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  • kevin Chavez
    kevin ChavezMåned siden

    Im the newest comment since 7 months crazy

  • Momma Garbage
    Momma Garbage8 måneder siden

    Is anyone watching this after Jarvis is banned

  • Dyzeez
    Dyzeez8 måneder siden

    The good days

  • ZecTor Legacy
    ZecTor Legacy9 måneder siden

    "Taste like fruit" lmao...

  • Gucci Boy
    Gucci Boy10 måneder siden

    Bro we’re not haters we’ve just seen you say that same thing saying you’ll post and never do

  • Jordan Dam
    Jordan Dam10 måneder siden

    Who’s here after the new faze clan house tour

  • PopBAT
    PopBATÅr siden

    When tfue was in faze

  • Riioas
    RiioasÅr siden

    If you don’t eat the skin with the kiwi you dumb 😎

  • Ahmed LAN
    Ahmed LANÅr siden

    Good job

  • Wittypert
    WittypertÅr siden

    When tfue was there

  • sebastian vanegas
    sebastian vanegasÅr siden

    Where's berry man

  • Aka Diego
    Aka DiegoÅr siden

    Where is faze barry

  • Andrew Shortss
    Andrew ShortssÅr siden

    Bruhh is it me or the reason why Faze Adapt is so funny because he always looked geeked even know he’s not 😂

  • edgar r
    edgar rÅr siden

    tfue lol

  • Dylanoez X
    Dylanoez XÅr siden

    Rewatching in 2019?

  • Rowan Carter
    Rowan CarterÅr siden

    kiwis are 👌

  • Dr gum tea
    Dr gum teaÅr siden

    Fuck tfue we no who used who

  • Alex Guevara • 69 years ago
    Alex Guevara • 69 years agoÅr siden


  • 愈子
    愈子År siden

    Since when ricegum in fazeclan

  • Max Mills

    Max Mills

    År siden

    It's the clout house not faze house that he's in

  • Tara A
    Tara AÅr siden

    Do an updated room tour alex!!

  • Liav Bar
    Liav BarÅr siden

    From all the banks videos Ive seen I know alex is DUmb, but 5:20! TUSK TUSK TUSK

  • Aidan Brynjelsen
    Aidan BrynjelsenÅr siden

    I wish I lived there

  • Alexandria Burton
    Alexandria BurtonÅr siden

    I want a pug now.

  • Zybbee
    ZybbeeÅr siden

    Have you ever wondered if God speaks to us in our everyday lives? I Just saw your Views/Likes/Dislikes/Subscribers/duration was 542,887/22k/363/5,152,053/9:12 and that reminds me of Acts 2:30-47 (the same power that resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead and resurrect what’s dead in you)(Also When the apostles were filled with God’s Spirit Acts 2:1-9, why do I need His spirit? We have to be born again in order to see the Father John 3:1-9, let the same mind that is in Christ Jesus Be in you Philippians 2:1-9, think on these things Philippians 4:1-9, you can be sealed by the spirit after you believe, We have all messed up Romans 3:23, your sins can be blotted out Acts 3:19, it’s time to worship the Lord Jesus Christ John 4:23-34, shows remission of sins in His name Luke 24:47, praise God and give thanks to Him in prayer continually Ephesians 2:15)(because it is the same numbers that are used to make up those bible verses and Acts 2:30-39 can show you how you can be saved by God :) Also your duration was 9:12 which reminds me of Acts 9:12 and that was a part of Saul’s conversation in becoming Paul and led to Him writing half or more of the New Testament. Also if you scramble the numbers around you can make Acts 2:1-9 and see how the original Apostles were filled with God’s Spirit the Holy Ghost ( Holy Ghost verses are Acts 1:8, and John 14 ) also I got up after watching this and after I posted this comment and saw it was 9:12 am on my oven wow God bless you!

  • Ryan Tracy
    Ryan TracyÅr siden

    Why would you make fun of the master chief Halo costume that’s what I was for Halloween

  • qahpz
    qahpzÅr siden

    Y they eating my boy kiwiz

  • RexR28
    RexR28År siden

    anyone else realize the time is 9:11

  • Hunter Antczak
    Hunter AntczakÅr siden


  • Henry Walsh
    Henry WalshÅr siden

    I used to eat kiwi like tfue when I didn't know

  • Bryce Mitchell
    Bryce MitchellÅr siden

    “Taste like fruit” 😂 dead

  • Geselle Perez
    Geselle PerezÅr siden


  • jonny boy
    jonny boyÅr siden

    You should make your gtr faster do like a car series of making it faster that is something I always wanted to see

  • NovaBombGaming
    NovaBombGaming2 år siden

    What happened to your cat?

  • Vuurwerk baas Rdam
    Vuurwerk baas Rdam2 år siden

    Did i see banks vlogging again👀

  • Vuurwerk baas Rdam
    Vuurwerk baas Rdam2 år siden

    Did i see banks vlogging again👀

  • Jennifer Baldo
    Jennifer Baldo2 år siden

    "There is nothing to make your heart full like a puppy." So true. What a sweet thing to say.

  • That Epicia
    That Epicia2 år siden

    I remember when Adapt’s bed was big af lol

  • Wolfe Rapper
    Wolfe Rapper2 år siden

    Tho ever kicked alex is a bich they now he is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ToughBowl
    ToughBowl2 år siden

    Is it just me or does Banks hate Adapt..

  • Kasen Miller
    Kasen Miller2 år siden

    God please don’t let Faze rice gum happen 😞

  • em luu
    em luu2 år siden

    Aww the puppy is cute

  • Faisal Malik
    Faisal Malik2 år siden

    oooof, this was dope

    L3GEND H3RO2 år siden

    What happened to adapts house?

  • Liam Kenny
    Liam Kenny2 år siden

    why are u still doing this

  • twistydart
    twistydart2 år siden

    were is barry

  • BrownieFN
    BrownieFN2 år siden

    Adapt:Frazier you got a pet Frazier:yeh chai Adapt:what’s his name Frazier:chai Adapt:but what are you gonna call it Frazier:Chaitee Adapt:but what are you gonna name it That’s kills me 6:35

  • Sophie Alena
    Sophie Alena2 år siden

    Does anyone else think Alex is so fucking hot

  • Screen Peeks
    Screen Peeks2 år siden

    Where you go?

  • cheesus r
    cheesus r2 år siden

    You’re outdated skinny pussy, Halo is kool

  • M M
    M M2 år siden

    That off white outro shit is cringey nigga you don't even have the right to do that so you just look like a hypebeast fanboy

  • Grace xx
    Grace xx2 år siden

    He had a hugeass room in the hollywood house, to then move to the old clout house which was a still big room, yet smaller AND NOW HE'S MOVING DOWN TO AN EVEN SMALLER ROOM WHAT

  • Chris Aguilar
    Chris Aguilar2 år siden

    Did FaZe Banks get fatter?

  • Bolt Warrior
    Bolt Warrior2 år siden

    Bro what's your 📷

  • Dalton Coté
    Dalton Coté2 år siden

    I have something mean and funny to say, but I won't, sigh.........2018 NOlocal

  • Lil Mall
    Lil Mall2 år siden

    Where is Barry

  • Jack
    Jack2 år siden

    Amazing Video Adapt!

  • Abel Herrera
    Abel Herrera2 år siden

    6:31 😂😂

  • Jason John Cruz
    Jason John Cruz2 år siden

    Alex I agree you room tiny you need more space, ypur old room is very nice it's much bigger😀😊✌✌✌. Nikan and you could be roommates

  • Big_Mag_
    Big_Mag_2 år siden

    Please move back 😭😭😭😭

  • Danielslammms
    Danielslammms2 år siden

    the way they talk is cringe

  • sEream Owl
    sEream Owl2 år siden

    How banks eats his kiwi is how I eat it. My siblings say it is weird but is it now?

  • Markus Lund
    Markus Lund2 år siden

    Nice vlog

  • Skeertzy
    Skeertzy2 år siden

    ive been here seens you and moo pranking your siser your crazy if your thinking im going

  • FOCOnigga
    FOCOnigga2 år siden

    Yo i fuck w these

  • Sng1s
    Sng1s2 år siden

    They probably own the store and are just taking stuff home

  • Han
    Han2 år siden

    The way rice ate the kiwi killed me😂😂😂😂😂

  • lxvely_ bee
    lxvely_ bee2 år siden

    Imagine if someone dresses up like a skull trooper for Halloween 😂😂

  • Itz Chris
    Itz Chris2 år siden


  • Juana Mendoza
    Juana Mendoza2 år siden


  • Brennan Perkins
    Brennan Perkins2 år siden

    Bring back FaZe house NY and don't make it a flex house

  • Rimas K
    Rimas K2 år siden

    Banks is gettin fat af lol

    LEVIRUS2 år siden

    They do know that the skin of a kewi is poisonous right?

  • ethan wilson2234
    ethan wilson22342 år siden

    You guys really think your gangster ahahahahaha, “clout house” how gay can you get

  • Tyler Devenport
    Tyler Devenport2 år siden

    Why is Banks ALWAYS pissed ?

  • Zachary Dearing
    Zachary Dearing2 år siden


  • Isell FoVc
    Isell FoVc2 år siden

    anyone else see rice with the cigs

  • Butt Hole
    Butt Hole2 år siden

    It taste like fruit

  • Brad
    Brad2 år siden

    is Banks getting fat?

  • jonson Lit
    jonson Lit2 år siden

    5:15 that moment when faze tries to let you know adapt's being serious

    23 NBASUPERFAN2 år siden

    Adapt the type of guy to say he’d be a good architect because he’s a good fortnite builder

  • John Wick
    John Wick2 år siden

    Wtf is wrong with headsize in thumbnail

  • FeaR Maul
    FeaR Maul2 år siden

    If I get one more Karl dean ad I'm fuckin killing somewhere

  • FeaR Maul

    FeaR Maul

    2 år siden


  • Zdawg
    Zdawg2 år siden

  • Jamal Aldaoudi
    Jamal Aldaoudi2 år siden

    I live 3houses from the clout house and all u see is ppl moving in and out seems like they cant afford to live up in the alot of the fazes r moving down the hill bcuz up the hill is too expensive for them lol :)

  • marv9000
    marv90002 år siden

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  • Vincent Terrenate
    Vincent Terrenate2 år siden

    banks got fat sheesh

  • o Dazmii
    o Dazmii2 år siden

    adapt do us all a favour and go back to call of duty videos... :(

  • Still blastin
    Still blastin2 år siden

  • Prime Javi
    Prime Javi2 år siden

    so why can't you and the other faze guys not stay in a house longer than year or two

  • Zeph :
    Zeph :2 år siden

    Did that kiwi taste like fruit?

  • Shannon Massa
    Shannon Massa2 år siden

    The puppyyyy 💕💕💕

  • I E
    I E2 år siden

    Damn Ricky got chubby

  • Ludwinx
    Ludwinx2 år siden

    Banks and Tfue seem so nice, chill and laid back. Tfue looks happy and banks is just a cool dude

  • T/between/Y
    T/between/Y2 år siden

    My man banks looking like he been eating really good lately

  • Maihan Salehi
    Maihan Salehi2 år siden

    Banks swears too much

  • TurtleJuicexBae
    TurtleJuicexBae2 år siden

    Banks is getting fat

  • Mikey2111
    Mikey21112 år siden

    Still remember when my french bulldog was as small as that pug.

  • Walnut
    Walnut2 år siden

    Mocking dummie5

  • Josh Clark
    Josh Clark2 år siden

    banks lowkey getting fat

  • El Grove
    El Grove2 år siden

    This vlog had me laughing my ass off