FIRST Start For Our Donk’s New Supercharged Big Block! And We Put the Body Back on


IT RUNS! Thanks to wiring by Mr. Spaghetti himself, Jamo - and solid work hours put in by Suppy and the boys. There’s still a lot of work ahead, but damn it feels good to hear this thing run.
Thanks to eBay motors for supporting the donk project!
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  • Gary Beall
    Gary BeallDag siden


  • Calle 'Regino'
    Calle 'Regino'4 dager siden

    cant wait for new rims

  • Blake Ransbottom
    Blake Ransbottom5 dager siden

    Yooooo bootleg is the only one I’d let tune a v8 100%

  • Lunke Broce
    Lunke Broce5 dager siden

    This was shot before Vin got peer pressured into shaving the stache

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt6 dager siden

    Does anyone here know what a virus is? Clearly some need to go back to school... Not saying you should listen to your government leaders, because they don't either. Just saying wearing a mask with a beard does absolutely NOTHING! wearing a mask in the first place doesn't do anything either. SCIENCE even says so. So you know it's real.

  • Josh Zimmerman
    Josh Zimmerman6 dager siden


  • FogCabin
    FogCabin7 dager siden

    Freaking love Dan!!! Has a plasma concert and uses the cutting wheel and other normal poor people-shop tools. Awesome!!!

  • Shyheim Freeman
    Shyheim Freeman8 dager siden

    Put the boom sticks on the donk so we can really hear her chop

  • tianuser
    tianuser9 dager siden

    Tell Vinny to never shave again!!!

  • Herb Horton
    Herb Horton9 dager siden

    Where can I get body bushing for 73 donk

  • Samuel Stephen
    Samuel Stephen9 dager siden

    Definitely have to do a This vs That against donkmaster once it's done

  • DFORREAL Log up
    DFORREAL Log up10 dager siden

    Hooligans y’all need to check out 2JZ don’t built by the Craig over at DMG NETWORK. Y’all should invite those guys over

    DYLAN11 dager siden

    How did I make it this far into the build series not knowing it was gonna be an auto lmao

  • William Mayo Jr
    William Mayo Jr12 dager siden

    Donk vs the bread truck .....this or that

  • syco133
    syco13314 dager siden

    Dinkmaster knew he was gonna get his ass whipped and tried to burn the other dude down and got schooled

  • Irvannanda123 Irvannanda
    Irvannanda123 Irvannanda16 dager siden

    amazing skill bruh

  • Da vid
    Da vid16 dager siden

    Dan's "that ain't going nowhere" is probably the only "that ain't going nowhere" I'd believe.

  • Austin H
    Austin H19 dager siden

    Yuhhhhh let’s go Derek reppin the CT boiz

  • Gothic Angel
    Gothic Angel21 dag siden

    I hope they get tbe engine sound right on it.

    ANYTHING 2323 dager siden

    Blower cars outside of big competition and show cars are a dying breed, love what you guys are doing

  • Scott Rivett
    Scott Rivett24 dager siden

    That’s what hate sounds like

  • Jason Sparshott
    Jason Sparshott24 dager siden

    How can you say it's wired and running when you never got the body back on ? Did you actually start it in this video and I missed it ? I was multitasking so ....

  • Ryan Coffman
    Ryan Coffman25 dager siden

    Show us more of herts gs300 please!!!!

  • Ian Goldsworthy
    Ian Goldsworthy25 dager siden

    07:30 time stamp Sound track please?

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy25 dager siden

    I’ve never seen Hert jump like that till the motor started

  • Box_Kev
    Box_Kev26 dager siden

    Derek is the v8 god 😂

  • Justin Mahnke
    Justin Mahnke26 dager siden

    What point did it make to install the shock backwards on one side because they're supposed to have one sock on each side to keep the suspension from wrapping the wrong way to keep it straight and planet ed

  • Taylor miner
    Taylor miner26 dager siden

    Seein Bootleg Burton all over NOlocal remember when he was building boosted civics in 1 bay garage in his yard ...hes come a long way

  • nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    25 dager siden

    did I see channellocks on AN fittings?? eeeewwwwwwwww !! love all the content from you crazy scumbags!!

  • Zach Hunter
    Zach Hunter26 dager siden

    hahahaha i have that same little wing that the integra has on my volvo xc70, gets a lot of laughs

  • Autumn Tree
    Autumn Tree26 dager siden

    I'm so happy to see jose back and lookin better! He was always one of my favs

    MAGRA DRIFT26 dager siden

    I MISS THE BURNYARD!!!!!!! this and that's cool but not enough shred!!!!! We need more shred content Scotto!!! Hert!!!! Where danger Dan??? Basically we need a fuck BOI party balls to the walls kinda shit.... Micah where u at!!!!

  • silkysixx
    silkysixx26 dager siden

    Suppy's right. Angled coilovers reduce in spring rate and damping as the car squats, which is the opposite of what you normally want.

  • Donald Burkett
    Donald Burkett26 dager siden

    Y’all better bring this to Atlanta. DO NOT PLAY WITH ME SIR. Y’all will get some love, some races, and some content. Trust.

  • GuyThatCommentsVids
    GuyThatCommentsVids26 dager siden

    I want to get into cars hands on so bad but i have no friends into cars or work at shops. Nothing :/

  • Beaudoin Motorsports
    Beaudoin Motorsports27 dager siden

    Donk has Monster Truck sized wheels. it now how a Monster Truck Engine

  • Moved by Truth
    Moved by Truth27 dager siden

    Sounds like something out of Mad Max.

  • Manuel Miranda
    Manuel Miranda27 dager siden

    Whats the main benefit from runing a injector plate above the blower and injectors in the case controlled by the terminator x, then say dual efi 4150 style carbs like the holley super sniper 2x4?

  • Kurves Cakez
    Kurves Cakez27 dager siden

    💪🏾 🔥

  • Built By GRIZ
    Built By GRIZ27 dager siden

    I’ve never seen Hert jump like that till the motor started

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou27 dager siden

    Well, I assume they fired buddy who accidentally dropped the engine. He’s hasn’t been in any videos lately. I guess, he got cut faster than audits from IRS.

  • Amir Pomen
    Amir Pomen28 dager siden

    The rear strut sit an angle much better than just sitting straight up

  • Thomas G
    Thomas G28 dager siden

    You guys should do a Halloween theme with the car

  • Micah Buchheit
    Micah Buchheit28 dager siden

    did I see channellocks on AN fittings?? eeeewwwwwwwww !! love all the content from you crazy scumbags!!

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    27 dager siden

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml28 dager siden

    i love how hert played off him getting scared when it started up

  • Insane _EDITS
    Insane _EDITS28 dager siden

    SUGGETION: later on can you put a bigger hat on it please

  • OO7 OO7
    OO7 OO728 dager siden

    Well, I assume they fired buddy who accidentally dropped the engine. He’s hasn’t been in any videos lately. I guess, he got cut faster than audits from IRS.

  • 4eva Go getta
    4eva Go getta29 dager siden

    Can some explain 2 me why he relocated the shocks? Or was he just showcasing his custom fab abilities?

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    28 dager siden

    Yeeoooo bootleg in the game

  • Gannon Dougherty
    Gannon Dougherty29 dager siden

    What's the point of wearing masks there pointless

  • Haunted Bass
    Haunted Bass29 dager siden

    hert shocked . lemao

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl29 dager siden

    Jamo could wire an f-22 raptor lmfao 😂😂 legend

    SUNN RAYY29 dager siden


  • Don XXX Prince
    Don XXX Prince29 dager siden

    It's hot rod on big wheels that looks amazing got to love that!

  • Lifestyle Garage
    Lifestyle Garage29 dager siden

    Jamo is nanny mchphee.when you think you need her most she leaves

  • Lifestyle Garage
    Lifestyle Garage29 dager siden

    Lol its a small world. Jamos friends bootleg (Derek)who is also friends with Jimmy Oakes lol

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    29 dager siden

    winners, that would be sick!!

  • Seth Albrightest
    Seth Albrightest29 dager siden

    Hert is a freeloader with zero skills. Don’t know why Ken pays him. Saw him on the Gymkhana files and he can’t get a wide camera shot that a lifeless tripod could.

  • J1RM
    J1RM29 dager siden

    Your videos are beginning to suck! They have become click bait

  • William Zouroudis
    William Zouroudis29 dager siden

    A guy came into my work and he had a integra type r, I asked him about it, he told me he has had about 6 already

  • abdurahman khaerul
    abdurahman khaerul29 dager siden

  • Thor Cain
    Thor Cain29 dager siden

    Need more Dan

  • Mackie P
    Mackie PMåned siden

    damn that voice on the phone sounded familiar, is that derek from jimmy O videos?

  • Calom
    CalomMåned siden

    Trow a little bit of oil in that blower she like lub .

  • John Murray
    John MurrayMåned siden

    Yeeoooo bootleg in the game

  • ThePeoplesChamp
    ThePeoplesChampMåned siden

    Nice to see some fun builds at the OG Hoonigan HQ.

  • kobejavs
    kobejavsMåned siden

    Sounds like Beast

  • Ethan Fedder
    Ethan FedderMåned siden

    Derek is the shit. Love seeing him on Jimmy's channel too

  • Jack Elliott
    Jack ElliottMåned siden

    Recapping like gold rush over here, jk

  • Bradley Auman
    Bradley AumanMåned siden

    Damn have to fly in a guy to plug up an expensive wiring harness that's already done. Wow just hire me and I'll build the whole damn car.

  • smokeydbob
    smokeydbobMåned siden

    Hey that's the Build Battle shop right? Soupy and Jamo look at home lol. We def need another Build Battle series, its my favorite series on this channel. Maybe do the winners vs winners, that would be sick!!

  • mike sims
    mike simsMåned siden

    I just unsubscribed from this channel! Why?? Seeing the fools wearing face masks and willing to be filmed! Bunch of SHEEP

  • Colby Ruth
    Colby RuthMåned siden

    Was that Derek from jimmy o’s channel on the phone tuning it

  • Laurynas Pokvytis
    Laurynas PokvytisMåned siden

    Jesus how loud is it

  • Darka lias
    Darka liasMåned siden

    Bootleg burton on the phone

  • Steven Bowles
    Steven BowlesMåned siden

    sound like that MGM Lion roar!!!!

  • j phillips
    j phillipsMåned siden

    is anyone in the shop actually sick, or y'all wearing masks to virtue signal?

  • Michael Curby
    Michael CurbyMåned siden

    Jimmy has done for you guys now Derek who's next Brian doing body work got you guys

  • Mr.Ramos Jeramiah
    Mr.Ramos JeramiahMåned siden

    Snoopy merch?

  • Wyatt
    WyattMåned siden

    The traffic's going the right way this time

  • Flowmoshun
    FlowmoshunMåned siden

    I like that you guys gave up on the mask thing. You all were pulling them off and other things that made them useless. No point in having them if you aren't going to use them properly.

  • Flowmoshun


    Måned siden

    I must note that you guys should be masking. But if you aren't going to actually take it seriously you might as well do the risk for the better content.

  • Fixing W/ Friends
    Fixing W/ FriendsMåned siden

    If those rims weren't massive... or on that car, I might like them.

  • My_lovely_life_530
    My_lovely_life_530Måned siden

    Homie doing the remote tune that's Jimmy Oakes homie Derek! I could tell by the voice.

    YULLEH REHMåned siden

    Auto is king, sounds good boys

  • Andrew Masters
    Andrew MastersMåned siden

    Yooo I can finally actually have Scum Bug in forza? I've been rocking my own recreation since the livery was first revealed

  • Paul Carrier
    Paul CarrierMåned siden

    OK, so who has an FJ for their daily ?

  • BMB Garage
    BMB GarageMåned siden

    When derreck comes tell him to bring Jimmy along lmao

  • thatManiacDC
    thatManiacDCMåned siden

    Why didn’t they paint the bottom off the car or undercoat it 🙃

  • chris5.9
    chris5.9Måned siden

    I love watching this build...but what's up with the duramax camaro??

  • Jussi Pitkänen
    Jussi PitkänenMåned siden

    Does anybody know what throttlebody/bugcatcher that is?

  • jrmcollyer1
    jrmcollyer1Måned siden

    5:59 what those guys fuzzing out...

  • Gage Cyrus
    Gage CyrusMåned siden

    20 bucks says hurb wrecks it

  • James Manzie
    James ManzieMåned siden

    The lighting is awful tbh hard to see anything

  • cigasnation
    cigasnationMåned siden

    Jamo and Suppy are the future of hoonigan.

  • Jo Kaspersen
    Jo KaspersenMåned siden

    Nononono, u dont ever put stupid ass high profile tires on a freaking old school car. Looks stupid and please learn something that's called style and design

  • meteor545
    meteor545Måned siden

    Maybe it’s the edit, but suppy comes across as a douche

  • Addison Turner
    Addison TurnerMåned siden

    They said yeah let’s put an ad 2 minutes into the video

  • halfaoui younes
    halfaoui younesMåned siden

    i was waiting for a burnout at the end

  • Kg213_Boogie
    Kg213_BoogieMåned siden

    That thing is naaasty, I want it. 😂👌🏽

  • Josh Lydiard
    Josh LydiardMåned siden

    So excited for scumbug in forza

  • VHjykfUuYu
    VHjykfUuYuMåned siden

    12:01 this structure is weaker than my inspiration to come up with some creative insults about it. Honestly. This shit might break. bracing it to the spring beds is far too easy not to do it.

  • metalperslfx


    Måned siden

    oh shit, you might be right. gon need more brace than i'm willing to get for my one crooked fang.

  • Big Dog
    Big DogMåned siden

    What!!!! Why not weld the O2 bung on the other side of the flange!!! You just ruined the headers, OMG.

  • Thomas Huedepohl
    Thomas HuedepohlMåned siden

    Someone please @dangerdan3 and tell him you need to pour handle downward to prevent overpour lol