FaZe Adapt Takes an IQ TEST....

nah this is rigged for sure
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  • G K
    G K3 måneder siden

    adapt the type of guy >>>> finish it off

  • RayZ3489
    RayZ34895 måneder siden

    BRUH IS HE THAT DUMB?!?!?!? WHO THE F GETS A 76 BRUH BELOW AVERAGE LOL faze adapt "Im really using my brain right now" 30 min later " he turns dumber" lol

  • Hitesh Yadlapalli
    Hitesh Yadlapalli7 måneder siden

    jarvis is smart than adapt.

  • Judel Ann Yanguas
    Judel Ann Yanguas9 måneder siden

    Yeah chicken has four legs

  • Mystify
    Mystify9 måneder siden

    He’s memeing

  • Ig
    Ig9 måneder siden

    We cant assume that’s John is the shortest in the group

  • Kye Lee
    Kye Lee9 måneder siden

    Well if you have an iq of 76 and have this youtube channel, this is some dedication you made into it great job.

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden


  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Alex

  • Nish Patel
    Nish PatelÅr siden

    Lol, my IQ is 116 and I am 14 years old

  • MusicVisuals
    MusicVisualsÅr siden

    Do you mean an EQ test?

  • Daily Flamingo X
    Daily Flamingo XÅr siden

    Adapts lips red as f*

  • Rudy Vance
    Rudy VanceÅr siden

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  • Jack Hollow
    Jack HollowÅr siden

    A chicken has two fucking legs lmao

  • NOT UNKNOWN BEATZZ Not Unknowned
    NOT UNKNOWN BEATZZ Not UnknownedÅr siden


  • Pierce ?
    Pierce ?År siden

    `Logical, nah i listen to logical everyday`

  • William The 11th
    William The 11thÅr siden

    If Robert is taller than John and Charlie is taller than Robert of course John is the shortest of the 3 Adapt, "False you can't assume that:

  • Shadowspirit
    ShadowspiritÅr siden

    No offense but your actually stupid

  • Inky C
    Inky CÅr siden

    Haha 76

  • Grafzaaiers
    GrafzaaiersÅr siden

    Even when he says "Glove, 5, no relation" he doesn't even get it...dafuq dude, dafuq...

  • Mael Kupperschmitt le Flao
    Mael Kupperschmitt le FlaoÅr siden

    Dude chickens have 2 legs

  • Guilds
    GuildsÅr siden


  • plitacha poslanik
    plitacha poslanikÅr siden

    No shit im 12 now when i was 7 my iq was 176 no shit btw I learned how to read when I was 2 and I was 3 when I learnned how to write

  • Geno Schinderle
    Geno SchinderleÅr siden

    Never knew o became ahead of m in the alphabet

  • Dash
    DashÅr siden

    2 legs Alex come on

  • JAKEY 259
    JAKEY 259År siden

    6:50 am I the only one that’s going like this 🤦🏻‍♂️ rn

  • NID Retro
    NID RetroÅr siden

    Ur pretty dumb

  • Godfrey Diamond Night
    Godfrey Diamond NightÅr siden

    I flipping got 169

  • La Flame
    La FlameÅr siden

    5:55 sounds like Kevin from the office

  • awesome Andrew
    awesome Andrew2 år siden

    I thought the thumbnail said four that is right I watched the bart Baker video

  • Demso
    Demso2 år siden

    Faze apex “Adapt has no brain”

  • Lizzy regis
    Lizzy regis2 år siden

    An IQ of 76 is borderline impaired

  • Mariabelle Azemar
    Mariabelle Azemar2 år siden

    This was hard to watch...

  • Aetreus
    Aetreus2 år siden

    Haha this boi *stoopid*

  • Le Passant
    Le Passant2 år siden

    I mean, the fact that you actually paid for it made you lose 10 pts anyway

  • Trent24
    Trent242 år siden

    Ok slow down how many legs does a chicken have four? Nine times four. . . eighteen SRSLY!

  • Moonie Jam
    Moonie Jam2 år siden

    Faze Adapt you've just proven you are stupid. Since when does a chicken have four legs

  • samuel barreto
    samuel barreto2 år siden

    I’m 129 and surprisingly struggle with math , I don’t really think these tests are accurate

  • SmileForTheSun
    SmileForTheSun2 år siden

    This is a real iq test. Most iq tests have simple question and only stick to one area.

  • Ryan Torrisi
    Ryan Torrisi2 år siden

    How many legs does a chicken have? 4

  • honk honk
    honk honk2 år siden

    Paying $15 for an IQ test. Makes sense that it gave you an IQ of 76. I bet that you paying factored into how your score was calculated.

  • Liliana Torres
    Liliana Torres2 år siden

    I guess chickens have four legs now

  • bts paul
    bts paul2 år siden

    9 times 4 equals 18 legend adapt

  • Gilbert Li
    Gilbert Li2 år siden

    this video sucks because it shows face cam and not the screen most of the vid

  • Lisa Reed
    Lisa Reed2 år siden

    he is officially the dumbest person alive

  • Lisa Reed
    Lisa Reed2 år siden

    he was guessing what to say

  • Emma
    Emma2 år siden

    Chickens have 4 legs😂

  • Vurxell
    Vurxell2 år siden

    tbh this is bs your IQ results do not depend on how well you can solve riddles.

  • Jake Thomas
    Jake Thomas2 år siden

    My man said chickens have 4 legs ahah

  • Anthony Gibby
    Anthony Gibby2 år siden

    A chicken had 2 legs adapt good try those 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Anthony Gibby

    Anthony Gibby

    2 år siden

    Autocorrect sorry

  • Anthony Gibby

    Anthony Gibby

    2 år siden


  • Roy Rodry
    Roy Rodry2 år siden

    My man is 24% dumb not bad Alex

  • 5,000 subscribers with NO VIDEOS
    5,000 subscribers with NO VIDEOS2 år siden


  • FaZe Barry DA Bengal
    FaZe Barry DA Bengal2 år siden


  • Andrei Razvan
    Andrei Razvan2 år siden

    You iq it's a bit higher than my dog's😀

  • Switchblade
    Switchblade2 år siden

    Triangle is 3 glove 5 5 fingers clock 12 becuz 12 numbera bicycle 2 2 wheels

  • Geofish 16
    Geofish 162 år siden

    It’s real because your dumb you can’t even say arithmetic I can and I’m in 3rd grade

  • Geofish 16
    Geofish 162 år siden

    Wow chickens have 4 legs welp

  • MK Godly
    MK Godly2 år siden

    The computer shit don’t happen real Iq tests with pen and paper

  • Koonga
    Koonga2 år siden

    He’s so dumb

  • Drake Conrad
    Drake Conrad2 år siden

    Mans said chickens have 4 legs🤦‍♂️

  • brennan be coolin
    brennan be coolin2 år siden

    my god hes acc stupid lmfaoo

  • Tara Cheyenne
    Tara Cheyenne2 år siden

    I literally loose brain cells watching him 😂😂 jk I love you

  • Anna TDG
    Anna TDG2 år siden

    Tryna getting away in the thumbnail eh?

  • Anna TDG
    Anna TDG2 år siden

    He took 11 mins in the video...how bout in real life?

  • 123 678
    123 6782 år siden

    Bruh he said chickens have 4 legs

  • Jada Sabir
    Jada Sabir2 år siden

    I literally did this and got 111 in 9th grade he needs to go back to school

  • Cambria Sipprell
    Cambria Sipprell2 år siden

    “Logical don’t agree with that I listen to logic everyday” 😂😂😂😂 I’m dead

  • Cambria Sipprell
    Cambria Sipprell2 år siden

    Wow adapt never knew chickens had 4 legs tf

  • B Money gaming
    B Money gaming2 år siden

    Glove has 5 finger bro

  • tonderaimsonza
    tonderaimsonza2 år siden

    Just watch rick and morty, it will inevitably increase tenfold

  • 69SG
    69SG2 år siden

    2*4=40 WOW

  • Gummi Worm
    Gummi Worm2 år siden

    So you’re below the average IQ then😂

  • squig
    squig2 år siden

    watching this hurt physically lmao

  • Nexztrah
    Nexztrah2 år siden

    I can't tell if he's trying 😂

  • vaporizEcs
    vaporizEcs2 år siden

    where do i find those chickens u're talking about xd

  • Papa Goose
    Papa Goose2 år siden

    I feel better about myself after this video

  • Kirstin Benson
    Kirstin Benson2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Kirstin Benson

    Kirstin Benson

    2 år siden

    I love you family and friends hello friends Faze Adapt Name Alexander Hamilton Happy Smile

  • Missy Fang
    Missy Fang2 år siden

    Oh Alex...poor poor Alex.😂

  • yvngjart
    yvngjart2 år siden

    An IQ Score of 76 is Borderline Intelligence. The Wechsler Intelligence Scale classifies an IQ Score of 76 as borderline intelligence which is also considered borderline mental retardation.

  • Blake LaLonde
    Blake LaLonde2 år siden

    did he rly say chickens have 4 lehs

  • Team Schroeder
    Team Schroeder2 år siden

    This has to be a joke!! Lol

  • Ghoulish zebra
    Ghoulish zebra2 år siden

    I didn’t know chickens have 4 legs

  • anthony killer090
    anthony killer0902 år siden


  • Astrrro 732
    Astrrro 7322 år siden

    Glove has 5 fingers

  • Luke Hicks
    Luke Hicks2 år siden

    6:19 describes my life

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill2 år siden

    glove and 5 no relation :D

  • AVE Nathaniel
    AVE Nathaniel2 år siden

    I thought the faze adapt the type of videos were fake

  • Qintz
    Qintz2 år siden

    Adapt has to be trolling there is no way he has actually become this stupid

  • Jakob Saylor
    Jakob Saylor2 år siden

    Under 70 is considered mental retardation sooo

  • Alloy_Agony
    Alloy_Agony2 år siden

    the results of 76 is low or mental retardation wow

  • magness
    magness2 år siden

    If You tell US Its fake and it’s not 76 (can’t remember if it was 76 but near that number) then *GIVE US A PART 2* with another iq test program and let’s see if it says the same or if it says something higher/lower. Please adapt! It was really fun to watch!

  • Gay
    Gay2 år siden

    At least he has a higher IQ than Jake Paul.

  • joshua hosein
    joshua hosein2 år siden

    A chicken has 4 legs WTF...😳😱🤯🤣

  • magness


    2 år siden

    joshua hosein Isn’t that correct? Jk 😂🤦‍♂️ Let’s make an adapt meme! * “a chicken has 4 legs” * Grave stone be like: lived one day... meme review killed it. (Last part wasn’t funny I just say stupid shit BUT!!! I got a higher iq than adapt so I AM FINE!!!)

  • Guy
    Guy2 år siden

    bruh abcdefghijkLOMN alexx u dunno the alphabet?

  • Sofie Børsting
    Sofie Børsting2 år siden

    Mine is 124 you know but I took it in a real lab so?

  • Zoe Jeremy
    Zoe Jeremy2 år siden

    “Okay we’re going to work on that” 😂

  • Thierno Barry
    Thierno Barry2 år siden

    Thank you for boosting my self-esteem. Now I know I'm not as dumb as you 😂

  • Thierno Barry

    Thierno Barry

    2 år siden


  • Jay chowdhury
    Jay chowdhury2 år siden

    mensa.dk/iqtest/ is the accurate online iq test.

  • Jay chowdhury
    Jay chowdhury2 år siden

    This website is extremely inaccurate. If you google the reliability of it, it’s not reliable. This website is supposed to give you an accurate measure of your iq: Mensa.dk It’s all logical patterns for shapes and figures.

  • Sladey Baby
    Sladey Baby2 år siden

    11:19 the way he said certificate 😂