Film Theory: Star Wars, How The Mandalorian PROVES the Empire was Right!

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With the return of The Mandalorian season 2 to Disney+, I felt it was about time to also return to a Star Wars theory. In a previous theory, I talked about how the Jedi could be construed as an 'evil' order. Today, I'm taking that kind of idea and flipping it to talk about the Empire itself! I think The Mandalorian provides us with even more clues that the Empire may not be as wrong in it's philosophy as we thought! How? Why? Well Theorists, make sure you Baby Yoda is somewhere safe because this is about to take a turn to the dark side...
0:38 - This is referencing two different studies citing two different percentages. It is not between 31% and 58%, it is both 31% and 58% percent results from the two studies.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Apsolon
    Apsolon19 minutter siden

    The republic and the empire are both the bad guys, we basically just choosing which evil is the one we can tolerate.

  • Wade Conner
    Wade Conner22 minutter siden

    It seems that the empire would have been much better with a different emperor.

  • Wade Conner
    Wade Conner38 minutter siden

    The sith are psychopathic murdering lying cheating exploitatious backstabbers with a predisposition twords mass murder the jedi might be bad but it's the lesser of two evils.

  • Joybuzzahz
    JoybuzzahzTime siden

    Well just from someone who doesn't like fake religions that force people to permanent abstinence. I can tell the Jedi are evil,

  • TyVi
    TyVi2 timer siden

    You forgot one key thing that the empire was racist and did not care for other humanoids except for humans

  • clement Paul
    clement Paul3 timer siden

    The Empire enslaved wookies, tracked people and ships, they let crime syndicates flourish

  • Gannon 009
    Gannon 0099 timer siden

    The empire enslaved the Wookiees

  • british skeleton
    british skeleton15 timer siden

    First order stormtroopers representing the empire not triggering not triggering at all 😑

  • british skeleton

    british skeleton

    15 timer siden


  • Darth Caedus
    Darth Caedus15 timer siden

    The code of the sith follows power, so yes. Vader wants power just like revenge of the sith that he wanted to overthrow palpatine. And the sith are not honest, just like we see in revenge of the sith where palpatine promises to save padme byt lied telling vader that he killed him. Just to name 1 example. I can keep texting about this getting evidently from both canon and legends books and movies. Palpatine wants to rule to have power

  • Renegade Guardsman Angar
    Renegade Guardsman Angar19 timer siden

    Imperials were always Good.

  • silverblade357
    silverblade357Dag siden

    So... things might have been better if Luke joined Vader, took down Palps, and endeavored to join make the empire better instead of tearing it all down?

  • silverblade357
    silverblade357Dag siden

    The Empire was pretty bad, but was efficient and enriched the lives of normal everyday people. The New Republic wanted to be good, but was incompetent, inefficient, and impossibly stupid. Seriously, they got rid of *all* the imperial ships, bases and weapons because they were "tainted". Dumbasses.

  • IAmSoup(but cooler)
    IAmSoup(but cooler)Dag siden

    Does anyone elae hate how he used first order stormtrooper pictures, when he is talking about the galactic empire? It really triggered me when he put it next to Darth Vader.

  • Herobrine 1087
    Herobrine 1087Dag siden

    I watched all the star wars movies and I supported the rebellion during all the movies but I never knew I would hear that the empire actually did a bit of good during their rule but not everything can go to plan and not everyone approves of what they are doing but hey its just a theory like you said

  • top of the world gaming
    top of the world gamingDag siden

    4:01 hmmm sounds like communism or somthing

  • AugTheGamer
    AugTheGamerDag siden

    Did anybody notice that the storm troopers he put in are first order

  • Erevis Cale
    Erevis CaleDag siden

    Yeah what did the Empire ever do that was so wrong. Aside from legalised slavery, widespread genocide, human supremacism, harsh taxation, under the table deal with Hutts and other criminal organisations, rampant corruption among the Moffs, Operation Cinder in which they massacred their own people. And oh yeah they would lobotomize people and turn them into organic droids and that's not in any way totally fucked up.

  • DevinNation
    DevinNationDag siden

    "Opportunity, peace" *The reality of alien communities being outright gunned down, blasted out and murdered during the Imperial rule.*

  • Edward Newgate
    Edward NewgateDag siden

    To be fair, it was somewhat acknowledge that the Republic itself wasn't the end all be all and that the things happening in the empire, was also happening during the time of the Republic. The Republic wasn't good, but neither was the empire. The reason the Rebels were trying to take out the empire was because they did carry out mass genocide and using fear as the main basis, the Rebels might not have been able to actually gather so many people to their cause. So the systems of the Republic and Empire was good, the concept itself, it's just that the people in charge made these systems bad.

  • Ameen Sayeed
    Ameen SayeedDag siden

    Sure, but the clones were still cool

  • Hei Zuijin
    Hei ZuijinDag siden

    The worst thing the Empire did, blowing up Alderaan, was done via the same logic the USA used to end WW2. Demoralize the rebels by killing a relative handful of civilians and soldiers and bring an end to a costly conflict. How many innocent Ewok lives could've been saved the rebels had folded on Alderaan? How many innocents died on the second Death Star, in other conflicts and in the immediate aftermath of the Empire and New Republic's fall? The Empire isn't perfect but the Galaxy was far better off with it than without. As for the Jedi, well, what happened between them and the Sith is no different than any other petty religious conflict. Lie, scheme and destroy your way to becoming the "correct" belief. When punishing people for thought crimes leads to war crimes, then there's a problem.

  • Ian
    IanDag siden

    just like in the united states, things would've been better if the confederacy won the war

  • Lorlok
    LorlokDag siden

    Yeah, China tried this thousands of years ago, let's just say things went badly

  • silver spartan 2004
    silver spartan 2004Dag siden

    The empier makes the galaxy great and good Rebels blows up places attack planets and ships. And kills alot of soilders.

  • TheGaming illustrator
    TheGaming illustratorDag siden

    Star wars rebels. As seen in the last movies as being canon with the inclusion of the ghost, gives what civilian life is like for most people under the empire's rule. Especially lothal and close systems. Wookies being used as slave labor, farmers being arrested for having their own land, empire stealing food from shops and venders without paying, or paying half the cost, and threatening shop owners if they are concerned about the people. Plots of land being burned, entire eco systems being destroyed just for existing, brainwashing, the killing and kidnapping of force sensitive children. It all happens under the empire's rule. With or without rebel interference.

  • andrew rhoads
    andrew rhoadsDag siden

    once again, Mat Pat ruined our childhood

  • Robert Wedin
    Robert Wedin2 dager siden

    Pretty good analogy for Iraq before, during and after Saddam Hussein

  • Snow axe
    Snow axe2 dager siden

    I will always Join the Empire instead of Rebel Scums,

  • Sol Stratus
    Sol Stratus2 dager siden

    by this logic Gaddafi was a great leader.

  • Captain LA'Graph
    Captain LA'Graph2 dager siden

    But the empire did enslave the wookies

  • Shinigami Sama

    Shinigami Sama

    Dag siden

    He literally said multiple times the Empire isn't perfect and it ruler IS a dictator. And the Jedi take children away to raise in some pseudo-religious knight order and indoctrinate them to the cause, so yeah. The message is just that the majority of normal citizen have it better off in the Empire than the Republic.

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A2 dager siden

    Emperor Palpatine Approves This Message

  • no name
    no name2 dager siden

    I think you forgot about the Confederacy of Independent Systems, or CIS.

  • amir wechtati
    amir wechtati2 dager siden

    communism vs capitalism

  • Blitz
    Blitz2 dager siden

    This sounds a lot like Far Cry 4, In which at the end you realize that the golden path you fought for was way worse then the faction with Pagan Min. And there is an easter egg for that if you do nothing but wait in the beginning.

  • Babylon
    Babylon3 dager siden

    The empire wasnt that bad it was a bit too authoritative but at the same time pretty successful at was goverments are supposed to do but that isnt all that surprising Darth Sidious is as strange as it may sound a competent leader and administrator he possesses for all his evil both the knowledge and the wisdom too lead.

  • Gary Sanders
    Gary Sanders3 dager siden

    My god. This is why we need mein kampf read in schools - Matt pat practically read the tenants to hitlers fascism and said it didn’t sound evil. The education system is so scared of letting kids learn about the evil philosophy in a safe environment, and now we are here hearing it from an irresponsible NOlocalr. Wtf.

  • Ethribin
    Ethribin3 dager siden

    The point always was that the Jedi order, while well intentioned, was heavily flawed and made grave errors of judgement. Especially while trying to prevent others from making those same errors.

  • Gary Sanders
    Gary Sanders3 dager siden

    This is def an argument for fascism lol

  • Memezy
    Memezy3 dager siden

    The galactic republic under the leadership of valorum was better than empire

  • Jay of th e sgc
    Jay of th e sgc3 dager siden


  • ShackuHachi
    ShackuHachi3 dager siden

    If you would have wished to take every point of view, you should have watched the other series (clone wars and rebels), where we see more of the empire and the republic

  • T P
    T P3 dager siden

    This review is a giant load of Bantha poodoo. Palpating caused allot of the issues. Yes the Jedi were a terribly run cult. Anakins failure was in large part because of the Jedi but the Empire was NOT remotely the good guy. This gig will do well under socialism.

  • Jason Grigor-Salas
    Jason Grigor-Salas4 dager siden

    The Empire are the good guys only if you are human. Otherwise any alien species had virtually zero rights under the Empire and could be enslaved (Wookiees) or killed in a genocide (Geonosians). Both of these are brought up in canon in Star Wars Rebels by the way. In legends, the whole no rights to aliens led to the Rebellion mostly being made up of aliens along with human sympathizers. Aliens simply had far more rights under the Galactic Republic and I would assume they have more rights under the New Republic as well. Also Starkiller Base was built by the Empire in Jedi Fallen Order. The First Order just inherited it. The First Order is all of the bad things about the Empire and proves that the Empire was just as much of a failure as the Republics before and after it. In the end all major galactic powers are critically flawed in some aspect.

  • Rex Ferguson
    Rex Ferguson4 dager siden

    I like how he says chonks instead of chunks

  • Hunter McMillan
    Hunter McMillan4 dager siden

    We need all the people who want to overthrow the government to see this video because it explains how their idea is majorly fucking dumb

  • Justicar 66
    Justicar 664 dager siden

    Yes, but no! The republic was corrupt beyond measure. When it had lasted 1000 years it 100% was. The Emperor used this to obtain power. The Jedi, the senate 1000% corrupt. But it was just trading one evil for another. Its all about balance. Anakin did balance the force, he destroyed the arrogance and ignorance of the Jedi and left the force in balance. Only two Sith and a very few Jedi. The Jedi were just so full of themselves they couldn't see that they were the imbalance.

  • Hades Dogs
    Hades Dogs4 dager siden

    Casent point the Middle East

  • Hades Dogs
    Hades Dogs4 dager siden

    The economy boomed There was stability Corruption

  • commander dark
    commander dark4 dager siden

    Man without the military the government falls apart. no order.

  • Burner 23
    Burner 234 dager siden

    I know the "Empire is space Nazis" thing is way overused, but there is an interesting correlation. The Empire's method of having Imperial governors overseeing each sector is similar to Germany's planned system for conquered Europe. The plan was to break Europe into zones (Reichskommisariats) and each zone would have a governor (Reichskommisar) who was appointed by the Reich. The kommisars would have been in charge of quashing revolutions and ensuring local governments did not get out of hand, while the local governments pretty much self governed.

  • Lucas Gribbon
    Lucas Gribbon4 dager siden

    Mangalorian! I'm Bebby Yoda!

  • Benjamin Bierley
    Benjamin Bierley4 dager siden

    Even taking into account Palpatine's manipulations, he was only exaggerating and accelerating what was already might sound like an evil comparison but it's like the controlled burn of a forest, even if he hadn't enticed the Trade Federation and others into breaking away by playing the part of shadowy benefactor that promised to help them achieve victory the separatist crisis would have still been building up with how corrupt the republic senate had become well before Palpatine showed up on the scene.

  • Askan Helström
    Askan Helström4 dager siden

    pay close attention to these words: "Peace is a Lie. There is only Passion. Through Passion I gain Strength, through Strength I gain Power. Through Power I gain Victory, through Victory my Chains are Broken. The Force shall Free me." In my understanding, this Codex is much more humane...

  • Bronze Sparrow
    Bronze Sparrow4 dager siden

    So you’ve boiled Star Wars down to a Fox News editorial. Everything you talk about is oversimplified and misleading.

  • Sixth Jayhawk
    Sixth Jayhawk4 dager siden

    Jabba the Hutt was still in power after 20-plus years under the Empire's rule. Maybe it wasn't as effective as you claim.

  • musikSkool
    musikSkool4 dager siden

    I am pretty sure Anakin wanted to be a Jedi, and I am pretty sure they asked his mother if he could go. I don't think Fin 2187 was asked before he was conscripted.

  • musikSkool
    musikSkool4 dager siden

    It sounds like you are trying to get your British citizenship there Mat Pat. #BritishEmpireStrikesBack

  • : D
    : D4 dager siden


  • Saurjyesh Banerjee
    Saurjyesh Banerjee5 dager siden

    Darth Vader was supposed to bring balance.he did exactly that.

  • Runic Vision
    Runic Vision5 dager siden

    We just gonna wash over the anti alien racism.

  • Bandito The Sneak
    Bandito The Sneak5 dager siden

    Enjoyed the theory but couldn’t help but notice first order stormtroopers being used in images where it should be imperial stormtroopers

  • ender_slayer3
    ender_slayer35 dager siden

    Something with Alderaan that nobody seems to mention is that for a veritable garden world THAT close to the core, Alderaan’s population (in relation to the other core worlds) was TINY, while most planets in Alderaan’s position ranged from the very high millions to BILLIONS Alderaan was barely 2 billion. Another thing that nobody mentions is that the Empire did what America did in WWII to Japan and gave an evacuation order and a time. Unlike Japan however most of the planet’s population took them up on the offer and went off world ASAP leaving “only” a few million who were either to stubborn or stupid to know when to leave.

  • Lead Town
    Lead Town5 dager siden


  • Pudding
    Pudding5 dager siden

    So the Empire was like the CIS: actually the good guys but the Sith pulling the strings ruined it.

  • Terrace15


    Dag siden


  • Lexington73300
    Lexington733005 dager siden

    "Life under the Empire wasn't so bad..." Tell that to the people of Lothal.

  • Game Knight613

    Game Knight613

    12 timer siden

    also you know, mass g*nocide on Geonosis

  • Johannes Wortberg

    Johannes Wortberg

    4 dager siden

    I just wanted to comment the same! He doesn't consider anything that is shown in Rebels. Also, what about Kashyyyk? The Empire actively enslaved Wookies and uprooted big parts of the jungle to build refineries and stuff (as seen in Legends Han Solo and Chewbacca Stories, iirc, and in Fallen Order)

  • Mr Voldis
    Mr Voldis5 dager siden

    If this person wasn't so annoying it could be good content. Instant ignore Oh and good job stealing content from others. This is totally a unique opinion on the Jedi 🤣

  • LancerZ 420
    LancerZ 4205 dager siden

    Imperialism is the best form of government.

  • Dave Joyce
    Dave Joyce5 dager siden

    Sorry, but this argument is total crap. It’s like making an argument for Communism.

    THELOOTNINJA695 dager siden

    One thing though is that the empire as seen in the bad batch, they kind of tag each person and repress them.

  • Matthew Stahl
    Matthew Stahl5 dager siden

    The thing I didn't like about the Jedi is that they let fights escalate to the point where someone gets killed. That's what happened between Kenobi and Anakin. Kenobi fought Anakin and when Anakin fell into the pit of lava, he left him there for dead. Anakin could've died! But luckily, the Empire kept him alive by giving him a mech suit. This suit was designed to keep Anakin alive, which is why it made that breathing sound effect. Anakin stayed that way until he died in the explosion of the second Death Star. That's the only reason why I didn't like the Jedi and perhaps I still don't to this day.

  • James F.
    James F.5 dager siden

    The Ewoks seem way more impressive if you think of them as honey badgers entering their stone age

  • SamieMac
    SamieMac5 dager siden

    Eek. This is almost a commercial for socialism over capitalism. You completely glazed over the difference between conscripted service into the empire and voluntary service with the jedi. You also skipped the part about the empire controlling everything and killing lots and lots of innocent people all across the galaxy. You also stated without supporting that almost everything the empire did was as successful. I think you've been reading too many of the new comics books and forgot how miserable Tattooine was at the start of episode 4 compared to their better (although still crappy) existence in the prequels. The whole universe was crap under the empire. One government cannot successfully control an area that big. That's why a Republic - a collection of smaller governments in alliance - works better. Your main evidence of empirical success is the monologueing of two villains. Probably not the best source for objective analysis. What is it about dictatorial rule that Millennials find so irresistible?

  • Paul Delivera
    Paul Delivera5 dager siden

    To old to be a Jedi to old f To be friends with a Catholic priest Life is BS

  • rix.
    rix.5 dager siden

    m@ p@ : * forgets intro * me : :O

  • BattlecatbombYT
    BattlecatbombYT6 dager siden

    Why are the captions korean????

  • MT29K
    MT29K6 dager siden

    Your forgetting one thing. We are capitalists

  • Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis6 dager siden

    This is the one series I don't want ruined for me so ima skip this on.

  • MrCole462
    MrCole4626 dager siden

    Essentially your saying communism is good

  • Master Kenobi
    Master Kenobi6 dager siden

    Yes yes, the empire is good. I’m tired of this argument. It’s hilarious. Now come up with something good.

  • Nyarlathotep
    Nyarlathotep6 dager siden

    What I'm getting here is that Star Wars is just Capitalist propaganda

  • Joseph Ashworth
    Joseph Ashworth6 dager siden

    What about the slavery of the wookees

  • Joel Varley
    Joel Varley6 dager siden

    in some comic there was a history of the empire and the ewoks fighting

  • Bob Dickens
    Bob Dickens6 dager siden

    So it’s kind of comparable to the Roman Empire, but Caesar fails to defeat his opposition and Pax Romana is never realized

  • John Nopey
    John Nopey6 dager siden

    When I was a child I was under the impression that the Republic were the bad guys.

  • steve denis
    steve denis6 dager siden

    From a certain point of view. The rebels were just useful idiots used by politicians to meet their end game which they never actually had. It is always easy to find fault with a system but very difficult to replace it with something better. Like you stated both sides were flawed beings got screws over and some rose to prosperity. Got to be carful of which truths you cling to.

  • Outhouse Productions
    Outhouse Productions7 dager siden

    Ah, yes. The Empire and ewoks coexisted! Oh, hi Star Wars Battlefront two! what are you doing here? Also, the Empire are well known for the slavery of wookies, even at a young age.

  • Elyya
    Elyya7 dager siden

    the new republic just thinks like technoblade

  • MegaManNeoX
    MegaManNeoX7 dager siden

    Star wars Rebels shows the bad side of the empire.

  • mxrx
    mxrx7 dager siden

    I don't think anyone reading in to the SWU is really thinking that the Jedi are in any way good.

  • Elio Formicone
    Elio Formicone7 dager siden

    Princess Leia is the best imposter known

  • Lincoln Palmer
    Lincoln Palmer7 dager siden

    I request an updated version after the bad batch

  • Lexiis Alicea
    Lexiis Alicea7 dager siden

    Big difference between stealing children (empire) and having the parents permission to take the child to be raised (the jedi order) Also the empire only wants to make thing good for humans... Ever notice no aliens working for the empire that isn't thrawn ot a bounty hunter

  • sakatababa
    sakatababa7 dager siden

    emperor palpatine was not a dictator but a tyrant. there is huge difference in motive and execution between those two roles...

  • sakatababa
    sakatababa7 dager siden

    like it shows in episode 2, anakin was always guided by the force to bring greater good and order. well, if it works...

  • Yoda07 M
    Yoda07 M7 dager siden

    5:53 is anyone else such a nerd that they noticed that those are first order storm troopers not imperial ones

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix7 dager siden

    It was better...for most humans of influence. Wookies were practically outright enslaved if not so, there were prisoner mining locations in some cases with “prisoners” who had no charges, like the republic they did nothing or little about the Hutts, in general aliens were often disregarded or brought down, Corruption was a fairly common issue, forcefully taking citizen property wasn’t uncommon (rebels has that in one of the first episodes). To be fair, most of what I know comes from legends. But still the Empire had a serious issue with actually keeping any sort of real peace.

  • Mr. Panda
    Mr. Panda7 dager siden

    Everybody were talking about the movies not the cartoons when people say the empire is good

  • Stephen CSAXXX Bialkowski
    Stephen CSAXXX Bialkowski7 dager siden


  • Sugu Murali
    Sugu Murali7 dager siden

    In episode one its verified that the republic couldn't get to tattoine and other outer rim planets

  • StinkPickle4000
    StinkPickle40007 dager siden

    Discrediting Leia was a good step.