First To Find The Keys Wins This Lambo SUV

First To Find The Keys Wins This Lamborghini
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  • Chou
    ChouMåned siden

    Adapt the type of guy who use a chair in the elevator

  • Amari Algaheim
    Amari Algaheim6 måneder siden

    frazier really wanted that shit 😂😂😂

    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    wow he cleaned the spilled coffee

  • Zykro
    Zykro7 måneder siden

    This nigga Kyle had his seat belt on right away

  • K2numba5
    K2numba57 måneder siden

    Sub to snagintutorial he crazy at cod and 2k he jus started but I think he gonna be next up no cap. If you wanna be able to say your an og go sub

  • Fabian Hernandez
    Fabian Hernandez9 måneder siden


  • Jesse Bigelow
    Jesse Bigelow10 måneder siden

    I fuck love I wish I can meet you

  • [faze5]faze up[faze5]
    [faze5]faze up[faze5]År siden

    Man adapt makes fun of dude that has a Honda like not cool boi________________but my dad has audi

  • wickeli
    wickeliÅr siden

    I would have put it in the milk jug

  • Jayson Mathews
    Jayson MathewsÅr siden

    7:40 😂😂 jesse and kyle are mad funny

  • JuiceJrip God
    JuiceJrip GodÅr siden

    Keep up the good support

  • Stealth clan Yeet
    Stealth clan YeetÅr siden

    Hey adapt I’m Australian but can you watch my stream plz

  • Kyle Haddad
    Kyle HaddadÅr siden

    He said his house is 1600 sq ft that’s sooo small I think he meant 3600 sq ft 😂😂

  • HiLiX-_HyPeRrrr
    HiLiX-_HyPeRrrrÅr siden

    Is that FaZe rugs

  • TalentedNub
    TalentedNubÅr siden

    Imagine if someone plug that toaster......SKADOOSH

  • YoIts Miguel
    YoIts MiguelÅr siden

    Why did you not invite rug he would have two

  • Ammar Fadil
    Ammar FadilÅr siden

    like if they should have brought down faze rug and taken a photoshoot with the two lambos

  • Lynkin Prout
    Lynkin ProutÅr siden

    Hi I am your biggest fan

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian GarciaÅr siden

    i use coed adapt in the fortnite item shop

  • Alex Collen
    Alex CollenÅr siden

    It looks like faze rug's Lamborghini🤔

  • Will Tzemopoulos
    Will TzemopoulosÅr siden

    let’s fucking go nelk boys for life

  • TechGamer 99
    TechGamer 99År siden

    Urus is the only luxurious lambo SUV

  • TechGamer 99
    TechGamer 99År siden

    Who tf sponsored

  • TechGamer 99
    TechGamer 99År siden

    The freakin urus rug is the og waited for a year 250000 dollars #rugrat Before i thought except rug no faze member was that crazy but adapt came out of nowhere coming in clutch

  • Michael Perretta
    Michael PerrettaÅr siden

    I would of hide it under the stairs so I would tape it to the 3 step

  • Pokemon Tcg Legends
    Pokemon Tcg LegendsÅr siden

    Wait 1600 square feet is not big.

  • JM23
    JM23År siden

    This was a good meme 123

  • Ahmed elbatout
    Ahmed elbatoutÅr siden

    This is faze rug's lombo

  • Ahmed elbatout

    Ahmed elbatout

    År siden


  • Jeff Babcock
    Jeff BabcockÅr siden


  • Talha Ahmed
    Talha AhmedÅr siden

    Yo it was hard to dind the keys man

  • Braden Gover
    Braden GoverÅr siden

    I can’t believe I won

  • CoolColin620
    CoolColin620År siden

    You should’ve hid it in the car

  • Dodger Mora
    Dodger MoraÅr siden

    Jessie get off his nuts

  • Tucker Gray
    Tucker GrayÅr siden


  • Ezekiel Benedicto
    Ezekiel BenedictoÅr siden


  • Megga Playz
    Megga PlayzÅr siden

    This lambo is rugs

  • NOxplug 21
    NOxplug 21År siden

    this was a good meme 123

  • Madi Marxen
    Madi MarxenÅr siden


  • Xert Tropica
    Xert TropicaÅr siden

    Adapt is the type of guy that would sell the faze house because there is a spider in the kitchen

  • Tyler Gauthier
    Tyler GauthierÅr siden

    do more treasure hunts. it’s lit

  • x o
    x oÅr siden

    *made the god damn coffee spill

  • Jacob Zandate
    Jacob ZandateÅr siden

    Isn’t that rug’s car?

  • SWAGmat
    SWAGmatÅr siden

    11:08 faze kays face 😂😂😂😂

  • 224cmd
    224cmdÅr siden


  • Giggs Dizon
    Giggs DizonÅr siden

    That's faze rug car

  • Trevor Gurbacki
    Trevor GurbackiÅr siden

    "This house is huge, its like 1600 sq ft" 2:58

  • Maria Padilla
    Maria PadillaÅr siden

    This was a good meme 123

  • nL aSswhipe
    nL aSswhipeÅr siden

    Niggas already have sports-cars Faze apex:FIRst 0N3 tO fiND KeYS WInS LamBO xD

  • andrew1jl
    andrew1jlÅr siden

    1600 sq feet..... something isn't right here..

  • TheoWowiling M
    TheoWowiling MÅr siden

    Omg i laugh so hard when frazier mad

  • Matthew Bjordahl
    Matthew BjordahlÅr siden

    Give it to the nelk boys

  • Matthew Bjordahl

    Matthew Bjordahl

    År siden

    They did yes

  • Idk P
    Idk PÅr siden

    Yo he said his house is 16 hundred square feet that’s not big at all

  • Idk P

    Idk P

    År siden

    I don’t think he knows what’s big but no disrespect

  • eyqqal シ
    eyqqal シÅr siden

    Why toaster

  • nugget playz
    nugget playzÅr siden

    I’m richer than you

  • Beamer
    BeamerÅr siden

    over edited

  • GOAT 14 16
    GOAT 14 16År siden

    Are you mad?

  • elfsbane
    elfsbaneÅr siden

    *Jesse is a gOD*

  • evan chiasson
    evan chiassonÅr siden

    Fake as fuck

  • Shrihan Dadi
    Shrihan DadiÅr siden

    this was a good meme 123

  • Brad Mcdougall
    Brad McdougallÅr siden

    lol click bait as usual

  • Ycn 13
    Ycn 13År siden

    Who else thought this was a fake drug video

  • YT Jigify ʊ
    YT Jigify ʊÅr siden

    7:53 spilled coffee

  • Jaxon Bruce
    Jaxon BruceÅr siden

    Do more videos with the bell boys

  • Jaxon Bruce
    Jaxon BruceÅr siden

    Jessey knows all the best spots

  • Everett Ozmun
    Everett OzmunÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to use the elevator to go up 1 floor when the star is are right next to it

  • Emrik Allen
    Emrik AllenÅr siden

    This was a good meme 123

  • gabriel oyog
    gabriel oyogÅr siden

    You should have hid it at the fridge

  • Ruiz Guzman
    Ruiz GuzmanÅr siden

    I better see the boys mobbing in that adapt. FOR THE WEEKEND?? u deserve hate for teasing the boys

  • gig star
    gig starÅr siden

    Isn't everyone MR BEAST

  • Justin Lopez
    Justin LopezÅr siden

    1,600 sq feet? Lmao that’s not even close!! 😂

  • Panda Boy
    Panda BoyÅr siden

    That’s faze rugs car

  • Epic Ghost
    Epic GhostÅr siden

    This was a good meme 123

  • Malik
    MalikÅr siden

    This was a good meme 123

  • tristan
    tristanÅr siden

    this was a good meme 123

  • Wallabros717
    Wallabros717År siden

    Next time hide it in the car( in the engine)

  • Musen
    MusenÅr siden

    Do again plz

  • Wheelie Boy MotoVlogs
    Wheelie Boy MotoVlogsÅr siden

    this house is HUGE....... 1600sqft lmaoooooo thats like the kitchen alone lmao

  • Joseangel Padilla
    Joseangel PadillaÅr siden

    Isn’t that rugs car

  • it'slexababy love
    it'slexababy loveÅr siden

    That is faze rugs car

  • it'slexababy love

    it'slexababy love

    År siden

    Oh ok I just noticed that you said it was not faze rugs car

  • Unknown Boy
    Unknown BoyÅr siden

    That's rug's Lamborghini

  • maykelynaivi
    maykelynaiviÅr siden

    That's FAKE it's rugs car. Y'all think we stupid

  • Finn Smith
    Finn SmithÅr siden


  • juicewrld 4ever
    juicewrld 4everÅr siden

    Do more of these

  • Funny As
    Funny AsÅr siden

    Adapt is the type of guy to ask how much a 50 gift card is

  • DavisBrown
    DavisBrownÅr siden

    Can someone pls tell me where faze blaze’s hoodie come from?

  • Oliver Lewis
    Oliver LewisÅr siden

    so many car people are gonna be mad that he started it up and rev'd it strait away xD

  • Warren G
    Warren GÅr siden

    6:32 comedy

  • Brody Robertson
    Brody RobertsonÅr siden

    Graet video

  • NBA Basketball
    NBA BasketballÅr siden

    At the start Jesse was in the the car little he knew I had got it

  • Benjamin Hahn
    Benjamin HahnÅr siden

    Jesse finds it

  • Joran Lapauw
    Joran LapauwÅr siden

    Cizzors should be There as well

  • Max Jones
    Max JonesÅr siden

    That is rugs lambo

  • Chanelle Turner
    Chanelle TurnerÅr siden

    anyone 2037?

  • Official TV
    Official TVÅr siden

    You should do a contest for your supporters and invite at least 4-5 of them to either your house or an air bnb and hide something for them to find and keep. ❤❤

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan JonesÅr siden

    This house is huge, it’s like 1,600 square feet...

  • Ammara Shah
    Ammara ShahÅr siden

    I actually got so immersed i was jumping when he found the keys this guy rally reading his mind

  • pj dar
    pj darÅr siden

    I love watching these look and find vids, keep em up Faze Up

  • pj dar
    pj darÅr siden

    Nelk Boyz ftw

  • Jimmy Duplessis
    Jimmy DuplessisÅr siden

    Can someone tell me why NOlocalrs make so much? Why do they deserve it?

  • Xilofyツ
    XilofyツÅr siden

    Bro I have the same toaster as them😂😂