FaZe Adapt Plays Black Ops 2 in 2020....

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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe AdaptÅr siden

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  • ツLazerTrxpzツ


    Måned siden

    @RaGe Oks o

  • RaGe Oks

    RaGe Oks

    Måned siden

    I dead ass stopped watching all faze members after you rain rug banks and everyone else like quit posting cod and focused vlogs

  • MustangMike37


    3 måneder siden

    whwat is the sever called

  • ツLazerTrxpzツ


    3 måneder siden

    yeah you should stream this game this cod was a good game

  • Racheal Hayton

    Racheal Hayton

    4 måneder siden

    ur like my favorite youtuber

  • TTV snipez BTW
    TTV snipez BTW8 dager siden

    U could just get a Xbox 360 to play it

  • josiah greer
    josiah greer15 dager siden

    Bo2 best cod ever

  • Piviit
    Piviit16 dager siden

    miss this

  • Nick B
    Nick B17 dager siden

    Dude this is what I’m here for.

  • Apex V2
    Apex V225 dager siden

    Timbers Jelty

  • Hamza Raja
    Hamza Raja27 dager siden

    Favourite cod was always BO1

  • gnashers006
    gnashers00628 dager siden

    who else remembered when Adapt Had a shit ton of achievements in mw2 and 100% on mw1

  • AKplaze
    AKplazeMåned siden

    my favorite call of duty id black ops 3

  • Buffum Auto racing team
    Buffum Auto racing teamMåned siden


  • Naso Beats
    Naso BeatsMåned siden

    Please revive trickshotting on cod!

  • Rolis
    RolisMåned siden

    Make more videos like this please

  • ethan8037
    ethan8037Måned siden

    By far best COD.

  • Zove Tropiq

    Zove Tropiq

    26 dager siden

    MW2 in my opinion

  • James
    JamesMåned siden

    Favorite cod is bo3

  • Peyton Larochelle
    Peyton Larochelle2 måneder siden

    more b02

  • Tall_ Blue
    Tall_ Blue2 måneder siden

    Please make cod videos please

  • Owen Bro
    Owen Bro2 måneder siden

    Yes play more

  • Not pyrke
    Not pyrke2 måneder siden

    my favorite cods is bo2 and bo1

  • Juan Antonio Uriarte
    Juan Antonio Uriarte2 måneder siden

    i really want this videos to come back :(

  • Ember
    Ember2 måneder siden

    make more dawg i need my memories back

  • Flint Lockwood
    Flint Lockwood2 måneder siden

    I just recently got mw2 its really fun

  • Super Mods
    Super Mods2 måneder siden

    facecam recorded on potato

  • Justin2kgod
    Justin2kgod2 måneder siden

    convince everyone to play bo2 again you the goat

  • Da Fresh
    Da Fresh3 måneder siden

    I use to watch you play bo2

  • MustangMike37
    MustangMike373 måneder siden

    what is the suver called

  • Rain Storrrm
    Rain Storrrm3 måneder siden

    Your not the goat lol

  • BlueCrome
    BlueCrome3 måneder siden

    Watched all your videos in 2014!!

  • Kirsten Johnson
    Kirsten Johnson3 måneder siden

    Airex.youtireus.ok.Good. Wirek.job.fired.bay. Lirek. Wirey.boygires.cirehs. Love.love love..hot.24. Pay.bllymy.yires.

  • Kirsten Johnson
    Kirsten Johnson3 måneder siden

    Airex.youtireus.hirey.Good Wirey.mirey.cirehs.ok. Wirek.job.boygires. Love.love love love. Baby. Hirey.24. Kires.pay.fired.

  • Corey Panza
    Corey Panza3 måneder siden


  • Chris Penge
    Chris Penge3 måneder siden

    MW3 was my favorite

  • منوعات
    منوعات3 måneder siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/aKVqnM-S0Kigw5oالمرجو الإشتراك في هذه القناة

  • OBEY BOTZ_ 1
    OBEY BOTZ_ 13 måneder siden

    I'm going to try to hit a new trickshot 360 switch guns slot in air and then hitn

  • islapzy


    2 måneder siden

    You suck lmaooo

  • MickeyCJR
    MickeyCJR3 måneder siden

    2:57 chat...

  • first name last name
    first name last name3 måneder siden

    trickshotting is no more exciting than dudeperfect unless you hit it first try

  • JustShadyy
    JustShadyy3 måneder siden

    If u don’t remember the g fuel tower u aint a real fan

  • Quzar
    Quzar3 måneder siden

    I forgot how good he is

  • [FaZe5]Deca6
    [FaZe5]Deca63 måneder siden

    I wish Fe4RLess was back so that you have a collab with him. Plus my favorite COD game was Black Ops 3

  • Mropphimself
    Mropphimself3 måneder siden

    Bo2 and mw2 hangs down the best cods out there🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Justin Dickson
    Justin Dickson3 måneder siden

    9:15 he hits a shot

  • Angel Contreras
    Angel Contreras3 måneder siden


  • Angel Contreras
    Angel Contreras3 måneder siden


  • Luke Matczynski
    Luke Matczynski4 måneder siden

    When I thought this would be the return of cut coms

  • XtxnctT
    XtxnctT4 måneder siden


  • NoSignalJit
    NoSignalJit4 måneder siden

    1v1 I know you raged in a game I played you in a public lobby, did you stream that search game or was that just you shitting on yourself 👹

  • Hidden Pants
    Hidden Pants4 måneder siden

    yes please bring it back atleast for 1 year

  • Polio
    Polio4 måneder siden

    Black Ops 2

  • TuNe Ivy
    TuNe Ivy4 måneder siden

    definitely remember back in the day cut coms.

  • ZeusARXE
    ZeusARXE4 måneder siden

    Bo1 because I lived the l96 and the zombies

  • Ergi
    Ergi4 måneder siden

    I used to watch the cut coms back when u lived w ur ma.

  • Racheal Hayton
    Racheal Hayton4 måneder siden

    ur my favorite youtuber❤️❤️❤️

  • SYLUM Ark
    SYLUM Ark4 måneder siden

    Play blacks ops 2 all the times your good

  • Bruh
    Bruh4 måneder siden

    I want moooore

  • Raul Gomez
    Raul Gomez4 måneder siden

    Still got it

  • Splitz Ayden
    Splitz Ayden4 måneder siden

    I love that I love it I love that

  • Robert Bush
    Robert Bush4 måneder siden

    Yesss. Love the flogs...... but anyone watching any faze member on YT is wanting to see this kind of gameplay!

  • SpetZemas
    SpetZemas4 måneder siden

    Black Ops 2, one of the best games!

  • Xero1
    Xero14 måneder siden

    b04 or b03 or b02 all good

  • Phily ?
    Phily ?4 måneder siden

    2020 an u still average at trickshottin

  • Caleb Godwin
    Caleb Godwin4 måneder siden

    I’ve been watching since I was 5 and I’m 12

  • Leo m
    Leo m4 måneder siden

    I was gonna comment to play this again but it’s been 7 months rip

  • Treyshawn Harris
    Treyshawn Harris4 måneder siden

    Black ops2 was da best cod ever

  • Zachary Fayant
    Zachary Fayant4 måneder siden

    Wonder how he will like black ops cold war

  • zylan
    zylan4 måneder siden

    4:44 look at chat adapt says "thats going in my vid." Lol

  • Cadet Leo 14
    Cadet Leo 145 måneder siden

    Bo2 is definitely the best game

  • Vye
    Vye5 måneder siden

    I was your 6,000,000th subscriber

  • TheRealScorpion YT
    TheRealScorpion YT5 måneder siden

    Black Ops 2 is my favourite call of duty cause it has some of the best snipers in cod history and it had some of the best maps, ive played Black Ops 2 ever since it came out thankfully i can play Bo2 again thanks to Plutonium

  • STASI minecraft
    STASI minecraft5 måneder siden

    On god bo2

  • Cameron Hilpert
    Cameron Hilpert5 måneder siden

    Ahh good to see the 720 insta swap again

  • Nicky Thomas
    Nicky Thomas5 måneder siden

    When he plays game 2 that map is costing made in fortnite as a gun game

  • Ibrahim Abdelrahman
    Ibrahim Abdelrahman5 måneder siden

    Play black ops 3

  • Tello Magdaleno
    Tello Magdaleno5 måneder siden

    How do you get the servers do you just buy it off steam?

  • dutin dutin
    dutin dutin5 måneder siden

    The best cod

  • Alek Nikoloski
    Alek Nikoloski5 måneder siden

    omg that backround sound

  • Donivan Dixon18
    Donivan Dixon185 måneder siden

    Bo2 is where it’s at

  • only gameing
    only gameing5 måneder siden

    Bo2 and the new mw are equal to me

  • v-loans
    v-loans5 måneder siden

    what is he using to play?

  • Carson McDaniel
    Carson McDaniel5 måneder siden

    Not bo2 but (tv getting smashed in the background adapt trying to hit a Crain shot hits Crain shot. DUDE I JUST HIT A. CRANE SHOT! Looks back tv is broken

  • Boujeet
    Boujeet5 måneder siden

    Start making cod videos

  • connor
    connor5 måneder siden

    Who remembers when you acctuallu had to have skill to be in faze nowadays you can get a win on fortnite and your in faze

  • linkzie lol
    linkzie lol5 måneder siden

    2:59 look in chat someone said he’d r*pe tf outta adapts sis

  • Dynasty


    3 måneder siden

    that dude is a weirdo

  • Jus
    Jus5 måneder siden

    This video needs at least 400k likes

  • Jus
    Jus5 måneder siden

    More please

  • Jus
    Jus5 måneder siden

    Please make a another one

  • Family _fam
    Family _fam5 måneder siden

    1v1 me

  • G4G1
    G4G15 måneder siden

    its the pirate version of bo2 XD

  • Junior Medina
    Junior Medina5 måneder siden

    can we bo2 1v1 adapt?

  • DuKz
    DuKz5 måneder siden

    i started playing BO2 the pther day bc of this vid

  • Korb
    Korb6 måneder siden

    Watched every bo2 ffa trickshotting

  • Polo Boy
    Polo Boy6 måneder siden

    CoD mw3

  • Axel Peralta
    Axel Peralta6 måneder siden

    But who doesn't?

  • MonsterKing 08
    MonsterKing 086 måneder siden

    2:59 look at the chat someone what talking about Alex's little sister

  • Hamo On Roblox
    Hamo On Roblox6 måneder siden

    I want war zone call of duty

  • Chris Munoz
    Chris Munoz6 måneder siden

    Best COD for sure🤙 BO2

  • Doomlifegaming .CRISIS.
    Doomlifegaming .CRISIS.6 måneder siden

    Yay bro was that really you on codm last night my. Name in game is .CRISIS. Let me know if that was really you

  • Doomlifegaming .CRISIS.

    Doomlifegaming .CRISIS.

    6 måneder siden

    Thumbs up is it’s really you

  • Rerzor
    Rerzor6 måneder siden

    Who remembers when adapt did the skit which rain that he was snorting gfuel

  • Rerzor
    Rerzor6 måneder siden

    And and and I love it and I really really love it

  • GameboyJack
    GameboyJack6 måneder siden

    pov your here from jarvis explaining that adapt hit a window shot on raid

  • swishonh1


    5 måneder siden

    no not a fortnite kid

    XXXTRAV1SXXX . TTV6 måneder siden

    Please make more vids on BO2

  • Conner Davidson
    Conner Davidson6 måneder siden

    Bo2 is undisputed