo or any other car modells with small engines in them. The oem size exhaust is 1 3/4" on 240/740. So double the diameter is not easy to build that great that you did!

  • Turtledove W
    Turtledove W11 dager siden

    I can’t wait to see the collab video! Your videos inspired me to do some work on my car:)

    E&H WORKSHOP11 dager siden

    Spark plug gap

  • Bananas Explains
    Bananas Explains11 dager siden

    i love this idea very much. It's too easy to make a slow car loud but it will take a wizard to make a monster sounds like baby fart... like a true sleeper should be.

  • Simon G.
    Simon G.11 dager siden

    you have to add a misfiring switch and would be perfect jajaja

  • Joseph Yartins
    Joseph Yartins11 dager siden

    Just found your channel and had to sub. Your enthusiasm is awesome and I love sleeper wagons so how could I not... I wish I lived closer to ATL so I could see the vagon in person.. There's a sedan of same year that's just been sitting for a decade close by so I'm going to watch this build to see if it is something I want to tackle..

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez11 dager siden

    throw a 4 or 4.5" it will loose less power and still sound fairly quiet. regardless, dope car!

  • Mad Mike
    Mad Mike11 dager siden

    crazy what they do with this cars in sweden

  • Velyo Kukov
    Velyo Kukov11 dager siden

    please fix the rust

  • Mihkel Laansoo
    Mihkel Laansoo11 dager siden

    You can almost cancel out the engine sound with active noise canceling. Luxury cars mostly have it. Google it. Its insane what it can do.

  • Jordan Carr
    Jordan Carr11 dager siden

    when broken it sounds cammed friggin mint

  • Oscar Wiström Vikström
    Oscar Wiström Vikström11 dager siden

    to be honest you just ls swapped your daily keep driving it like a lol its amazing love it

  • Branden Slayton
    Branden Slayton11 dager siden

    Seeing this in person vs on video is WAY different that was a cool experience I’m looking forward to that review video!

  • It ́s Mika
    It ́s Mika11 dager siden

    Pls fix the rust at the back plssssss

  • luis mendoza
    luis mendoza11 dager siden

    Dude wtf ive been gone so long i had to see for my self was watching your videos wayyy back when the miata was just starting and now you have a fucking awd miata wtf

  • Elias Emanuelsson
    Elias Emanuelsson11 dager siden

    install the speakers in the engine bay

  • Ethan Thomas
    Ethan Thomas11 dager siden

    Shame you aren't coming a week later for caffeine and octane, that would be fun.

  • DivineWhore
    DivineWhore11 dager siden

    Clean setup on the exhaust man, you can prolly try adding on resonators where there's space. Cause I pretty much have a similar in concept sleeper build, a 1jz swapped Merc W124, full 3 inch turbo back exhaust system with 1 muffler (which joins to twin tips that looks stock xD) in the rear, a resonator in the middle and a resonator after the downpipe. Thing is quiet till you floor it and people around go O_O

  • Moritz Breitinger
    Moritz Breitinger11 dager siden

    Fix the rust

  • Lucas Coebergh
    Lucas Coebergh12 dager siden

    Buy one of those engine noise emulators. You know those tin can exhaust looking boxes. One of them must have a proper Volvo audio track on there. Match it up with your throttle pedal and you got something😂👌🏻

  • Shane Hric
    Shane Hric12 dager siden

    Nice! This is definitely a cool sleeper! Sound deadening inside for sure. Also, a resonator in that straight section would adjust the sound too! I think it sounds good though! Either way, nice build man!!

  • Knasbas
    Knasbas12 dager siden

    I suggest a EGT-kit, or maybe if there is a plugin to Holly, it's priceless for troubleshooting to see if one cylinder is down or getting to hot or something (Y)

  • Superstar Q76
    Superstar Q7612 dager siden

    Awesome build series! I'm in Australia, and I've been trying to plan an upcoming 240 build. sadly our laws are much stricter then over there, but I'm definitely looking at a ls1 swap even though I'm a ford guy. i was looking into doing a bf230 turbo engine, but for the price and work, it seems like a better option to go with the ls1 if i can do it legally. thanks heaps for the effort and information

  • Fackler91
    Fackler9112 dager siden

    Add a resinator if you can in that straight section

  • Fackler91
    Fackler9112 dager siden

    Paint it black

  • Dani over
    Dani over12 dager siden

    Sounds like a truck

  • Richard Kepler
    Richard Kepler12 dager siden

    a resonator will help more than a muffler for the drone on the highway

  • Landon Kupfer
    Landon Kupfer12 dager siden


  • Brady Marsh
    Brady Marsh12 dager siden

    look at some diesel mufflers to make it quiter

  • Ben Bunch
    Ben Bunch12 dager siden

    Dude put a cat in it. Smell of fumes is not sleeper. That will quiet it up too. Best of all worlds.

  • EliteRanger_
    EliteRanger_12 dager siden

    There's a freaking quote: "Building an exhaust is like putting together a puzzle... except you have to make your own pieces and melt it together with lightning."

  • Got Juice
    Got Juice12 dager siden

    LOVE THIS!!!! Finally a performance build that is complete!!! Walk Softly and carry a BIG STICK!!! Love the Q-Ships!!! Props to you for making this!

  • 38tech
    38tech12 dager siden

    Thats hysterical! Im sure david is gonna love it.

  • 9toesRacing
    9toesRacing12 dager siden

    Bro... put some tint on that thing

  • k30blzr
    k30blzr12 dager siden

    Is that a foot well/storage well next to the spare tire well? Removing those will open a lot of space for extra stuff.

  • k30blzr


    12 dager siden

    or is that the fuel tank?

  • Joshua Moctezuma
    Joshua Moctezuma12 dager siden

    I see this thing getting wild at a burnout comp! Would be one hell of a sight to see!

  • Loganhatesbeans
    Loganhatesbeans12 dager siden

    Could do a super silent exhaust with a vacuum actuated cutout

  • AnthonyCarinci
    AnthonyCarinci12 dager siden

    Please put a rod nock speaker that would be gold

  • Ryan Underhill
    Ryan Underhill12 dager siden

    Just cruizing through the comments, nobody mentioned vaccum/boost leak. If intake manifold is leaking more/less air on that side/over that port, or those couple cylinders. Just a thought

  • Hery
    Hery12 dager siden

    diesel knocking in the engine bay :D

  • Josh Kersey
    Josh Kersey12 dager siden

    I remember when you couldn’t do the truck exhaust but now look at you knocking out that exhaust hood stuff

    BTBX PANDA12 dager siden

    im just waiting for the drift truck and awd Miata to be their next

  • Johnathan Doe
    Johnathan Doe12 dager siden

    Could do with some heat reflective shielding in certain areas under there, especially on the gearbox.

  • leedle lee
    leedle lee12 dager siden

    As he mentioned it i was about too comment about the power wire🤣

  • T L
    T L12 dager siden

    Add one more muffler

  • Kraig Nadjkovic
    Kraig Nadjkovic12 dager siden

    Sounds great!

  • Mixxster
    Mixxster12 dager siden

    cant wait for TDiBs video!!

  • FZJ802
    FZJ80212 dager siden

    Don't do the speaker thing. It's just stupid

  • Jonah Lee
    Jonah Lee12 dager siden

    Yo where do you get all of this sick music?

  • Type4Revolution Studio
    Type4Revolution Studio12 dager siden

    `Nice power wagon. (Real men drive wagons) Do you have plans for a driveshaft / tails shaft loop for safety..... Many aftermarket units available....Protect yourself from the weakest link....

  • OldSkool Bass
    OldSkool Bass12 dager siden

    Change the trunk

  • Jelle Otter
    Jelle Otter12 dager siden

    Epic car man! What year and color is this volvo?

  • A- Broid
    A- Broid12 dager siden

    The speaker idea's brilliant, would need a good sound file to sound convincing though

  • Phil R
    Phil R12 dager siden

    Super awesome! If you have issues with drone frequencies at all you can add 1/4 wave helmholtz tubes to knock out those frequencies. All you need to do is branch off a peice of capped tubing 1/4 wavelength (of the dominant drone frequency) from your exhaust (doesn't have to be big pipe I think even 1.25 would be fine) and the reflected frequency will cancel the drone frequency.

  • Itzatrocious
    Itzatrocious12 dager siden

    Are you gonna fix the rust a little bit. Its gonna fall apart xd

  • Grant Murray
    Grant Murray12 dager siden

    Paint it all black

  • dan arbuckle
    dan arbuckle12 dager siden

    Speaker idea is great. Think out of the box. Also like the stock muffler tip idea. Cut out will be awesome.

  • William Roy
    William Roy12 dager siden

    You can just make a dual 1.5" tips, would be super clean an less ugly lol

  • harri manni
    harri manni12 dager siden

    There's a old saying in Sweden, "pimping a Volvo is like putting lipstick on a pig". With that said, really cool build! :)

  • harri manni

    harri manni

    10 dager siden

    @Fox T it’s not as bad as in Germany, sounds like Austria is as bad. =) Not sure about all the rules but there’s certainly modified cars on the road here. As long as the car gets through “besiktning” (tüf) it’s legal, apparently there are some inspectors that let car through for some cash on the side... then there are many types of registrations if I understand it correctly but I guess they cost more and are more rigorous,

  • Fox T

    Fox T

    10 dager siden

    yo how is car tuning in sweden? here in austria its pretty much illegal, that car would be impoundet the first time you start it up and you will get a 5000€ fine for driving without a cat :p

  • Adrett Projects
    Adrett Projects12 dager siden

    Nice car ! Can someone give me the Name of the Outro-Beat ? I love it

  • Elestro Air-soft
    Elestro Air-soft12 dager siden

    Subbed from Sweden. Mighty fine 240 u've got there :)

  • Renatas
    Renatas12 dager siden

    Its fucking mint

  • Joshua Nicolai
    Joshua Nicolai12 dager siden

    You are going so hard on the sleeper part of this build I love it!

  • Joshua Nicolai
    Joshua Nicolai12 dager siden

    You know you are cutting your pie cuts very very wrong. You should use a piece of straight pipe and basically cut it in a big zig zag. You are wasting so much money and materials.

  • Tibor Tiringer
    Tibor Tiringer12 dager siden

    Its a rustbucket 240 that is at least 40years old. since the body is in bad shape people will think that the exhaust is also rusted off and making it louder.Perfect sleeper

    iGAME iN COLOR12 dager siden

    No ones gonna know anything about the exhaust because nobody knows anything about these cars lol 😂 you’re over thinking it