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  • white wolf
    white wolf6 dager siden

    The fact that I'm pretty much 10 time better than a FaZe member on cod is mind-blowing to me

  • isiah zzzah
    isiah zzzah10 dager siden

    Drunk dumbass

  • Tyler Bharat
    Tyler Bharat11 dager siden

    He’s dog water

  • Tommy T
    Tommy TMåned siden

    "cheeks.. lotta cheeks... look at your friend tho, hes trashhh!!!!" Lmfao 6:54

  • prod. alter
    prod. alterMåned siden

    who’s ex girl is this

  • Cyrus Ahmed
    Cyrus AhmedMåned siden

    Is anyone gonna talk about adapts setup

  • KenBonrad
    KenBonradMåned siden

    But did you pipe?

  • Austin Stephenson
    Austin StephensonMåned siden

    Hahaha this is sooo goood He’s the best youtuber

  • Parker Locke
    Parker Locke2 måneder siden

    is dat a vape get the fuck out of FaZe rn

  • Apinity
    Apinity2 måneder siden

    Whats her insta??

  • Invader
    Invader2 måneder siden

    The game litterally begins and he says yeah your definatly garbage😂

  • Vau Fn
    Vau Fn2 måneder siden

    I did not know that adapt vaped😭😳

  • Devin fn
    Devin fn2 måneder siden

    What is that game called

  • aka_ Veloce
    aka_ Veloce2 måneder siden

    whats her name tho

  • KhanLT
    KhanLT2 måneder siden

    I know u hit that thing right after😈

  • Space Artic
    Space Artic2 måneder siden

    Yeah your definitely garbage 🤣

  • Giuseppe Gaudino
    Giuseppe Gaudino2 måneder siden

    her name ?

  • Manos Papanicolaou
    Manos Papanicolaou2 måneder siden

    1:46 fishing...

  • BruddaRecon
    BruddaRecon3 måneder siden

    Whats her @

  • Its Yoboi
    Its Yoboi3 måneder siden


  • t1nyturtl3
    t1nyturtl33 måneder siden

    1v1 Me

  • Cringe Øfficial
    Cringe Øfficial3 måneder siden

    i have the same hed set

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo3 måneder siden

    Only of fans remember that music at the end

  • Shior Mataafa
    Shior Mataafa3 måneder siden

    Good old 1v1 on rust always gets the ladies

  • Cyrus Ahmed
    Cyrus Ahmed3 måneder siden

    Is no one gonna talk about adapts room size and his setup

  • not of youre business
    not of youre business3 måneder siden

    Where did he get his art on his wall they sick

  • Rubic Gaming
    Rubic Gaming3 måneder siden

    We all know what they did after this...🤯😂

  • Bxvns
    Bxvns3 måneder siden


    BRB KTG3 måneder siden

    You suck bro your not good at mw bro just stop playing

  • Baby Boy
    Baby Boy3 måneder siden

    Thats so cool. you are awesome

  • Choppyjayden Fear the chin
    Choppyjayden Fear the chin4 måneder siden

    Dude im better than you with the ax-50 and kar98

  • Choppyjayden Fear the chin

    Choppyjayden Fear the chin

    4 måneder siden

    Adapt 1v1

    SKINSSTARBEAUTY4 måneder siden


  • xMidgeWON
    xMidgeWON4 måneder siden

    that pov from the back with them spinal tats tho......ayyy adapt my dude gettin it in

  • Tanner Alberson
    Tanner Alberson4 måneder siden

    Man talks like banks now slow like he’s high

  • Mago Villegas
    Mago Villegas4 måneder siden

    0:05 Faze Adapt it kinda looks like thats your sister cam to the new Faze house

  • Cloxify
    Cloxify4 måneder siden

    “He’s trash I’m in FAZE I swear compared to his older videos fame and money changed them so that’s why I stopped watching

  • NoSignalJit
    NoSignalJit4 måneder siden

    1v1 I know you raged in a game I played you in a public lobby, did you stream that search game or was that just you shitting on yourself 👹

  • LOL xd
    LOL xd4 måneder siden


  • Hunter Hoffman
    Hunter Hoffman4 måneder siden

    Ik damm well adapt clapped after that stream

  • Avenge1x
    Avenge1x4 måneder siden

    What’s her insta lol

  • Ayye Logic
    Ayye Logic4 måneder siden

    my boy adapt got more jewelry on than the girl

  • Luv Rome
    Luv Rome4 måneder siden

    This man is not a simp he like the sasuke of getting females

  • ExN Zedge
    ExN Zedge4 måneder siden

    Whats her insta?

  • Aref khp
    Aref khp4 måneder siden


  • Dookieiskey
    Dookieiskey4 måneder siden

    Headshot 5:50

  • Ferocious Entail
    Ferocious Entail4 måneder siden

    Jeez look at that piece of plastic beside him

  • Jaime Rangel
    Jaime Rangel4 måneder siden

    Lmfao Alex ran to the corner of the room

  • Valkyrid
    Valkyrid4 måneder siden

    He goes oh that’s right there😂

  • iiBandit
    iiBandit4 måneder siden

    Wits her name

  • Danny Morales
    Danny Morales4 måneder siden

    I never heard Ricky say sorry since he's so bad ass

  • Jackal
    Jackal4 måneder siden

    So much of her is fake

  • Cameron Hatcher
    Cameron Hatcher4 måneder siden

    you are trash

  • MiniSquirt


    4 måneder siden

    You're worse

  • Toxic_Steel
    Toxic_Steel4 måneder siden

    Boring and fake

  • i like Sh!t !

    i like Sh!t !

    4 måneder siden


  • TronDaAlienGamer
    TronDaAlienGamer4 måneder siden

    Lol funniest video

  • Frob
    Frob4 måneder siden

    He 100% hit that

  • Max Cowley
    Max Cowley4 måneder siden

    They defo smashed

  • Matteo Vlogs
    Matteo Vlogs4 måneder siden

    9:46 isn’t that music copyright?

  • Joseph Ortiz
    Joseph Ortiz5 måneder siden

    Adapt honestly the goat

  • ByL EnZo
    ByL EnZo5 måneder siden

    I like adapt thinks he’s good. But reality he’s trash

  • Ronin 無限月読
    Ronin 無限月読5 måneder siden

    1v1 me bro qs only last kill trick

  • Ronin 無限月読
    Ronin 無限月読5 måneder siden

    Adapt ur trash and u only got ur girl cause clout

  • Derrick Navarro
    Derrick Navarro5 måneder siden

    Let’s 1v1

  • Yung Santana
    Yung Santana5 måneder siden

    alex clapped them cheeks no cap

  • Lesly Cazares
    Lesly Cazares5 måneder siden

    The girls friend is trash

  • Victor Meza
    Victor Meza5 måneder siden

    Abape smokes

  • syn!
    syn!5 måneder siden

    i think we all knew what happened after this... they had a very nice conversation between adults

  • Drezzyy
    Drezzyy5 måneder siden

    What calling card was that guy using

  • DTB Spacy
    DTB Spacy5 måneder siden

    Why do you guys think he ended the stream for 😋😛

  • Jose Lara
    Jose Lara5 måneder siden

    bruh he be looking away in the game, looks to his left irl then instantly knows where the opponents at.. kinda susss😳

  • Smiddux


    5 måneder siden

    hes looking at the minimap mate its on constant

  • Hayden Timmerman
    Hayden Timmerman5 måneder siden

    When u pay by the hour and you still have 50 minutes left

  • Anders Jameson
    Anders Jameson5 måneder siden

    This is why they kicked nordan out😂

  • RaggedyShirt
    RaggedyShirt5 måneder siden

    He def clapped

  • Daily Thumbnailsッ
    Daily Thumbnailsッ5 måneder siden

    The girl be twerkin when he is telling her about his cod game😂😂😂

  • pixel
    pixel5 måneder siden

    No hate or anything but I'm here wondering how he's still in FaZe

  • pixel


    5 måneder siden

    @Foreign Rushhy before you talk more shit just hop off your high horse for just a little. I'm 15, and have been sniping for 2 years which means, I'm gonna get better. When I have my shot on, I basically just don't miss. but my only problem is my strategy. I always rush to hard and end up getting killed instead of waiting at there spawn and killing them as they attempt to leave there spawn. But because black ops games naturally have better maps than Modern Warfare games I will hopefully be able to fix that problem on cod 2020

  • Foreign Rushhy

    Foreign Rushhy

    5 måneder siden

    pixel ur literally a average sniper youre not that good plus ur video quality and sound is literally dog so no wonder you’re not in faze

  • pixel


    5 måneder siden

    @Foreign Rushhy I said "still". I'm not even gonna lie I'm better than him and I'm not if FaZe soooooo... idk what to say bout that

  • Foreign Rushhy

    Foreign Rushhy

    5 måneder siden

    prolly cuz hes been in it for more the 5 years and hes a og faze trickshotter so like what else u need ur comments aint funny kid

  • Jordo TSK
    Jordo TSK5 måneder siden

    Your in faze But hard scoping, 1V1 Pussy, LittleChorizo On cod, Face me pussy

  • Noel Sux
    Noel Sux5 måneder siden

    I seen the puff bar

  • Wendy's
    Wendy's5 måneder siden


  • Wendy's
    Wendy's5 måneder siden


  • Sam.Senpai
    Sam.Senpai5 måneder siden

    What’s her IG😳

  • Itz Noxh
    Itz Noxh5 måneder siden

    Mans definetly fucked after he ended the stream

  • ArionLOL
    ArionLOL5 måneder siden

    Adapt was Vibin hard at the end

  • Vize_flygio Vize
    Vize_flygio Vize5 måneder siden

    Hey my name is gio to

  • Robert Froud
    Robert Froud5 måneder siden

    Yo is no one guna say the fact that rains there...

  • Joel Berrelleza
    Joel Berrelleza5 måneder siden


  • TSG
    TSG5 måneder siden

    I dont like faze clan anymore.

  • A1mighty LazR

    A1mighty LazR

    3 måneder siden

    people come and leave, thats how it is on youtube

  • Gavin Rose
    Gavin Rose5 måneder siden

    adapt don gotta simp, dude jus gets bitches lie dat

  • J_ Buckets23
    J_ Buckets235 måneder siden

    mans definitely laid the pipe

  • Logan Nunnally
    Logan Nunnally6 måneder siden

    Your girl is gross

  • K Switcher
    K Switcher6 måneder siden

    I’m a new NOlocalr I upload daily modern wafare videos and trying to hit 100 subs so please check my Chanel out you might be interested

  • Aidan Diaz
    Aidan Diaz6 måneder siden

    he prolly hit that shit

  • Ultra instinct dogo
    Ultra instinct dogo6 måneder siden

    Still simp

  • Megan Espinoza
    Megan Espinoza6 måneder siden

    She looks old, like in the face..but idk maybe they all look like that. And well the body.. it’s looks like all the other ones too 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Wrr aif
    Wrr aif6 måneder siden

    it sucks that we switched to having to get a girl to get viewers

  • Mauro Hockey
    Mauro Hockey6 måneder siden

    This girl is icole

  • Mauro Hockey
    Mauro Hockey6 måneder siden

    This girl is an icole

  • Jaden X
    Jaden X6 måneder siden

    0:16 already roasting her

  • ant
    ant6 måneder siden

    went from adriana to dis 😳😳😳

  • chronic123
    chronic1236 måneder siden

    Ayy did you at least tap that ass after the stream?

  • Everett Reacts
    Everett Reacts6 måneder siden


  • Aidan_sween
    Aidan_sween6 måneder siden

    It’s not the same as the old 1v1’s😔