Ford Mustang Mach-E LR AWD Geilo test


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  • Roberto Cuesta
    Roberto Cuesta3 dager siden


  • Heiko Bratke
    Heiko Bratke4 dager siden

    IX3 next! Come on Bjørn.

  • André Guérard
    André Guérard4 dager siden

    Ford mustang never another one in my life.

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen4 dager siden

    Han Solo?

  • Rich Arnold
    Rich Arnold4 dager siden

    It honk's to let you know your keys are in the car

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    4 dager siden

    Incorrect. The keys are *not* in the car. The honk is to annoy you that the car is on.

  • Krystian Krychu
    Krystian Krychu5 dager siden

    9:16 that's joke.. even my audi 2005r has heated front radar in the same place as here

  • ShaRk.
    ShaRk.5 dager siden

    To be honest, the infotainment system already looks outdated. Mainly the UI design.

  • Theo Davis
    Theo Davis5 dager siden

    Bjørn, what type of tires are you driving on?

  • Testdriver2804
    Testdriver28045 dager siden

    it's amazing how car manufactures put cars on market and then told, we will make an update, like that situation with navigation

  • A Man
    A Man6 dager siden

    Thank you for making another excellent video. Most of your videos are truly great and informative. I suspect the side to side movement in the tunnel was the effect of the tunnel on the side sensors. That should be able to be tweaked.

  • wiezyczkowata
    wiezyczkowata6 dager siden

    still can't get over that iPod on dashboard...

  • Szilveszter Sáfár
    Szilveszter Sáfár6 dager siden

    The autosteer choppy movements. I have the same thing on my Kia Niro EV. It's called Lane Follow Assist, and it just bounces between the left and right lane markings. Also it doesn't smoothly move the steering wheel, but it jerks it in small but fixed amounts. Very annoying from a 2020 car...

  • Raitzi


    6 dager siden

    It would be easily fixed by integrating control like PI. Amateur level stuff here.

  • You're a Peasant
    You're a Peasant6 dager siden

    If not for the self driving capabilities of Tesla no would would buy that crap.

  • mravecsk1


    4 dager siden

    @A Man Not gonna happen. Check out what is gong on in this sector and where and what is Ford. They just woke up.

  • mravecsk1


    4 dager siden

    Crap? Some more crap you have to say? Do you think we buy Tesla because of self drive cap? Like everybody? You talk for everybody it seems. With your judgment you have to be peasant indeed. Im sure you hare more god like agenda in your head. What about covid? Tell us. I drove a lot of cars EVs included and each of them has its plus and minus...

  • A Man

    A Man

    6 dager siden

    Ford will beat Tesla to full autonomy in the fall of 2021

  • Erik Petersen
    Erik Petersen6 dager siden

    Ford still stands for Fix Or Repair Daily 🙄 I’ll take the Model X, thanks.

  • James Bowden
    James Bowden6 dager siden

    Byorn, you had better change your name to HyandaiByorn because Hyandai has just changed the ev market with todays release. Time to sell Tesla stock and cancel your Plaid order. It appears to these eyes that Tesla has been out designed by the South Koreans.

  • theLastoftheHitachi
    theLastoftheHitachi6 dager siden

    16:54 wow, 26% diff (from and to) for Peugeot e-208 also, hyundai ioniq efficiency, wh/km, almost as tesla (if not better, considering temp. diff. and weather)

  • Marko Vrejic
    Marko Vrejic6 dager siden

    When they do E car that can charge in 10 min ok im all in but to w8 40+ min to charge that f.... E cigarette never! I did some math with that range 350km?? i would spend 32h in one year just on charging stations. That is just from home to work no other shit.

  • freeyourmind
    freeyourmind6 dager siden

    all the vehicle weight is weighing the car down and consuming much energy. materials need to be improved. also seems like aerodynamics could be improved. probably ev design could need an overhaul?. seems like cars are still using the traditional car design/construction template. probably make ev vehicle rear motored? and improve the front aerodynamically? metal should be left for the electric motor..the rest of the vehicle could use long lasting synthetic material. so its not just battery or motor but material technology. probably tires need to be redesigned even..the car weighs less. no one can design an ev offroad vehicle yet..and yet these companies are designing heavy ev suvs. redesign everything. ev vehicles can go fast and stop fast..not sure why cars still need heavy and bulky frames? probably just design a passenger safe cockpit.

  • Mike
    Mike6 dager siden

    so, if this was "some snow", I am wondering what would "lots of snow" be like in Norway))

  • paal1973able


    6 dager siden

    Lots of snow is like this:

  • ivohawk
    ivohawk6 dager siden

    In beginning nice American accent IMO! "Video was not sponsored by Solo", " Now the Polizei can find me!" 😄

  • Uber Menschen
    Uber Menschen6 dager siden

    Radar beam could penetrate through snow, hence , no need for heating for snow removal.

  • Uber Menschen
    Uber Menschen6 dager siden

    @16:46, According to your chart, the Mach E is thirsty, ie , drinks up more Wh than model 3.

  • Uber Menschen
    Uber Menschen6 dager siden

    @13:59, nope. Sounds the same to me. May be it’s your knocking.

  • Uber Menschen
    Uber Menschen6 dager siden

    @13:36, double gazed front window on a framed door - much better than all Tesla’s vehicles which uses frameless doors. Big points for Ford.

  • Uber Menschen
    Uber Menschen6 dager siden

    @5:50, “Nice burrito “ that is what I tune in to watch. And an all naturally cooled drink.

    SUK JUHA6 dager siden

    It's Amazing that Ford's EV is better then I think! This car shows American Car Makers can make good EV. Thank you for make these amazing EV Review and Range Tests. By the way, today Hyundai revealed a new car, Ioniq 5. I want to ask If you have a mind to take a review video like Nissan Ariya uploaded at 2020 July. I wonder How you think about this new Ioniq!

  • Botond Deák
    Botond Deák6 dager siden

    That dogo was interested in the car. :D

  • Love my Tesla, but
    Love my Tesla, but7 dager siden

    👎👎👎 Range is not king!

  • Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles
    Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles7 dager siden

    Is it Ford Bjorn or Fjord Bjorn?

  • Alex Fiehl
    Alex Fiehl7 dager siden

    That "bing bong" sound reminds me of every dirty, cheap, crappy Ford rental I've ever had, and turns me off from any other Fords. It's hard to shake it. Wish they went with something more modern, it makes me associate this with all of the legacy Fords of the past, subconsciously. This car doesn't deserve that!

  • TheJoncic


    7 dager siden

    Yep reminds me of crappy Fusion rentals I've had. Lincoln changed the tone on their new models, not sure why this can't be different too. Seems like it would be cheap and easy to do.

  • R3D
    R3D7 dager siden

    This one in all black, with black rims. It would look menacing.

  • R3D


    5 dager siden

    @A Man I disagree. It depends on the car and the color of the car.

  • A Man

    A Man

    6 dager siden

    Black rims completely destroy the looks of most cars. They remind me of the aftermarket rims that people put on their old beater cars.

  • Robert Twiddy
    Robert Twiddy7 dager siden

    Hi Bjorn, as a retiree in Thailand I watch your reports on EVs and finding them super. I am holding off to buy in Thailand when the 2nd gen batteries arrive or solid state and I guess 2022. Given the pandemic, Thailand has slowed the roll out of EV charging stations. To me until the range gets beyond 500km, I would be stuck with no resale. Tesla as you know has no presence in Thailand , the first maybe Nissan Ariya of any real range, unless MG update the ZS batteries. Toyota look like they will launch with solid state batteries in 2022. Would you hold off too, until the 2nd gen batteries come in late 2021 or 2022. Tesla S Plaid or Cybertruck look like the first 500 mile Teslas? What do you think, advice would be welcome? Maybe a video on buying EV, when and what?

  • Pretty Neat Stuff
    Pretty Neat Stuff7 dager siden

    Great review once again. Thanks.

  • DerpyDoom
    DerpyDoom7 dager siden

    Infrared face recognition or why is it using the emitters that are visible at the beginning?

  • Krishna Teja Ghanta
    Krishna Teja Ghanta7 dager siden

    Hi Bjorn. What kind of filter are using to reduce the noise, when shooting near the HPC's?

  • Andrew Brinkhaus
    Andrew Brinkhaus7 dager siden

    Crazy how far behind the infotainment feels compared to Tesla. I think this is a great entry for Ford with a lot of all around victories, but the infotainment tech is not one of them from what I've seen.

  • Mark Reaume
    Mark Reaume7 dager siden

    The charger at Gelo had red coolant on the ground perhaps that charger was the source of slow charging?.

  • Bjørn Nyland

    Bjørn Nyland

    6 dager siden


  • James Kowski
    James Kowski7 dager siden

    You are still alive thanks to the AWD while you were passing the truck under the snow. I would spend more money to get the AWD if I need to drive as you did in this video. So, paying more and having a less range for an AWD is not a drawback. Thanks for the review. This is definitely better than the Tesla Y

  • twcz3
    twcz37 dager siden

    If only the advanced cruse control had heat screen...

  • BMW M2
    BMW M27 dager siden

    Ford trying to mask this as a "Mustang" is a joke. Mustang buyers are in it for the V8. It is a restyled SUV.

  • Dom G

    Dom G

    7 dager siden

    Except this will beat the V8 off the line and on the highway all day, while hauling a load of mulch in the back... The real joke is the V8 in 2021.

  • Anders Pedersen
    Anders Pedersen7 dager siden

    No heated pedals?

  • Sh!tehawk
    Sh!tehawk7 dager siden

    Had two Fords with heated windscreens over the years. It's a brilliant feature.

  • R3D


    7 dager siden

    Yep me too. Even my Fiesta had heated windscreens.

  • Leo K
    Leo K7 dager siden

    10:44 Jaws theme music before the car tries to kill you :)

  • fourteenfour
    fourteenfour7 dager siden

    One of big concerns is Ford recently announced they will move their car electronics which means the UI and more to a system based on Android yet they did not clarify if that the Mach E would be upgraded to that or ever support it. Which could mean the Mach E could end up on software that gets few if any updates. Can you set the percentage you recharge the car to? Oh, ain't that quaint, a start button :)

  • Emerald and Company
    Emerald and Company7 dager siden

    6:34 - 6:39 best part of this video

  • Kawan
    Kawan7 dager siden

    Very strong contender

  • instaquant
    instaquant7 dager siden

    Bon appetit!

  • T is for Tech
    T is for Tech7 dager siden

    That's totally crap that the navigation won't work. Also the whole system seems laggy as F&$K.

  • Jaimie Duthoy
    Jaimie Duthoy7 dager siden

    My ford also horns at me when there a door open. So you can prank someone by locking the car. It works every time ( a scary face or the angry version). So I guess : the open chargeport is causing this.

  • Grizzy Bear
    Grizzy Bear7 dager siden

    Its not called double glazed windows, that would be for windows with gas in the middle. You must mean laminated glass when it's two glass pieces glued together.

  • mravecsk1


    6 dager siden

    You are wrong. It is not gased but GLAZED. Double-glazed window is a window with two sheets or panes of glass. The term glazing derives from the Middle English word for glass. People who repair window glass are called glaziers. If you hear the term glazing, it will usually be when some window manufacturers refer to their window designs as being single-glazed or double-glazed.

  • Ambot51
    Ambot517 dager siden

    @2:10 Bjorn's 'Murrican accent is outstanding!

  • Krzysztof Cygan
    Krzysztof Cygan7 dager siden

    I don't think the rear camera is heated, they are often warm or hot when operated, just like most electronics, but I could be wrong.

  • Dennis Mabrey
    Dennis Mabrey7 dager siden

    I cannot downgrade my range and charging speed. If they can get a range into the 300's I'd consider it.

  • Dennis Mabrey

    Dennis Mabrey

    5 dager siden

    @A Man Hate to rain on your parade pal but on normal days where temps are between 50F-80F I generally get better mileage than what Tesla says I should. I don't know why you people who don't own the car come on here and think you can lie to someone who has had one for years. Are you that stupid or are you paid to spread bullshit? Look... I can tell you the good bad and ugly about Teslas (at least Model 3s) and range is NOT one of them. Give it a break and get lost.

  • A Man

    A Man

    6 dager siden

    Tesla lies about their range. Ford actually underrates the range on the Mach E. Do you drive 300 miles per day? If you do, you're in the 1 percent.

  • Martin_S
    Martin_S7 dager siden

    Is the mach-e suitable for camping?

  • Sean Lindo
    Sean Lindo7 dager siden

    Great job with these reviews - their thorough, easy to understand, honest, and they feel very authentic from the comments to the quick moments where you're grabbing a bite to eat. Keep it up - really interesting, entertaining, and thoughtful.

  • Przemek Konarski
    Przemek Konarski7 dager siden

    It really lacks charging speed information. Ford should include this in their update.

  • glamdring0007
    glamdring00077 dager siden

    That is by far the best looking EV to date. The interior layout and screens are also excellent especially compared to the rather boring Tesla interior and single screen.

  • Tero Piispala
    Tero Piispala7 dager siden

    All wheel drive don't automatically lower the range. It depends on motor efficiencies in used power area. With Tesla, there is a clear difference because front motor is less efficent. Can't wait to see what plaid does.

  • Martin Lauer-Schatzl
    Martin Lauer-Schatzl7 dager siden

    Sounds like the white shark is coming

  • barebare
    barebare7 dager siden

    lol overtaking on sleet en route to your mountain cabin test, such subtle critique:p

  • R Cajavus
    R Cajavus7 dager siden

    ford executives are hugging their children after a long time tonight :D

  • J.P.M.
    J.P.M.7 dager siden

    wow, the "barely legal" joke came out of left field. Have to admit I laughed though.

  • Max Sievers

    Max Sievers

    6 dager siden

    It starts at 8:00

  • Nicklas Jørgensen
    Nicklas Jørgensen7 dager siden

    Do the test again at 10-20c to compare vs the model 3 :D

  • Dane Dane
    Dane Dane7 dager siden

    Really want to see the Mercedes EQC tested in winter :-)

  • christer karlsson
    christer karlsson7 dager siden


  • zedski
    zedski7 dager siden

    Missing heated windscreen from my Fiesta :

  • 44Lauser
    44Lauser7 dager siden

    Hi Björn, fine test..could you test out if the backcamera has a washer right of the camera?

  • Pekka Ahonen
    Pekka Ahonen7 dager siden

    door shut noise sounds bad, maybe just in video. something lose.

  • Michal Wojciul
    Michal Wojciul7 dager siden

    There is one thing which prevents me from ever buying this car. It is a SUV called "Mustang". It's like a trash can named "Ice Cream". I bought trash can last week. But I won't eat it's content. I like that it beeps like my old Fiesta used to have. I like that it has a heated windscreen like my old Fiesta. I hate that it is a SUV called "Mustang".

  • João Carlos Batalha
    João Carlos Batalha7 dager siden

    Hey. Great review! I also find this a very interesting car. Would you consider comparing the Mustang Mach-e RWD LR with the matching ID.4 RWD ? Love your videos. Keep it up.

  • Adventures With Sean
    Adventures With Sean7 dager siden

    Is it because the battery is cold that 100% is only 350km? Ford Ireland website says AWD model can do 540km on a single charge?

  • D F
    D F7 dager siden

    2:35 Giant mostly-blank blue instrument screen and all they provide is a tiny symbol in lower left corner to let you know a major safety system is offline??

  • Matthew Oliphant
    Matthew Oliphant7 dager siden

    "Ground Speed" ??? Can it also fly?!

  • Ramūnas Gudauskas
    Ramūnas Gudauskas7 dager siden

    A mexican car, you should start speaking mexican

  • Aleek91
    Aleek917 dager siden

    Bjørn, could you include app support and features for more of the cars? The ability to pre-heat without the car being plugged in, and by app is essential for me as a fellow norwegian without a garage!

  • Tony Bebich
    Tony Bebich7 dager siden

    LR RWD for sure. Waiting for IONIQ5 reveal tonight though. 10-80 in 18 minutes

  • Kennith
    Kennith7 dager siden

    Seems like the beep after you close the door is when the car is on and you exit. If the car is off and you exit it did not beep at the 1ns charger

  • Jonathan I. Ezor

    Jonathan I. Ezor

    6 dager siden

    @Threepingsthree Not if someone else wants to jump into your car and steal it. In that case, leaving it on (and driveable) and walking away is definitely risky, hence the double beep warning.

  • Threepingsthree


    7 dager siden

    The concept of the car "being on" isn't really relevant in an electric vehicle. Ford should loose that annoying sound. The climate could be on, the car could be in drive or reverse. But just being "on." that is an ICE legacy feature and it shows.

  • DMC
    DMC7 dager siden

    Didn't ford patent the heated windscreen? i used to have one on my transit years ago.

  • colla 555
    colla 5557 dager siden

    What does the AVAS on the Mach-E sound like?

  • colla 555
    colla 5557 dager siden

    10:45 now I know what that sounds like, like the noises, they make in shark films when the shark approaches 🦈

  • Marcus Fleuti
    Marcus Fleuti7 dager siden

    The beeping noise it makes are so 90s - reminds me on these little pocket gaming computers that I played before the GameBoy came out :)

  • Bjørn Riise
    Bjørn Riise7 dager siden

    so the mexi can burrito stop.

  • Gerald G
    Gerald G7 dager siden

    I keep hearing the term "Colegating" when talking about charging. What does this mean? Thanks.

  • Harald Nygård

    Harald Nygård

    7 dager siden

    Coldgateing means that the car charges slow because of a cold battery even after several hours of driving.

  • Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    7 dager siden

    Cold gating...

  • Brian Lear
    Brian Lear7 dager siden

    wait, so it can't keep the cabin warm and fast charge at its advertised rate at the same time? Ford's solution to slow fast charging speeds is to "turn off the cabin heat"? So sit and freeze while you are charging? That doesn't make any sense to me.

  • Hubert Heller
    Hubert Heller7 dager siden

    What does colgating mean?

  • Hubert Heller

    Hubert Heller

    7 dager siden

    @Anders Nilsson I looked up "gating" in a dictionary to understand it fully: "the term gating refers to the opening (activation) or closing (by deactivation or inactivation) of ion channels"

  • Hubert Heller

    Hubert Heller

    7 dager siden

    @Anders Nilsson Thank you!

  • Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    7 dager siden

    Cold gating... Lower charging speed due to low temp.

  • darmiejr
    darmiejr7 dager siden

    Ford could had figured out how to warm up the battery for faster charging before arriving to a charger.

  • Thazima
    Thazima7 dager siden

    😨 Is it just me or did someone see that *ORB at **18:33** ????? 😨😨 ( Bottom Right )*

  • Dennis van Helden
    Dennis van Helden7 dager siden

    Garmin navigation, oooh well!

    VINCHENZO287 dager siden

    Your curiosity is valued here! What good observations! That steering/light bar scared me the first time!

  • Simone Willemse
    Simone Willemse7 dager siden

    The e208 has 3 stage level auto climate control as well :)

  • Kim Flatråker
    Kim Flatråker7 dager siden

    After watching the vid I want a Solo, not a Mach E 😆

  • Andreas Knebel
    Andreas Knebel7 dager siden

    Very nice video and the details are always great. Which charging card do you use? Gruß aus Heidelberg

  • Marius Chi
    Marius Chi7 dager siden

    camera could be not heated, but just by bad design it is hot when working:)

  • Barry W
    Barry W7 dager siden

    Therefore, excellent summer car?

  • Kim Edwards
    Kim Edwards7 dager siden

    Looks like nice car but how do you open car if 12 volt battery goes flat ?. My Ioniq has door key.

  • FSXgta
    FSXgta7 dager siden

    Are American cars required to have annoying sounds and honk at you all the time? Can someone explain.

  • Henk en Mieke van den Berg
    Henk en Mieke van den Berg7 dager siden

    Hope that you can test it again over 3 monats. Better temp then.

  • Schunkelnde Dschunke
    Schunkelnde Dschunke7 dager siden

    The Sound when you open the door, remembers me of the movie "Once upon a time in the west" (German "Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod") Especially the scene when they are waiting on the railway station at the beginning of the movie. There was the squeaky windmill and that windmill makes the same sound as the MachE, after opening the doors. Funny and a bit scary. 7:00 here 3:40 windmill sound

  • You're a Peasant

    You're a Peasant

    6 dager siden

    You must be Swede. The door sound remembers me of the movie.

  • Kham Alexandro
    Kham Alexandro7 dager siden

    Canadian here, thank you very much for the winter perspective, valuable information that no other reviewer offers.

  • Joseph Glenn

    Joseph Glenn

    7 dager siden

    Same sentiments for this Montanan.

  • Michał Ty
    Michał Ty7 dager siden

    Why is rear/front-wheel-drive more efficient than all wheel drive? I understand how it works for ICE, but why should it matter for electric?

  • Dan H

    Dan H

    7 dager siden

    Increased mass. More inertia to overcome. But not as bad as gas car with additional transfer case, drive shaft, diff..

  • ma6netho


    7 dager siden

    4 rotating driveshafts and the rotating el motor create fritions (even if it only rotating/coasting and not feeded electrons to rotate it)