First To Hit Trickshot Wins - $10,000 (BLACK OPS 2)

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  • Travis Ireland
    Travis Ireland3 dager siden

    were you high typing the title? i don’t understand why there’s a dash.

  • Dropz bops
    Dropz bops6 dager siden

    Nordans was kinda better but it wasnt a bolt bang LOL

  • hayden yahn
    hayden yahn16 dager siden

    Damn you weren’t lying about the rona virus damn😳😳

  • blu wrld
    blu wrld22 dager siden

    alex fried asfđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł mans on the gorilla glue 4

  • icks gang
    icks gangMĂ„ned siden

    FaZe adapt rockin that revenge hoodie

  • MonsterKing 08
    MonsterKing 08MĂ„ned siden

    I was confused why he said the Coronavisus but I realized this was 10 months ago.....

  • xxxtentacion n
    xxxtentacion nMĂ„ned siden

    that revenge sweater đŸ˜“đŸ”„

  • ScottyKills ‘
    ScottyKills ‘MĂ„ned siden


  • Seth Adamson
    Seth AdamsonMĂ„ned siden

    Am I the only one that seen the hit marker at 9:09

  • OneMillionViewsWithOneVideo
    OneMillionViewsWithOneVideo2 mÄneder siden

    9:07 that hit marker tho

    ACE SWAY2 mÄneder siden

    Please post more

  • Bouls
    Bouls2 mÄneder siden

    Is this Plutonium?

  • lil snake
    lil snake2 mÄneder siden

    At 50 seconds he was going to move instead of nordan

  • Itss Frossty
    Itss Frossty2 mÄneder siden

    you hit marketed a boat bang at 9:12

    ENERGY3 mÄneder siden


  • LOL Blasian
    LOL Blasian3 mÄneder siden

    So is adapt done playing?

  • Birwa Zangana
    Birwa Zangana3 mÄneder siden

    At 10:14 he hitmarkerd

  • Birwa Zangana
    Birwa Zangana3 mÄneder siden


  • Luciwtf
    Luciwtf4 mÄneder siden

    anyone else see him hit marker boat bang and he didn’t see it?

  • damon
    damon4 mÄneder siden

    why does he always looked stoned as shit xD

  • Cole- 23
    Cole- 234 mÄneder siden

    When they said nordan is moving back to la new faze house

  • ZaymBills
    ZaymBills6 mÄneder siden

    He hitmarkered and didn’t even realize 9:12

  • Jacob Frith
    Jacob Frith6 mÄneder siden

    Is Adapt high? Look at his eyes lmao ~_~ Edit: I always like my own comment to get it started xD

  • harrison flint
    harrison flint6 mÄneder siden

    who’s here after rain almost od’d😔

  • sllixz
    sllixz7 mÄneder siden

    when they started talking ab getting to last i got sum major nostalgia

  • Charlie Himes
    Charlie Himes7 mÄneder siden

    How do you get these lobby’s?

  • Uncle Yoda
    Uncle Yoda7 mÄneder siden

    Only OG's can like this

  • RJ Koko
    RJ Koko7 mÄneder siden

    He’s smacked af

  • Hcc Tendeep
    Hcc Tendeep7 mÄneder siden

    If only they still did this

    SBS_ CHUNK7 mÄneder siden

    Faze is now run by money and publicity on the media it’s no more about the love for trickshoting and sniping its about money and fame the new members of faze have indeed made a lot of money for the clan but have ruined its name with all the scandals I’m not hating on anyone of the faze members but u know when u see a big amount of money in every thumbnail that it’s no longer enjoying the game it’s enjoying the money and the clout whoever agrees or disagrees should say it

  • Stephen Fernandez
    Stephen Fernandez7 mÄneder siden

    9:11 Who Else Noticed That Adapt Got A Hitmarker X

  • Red Lou
    Red Lou7 mÄneder siden

    bro im so gonna go back to playing this, like how hyped would it be man everyone starts playing the good games again, mw2 mw3 bo2 the 3 stars in our past

  • Reddust
    Reddust7 mÄneder siden

    Adapt hit it at 9:10 The vid should've ended?!?... Edit: He hit it again at at 10:21!!!

  • ‱ Yokut ‱
    ‱ Yokut ‱8 mĂ„neder siden

    9:11 he hit markers

  • Enclorphen


    5 mÄneder siden

    911 😧

  • Tyler Causero
    Tyler Causero8 mÄneder siden

    what happened?😔

  • Xenon
    Xenon8 mÄneder siden

    when is the tage coming out?

  • Sawyer Latta
    Sawyer Latta8 mÄneder siden

    Imagine their kd after this

  • Kazii
    Kazii8 mÄneder siden

    I real like this was modded cause every once in a while you can see a green and a purple chat in kill feed

  • Tastyshroomie o
    Tastyshroomie o8 mÄneder siden

    Adapt stoned asf

  • RisK_Snipzz
    RisK_Snipzz8 mÄneder siden

    Should i get bo2

  • RisK_Snipzz
    RisK_Snipzz8 mÄneder siden

    Should i get bo2 on Xbox one

  • RisK_Snipzz
    RisK_Snipzz8 mÄneder siden

    Should i get bo2 on Xbox one

  • Enclorphen


    5 mÄneder siden

    @RisK_Snipzz I'm on ps4 ^^ just wanted to know because they didn't remaster bo2 for ps4.

  • RisK_Snipzz


    5 mÄneder siden

    My Xbox user name is Squiggabean what is yours?

  • RisK_Snipzz


    5 mÄneder siden

    Enclorphen 3 thousand

  • Enclorphen


    5 mÄneder siden

    @RisK_Snipzz how many players are online? Like average

  • RisK_Snipzz


    5 mÄneder siden

    I got it 2 months ago

  • RaZeY
    RaZeY8 mÄneder siden


  • Drew.210
    Drew.2108 mÄneder siden

    loving the bo2

  • IcEyVayz
    IcEyVayz8 mÄneder siden

    Who remembers the Kiwiz/DjTittynac disstrack on FaZe Clan? Adapt 2 spins 720 instaswaps

  • jreVenger
    jreVenger8 mÄneder siden

    revenge hoodie goes

  • Torres2018xt Marco
    Torres2018xt Marco8 mÄneder siden

    Play more call of duty black ops 2 with the whole squad

  • Saviour
    Saviour8 mÄneder siden

    People still play black ops 2?

  • Jed Robinson
    Jed Robinson8 mÄneder siden

    Makes me laugh how stoned u aređŸ€Ł

  • Spyros Dr
    Spyros Dr9 mÄneder siden

    Adapt is high as fuck lol

  • Ethxnnn
    Ethxnnn9 mÄneder siden

    how did youse get on bo2 again

  • ÙŰ§Ű±Űł
    ÙŰ§Ű±Űł9 mĂ„neder siden

    Is it just me or am I actually seeing Adapt getting hitmarkers like 4 or 5 times and he's actually not getting mad about it?

  • TKS_Adem
    TKS_Adem9 mÄneder siden

    9:10 he got a hit marker.

  • Carter’s dc etc e gf Ashford
    Carter’s dc etc e gf Ashford9 mĂ„neder siden

    why doesn’t he have mercy

  • SwaggyB _99
    SwaggyB _999 mÄneder siden

    More BO2 content plz

  • Anton
    Anton9 mÄneder siden

    Love these vids hopefully my vids can be like this soon,

  • Jon Turcotte
    Jon Turcotte9 mÄneder siden

    $10,000 is 1 rack, 10 stacks đŸ€”

  • Niklas
    Niklas9 mÄneder siden

    Damn Adapt is high as fuck 😂

  • Luis Mercado
    Luis Mercado9 mÄneder siden

    Black ops 2 remaster ❀❀

  • Small Man Cam
    Small Man Cam9 mÄneder siden

    Where did these go?

  • Gavin Duhalde
    Gavin Duhalde9 mÄneder siden

    Keep making these videos

  • Gavin Duhalde
    Gavin Duhalde9 mÄneder siden

    Please don’t stop playing this game

  • Asher Tulupman
    Asher Tulupman9 mÄneder siden

    Every NOlocal video has 10k in it

  • Unknown
    Unknown9 mÄneder siden

    Thank you for bringing back this it's time for mw2 dude.❀ like so adapt can see

  • Scene.DSK
    Scene.DSK9 mÄneder siden

    I think anyone can spin, press buttons and shoot and hope for the best..

  • Not Uploading
    Not Uploading9 mÄneder siden

    I was floatyturd

  • AiDaN DoVe
    AiDaN DoVe9 mÄneder siden

    Plzzzzz for more of these

  • DCProductions _
    DCProductions _9 mÄneder siden

    Alex had a hit marker and didn’t even notice

  • Mutedd
    Mutedd9 mÄneder siden

    I remember blaze doing trick shot races those were the day

  • Fisher
    Fisher9 mÄneder siden

    Make more bro

  • KingRev
    KingRev9 mÄneder siden

    What background tune is this?

  • KingRev
    KingRev9 mÄneder siden

    Ur baked

  • GH_Adr1an223
    GH_Adr1an2239 mÄneder siden

    Whats the song that started at 12:40 i like that shit

  • clockoff94
    clockoff9410 mÄneder siden

    1:00 oof 2:58 oh shorttttt swear it was faze house LA making them lazy 4:23 lmfaooo 7:50 woah Adapt is fucking baked here lol 8:22 HOLY SHITTTTTT

  • McDonald’s chicken nugget
    McDonald’s chicken nugget10 mĂ„neder siden

    Do this more

  • Take It Ez
    Take It Ez10 mÄneder siden

    So you spin, shoot and if you get lucky you'll hit someone?

  • A2Z _corv
    A2Z _corv10 mÄneder siden

    I want adapts hoodieđŸ”„đŸ”„đŸ”„

  • Christopher moffet
    Christopher moffet10 mÄneder siden

    Y’all see at 2:46 there is a hacker he is using mods I think all respect faze adapt but it’s true

  • larry barnett
    larry barnett10 mÄneder siden

    they were getting sentimental 75% of the video.. good times.

  • Ben Reynolds
    Ben Reynolds10 mÄneder siden

    get to shove him mad hard lololol

  • TruEdilL
    TruEdilL10 mÄneder siden


  • jammer lj
    jammer lj10 mÄneder siden

    25 year olds doing trickshots falling off a boat. đŸ€”

  • Zjuchi TM
    Zjuchi TM10 mÄneder siden

    Bruh at 9:11 he hit marked but didn't react??

  • Rogue
    Rogue10 mÄneder siden

    Is this plutonium?

  • ziello
    ziello10 mÄneder siden

    I’m in 2020.

  • Steven Lake
    Steven Lake10 mÄneder siden

    This honestly just made me so happy, brings back OG Adapt in the “lab” 😱

  • Ahmat Adjid
    Ahmat Adjid10 mÄneder siden


  • Nacho Destroyer
    Nacho Destroyer11 mÄneder siden

    I hit a banger yesterday

  • viral vidio
    viral vidio11 mÄneder siden

    Mantul bos ku

  • Novifiy
    Novifiy11 mÄneder siden

    9:09 he hitmarkered and didn’t notice

  • Novifiy


    11 mÄneder siden

    Lmao wtf

  • Cheesy raptor
    Cheesy raptor11 mÄneder siden

    i want bo2 remastered

  • Evil_Gunz ,
    Evil_Gunz ,11 mÄneder siden

    Adapt wins

  • Bryan Partida
    Bryan Partida11 mÄneder siden

    You should do a Kalab with daddy Dunkin

  • Abdi Ali
    Abdi Ali11 mÄneder siden


  • DotGooahp
    DotGooahp11 mÄneder siden

    Yo the fuckin background music. Nostalgic

  • JellyRoll
    JellyRoll11 mÄneder siden

    how do i download this game

  • Raymans Deck
    Raymans Deck11 mÄneder siden

    1v1 me On xbox username is RaymansDeck

  • Calmedstorm9961
    Calmedstorm996111 mÄneder siden

    I miss the old faze.

  • Tom Violence
    Tom Violence11 mÄneder siden

    how in the hell do you sleep at night? On a mattress filled with little kids lunch money?

  • Omar Mirza
    Omar Mirza11 mÄneder siden

    adapt the type of guy to go to antartica for the "hot" weather