Film Theory: The Dark Truth of Wanda's STOLEN Children! (WandaVision)

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"For the children." That's the phrase that keeps coming up in WandaVsion. For a while, I thought that meant the missing children of the town but last week we got to see them again. Then I thought it meant HER children, Billy and Tommy, whose mysterious appearance has left many questions so far unanswered. Theorists, there is SO MUCH to unpack when it comes to the Hex, Wanda's kids, and what reality actually means anymore. Get ready to get mystical!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Kable10
    Kable106 dager siden

    Matpat is Mephisto confirmed

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    Hi kable

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    This is true

  • Fatedreal Wiliams

    Fatedreal Wiliams

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    Um I have a theory a film theory i am a fan and I think in have found out the owl house well the end . OK so what's so good about this theory it fits OK listen the emperor told everyone that they were doing magic wrong and and he could talk to the titan so no proof? We know he is the bad guy but why would he lie I think I found out. he manipulates the people wares a mask I think he works for a organization from the human government think when luz thinks this one monster was real she got sent to boot camp ... To shut her up she saw it she knew it cmon it makes sence mat pat

  • Sadeki Nessrine

    Sadeki Nessrine

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  • Sandevistator
    Sandevistator17 minutter siden

    Well he got the Wandas being used right

  • Celtic Akuma
    Celtic Akuma40 minutter siden

    Is funny how he goes so far, but forgets the most obvious route. Mephisto

  • Radio Ninja
    Radio NinjaTime siden

    Mat: **makes a video about Wanda vision** Me: I’m finna *BUST*

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    Who else think comic speed is absolutely hilarious? Just me? Ok.

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    It was Agatha all along

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  • Purpleduck 31
    Purpleduck 312 timer siden

    Okay MatPat riddle me this, what happened to the guy we first saw at the end of episode two. In episode 4 it was revealed to us that he was sent in, but after Wanda rewrote the ending of episode two we never saw him again. What happened to the agent that was sent in?

  • Nevaeh randolph
    Nevaeh randolph2 timer siden

    Can you do one on sander sides please 🙏 🙂 🙄 😭 😔 😢 🙏 🙂 🙄

  • Mantic Ore
    Mantic Ore2 timer siden

    nope, wanda is the big bad, its just that Agatha is heavily destroying the reality and screwing it up to make Wanda more unstable and become more a puppet.

  • Poject 15
    Poject 152 timer siden

    I like how he mentions FMA and then talks about wanda creating her children from the children of the town..... remind you guys of a certain girl and her dog?

  • Stephen C.
    Stephen C.2 timer siden

    Lol I had the same theory by the 3rd episode.

  • Fredboi the Plush
    Fredboi the Plush3 timer siden

    Who else would find it interesting for Matpat to do an episode on Willys wonderland? Since it’s technically fnaf inspired sort of

  • A Glorious Carbohydrate
    A Glorious Carbohydrate3 timer siden

    Hey Matpat, I also think the cmbr levels could be increasing because if you remember back to the explanation of how the infinity Stones were created, it talks about how the stones are created from The big bang. Wanda got her powers from one of the stones, therefore it could also just be a big expense of her powers. ( If any of these facts wrong as I do apologize)

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    Jerry Harrison4 timer siden

    No Matpat Is Not Wanda Is Agatha All Along You Have To Believe In Me Matpat I Have A Theory That Agatha Is Controlling Wanda In Wandavision Trust Me Wanda Is Not The Villain Of Wandavision Agatha Is.

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    jollyroz random vids4 timer siden

    theories on olee!

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    Zumbi 4044 timer siden

    the kid with read cloak kinda reminds me of tetsuo in his "final form"

  • D Cell Productions
    D Cell Productions4 timer siden

    Please do a theory on the show 'Creeped out.' My little brother loves the show, it would mean a lot. Don't think you'll see this, but can't hurt to try.

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    Kenneth Clark4 timer siden

    Hit or miss more like hit and miss mat pat knows all about that

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    Elliot Hellyer4 timer siden

    We need a film theory about how SWORD fits in to the MCU! It was supposedly founded by captian marvel's friend in like the eighties or nineties, but then where was this alt-SHIELD during the last thirty or more years?

  • UNSALTED Gaming Network
    UNSALTED Gaming Network5 timer siden

    "Wanda Is the villain." Agatha: "Hold my Coffee."

  • M. M.
    M. M.5 timer siden

    Matpat, your theory's on Wanda vision are amazing! My family loves Wanda vision and I always tell them about your theory's! Again, love your vid's!!

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    unitedfox15 timer siden

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  • Alex Ouzts
    Alex Ouzts5 timer siden

    If Wanda is supposedly Quicksilver from the Xmen's sister, that would mean Magneto would have a daughter like Wanda in that universe

  • J P
    J P5 timer siden

    I think it is aghast that is controlling wanda

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy6 timer siden

    I think the kids are key. Agatha can’t control them, she said “impossible to control children, no matter how hard you try”

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    Did you know that xenomorph queens now count as Disney princesses?

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    So I've just finished watching Mr robot.. it left me very emotional and I've been looking up videos about it. I was like hmm ya know who must have a great theory about Mr robot... film theory APPARENTLY NOT! FOR REAL!? I SEARCHED THE FILM THEORIEST MR ROBOT IN NOlocal AND NOTHING ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW

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    Sorry did you just say superman... this is mcu

  • Anya Varela
    Anya Varela7 timer siden

    Billy and Tommy have to be real in some form because they have scenes from their own perspective, something that only happens to characters not under the Hex’s control. Wanda gets her own scenes along with Vision, we follow Monica’s perspective once she re-enters the Hex (and technically gets a scene from her perspective when Darcy and Wu see her as Geraldine on the television), and even Agatha gets a scene from her own perspective while pretending to be Agnes. She talks to the mailman in episode 2 without Wanda present. All the other characters are seen and interacted with from a “main character’s” perspective. We get to follow Billy and Tommy here and there throughout the Halloween episode, and Billy? I think? notices that something is wrong with Vision while Wanda doesn’t. They also say things they really shouldn’t be able to if they didn’t have a mind of their own, with the whole “you can raise the dead”, and questioning the re-killing Vision thing that Pietro said. As for what they’re made of, I wonder if they could have been reconstructed from parts of Vision? Mini Visions lol

  • Sophie Fia
    Sophie Fia8 timer siden

    Me watching this humming Agatha along

  • Matthew Judge
    Matthew Judge8 timer siden

    Matpat what happened with dad you know HIM what happened did you get the Food are you under THEYRE control

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    Local58 new video ey? You should make a new video with the new lore (moon castle?)

  • I-Love-FANAF-ar -
    I-Love-FANAF-ar -8 timer siden

    Omg matpat was right he was so right go watch the latest episode of Wanda vision. In your next epsideo you should say well ladies and gentlemen we were right about Wanda vision.

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    It’s been Agatha All Along

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    Judah Motley9 timer siden

    no offense but i hate this theory, uve got some great theorys my favorite are the fnaf ones but this one, hmmm no. and I hate marvel now cuz of their recent announcement you mentioned

  • noah hager
    noah hager9 timer siden

    I just realized that he got rid of the intro

  • Psycho Sugar
    Psycho Sugar9 timer siden

    Maybe she can create people out of nothing, she just felt like she needed the vision corpse, and needed to do something with the Kevlar

  • Magnus Criwall
    Magnus Criwall9 timer siden

    Calling it now, adult (or at least teenage) Wiccan and Speed will be there for the final battle in the show. There will apparently be a lot of CGI, someone involved in the show, I forgot who, said there are scenes with an amount of CGI that rivals Endgame in the last episode so it's pretty safe to bet there will be A LOT of superpowers thrown around, we have Vision, Monica (Photon), whoever Quicksilver actually turn out to be, an army of Sword agents and If Dottie Jones actually turn out to actually be Arcana Jones, we will have three sorceresses. The reasoning for that theory is that Wandas flowers and powers are red/pink, Agathas flowers and powers are purple and Dotties flowers are yellow. I'll give you one guess what color Arcanas Powers are in the comics... And she happens to be married to a Phill in the comics too. That's either a clever Easter egg or a reveal for next episode.

  • Sara De Almeida
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  • trent may
    trent may9 timer siden

    No you see it's her kids she really gave birth she made herself pregnant and "pedro" was a normal person Wanda brought him from the outside she recast him so you're kinda wrong

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    Cullan Grady11 timer siden

    Agatha hark is working with mephisto and mephisto is the head sword agent and using Wanda and making her think her life is good then at the end mephisto will take everything from her and by doing that it will go insane and causing her to destroy stuff

  • Jordan Kelly
    Jordan Kelly11 timer siden

    Sorry matpat I have five words that will make most of this theory wrong and here they are: it’s been Agatha all along

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    Kyle Pool11 timer siden

    Hopefully another theory comes out tomorrow about WandaVision

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    Just like every single one of your predictions on your channels, “This didn’t age well”

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    So after the last Wanda Vision theory, I have established that MatPat is now very much on the run for illegally pirating episode 7 early.

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    Connall Norburn15 timer siden

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    Boom! Finally someone who agrees that its really quiksilver! If i hear one more theory from other channels saying hes mephisto/a.n.other in a quicksilver costume ill cry. Honestly cry.

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird16 timer siden

    *SPOILER* the kids disappeared

  • Charlie Robinson
    Charlie Robinson16 timer siden

    Wanda bargained with Mephisto to bring vision back to life. Mephisto is usually in doctor strange and spider man comics, and two of the mcu movies coming this year are Doctor Strange multiverse of madness and Spider Man 3. Mephesto will be making his debut in wanda vision because Evan Peters, the same actor who plays pietro Maximoff, will be playing Mephisto, so pietro probably took Tommy and Billy considering he is Mephisto

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