FaZe Adapt vs RiceGum - FORTNITE 1v1 ($1000 BET!)

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  • Helen O’Mahony
    Helen O’MahonyÅr siden

    2019 anyone

  • YaBoSen YaBoSensigais
    YaBoSen YaBoSensigaisÅr siden

    Who else remembered when shothuns did 8 damage like always

  • TrueBlueDC4L
    TrueBlueDC4LÅr siden

    Ricegum ALWAYS LOSES to adapt First: His shoes Second: 1000 dollars 😂😂😂😂

  • Amir Skrijelj

    Amir Skrijelj

    År siden

    Goddamn write SPOILER on top so people will know

  • Daniel Dalton
    Daniel DaltonÅr siden

    Rice gum is a prick

  • Eric Mathew Jacob
    Eric Mathew JacobÅr siden

    Did adapt kill a renegade raider at 4:30??

  • MySpacekam Sam
    MySpacekam Sam2 år siden

    Adapt didn't win they tied they just don't know how to count

  • Chanel Elaro
    Chanel Elaro2 år siden

    I love fortnite

  • J News
    J News2 år siden

    The audio is good

  • Raheim Nasrullah
    Raheim Nasrullah2 år siden

    Stop saying bet

  • EHG Frap
    EHG Frap2 år siden

    I thought ricegum plays on ps4

  • Alejandro Valenzuela
    Alejandro Valenzuela2 år siden

    I thought RICE played on PS4

  • Sarina Lotlikar
    Sarina Lotlikar2 år siden

    yayayaya !!! I wanted Alex to win 😂😂

  • OT Green
    OT Green2 år siden

    I was the six hundredth dislike:o🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿😎😎😎

  • tHuG Skull
    tHuG Skull2 år siden

    Did anyone else notice he had 2 kills not 3 on the second game😂

  • Lil B
    Lil B2 år siden

    Honestly ur both doodoo

  • Tyson Brierty
    Tyson Brierty2 år siden

    You are not that good no offence I love your content your a great NOlocal like if you agree

  • Marvin Daranikone
    Marvin Daranikone2 år siden

    Rice got finessed if all didn't noticed

  • prospect woken
    prospect woken2 år siden

    In ricegums videos hes using a controller but it shows he plays on pc

    SOLIX PLAYS2 år siden

    You bet 500 dollars warriors will lose Where’s my money

  • Ella Gerkman
    Ella Gerkman2 år siden

    he calls the crystals crack rock and i call them crystal meth, like you agree lololloolollolololol

  • Snypster
    Snypster2 år siden

    Rice is on PC, Adapt on PS4...

  • Skxchers
    Skxchers2 år siden

    this game is shit

  • VexPho
    VexPho2 år siden

    whats with faze adapt, he seems a lot slower since 2015

  • mocha sãuve
    mocha sãuve2 år siden

    lol he realy wants his money

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia2 år siden

    What happened to faze they used to be energetic now they just sound weak and are lacking in the gameplay.

  • Teddy
    Teddy2 år siden

    Adapt why is the quality so bad :(

  • Alex Miguel
    Alex Miguel2 år siden

    Why is rice gum playing on a pc

  • Marley Pope
    Marley Pope2 år siden

    its a three series game.

  • Sky Mashups
    Sky Mashups2 år siden

    Come to my village noone gonna attack you baby

  • Felx Pico
    Felx Pico2 år siden

    You are the best

  • Rock’n Poppin Puppets
    Rock’n Poppin Puppets2 år siden

    This is the one time rice isn’t paying someone to play for him

  • SenMdub
    SenMdub2 år siden

    Your level 72 and you cant build

  • Mads Johansen
    Mads Johansen2 år siden

    He is in Faze and plays on console....

  • Mel XO
    Mel XO2 år siden


  • Morgan Jennings
    Morgan Jennings2 år siden

    Ayyy rice gum didn’t get Alexramigaming to play for him

  • knee ga
    knee ga2 år siden

    Doesn't ricegum play ps4??

  • Coach Doms 60fps
    Coach Doms 60fps2 år siden

    first ricegum gets 12 + kills easy on PlayStation 4 now he's playing on PC and can only get 4 kills

  • Elsan Hasanli
    Elsan Hasanli2 år siden


  • Dean Capizzi
    Dean Capizzi2 år siden

    RICEGUM could have creamed you

  • Danny fyb
    Danny fyb2 år siden

    In his strip vids rice gets like 12 Kills but now he gets less then 5 I wonder why...

  • Lol Troll
    Lol Troll2 år siden

    U don’t wanna get exposed like him do u

  • Mason Vlogs
    Mason Vlogs2 år siden

    Well Rockets lost

  • Matthew Cantu
    Matthew Cantu2 år siden

    that was so boring

  • Joshua Wood
    Joshua Wood2 år siden

    This shit just literally proves rice had people playing fortnite for his videos

  • Ben Edelmann
    Ben Edelmann2 år siden

    That heron preston hoodie though... fire

  • Ibx Tox1c
    Ibx Tox1c2 år siden

    I love how it’s not actually rice gum playing

  • alias
    alias2 år siden

    Of course rice goes to the edge of the map

  • Judy Shope
    Judy Shope2 år siden

    Wuene you say salty springs idk that meant ricegum

  • Mia
    Mia2 år siden

    It's BS that that the rockets lost

  • Ameer Daghlas
    Ameer Daghlas2 år siden

    Rice-“Those guys can build” Adapt-“ It’s an optical illusion dude” 💀💀💀

  • Braneon Risueno
    Braneon Risueno2 år siden

    More this

  • Neo
    Neo2 år siden

    Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

  • Neo
    Neo2 år siden

    Dude I killed you!!!

  • Neo
    Neo2 år siden

    Yooo that's me on my friend's account

  • Sniper_ Reece30
    Sniper_ Reece302 år siden

    This is the shittiest video on the web

  • Mouawad Bcherrawy
    Mouawad Bcherrawy2 år siden

    7:10 nigga says its a 3 SERIES GAME😑

  • blurr
    blurr2 år siden

    he’s so bad at this game

  • Link Cecilia
    Link Cecilia2 år siden

    Adapt your horrible with pro combat use pro builder 😭 I was also bad with pro combat but after using pro builder i got better.

  • ashlee .B
    ashlee .B2 år siden

    I thought you guys actually 1v1. 1v1 on solos dumbasses

  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos?
    10,000 Subscribers With No Videos?2 år siden

    Lol RiceCum lost and he is on PC.

  • Sorry I Win
    Sorry I Win2 år siden

    U ass

  • Vicenzo Brida
    Vicenzo Brida2 år siden

    hahahah u suck at fortnite omg

  • Yuboiicetee
    Yuboiicetee2 år siden

    adapt how many W's do you have

  • Simon Johnson
    Simon Johnson2 år siden

    He’s really bad at fortnite he was alright on cod tho not the best

  • Brendon Murphy
    Brendon Murphy2 år siden

    Dang I really wanted rice to win😂😂

  • John B. Wayne
    John B. Wayne2 år siden

    I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve played duos

    RUMBUTIS _2 år siden

    In round two he needed to use the rpg

  • Belmin Rastoder
    Belmin Rastoder2 år siden

    Adapt you so baddddddddddddd

  • Joser
    Joser2 år siden

    Warriors won

  • EXxo
    EXxo2 år siden

    Ewwww ricegum

  • Hamza Ali
    Hamza Ali2 år siden

    But is it really rice playing

  • Mauricio Hidalgo
    Mauricio Hidalgo2 år siden


  • PJ Claw
    PJ Claw2 år siden

    AYE WARRIORS WON +500$ for Adapt

  • anonymous
    anonymous2 år siden

    The fact that in 3 games he got 5 kills total is sad

  • Johan Lundgren
    Johan Lundgren2 år siden

    Faze adapt play games all day long and he is so bad

  • hi. _
    hi. _2 år siden

    Still Rice Gum hasn’t uploaded a video yet but the Faze Clan and Clout Gang are the best NOlocalrs in the world

  • nikus 402
    nikus 4022 år siden

    Adapt is so bad at fortnite it’s not even funny

  • Parker GAMING and MORE
    Parker GAMING and MORE2 år siden

    adapt post a part 2 this is cool

  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi2 år siden

    Why he looks thinner and like he’s voice changed too

  • Jack
    Jack2 år siden

    Amazing Video Adapt!

  • _ Swaunki _
    _ Swaunki _2 år siden

    The skin rice gum is wearing looks like apex

  • Grey Gods
    Grey Gods2 år siden

    Umm what happened to RiceFlavoredGum

  • Mal
    Mal2 år siden

    Whats an asian hot pocket?

  • King Cooch
    King Cooch2 år siden

    How is he level 72 and have no omega armor? Like this and comment the answer

  • JOHANDale•YO03
    JOHANDale•YO032 år siden

    post the Norway vlog

    KILLUA - KAMUI2 år siden

    Holy shit your bad at fortnite

  • Kenny 23
    Kenny 232 år siden

    Your channel is dying

  • Aldo Ronquillo
    Aldo Ronquillo2 år siden

    More fortnite games videos

  • Trillniick
    Trillniick2 år siden

    Ur $1000 richer niceee maaannn

  • Impactz
    Impactz2 år siden

    How you level 72 but you this ass holy shit

  • Xx_jr_Xx 1016
    Xx_jr_Xx 10162 år siden

    I thought that ricegum plays on PS4

  • beastmode johnathan5567
    beastmode johnathan55672 år siden

    6:01 haha Alex just wants rice to die

  • plasmaa go brazyy
    plasmaa go brazyy2 år siden

    Lol rice gum is better

  • Jaylocs
    Jaylocs2 år siden

    Ur ass

  • Yacht
    Yacht2 år siden

    Im confused bc rice was just on console now hes on pc and hes already used to pc , keyboard and mouse takes time to get used to, How did he get used to it so fast ??

  • Angel O
    Angel O2 år siden

    5:10 use rpg next time

  • one-_-shot 19
    one-_-shot 192 år siden

    Play with faze jev

  • E A
    E A2 år siden

    Dislike becues the aisian guy

  • II JoloII
    II JoloII2 år siden

    FaZe dead now

  • Troy Baker
    Troy Baker2 år siden

    Ricegums gameplay isn't him actually playing