I texted Tfue and asked him to join FaZe...
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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe AdaptÅr siden

    the MERCH IS LIVE!!! - fazeclan.com/collections/adapt

  • Sneaky mason

    Sneaky mason

    3 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt sup adapt?



    4 måneder siden

    @xDqnce Zzz

  • brandon parga

    brandon parga

    5 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt of guy who never shuts the heck up

  • brandon parga

    brandon parga

    5 måneder siden


  • F.Shotty


    6 måneder siden

    Sallinger McNiven that was 10 months ago but ok

  • Literally FaZe GEeK
    Literally FaZe GEeK15 timer siden

    Adapt the type guy to build a fort at night saying he’s play Fortnite

  • Cobretti Anderson
    Cobretti Anderson2 dager siden

    Is this real or fake

  • Coloura
    Coloura6 dager siden


  • Jesse Simpson
    Jesse Simpson7 dager siden

    Why ain’t brawadis rockin the old merch that shit lit

  • yokarma
    yokarma7 dager siden

    I’m 100k like

  • Tec FadeYT
    Tec FadeYT14 dager siden

    Adapt is the type of guy when he gets Pie from Uber eats he said it was for home work

  • Jack Temme
    Jack Temme17 dager siden

    A boy from the future don’t make a video with aim bot

  • Tyler Norris
    Tyler Norris18 dager siden

    imagine jarvis didn’t have a surge protector and adapt fried his pc

  • Logan Botha
    Logan Botha18 dager siden

    You know it's fake when Jarvis is reading 😅

  • lI-Ej-lI
    lI-Ej-lI18 dager siden

    8:45 look at teeqo's 2nd monitor someones playing roblox

  • DiligentAnthonyR
    DiligentAnthonyR20 dager siden

    Noce hes got a black widow chroma razed key broad Jarvis freaking out that he has 70 ping me chilling in 1283 ping like yea everything is fine 😂👌😅😔

  • Tipu Sports
    Tipu Sports22 dager siden

    Who’s here a year after Jarvis got banned

  • brodie dad
    brodie dad25 dager siden

    wait guys javis it banned right but if you look at 3:52 he is playing fortnite

  • Hobo Hamster
    Hobo Hamster26 dager siden

    Adapt the type of guy to climb over a glass wall to see what’s on the other side 😕

  • Jsmie G
    Jsmie G29 dager siden

    Imagine Tfue responding

  • Sun Crxqed
    Sun CrxqedMåned siden

    Ahh lol,the first one tho

  • Easton Knowles
    Easton KnowlesMåned siden

    jarvis the one to complain about 70 ping , me sitting here with a average of 500 ping

  • Akali Nihang Singh
    Akali Nihang SinghMåned siden

    Adapt the type of guy to return a donut because it has a hole

  • Rayen_playsRBLX
    Rayen_playsRBLXMåned siden

    whos here at 202 with 99 984 likes

  • Lukas Weber
    Lukas WeberMåned siden

    2:43 great acting from manager lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Dropzz_Ghost
    Dropzz_GhostMåned siden

    Who was that guy with the glasses who was lactose intolerant I’m srry I forget a lot

  • Bekki McCoy
    Bekki McCoyMåned siden

    He was gonna fake it

  • Vertical Clap
    Vertical ClapMåned siden

    FaZe Adapt the type of guy to buy a smart fridge to do his homework

  • Sof and Keeks Cook
    Sof and Keeks CookMåned siden

    And now Jarvis is banned 😢#freejarvis

  • Y2KOverdosed
    Y2KOverdosedMåned siden

    6:20 Thumbnail Thank me later

  • FN Im0rtal
    FN Im0rtalMåned siden

    Adapt the type of guy to put water on a flour to help it grow

  • Claps GGS
    Claps GGSMåned siden

    😂😂 i love thèse

  • Space Kid
    Space KidMåned siden


  • FadeStand Clan
    FadeStand ClanMåned siden

    Sub to my name NoSweat111

  • John Schnabel_Jr
    John Schnabel_JrMåned siden

    Adapt is gay

  • Tucker Rafuse
    Tucker RafuseMåned siden

    T wap in the back corner of the office

  • Kyle Mohammed
    Kyle MohammedMåned siden

    She taught he was drunk😂 9:11

  • Angel Perez
    Angel PerezMåned siden

    Adapt the type of guy to return a hot wheel car because its not hot

  • Teddy Koukoumis
    Teddy Koukoumis2 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to buy the Iphone 12 and then crack it

  • joseph delmasto
    joseph delmasto2 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to think a microsoft mouse can move it self bcuz it's called a mouse

  • Kristen Kalmus
    Kristen Kalmus2 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to bring a umbrella before entering faze rains room

  • Boss at fortnite Boy
    Boss at fortnite Boy2 måneder siden


    RED BALL2 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy who can’t count

  • Aden Daye
    Aden Daye2 måneder siden

    Adapt is the type of guy who would use a soccer ball on a basketball court🏀⚽.

  • Me My acoount
    Me My acoount2 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to get mad at the mirror because they are wearing the same clothes

  • Homie Ry
    Homie Ry2 måneder siden

    Who’s watching in 2020

  • LilJ 2306
    LilJ 23062 måneder siden

    The tfue part is fake

  • Dark Reece
    Dark Reece2 måneder siden

    He said we already talked about it so adapt try to kiss him

  • Jeri- Eckard
    Jeri- Eckard2 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to build a tent with actual sticks

    TVG JEB2 måneder siden

    Who else feels bad on these vids when everyone hates him even when we know it’s staged

    HUGO ESPINOZA2 måneder siden

    go watch rz gaming pro

  • Reed Anthony
    Reed Anthony2 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to buy a new phone when it dies

  • Ahmed Izzeldin
    Ahmed Izzeldin2 måneder siden

    did tfue awnser the text?

  • ali hassan
    ali hassan2 måneder siden

    okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk adapt

  • Cool Aids
    Cool Aids2 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to drink of of a urinal and think it’s a water dispenser

  • Cool Aids

    Cool Aids

    2 måneder siden

    Idk what it’s called but I think it’s called a water dispenser.

  • XxHamzahHAGames xX
    XxHamzahHAGames xX2 måneder siden


  • Barney1241
    Barney12412 måneder siden

    do more the type of’s

  • Fearlicita
    Fearlicita2 måneder siden

    Who watching during corona 8 november 20202

  • Leo Dona
    Leo Dona2 måneder siden

    Bro did you get your phone from at t

  • Firm
    Firm2 måneder siden


  • Nazar Mohamed
    Nazar Mohamed3 måneder siden

    Is Lexi recoring

  • Nazar Mohamed
    Nazar Mohamed3 måneder siden

    When it I had bad draems

  • qtdrops_
    qtdrops_3 måneder siden


  • Oulaye Njie
    Oulaye Njie3 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of nigga to fake tlak

  • Oulaye Njie

    Oulaye Njie

    3 måneder siden

    Not guy nigga just nigga

  • Kosmc
    Kosmc3 måneder siden

    8:21 LMAO so that mean he was still in character

  • Alejando.
    Alejando.3 måneder siden

    Adapt is the type of guy that wont reply to this :(

  • Duncle
    Duncle3 måneder siden

    jarvis prolly complains about 60 ping bruh i run constant 80 -200

  • Cje Games
    Cje Games3 måneder siden

    Adapt is the type of guy that would stay social distanced to a fly

  • nick barber
    nick barber3 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to try to sneak around his house because he's in incognito mode on Google

  • Jollygamer 456
    Jollygamer 4563 måneder siden

    70 ping bad Me playing at 120 ping It seems fine

  • kb brock real
    kb brock real3 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to wait until juice wrld makes a new song

  • Heather Mendiola
    Heather Mendiola3 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the guy to wake up everybody them that he’s awake

  • Jude Prochaska
    Jude Prochaska3 måneder siden

    have u ever heard of non lactose milk like bruh

  • Christian Prietto
    Christian Prietto3 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to restart WiFi because the power went out

  • Swipes
    Swipes3 måneder siden

    Faze adapt is the type of guy to go get money out of faze banks

  • extrortornat3r
    extrortornat3r3 måneder siden

    Faze Adapt the type of guy to put an umbrella up in Faze Rain’s room

  • Vibez
    Vibez3 måneder siden

    FaZe Adpat the type of guy that drinks water before sleeping

  • -PSャPink-Gラ
    -PSャPink-Gラ3 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of person that sleeps outside to Learn peacee

  • FaZa Marco
    FaZa Marco3 måneder siden

    Adapt is a type of guy when his phone die he puts batteries b

  • lolly s
    lolly s3 måneder siden

    We're going to the movies. "Has theater in faze house"

  • NyteROGIE
    NyteROGIE3 måneder siden

    Till this day tfue never replied to adapts message

  • BradyBeast
    BradyBeast3 måneder siden

    this is the perfect type of dumbass content for me:)

  • GachaPandaGirl
    GachaPandaGirl3 måneder siden

    Adapt the tile of guy to say to his friends let’s play Squads and is playing with other people when he gets on

  • DeathFighter
    DeathFighter3 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to play Fortnite in front of Jarvis

  • Revans247ok on ipad
    Revans247ok on ipad4 måneder siden

    Holy fuck when adapter was doing the one that he was calling his mum to tell her he’s gonna go to the shops with his friends I had this same charge as his phone

  • Der DeCaprio
    Der DeCaprio4 måneder siden

    MY PING 999✌🏻

  • Cyrus Ahmed
    Cyrus Ahmed4 måneder siden

    Gwidt the guy with glasses is annoying af

  • Team Soloo
    Team Soloo4 måneder siden

    Anybody else notice the phone was typing even tho his hands w assent typing when he was texting tfue

  • jjoo11aann on top
    jjoo11aann on top4 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to get a sniper and kill temper

  • Zeltfie
    Zeltfie4 måneder siden

    Why does this ended series remind me of ricky from trailer park boys

    AKSHAT PARMAR4 måneder siden


  • Mr Yoshi
    Mr Yoshi4 måneder siden

    3,341,348 views 96 k likes 1.9 k dislikes

  • Wild Key
    Wild Key4 måneder siden

    Adapt name tfue turner LOL

  • Carma :D
    Carma :D4 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to use a lighter on water to make obsidian

  • Meezi
    Meezi4 måneder siden

    Why is 70 ping bad I play on 200 ping

  • Vlox
    Vlox4 måneder siden

    Adapt type a guy of eat pages

  • atsxxx tax
    atsxxx tax4 måneder siden

    I’m your sixth million subscriber congrats

  • ItZ _ Dubs
    ItZ _ Dubs4 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to wear a seatbelt to keep his pants on

  • xiiHexxiix
    xiiHexxiix4 måneder siden

    It’s no even funny how close adapt is to 6mil

  • S4l Clean
    S4l Clean5 måneder siden

    Faze adapt is the type of guy to put a blanket over his PS4 why it’s in rest mode

  • Caleb Rolon
    Caleb Rolon5 måneder siden

    I like how if famous people mess up they say it’s lag 😂

  • Lucas Andrew
    Lucas Andrew5 måneder siden

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  • KingYaz
    KingYaz5 måneder siden

    Who’s here when Jarvis is banned

  • Astronomical
    Astronomical5 måneder siden

    yo guys at 7:18 what happened what does i turned mean and they start apologising