We've been a bit mia over the last week while we have been moving into the new house but we are back! Watch me stream every night on twitch!
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA


  • Anthony Fennell
    Anthony Fennell11 dager siden

    7:34 that could've ended so badly lol

  • kaleoa1oha
    kaleoa1oha21 dag siden

    beta test SpaceX's starlink low latency satellite internet. From what I heard, its pretty good

    YOYO YOOO23 dager siden

    Millions of money and can't eat properly.

  • O Cali
    O Cali23 dager siden

    Get Starlink I'm sure your coverage and WiFi will be 💯

    CAAARRRLL23 dager siden

    This just popped up in my recommended and man what a nice house and cars! Does this guy just do NOlocal to afford all this or is this just something he does on the side??

  • James Schug
    James Schug24 dager siden


  • flugeldd
    flugeldd24 dager siden

    You could put a infrared heater on the ceiling above the shower. Should warm the shower up pretty nicely

  • Nathan Countyrman
    Nathan Countyrman25 dager siden

    You play death by daylight?

  • Cole Drake
    Cole Drake26 dager siden

    Tj get elon musks new satalite

  • Aaron Coleman
    Aaron Coleman26 dager siden

    The advertisement before your video is an Audi add. Lol. New Zealand 🇳🇿

  • Robert FromOC
    Robert FromOC27 dager siden

    Be sure to shower after being in a hot tub or you can get folliculitis or other skin rashes/infections that can last for weeks. Check out Hot Tub Rash over at the CDC website.

  • Robert FromOC
    Robert FromOC27 dager siden

    IMPORTANT TIP - Before the flooring guys do anything ask them how far out are they coating? Will they stop at the seam or continue coating the extra few inches of concrete out to where it transitions to brick? (That's what the guys who did my floor did and it looks terrible.) In fact you might want to put some tape down right at the edge of the garage door since it looks like a bit might stick out beyond and be visible when the door is closed.

  • KCars
    KCars27 dager siden

    Well deserved my man

  • Thales Martinelli
    Thales Martinelli27 dager siden

    go VR!

  • Gunawan Azis
    Gunawan Azis28 dager siden

    Modern house nice

  • EDS Garage
    EDS Garage28 dager siden

    Pull the floor out of the bathroom and install electric radiant floor heating, thank me later. Its the best feeling walking in on a warm bathroom floor taking a leak right after you woke up ;)

  • David Vandorpe
    David Vandorpe28 dager siden

    damn from scrambling on cars in calvins parents garage to this wauw props to u man!!

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith28 dager siden

    Big cigar guy myself...what are your go to smokes? Mine are anything Liga Privada by Drew Estate.

  • Rydnorth
    Rydnorth28 dager siden

    Congrats on the huge accomplishment dude! So crazy to see how far you have come! 🤘🏻

  • The Swedish Car Guy
    The Swedish Car Guy29 dager siden


  • CanadianMilkBag
    CanadianMilkBag29 dager siden

    How are you enjoying the rain/snow?

  • Ryan Pekarik
    Ryan Pekarik29 dager siden

    Get you some Elon Musk Starlink sat internet!

  • Matt Yoder
    Matt Yoder29 dager siden

    *a tesla*

  • PirateMods
    PirateMods29 dager siden

    Sub'd today . Congrats on the awesome new home. I am new to the channel and found you through a recommendation after watching other super car videos.

  • WillSan09
    WillSan0929 dager siden

    @obsessedgarage please!

  • Joe Smartballs
    Joe Smartballs29 dager siden

    You might as well marry Sabrina. She can get you for Palimony payments. California laws suck. Then you use her in thumb nails to get views, so she can probably get you for alot. Be happy, get married, and have kids. Life is too short. Nice house.

  • Gary Emery
    Gary Emery29 dager siden

    Im not gonna makes me feel better about myself that I have better internet than TJ hahaha every aspect of his life may be better than mine but I have 600mbps down internet hahaha

  • Sig Jamison
    Sig Jamison29 dager siden

    Congrats man 🙌

  • Andrew Mohamed
    Andrew MohamedMåned siden

    Excellent video brother Definitely Happy for you & everyone. Also your Goals n motivation for others as well. Be safe

  • Jensen Jewell
    Jensen JewellMåned siden

    I don’t see how you possibly make this much money

  • Zach Weinberg
    Zach WeinbergMåned siden

    11:56 imma guess an off road build you heard it here first teej

  • Chase Guynn
    Chase GuynnMåned siden

    Teej, have a shower similar to yours, best solution is to do a full glass door. It will have two anchor points on the wall, and it helps keep the warm air in, also cheaper than redoing the whole thing.

  • Mr. Good
    Mr. GoodMåned siden

    retro car with tesla swap?

  • Scott Music
    Scott MusicMåned siden

    Congrats u 4

  • Dustin Cox
    Dustin CoxMåned siden

    Off road build?

  • David Bentley
    David BentleyMåned siden

    The secret car is a Chevette hahahaha. Certainly no one would see that coming lol

  • Triple R Camping Resort
    Triple R Camping ResortMåned siden

    Happy for you bro. Looks awesome. Keep moving forward.

  • Alexander Hoffman
    Alexander HoffmanMåned siden

    you should blur ur address btw

  • Jay's Eye View
    Jay's Eye ViewMåned siden

    The house is absolutely mega Teej, Congratulations! But why the hell did they put the TV mounting spaces so high?

  • Vince B
    Vince BMåned siden

    It’s not called a WiFi provider. It’s called an ISP (internet service provider). Everyone always mixes WiFi with internet, thinking it’s the internet, but it is not. WiFi is just a wireless connection to the internet. Like wired is a wired connection to the internet. Your next option is to go satellite, but frankly you’ll get terrible speeds for the price. You could stick to LTE from your cellular provider, but that is not a good long term solution. I suggest you talk to your last provider from your townhome or closest provider to your new home and see about being quoted for a circuit run from the nearest service station. I’m having one done for my house as I’m sick of cable and want the local fiber that is only allocated for the city limits as I’m technically outside them. It’s not cheap but it’s worth having a legitimate service provider for NOlocal, Gaming, Streaming, etc.

  • Konrád Konrády
    Konrád KonrádyMåned siden

    Just use Starlink ffs, people have great experience with it so far and it's still beta.

  • heavyq
    heavyqMåned siden

    As a NOC Tech for an ISP, if you call one of those providers sales groups, tell them what you need, and are okay with paying for the trenching and whatnot, they will be more than happy to run new fiber out to your house. We do it all the time. IDK what the cost is in CA, but it may very well be worth it in the long run.

  • Jose Cardoza
    Jose CardozaMåned siden

    Dude get starlink.

  • Isidro Cortes
    Isidro CortesMåned siden

    Please release more lanyards 🥺

  • John Santos
    John SantosMåned siden

    Damn that mk5 gets no love

  • Dusty Steele
    Dusty SteeleMåned siden

    It’s super easy to just change the shower heads to massive heads that make it rain!! You’d think with how expensive that house probably was that they could’ve put a swing glass door for the shower.

  • Duey170
    Duey170Måned siden

    Seeing the two doggo's peeking out the window totally made my day!

  • Kelvin Maldonado
    Kelvin MaldonadoMåned siden

    I have seen you grind for a long time.. from regular cars to supercars! doing all you do is not easy so CONGRATS on your success! enjoy you only live once make it a GOOD ONE!

  • Michael Lenoch
    Michael LenochMåned siden

    *has 6,000+ sq-ft San Diego mansion but eats frozen food on disposable plates* #babymillionaire

  • T Drew
    T DrewMåned siden

    Feel like he’s going bmw 👀

  • Richard Chichester
    Richard ChichesterMåned siden

    Really hope it’s a model a or something of that nature 🤔

  • Jesse Lemstra
    Jesse LemstraMåned siden

    Its going to be a 69 muscle car build it has to be.

  • Diego Salazar
    Diego SalazarMåned siden

    Love the house man but I’m starting to miss the shop now lol

  • justmejay
    justmejayMåned siden

    1.84 million! Who wants the address? Lol

  • James Strother
    James StrotherMåned siden

    Should have let Obsessed garage (Matt Moreman) do the design and construction man. The detail and things he thinks about it far better than anyone else.

  • peter townsend
    peter townsendMåned siden

    You’re gonna have a bad glare during the day from the window with the racing sim in that corner

  • Christopher
    ChristopherMåned siden

    You should do what Evan Shanks did to his garage

  • MobileChaos
    MobileChaosMåned siden

    Sweet. You making a diesel monster truck. That is awesome.

  • Nick
    NickMåned siden

    black a red speckle flooring ouui buddy

  • DonFlaco Media
    DonFlaco MediaMåned siden

    TJ you should do a hotboi build. A build underground car enthusiasts can relate too

  • Tyler K
    Tyler KMåned siden

    Track build?

  • Jesus Ponce de Leon
    Jesus Ponce de LeonMåned siden

    You have to Eat Sh*t for a few years to eat Caviar for the rest of your Life...

  • Cole Hockenberry
    Cole HockenberryMåned siden

    The new car is a crown Vic

  • Adham Abousalem
    Adham AbousalemMåned siden

    The cone unpredictably snow because ketchup rahilly murder below a quiet system. incompetent, oafish bangle

  • Imbored
    ImboredMåned siden

    Lol 😆 want suspension get a stealth bomba electric bike absolutely awsome

  • NoClassic
    NoClassicMåned siden

    There is always extreme latency and data cap fees with nearly all satellite services. You should see if you can get Starlink.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew SmithMåned siden

    Do some sound proofing in the game room. Really bad echo in there, need something to absorb sound.

  • Rob Flanders
    Rob FlandersMåned siden

    Congrats tj! Pumped for you and sabrina! You earned it all!!!

  • Nicholas Dovgi
    Nicholas DovgiMåned siden

    Tj has the girl, the cars, the friends, the house, the job, the clothes, the lifestyle and so one but the one thing he doesnt yet have that he desperately needs is some nice watches!!! Teej stop wearing MVNT garbage watches and get a Rolex/Omega/Tudor/AP/Patek/Panerai/Tag Heuer/Breiting ect ASAP

  • Adam Sarkisian
    Adam SarkisianMåned siden

    “Off road scooter” but has zero suspension lol

  • Jxke
    JxkeMåned siden

    its a bmw

    FROSTTwoLTMåned siden

    Lmao doesn’t even look like a off road scooter

  • America’s Sports Car
    America’s Sports CarMåned siden

    That is a decent little shack you got there

  • Jason Harris
    Jason HarrisMåned siden

    What you really need is a Sur Ron ebike. Lots of power and it is like a downhill bike. Would be great to build a mini moto track down your hill. House is coming along nice.

  • Nolan Driedger
    Nolan DriedgerMåned siden

    Welp he bought a muscle car

  • Ildefonso Rivera
    Ildefonso RiveraMåned siden

    Rich people problems it’s too cold in the shower 😂

  • Manos T
    Manos TMåned siden

    Why every RB26 needs a PRP cam & crank trigger kit...Hmm....

  • Maxjamm Games
    Maxjamm GamesMåned siden

    he got a tesla lol

  • WeaponXprogram
    WeaponXprogramMåned siden

    Get Obsessed Garage out there

  • hamik khachatrian
    hamik khachatrianMåned siden

    Cressida I’m calling it

  • Ally Kerr
    Ally KerrMåned siden

    Moving up Teej ! Reckon the top fan on NOlocal or Instagram should a invite to the house warming ;)

  • Joshua Gomes
    Joshua GomesMåned siden

    Is the new car a mustang?

  • Jordan Major
    Jordan MajorMåned siden

    FD gotta be in the garage

  • Tony Hightower
    Tony HightowerMåned siden

    Honestly I am in the same situation but the DSL in my area is outstanding. They have come a long way depending on your area

  • fr33lancr
    fr33lancrMåned siden

    How is there no CAT6 wiring in that house? Show us your data closet. Build something for the boys to lay on so they can stare out the windows and sleep all day when your not home. :(

  • Karl Anttila Sr.
    Karl Anttila Sr.Måned siden

    Kinda like my place except the jacuzzi is clothing-optional...;-)

  • Max H.
    Max H.Måned siden


  • ezeceal00
    ezeceal00Måned siden

    It’s a truck or a lifted car or something super slow idk but that’s my guess

  • Carlos Cabrera
    Carlos CabreraMåned siden

    I love your house bro

  • Fuk Yoo
    Fuk YooMåned siden

    That twin turbo lambo vid looked fun. Enjoy it while you can

  • Adam F
    Adam FMåned siden

    Isn't the TV waaaaay to far up the wall? I mean poor necks

  • Brady Zarate
    Brady ZarateMåned siden

    hell yeah teej, i’m calling it right now. He got himself the lambo murci. what a guy

  • najme nasuha
    najme nasuhaMåned siden

    Congrats on the new house Teej. Big love from Brunei Darussalam

  • Al Borland
    Al BorlandMåned siden

    New project car is finally a stage rally car build nice

  • Jordy Highroller
    Jordy HighrollerMåned siden

    Congrats tj proud of u man love the content but i miss those top of the parking garage sunset videos and local car meetup vlogs!

  • Tribal Memes
    Tribal MemesMåned siden

    i like the galaxys edge darth vader lightsaber haha. ive got mine on my desk lol

  • Marcus Gregory
    Marcus GregoryMåned siden

    Stradman needs help working on his lambo! Lol

  • Johnathan
    JohnathanMåned siden


  • Matt Kobus
    Matt KobusMåned siden

    Take some air out of the tires it won’t be as bumpy

  • IncisionWorks
    IncisionWorksMåned siden

    Something we haven't seen before? American muscle build coming soon?👀👀