Former MasterChef Jr. Competitor Dies at 14

A former contestant on “MasterChef Jr.” has died. Ben Watkins was 11 years old when he appeared on season six of the food competition show. Watkins, who was from Gary, Indiana, passed away after a year-and-half-long battle with a rare cancer called angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma. Gordon Ramsey, a judge on the show, tweeted: “Ben you were an incredibly talented home cook and even stronger young man. Your young life had so many tough turns but you always persevered.”


  • nanyamka dorsey
    nanyamka dorsey14 timer siden

    We love and support you kid shaftmaster even you got cancer

  • Mr Taptoe Dapper Dan
    Mr Taptoe Dapper Dan18 timer siden

    He deserved to live longer

  • Jr Villanueva
    Jr Villanueva19 timer siden

    nobody deserves this. i send my condolences to his family, may he rest in peace.

  • Sadik Shire
    Sadik ShireDag siden

    Hope his goes to heaven a better place than this world

  • kyoshi.
    kyoshi.Dag siden

    May he lies in peace with his parents in eternity

  • DeadShot Gaming
    DeadShot GamingDag siden

    I believed That God Had Other plan for Him hope he's Happy were he is now💖

  • Bella
    BellaDag siden

    Poor boy, he is now in a better place and reunited with his parents💜 RIP

  • Franklin Salubre
    Franklin Salubre2 dager siden

    You know why Jesus take him very soon?Because Jesus don't want this kid to suffer all bad things

  • ty gamer
    ty gamer2 dager siden

    2020 took too many away from us. RIP Ben Watkins.

  • Skies
    Skies2 dager siden


  • Amanda Andrea Rose
    Amanda Andrea Rose2 dager siden

    He's now cooking with his parents in heaven...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    GAMIEON3 dager siden

    He didn't deserve all this things rip.

  • SpiritSlayer
    SpiritSlayer4 dager siden


  • Hello Nathan jr
    Hello Nathan jr4 dager siden

    May he rest in peace! He was such a great cook and person!

  • October Flower
    October Flower4 dager siden

    I pray God will grant us all the will to love one another like these people love him!!! Stay blessed!!

  • Wrong Channel
    Wrong Channel4 dager siden

    He's with his parents now

  • Khaamir Williams
    Khaamir Williams5 dager siden


  • Sad Artist
    Sad Artist5 dager siden

    My heart...

  • b3rry0’s Star Wars
    b3rry0’s Star Wars6 dager siden

    It’s so sad because he was so young 😔

  • kulxc ツ
    kulxc ツ6 dager siden

    Where was god? Lost his parents had cancer himself where was he ? Was he watching did he plan it

  • Connley Walker
    Connley Walker6 dager siden

    Rest in peace mastercook

  • Jev Rango
    Jev Rango6 dager siden

    Ben was a very good cook!!

  • Pratyush K
    Pratyush K6 dager siden

    He went through so much in life but still stood strong. He didn't deserve this, he didn't.

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz6 dager siden

    God speed.

  • Zaltana Meyer
    Zaltana Meyer6 dager siden

    This breaks my heart💔💔💔

  • Duffy
    Duffy7 dager siden


  • elissa sofia hernandez
    elissa sofia hernandez7 dager siden


  • brian ali
    brian ali7 dager siden

    Rip bro 😪😔❤ still chefing in heaven

  • Elena Jackson
    Elena Jackson7 dager siden

    At first glance I didn't recognize him but then I remembered he was on Chopped JR RIP Ben

  • martishia butler
    martishia butler7 dager siden


  • lil-PS4-boi
    lil-PS4-boi7 dager siden

    Prayers for his family

  • cora mcclelland
    cora mcclelland7 dager siden

    this made me cry because he was a good chef on that show

  • Tya Griffin
    Tya Griffin7 dager siden

    I never watched this show my mom watched like 1 episode but this is sad dude

  • Jada Salinas
    Jada Salinas7 dager siden


  • Will And Reid Franklin
    Will And Reid Franklin7 dager siden

    rip legend

  • Pixadragon
    Pixadragon7 dager siden


  • Maha Al-moayed
    Maha Al-moayed7 dager siden

    The people who disliked actually were crying and by accident pressed the dislike button.....

  • Max Lastra
    Max Lastra8 dager siden


  • Ursula baddy Minecraft
    Ursula baddy Minecraft8 dager siden

    i dont kno who this kid is or the show but Rest In Peace

  • Akella Henry
    Akella Henry9 dager siden

    He truly did not deserve that, life can be soooooooo unfair man ! R.I.P Ben, may you dance and smile with the angels in heaven forever.

  • MarioYoshi 4723
    MarioYoshi 47239 dager siden

    Rest In Peace, little man.

  • TheSuperAwesomeBros
    TheSuperAwesomeBros9 dager siden

    Rest in peace ben

  • lilstump55
    lilstump559 dager siden

    Jesus loves you

  • Alexander Frye
    Alexander Frye9 dager siden

    i hate 2020

  • moussa seelarbokus
    moussa seelarbokus9 dager siden

    Imagine the life he had. We all need to be grateful and stop making excuses for not putting the efforts and go forward in life. Being grateful in life is very important.

  • Santiago Valenzuela
    Santiago Valenzuela9 dager siden

    this is sad

  • Skyforce 213
    Skyforce 2139 dager siden

    No one deserve this kind of suffering🥺😢

  • Colin Parham
    Colin Parham9 dager siden

    Yet another sad moment in 2020

  • Never Alone
    Never Alone9 dager siden

    Rest in peace, little man❤️ You're safe with mom and dad now❤️❤️

  • RiidDisBuk
    RiidDisBuk9 dager siden

    Former MasterChef Jr. Compeitor Dies at 14 Me: Lucky kid. NO I AM NOT MOCKING HIS DEATH. Just wishing I was dead :(

  • QueenLadyT
    QueenLadyT9 dager siden

    Ben... Thank you for showing me daily everything that I have to be Grateful for. You were truly an Angel sent to give people such as myself a glimpse at why it's extremely important (especially in todays world) to be appreciative at looking at what we do have instead of what we don't. I absolutely love MasterChef and I had the opportunity of watching the season that you were in and would have never guessed that you had/were facing adversities in your young life and for that it just shows what an inspiring young man you were and still is at this very moment 💞🙏💞🙏. R.I.P Ben Watkins💞🙏💞🙏💞🙏

  • 4N1M3 3D1TZ
    4N1M3 3D1TZ9 dager siden

    Rest In Piece 🙏

  • Harpreet Singh
    Harpreet Singh9 dager siden

    dam it man, it hurts

  • Tita Dalyn
    Tita Dalyn9 dager siden


  • Mr. Potayto
    Mr. Potayto9 dager siden

    R.I.P. BEN

  • Perla Vazquez
    Perla Vazquez9 dager siden

    At least he’s with his parents in heaven watching over everyone who cared about him rip Ben 😔😞😭😭😢

  • Meza Garner
    Meza Garner9 dager siden

    I just watched him on the show!!!! Rest In Peace!!!

  • Okami Jubei
    Okami Jubei10 dager siden

    Horrible when a young kid or teenager dies and didn't get a full experience with life. At least he gets to do something not many get to do before he passed.

  • Mr Zone Lord
    Mr Zone Lord10 dager siden

    I'n perplexed about this story. 6 people have this rare cancer, I honestly don't why he was given this.

  • Red Sonic 22
    Red Sonic 2210 dager siden

    Rip my name is Ben too rip Ben we will miss you

  • Brittany Davis
    Brittany Davis10 dager siden

    Ohmygosh how sad!!! Poor guy, from his parents to his illness, may he rest in peace.

  • jhoey
    jhoey10 dager siden

    Rest In Peace )):

  • Rose Knows
    Rose Knows10 dager siden

    Rest in peace Ben.

  • David M
    David M10 dager siden

    life is not about the amount of time. kid experience alot handled it like a young man did what he was passionate about rip bro

  • Joana Liu
    Joana Liu10 dager siden

    I don’t know him but I cried anyway. That is just horrible! RIP

  • BettaCaptain
    BettaCaptain10 dager siden

    I feel so bad that his last year was 2020, that poor little boy with so much talent sadly passed away, yet we still have you know who.

  • straight path الصراط المستقيم
    straight path الصراط المستقيم10 dager siden

    respect to ben watkin

  • NeptuneOnIOS
    NeptuneOnIOS10 dager siden


  • Micah JESSOP
    Micah JESSOP11 dager siden

    ben awakened his mangekyo

  • Benjaboom
    Benjaboom11 dager siden

    So sad

    GILBERT EVERY11 dager siden


  • Simon Ghost riley
    Simon Ghost riley11 dager siden

    He was just dealt the wrong cards😞😔😭 R.I.P little dude 🕊

  • Toluwani
    Toluwani11 dager siden

    What a cruel existence

  • Dominic Bash
    Dominic Bash11 dager siden


  • Barry Knight
    Barry Knight11 dager siden

    So sad may be rest in eternal peace 🕊🕊🕊🕊

  • Jayden Benitez
    Jayden Benitez11 dager siden

    rest in peace gone too soon :(

  • FerN ASMR
    FerN ASMR11 dager siden


  • Kian Naicker
    Kian Naicker11 dager siden

    Rip little bro💛🕊

  • jes gamer
    jes gamer11 dager siden

    Damn man

  • Iyanu Banks
    Iyanu Banks11 dager siden

    Oh my goodness 💔

  • Dampishere 1
    Dampishere 111 dager siden

    Why did I think the title said master chief??????

  • Promise You
    Promise You11 dager siden

    These kids cook better then me

  • Kaitlyn Malinowski
    Kaitlyn Malinowski11 dager siden

    Poor kid, everything went wrong and he could do anything about it. Rest in piece Ben

  • Sweet Bubblez
    Sweet Bubblez11 dager siden

    I didn’t know who he was but God Have Him In His Glory 🙏🏼. So young dealing with sooo much

  • Timm3rs
    Timm3rs11 dager siden

    Rest in peace🙏🏽❤✝

  • Dominique Mcclaney
    Dominique Mcclaney11 dager siden

    Sad 🙁. May he Rest In Peace.

  • Satan / Lucifer
    Satan / Lucifer11 dager siden

    Nah man he got isekaid and be is back in time in a fantasy land where he actually belongs and he is fixing the terrible cooking...He became better than a royal cook 😔✊ Edit: I also don't mean this as a joke

  • Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Bolt11 dager siden

    God bless him. May he be cooking beside the angels now.

  • i
    i11 dager siden


  • Cynthia Pickett
    Cynthia Pickett11 dager siden


  • Rishi Pandya
    Rishi Pandya12 dager siden

    Rest in peace buddy

  • Ashocka Black
    Ashocka Black12 dager siden

    R.I.P to that young man...I know he’s an Angel😇 .

  • okami gekko
    okami gekko12 dager siden

    I’ve never really watched masterchef jr but this made me cry RIP Ben

  • Amalia Gonzalez
    Amalia Gonzalez12 dager siden

    it’s really disrespectful said he died or is dead is better to say he past away.

  • khn hjb

    khn hjb

    11 dager siden

    Or you're just off with them saying dead or died because maybe you mostly her passed away

  • How to YEET
    How to YEET12 dager siden

    Why is it that the most wonderful souls always get trampled on...then die

  • abdiel miranda
    abdiel miranda12 dager siden

    Poor soul, atleast he's serving such delicious foods to jesus in heaven and cooking with him too. RIP

  • Pink Pandafc
    Pink Pandafc12 dager siden

    I just found out and my heart is bleeding.

  • سـلـيـمـان أحـمـد
    سـلـيـمـان أحـمـد12 dager siden

    إنا للـه وإنآ إليه راجعون

  • Orange Crewmate
    Orange Crewmate12 dager siden

    So let me get this straight, after the boy died, his parents committed suicide?

  • Serani Poji

    Serani Poji

    12 dager siden

    His parents died first in a murder-suicide case back in 2017.

    POSKI FN12 dager siden

    Rip man 🙏