FaZe Adapt & FaZe Banks Play Call of Duty...

If you guys want to see CoD Videos again please let me know by leaving a like!! Let me know what you guys think
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  • josiah greer
    josiah greer21 dag siden


  • tijan
    tijanMåned siden

    bruh faze is just a cringey clickbait vlogging channel

  • Jsmie G
    Jsmie GMåned siden

    Play COD go back to old days

  • PiStOla Papi
    PiStOla PapiMåned siden

    faze banks is a fake wannabe gammer bro I can't stand this dude he sucks famous for NOTHING

  • duckyrae
    duckyraeMåned siden

    i need more COD

  • aqibc
    aqibc2 måneder siden

    You didn't even get one bloodthirsty 😂😂😂

  • Asher Goddard
    Asher Goddard2 måneder siden

    Please more cod

  • slimy limey
    slimy limey3 måneder siden

    Damn he plays so good even with a controller.

  • Joseph Ortiz
    Joseph Ortiz5 måneder siden

    banks and adapt are honestly best friends

  • Big Man
    Big Man5 måneder siden

    My mans got a hickey

  • FazeSilly
    FazeSilly7 måneder siden

    Faze is the reason I got into sniping and hitting nasty clips so thank you faze clan for introducing me into sniping 🙏

  • JP Gameing
    JP Gameing7 måneder siden

    Yes yes please

  • chunk truvax
    chunk truvax7 måneder siden

    Please recruit me to faze, y’all are trash. Chunk, Las Vegas.

  • Jovan juvi
    Jovan juvi7 måneder siden

    Faze clan uploading cod in 2013: oh it's normal In 2020: so we finally managed to adjust I didn't even know when I played

  • Brandon Adams
    Brandon Adams7 måneder siden

    Let’s be honest , Banks is dope at Cod let’s be real .

  • Haro
    Haro7 måneder siden


  • Liam Burke
    Liam Burke7 måneder siden

    2nd match of banks : FaZe Banks.aimbot.exe.

  • APvisionZz
    APvisionZz8 måneder siden

    why is banks in faze anymore he used to be a god never mind hes still a god

  • Corey Johnson
    Corey Johnson8 måneder siden


  • In the comments
    In the comments8 måneder siden

    Why is banks in FaZe

  • Gurmehar Bajwa
    Gurmehar Bajwa8 måneder siden

    More COD plz, ty

  • Chey Norton
    Chey Norton8 måneder siden

    quick scoping makes you a pro? bruh

  • xd creed
    xd creed8 måneder siden

    I just hit a split quad on you adapt

  • Ace_Jake
    Ace_Jake8 måneder siden

    Why is faze a gaming clan but don’t even game

  • Dillon Murphy
    Dillon Murphy8 måneder siden

    I need help with my sniping ALOT adapt is a beast

  • Ømnxs
    Ømnxs8 måneder siden


  • Jo_non
    Jo_non8 måneder siden

    Adapt use stims when your red screened and you use it your not red screened any more

  • vGhQst
    vGhQst9 måneder siden

    why does faze banks even have the name faze

  • Roland Relatores
    Roland Relatores9 måneder siden

    Sorry but I'm 12 years old but still better than Banks

  • Dark City
    Dark City9 måneder siden

    Go back to cod

  • DankClips530 _
    DankClips530 _9 måneder siden


  • SwaggyB _99
    SwaggyB _999 måneder siden

    Yes COD vid please

  • Chilicabra
    Chilicabra9 måneder siden

    I’d love to

  • Sam Ranger
    Sam Ranger9 måneder siden

    I honestly forgot that he ever played call of duty in the first place

  • YoKenshi
    YoKenshi9 måneder siden

    Yes make call of duty videos

  • xd sleezzyy
    xd sleezzyy9 måneder siden

    How does banks play good in azhir cave

  • Box
    Box10 måneder siden

    2010 FaZe Clan “Send me clips” 2020 FaZe Clan “Send me ur vlogs”

  • Poni Magar
    Poni Magar10 måneder siden

    I play call of duty mobile not call of duty modern warfare

  • MrQui
    MrQui10 måneder siden

    I would love to see u play call of duty

  • Shane Slattery
    Shane Slattery10 måneder siden

    Been longer than a minute

  • Big Juicy productions
    Big Juicy productions10 måneder siden

    Well I guess he’s not gonna make anymore videos on modern warfare lol

  • Dusty Guitars
    Dusty Guitars10 måneder siden

    Just bring back banks

  • Alex Sepulona
    Alex Sepulona11 måneder siden

    please make more call of duty videos

  • icydec
    icydec11 måneder siden

    He's honestly pretty average at this game. Definitely not E-sports league

  • chadthelad
    chadthelad11 måneder siden

    if you’re still playin then i just wiped you off the map

  • Bruh Ski
    Bruh Ski11 måneder siden

    More cod!

  • Bruh Ski
    Bruh Ski11 måneder siden

    What does adapt stream on

  • Helixzyfishy
    Helixzyfishy11 måneder siden

    My biggest dream in life is to become a FaZe clan member ! Kan you Plz answer my request

  • AssassinChaos
    AssassinChaosÅr siden

    and adapt has never been seen playing modern warfare ever again

  • Alexander Lancaster
    Alexander LancasterÅr siden

    Ur trash kid

  • lars haugebo
    lars haugeboÅr siden

    please start gaming again!!!

  • Pivorock
    PivorockÅr siden

    Oh the beta, where cave was ridiculously dark and everyone ran cover. I haven’t seen a cover in two weeks xD

  • Victoria Kisch
    Victoria KischÅr siden

    Your sow bad on call of duty moderwar far I snipe better then you

  • Winky Face
    Winky FaceÅr siden

    Yes cod videos mate

  • T
    TÅr siden

    Adapt with the clear skin 👌

  • Shahbaazgamingyt
    ShahbaazgamingytÅr siden

    Plz stream and make videos

  • Sith Trooper
    Sith TrooperÅr siden


  • Nicco Nick
    Nicco NickÅr siden

    Please more cod videos

  • Sabeeh Anjum
    Sabeeh AnjumÅr siden

    please play more cod

  • Yo yo yo Changed man
    Yo yo yo Changed manÅr siden

    I can’t watch faze no more they way too Hollywood

  • Mehrunes Terror

    Mehrunes Terror

    År siden

    Bro Jev still plays COD and he makes me cry laughing

  • Yo yo yo Changed man
    Yo yo yo Changed manÅr siden

    These faze niggas done gone Hollywood

  • YoungBull
    YoungBullÅr siden


  • mike dombrowski
    mike dombrowskiÅr siden

    Hell yes

  • Kakushitsu
    KakushitsuÅr siden

    Please make cod vids again

  • vyber Vybin'
    vyber Vybin'År siden


  • Jdac ?
    Jdac ?År siden

    Please more please

  • Murat balboa
    Murat balboaÅr siden

    Imagine adapt makeing more cod videos

  • ryan murphy
    ryan murphyÅr siden

    is this aim bot lol

  • HyperOG
    HyperOGÅr siden

    plsay cod please

  • Wakai Kakashi
    Wakai KakashiÅr siden

    Adapt please make call of duty videos! I love watching you play, it brings backs memories and also makes me want to hop on💯

  • Tyler Cossey
    Tyler CosseyÅr siden


  • REY Shoota
    REY ShootaÅr siden

    make mo plz

  • Oliver Chavez
    Oliver ChavezÅr siden

    Yes please I love when Faze plays some COD!!! Faze up

  • Kane-Breezy
    Kane-BreezyÅr siden

    Pls do cod videos

  • Alec Pulido
    Alec PulidoÅr siden

    Do mw4 videos again

  • ZeRo
    ZeRoÅr siden

    Do it

  • 49er Gang223
    49er Gang223År siden

    You and nordan need to make a cod video

  • Paul LaMadeleine
    Paul LaMadeleineÅr siden


  • Blake Cannon
    Blake CannonÅr siden

    Hell yeah

  • Are Y'all Finish or Y'all Done
    Are Y'all Finish or Y'all DoneÅr siden

    Fake gameplay.

  • William Green
    William GreenÅr siden

    I fw Banks' tattoos but its crazy to remember when he just got the ak

  • DiexitySZN
    DiexitySZNÅr siden

    Yes play more cod and upload it

  • ToxicRexie
    ToxicRexieÅr siden

    Yes make call of duty videos

    STONED LIFEÅr siden

    Hop back on bro 🤟🏾❗️ that shit was lit and your kinda good bro lol

  • Andrew Lousiale
    Andrew LousialeÅr siden

    More COD brruuvvvv

  • Benevolent Jo
    Benevolent JoÅr siden


  • G3lato Vibes
    G3lato VibesÅr siden

    Fuck yea

  • Logan Rozengard
    Logan RozengardÅr siden

    Do it!

  • Wizardplum
    WizardplumÅr siden



    I’m not tatted but I just got the pin an I want that “fade “ ADAPT friendly match for money !! nolocal.info/have/video/mKGorJivrJ6E26I

  • TheMadogaming225 H
    TheMadogaming225 HÅr siden

    Make new vids ffa trickshoting

  • Hayden
    HaydenÅr siden

    Damn boi that pimple

  • Watson 407
    Watson 407År siden

    I remember when faze was a gaming clan lol

  • Its Jimbo Time
    Its Jimbo TimeÅr siden

    Ply more cod

  • Generalist Jake
    Generalist JakeÅr siden

    Playing this game sober is so boring lmao

  • Peyton Sims
    Peyton SimsÅr siden

    Let’s go back to the old days brother

  • Harry Nicholls
    Harry NichollsÅr siden

    PLEASE go back to COD videos they were the best

  • PineappleParty
    PineapplePartyÅr siden

    Wait, FaZe plays cod??? Since when??

  • Mustakim Miah
    Mustakim MiahÅr siden

    Hell ye go back to making cod video’s

  • cTycoons
    cTycoonsÅr siden

    Let’s 1v1