First Wash in 44 years! Barn Find Datsun 280z with only 350 Original Miles


This is the rarest Datsun 280z Barn find ever recorded (as I've been told) with only 350 original miles! It was left in a barn near Hershey Pennsylvania before its first wash in 44 years! You'd expect this to be a complete detailing disaster because it was left untouched for so long...but the paint was in good condition despite being covered in filth and disgusting grime. In this barn find, we use AMMO Frothe to remove the first layer of dust and dirt to ensure the rubber seals did not leak if we power washed. Once confident, we power washed the paint, then compounded and polished with a Rupes polisher during our paint restoration. The Datsun 280z has since won several awards at Zcon and more information can be found at
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  • K Khalifah
    K Khalifah8 timer siden

    A veritable time capsule -- as a find, this is solid gold! I bet even Nissan doesn't have one as pristine as this in Japan.

  • Max Taylor
    Max Taylor8 timer siden

    Haha. I am enjoying watching them treat this car as an ancient archaeological artifact. Just spray the dirt off with a garden hose first, then suds and wash! It could not possibly be worse than rubbing the dirt & suds off with a towel! Well at least you've inspired me to get my almost identical '77 back on the road.

  • dayntubee
    dayntubee11 timer siden

    Those were the days. Driving my beef up 1972 240z to state university everyday was a blast!

  • Jo'Von Thegreatest
    Jo'Von Thegreatest12 timer siden

    Thumbs down 👎 because he didn’t start it up

  • Roberto Ferrari
    Roberto Ferrari13 timer siden

    ..what happens to the motor after sitting that long?

  • owais hassan
    owais hassan14 timer siden

    hello larry i hope u r doing good i have just one question why didnt u rinse it with water before cleaning with ammo froth? hoping to see ur reply

  • katherine adaline
    katherine adaline15 timer siden

    The flawless millimeter ectrodactyly expect because turtle bilaterally inform like a female fertile decimal. toothsome, ambitious pheasant

  • Marcus Schmück
    Marcus Schmück19 timer siden

    Restore or clean?

  • Bryan Hilburn
    Bryan Hilburn20 timer siden

    And now I go detail my daughters Honda.

    JAI KUMAWAT23 timer siden

    Lovely pretty 😘😘😘😘 KWALITY CORNER BAKERY Benad jhotwada Jaipur Rajasthan India

  • Ramandeep singh
    Ramandeep singhDag siden

    $1m car now.

  • Steve Hughes
    Steve HughesDag siden

    Wow, I wonder how long it was in the barn for ?

  • Steve Hughes
    Steve HughesDag siden

    It’s a no brainer morons, blow off the dirt & dust BEFORE you wash it !!! The dirt & dust work like a fine sand paper !!!

  • Marin Berndt
    Marin BerndtDag siden

    Just slap a few turbos on to the engine and boom, you made out of hundred dollars worth of scrap a epic jdm legend!

  • Happy Boater
    Happy BoaterDag siden

    So this is a rare personal comment. I totally restored a 1974 Datsun 260z and loved it. It had I believe hitachi carbs. It was the first warm day in spring and I took it out on the highway. Suddenly the pedal pulled itself to the floor and I watched the speedometer go from 80 to 100 as I almost ran into someone before I took it out of gear and shut the engine. Reved to 8000 but was ok. Later I found I needed to make a carb adjustment of 1/4 turn not to die. Different days.

  • Dan Leveillee
    Dan LeveilleeDag siden

    Why was there an aftermarket FRAM oil filter on it? I suppose it is possible he changed it with 350 mi. on it because of the sitting for so long, but seems a little out of place.

  • daksh garg
    daksh gargDag siden


  • sestle
    sestleDag siden

    lost me when you started advertising your stupid ass buh bye

  • FireByte
    FireByte2 dager siden

    ngl the 70th had really neat cars :D

  • B Good
    B Good2 dager siden

    What year?????!!!!!

  • Olaf Hermans
    Olaf Hermans2 dager siden

    ridiculously fantastic

  • Jaime Worrell
    Jaime Worrell2 dager siden


  • Johann Konrad
    Johann Konrad2 dager siden

    Cleaning and preparing vintage cars, here is, what I learned, many yeras ago and did, on my 1971 Ford 26m Taunus (German car): NEVER use high pressure water power, cleaning it! The pressure presses the water under the rubber seals of the windows and the chrom parts. There, the water cannot dry and will stay over weeks and month. With oxygen, it causes rust and destroy the paint and metall unter the black rubber seals! Better way: No need for expensive "special soaps" or so. Just use water and ordinary hair shampoo, swall it carefull (!) over the dust and dirt. Severall times. Put some wet wipes on the body of the car and let them there for 20 minutes.That releases the dirt and even old bird junk ;-) After that, you lift them, swallow again clean water over the car. Now, you wipe the body very soft (!) with the cloths. NOT pushing the cloths! Let the car dry. Now: Take some acid free crease, press it carefully under the window rubber seals, to give them "food", to stay soft AND to protect the frames, to be sealed against water/rain! Now (!), you can do the wonderfull cleaning/polishing, like they did in the video. Before you re-adjust the sings to the body, put some wax or better crease in the wholes! That prevents beraking colour, when pressing in the sing bolts and als, that keeps the paint and metall there safe, to prevent them of rusting! Fantastic Datsun!!! Wonderfull!!! I am "jealous" ;-)!

  • M Dutchy
    M Dutchy2 dager siden

    What a weird story. Imagine going tomorrow and buying a new sports car, getting home with it and never driving it again.

  • yourhighness100


    Dag siden

    Right! ...And taking it apart😳

  • Gopala Krishnan
    Gopala Krishnan2 dager siden

    Where is the engine sound guys!!!...

  • ifratc
    ifratc2 dager siden

    how much will it sell for?

  • jUsT a ViSiToR
    jUsT a ViSiToR2 dager siden

    I’m looking for a 1984 datsun pick up truck

  • Yoanimal Yoho
    Yoanimal Yoho2 dager siden

    Common tow truck call when these came out. Very fast ride.

  • vacatio
    vacatio2 dager siden


  • Relax Your Mind
    Relax Your Mind2 dager siden

    Best video 😊👍👍👍

  • eightb4ll
    eightb4ll3 dager siden

    "hey you guys watch me wash a car". JFC

  • Gyana For Technology
    Gyana For Technology3 dager siden


  • J M
    J M3 dager siden

    a polished turd is still a turd! They were such crap back in the day!

  • dajam9035
    dajam90353 dager siden

    All that over a dent and some changes he wanted to make?? I would say that guy had money like that but he seem to have been too reckless and ran out of it.

  • Beachie
    Beachie3 dager siden

    '73 240 was my first car. Wish I'd been able to keep it.

  • コンちゃん
    コンちゃん3 dager siden

    水洗いしてからじゃないとボディ傷つくぞ。 それでもプロかよww

  • SuperSqueakyboy
    SuperSqueakyboy4 dager siden

    I about the same age as the car. Can you make me look young again?

  • Mark LaSerra
    Mark LaSerra4 dager siden

    That is absolutely incredible!!!!

  • Jeremy Wamhoff
    Jeremy Wamhoff4 dager siden

    Can't even say how much I miss driving one of these.

  • Mohammad Kurnia Suranata
    Mohammad Kurnia Suranata4 dager siden

    Is it ok to spray engine bay with pressure water like this? How about the electrical, especially for 2000 up production car which has sensitive electrical on engine bay like ecu and sockets processor

  • Samaro
    Samaro4 dager siden

    How many years the car was lost ? I didnt heard it…

  • Sue Jenkins
    Sue Jenkins4 dager siden

    Wanted this bad 1977

  • denisethepainter
    denisethepainter4 dager siden

    WOW what a gem!

  • Dale Hart
    Dale Hart4 dager siden

    Just throw away those awful bumpere please

  • Ghosted
    Ghosted5 dager siden


  • Checkered Life
    Checkered Life5 dager siden

    I wonder how much it would fetch if put in the Barrett auction?

  • Nicci St.George Smith
    Nicci St.George Smith5 dager siden


  • Gren
    Gren5 dager siden

    Scrape the dirt over the paint serface with microfibre cloth as the first step is pretty stupid !

  • Boom Box

    Boom Box

    Dag siden

    He literally scratched the crap out of the paint by wiping it down while full of dust and dirt, then plays off the damage he caused as simply embedded dirt after all these years. Watch from 13:07. The paint butcher says "The paint itself is really not that damaged but simply embedded with dirt after all these years." You can then see the light scratches that he caused by grinding the dirt into the paint with the cloth. The extent of the damage must have been pretty severe as a cut and polish was needed on the car. If this car was only driven from the dealership to home and then garaged, there would be no need for a cut and polish.

  • wrth
    wrth5 dager siden

    apparently many people had these cars. now, I've only found around 5 Z's for sale in the UK, 3 of which are rusting / shells. i just want to buy my dream car man why do this gotta be so difficult.

  • Navaneel Reddy
    Navaneel Reddy5 dager siden

    First you wash the car after that restore it

  • Troy Feurtado
    Troy Feurtado5 dager siden

    Why not just rinse the car off with water?...

  • flamesatdei
    flamesatdei6 dager siden

    wow, what a magnificent car. too bad we didnt see it running

  • Martin Munoz
    Martin Munoz6 dager siden

    Ok push it back to the barn because it doesn't run

  • Z32 Mike
    Z32 Mike6 dager siden

    beautiful doesn’t even describe this 280. pretty sure 99% of the people that seen this video were jealous

  • Baggie Shorts

    Baggie Shorts

    Dag siden


  • kryfon


    5 dager siden

    Make that 100%. :)

  • Salman Sam
    Salman Sam6 dager siden

    This can be auctioned for a million

  • Gary Covell
    Gary Covell6 dager siden

    My brother has a 1970 Z. Wants to restore. Owned for over 30 years. Our family had 5 Z's at the same time!

  • Raynor svn
    Raynor svn6 dager siden

    the ancestor of the nissan 370z

  • Q Nunyuh
    Q Nunyuh6 dager siden

    sooooo, after 44 years I guess the repo man finally died

  • Augustinas Rumbutis
    Augustinas Rumbutis7 dager siden

    Make a mobile game

  • august88837
    august888377 dager siden

    I had two of dem cars back in d days , a regular 1980-280 z n my other one was 1974_ 2+2 , got d first from a friend who had tickets on it n didn’t want to pay dem , I payed it n it was mine , d other one was from d aution I got a good deal, if I can find one today I would buy one again

  • david baron
    david baron7 dager siden


  • Brad Schwartz
    Brad Schwartz7 dager siden

    Wow! This turned out AMAZING! Can't believe only 350 miles. I've never seen an owner so happy to FINALLY purchase this vehicle.

  • Jerold Aulph
    Jerold Aulph7 dager siden

    Microfiber frothy what??? I find the best just to use a hose with a lot of water right at the face of the towel you're using and wash with plenty of water... Sprayng gunk on top of dirt and then pushing the dirt off into a dirty cloth... I don't think that's a good idea... You're far better off flooding with water and letting the water carry the dirt away.... I wouldn't let this guy touch any car I own.

  • Nothing IsReal
    Nothing IsReal7 dager siden

    Back in the day, engineers simply build beautiful cars they and the production work force were proud of. I guess those days are gone.

  • Narayan Jagadale
    Narayan Jagadale7 dager siden

    It looks 2 month old

  • TheGor54 miller
    TheGor54 miller8 dager siden

    Does it run? Or is it just a lawn ornament?

  • Ahmad Awang hamat
    Ahmad Awang hamat8 dager siden

    Nissan fairlady..

  • The_hi 123
    The_hi 1238 dager siden

    I cannot wait until i get my hands on one of those cars. so beautiful.

  • L Nazri
    L Nazri8 dager siden


  • John Flinn
    John Flinn9 dager siden

    Diamond in the rough.

  • James Howard
    James Howard9 dager siden

    Nice, i used to have an S30Z.

  • BlOoDyRhUm26
    BlOoDyRhUm269 dager siden

    THIS, this is my dream car... but in my country in europe it's rare and expensive :(

  • dsumner7
    dsumner79 dager siden

    I owned one of these in the same color...sad i sold it after I married and wished so many times I had found a way to keep it! It was clean and the motor was so tight if you took the oil cap off while it was running it would start running rough!

    MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ9 dager siden

    Awsome content

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas10 dager siden

    had a 240z once...sold it....bugger

  • Dat_z32_tho
    Dat_z32_tho10 dager siden

    I need more Z’s

  • K S
    K S10 dager siden

    from 1979 to 1981 I owned a 1972 240Z. I was 24 at the time and was able to do quite a restoration to bring the car back to ~90% stock. This included a full exterior repaint , interior and engine detail, rebuilding the stock carbs, replacing the tires, installing period alloys and a few other items . I paid $3600 and sold it 3yrs later for the same $3600.

  • Руслан Кириченко
    Руслан Кириченко10 dager siden

    Видно что работают профисоналы 👍👍👍

  • Omar Shaikh
    Omar Shaikh10 dager siden

    How come no flat tyres for 44 years?

  • Aslam Ahmed
    Aslam Ahmed10 dager siden

    My car looks like this in 24 hrs parked outside Ps don’t ask me where 🤫🤐

  • RadiantSilverlighter
    RadiantSilverlighter11 dager siden

    Skip to 9:35 if you just wanna see the car get washed

  • The Stellar Engineer
    The Stellar Engineer11 dager siden

    My dad was 18 when he bought this car. Now I am 19 and he is giving it to me. I treasure that vehicle more than anything. It gives me hope that I too can restore my 280 Z to its former glory.

  • Robb
    Robb11 dager siden

    Fun!! my sister's girlfriend had one back in the 70s, what a sexy car.. loved being driven around in it.. thankyou

  • Shirley Gilbert
    Shirley Gilbert11 dager siden

    My mom had one. It was wonderful to drive

  • Phillip Woolley
    Phillip Woolley11 dager siden


  • richie vellalar
    richie vellalar11 dager siden

    World best car is Datsun.....Thank you japan

  • Yaph San
    Yaph San11 dager siden


  • Philip Gray
    Philip Gray11 dager siden

    He sold it to get a new Z.

  • rozagul khan
    rozagul khan11 dager siden

    Old is gold i like this car so much

  • Maggot Meatballz
    Maggot Meatballz11 dager siden

    I don't know anything about cars and don't even have a driver's license yet here I am watching these videos and now I am guetting the barn find simulator, that's just the way I roll.

  • Craig DeRoche
    Craig DeRoche11 dager siden


  • Craig DeRoche
    Craig DeRoche11 dager siden


  • Vikingdescendent
    Vikingdescendent12 dager siden

    It should be put in a museum ASAP!

  • krishna kumar
    krishna kumar12 dager siden

    Still has the original factory tyres.

  • Arshdeep Singh
    Arshdeep Singh12 dager siden

    One of the coolest looking cars compared to todays cars

    LEVIN MATHEW12 dager siden

    I was waiting to watch him drive off in that piece of beauty 🙄

  • Bob Millerick
    Bob Millerick12 dager siden

    You can keep that in my garage if you want.

  • Yusuf plays Roblox and more! !!!
    Yusuf plays Roblox and more! !!!13 dager siden

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  • judah BenHur
    judah BenHur13 dager siden

    Such a beautiful car