Francis Ngannou explains what went wrong in first Stipe Miocic fight | UFC 260 | ESPN MMA


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ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto sits down with Francis Ngannou ahead of his heavyweight title rematch vs. Stipe Miocic as the two discuss his life in Cameroon, the first bout vs. Stipe and much more.
0:00 Ngannou discusses his journey from Cameroon to the United States.
6:14 What the last three years of his career have been like.
12:04 Describing his mindset heading into the first Miocic fight.
16:02 Ngannou says he wasn’t fully in control during the bout.
17:37 If there should’ve been an interim heavyweight belt.
20:04 How he felt after knocking out Jairzinho Rozenstruik.
24:45 He doesn’t think he landed a clean punch at UFC 220.
29:30 Why looking back at his childhood doesn’t put a smile on his face.
32:45 What he’d do with the title to inspire others.
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  • Enow Agbor
    Enow Agbor7 dager siden

    This is the Black Arnold Schwarzenegger. The English, the fury, the calm, the grace. I see him having a great future in Movies, probably not politics. Francis the Predator

  • skam 557
    skam 55713 dager siden

    Simplicity over luxury.

  • GS
    GS17 dager siden

    He’s genuinely a nice guy 👏🏻

  • jmiogo
    jmiogo19 dager siden

    Very wise man.

  • Thomas Lecky
    Thomas Lecky28 dager siden

    This guy is an inspiration. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Brad Colby
    Brad Colby28 dager siden

    Here after Francis nuked Stipe, I called it!🇨🇲👑

    KINHODE DEGBEY29 dager siden


  • Leo P
    Leo P29 dager siden

    He is very thoughtful and well spoken

  • Leo P
    Leo PMåned siden

    OMG I REALLY HOPE SOMEONE MAKES HIS LIFE A MOVIE!!!! I AM NOT KIDDING IT's OSCAR MATERIAL! Desert trips escaping death, boats etc! He can show what these people go through for a better life! Even his childhood, not having money to buy a pen or food. But focus on the psychological part. Not a boring action only thing

    PASSPORT PAPIIIMåned siden

    This interview is very awkward i would be same though

  • zahid gazi
    zahid gaziMåned siden

    Why these ufc interviewrs sucks asking same question s

  • Saddam Hussain
    Saddam HussainMåned siden

    Amazing interview

    BEAST TVMåned siden


  • BenjaminO
    BenjaminOMåned siden

    Very intelligent guy, fast learner

  • BenjaminO
    BenjaminOMåned siden

    I think the success was too fast for him to fathomed. Maybe that was why he needed Camaru Usman at his side

  • Mbanga Man
    Mbanga ManMåned siden

    I admire his English a some one from a french speaking zone ..where even our president for 45yrs knows only 4 words in English ( I do so swear)

  • Rasyid Rosli
    Rasyid RosliMåned siden

    AND NEWWWWW!!! 💎

  • T J
    T JMåned siden

    Francis said don't you call me sweet vanilla lol🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦😂👈🏽

  • Mr Comrad
    Mr ComradMåned siden

    This guy deserves everything that comes to him. You can tell by how fast he picked up English and his answers that he is a thought out and intelligent man, yet he worked in sand mines and never had a proper education. He is a special human being!

  • T J

    T J

    Måned siden

    I wish everyone had the same observation because you are right on I met a janitor who was a math genius and unfortunately because of his Uprising and the card he was dealt from when he was born to a crackhead mother he never had the opportunity to utilize his talent his genius didn't have someone to encourage him or didn't have the drive I guess so sad🙏🏽

  • Deep Elements
    Deep ElementsMåned siden

    No matter what profession you're in Ngannou's story is so inspiring. Really hope I can get focus and accomplish my dreams like this.

  • NoClipsBarred Nick
    NoClipsBarred NickMåned siden

    When he said he will be better because he lost the first Stipe fight i was pretty impressed with him as a person.

  • NoClipsBarred Nick
    NoClipsBarred NickMåned siden

    I'm a huge Stipe fan, but Francis is obviously one if the most likeable fighters. If he wasn't such a favorite for the fight, I prob would have been more Neutral with my support, but seeing Stipe as an underdog got me.



    Måned siden

    Do you think Stipe should retire now? That K.O. was brutal.

  • cascisa22
    cascisa22Måned siden

    Francis is very smart

  • Amarachi Chris
    Amarachi ChrisMåned siden

    very interesting guy, very good personality, very humble, now new heavyweight champion, interesting

  • Brook Ma Chatte
    Brook Ma ChatteMåned siden

    Chael is actually pronounced Shill. Shill Sonnen.

  • Nair Da
    Nair DaMåned siden

    a nice humble guy on the outside and a monster in the cage.

  • Daniel Sim
    Daniel SimMåned siden

    Can we just appreciate how good Francis' English has become. Dude speaks so well.

  • T0ny M0ntana
    T0ny M0ntanaMåned siden

    Good on you, man. Good luck in the future. Greetings from Denmark

  • Gary Marsh
    Gary MarshMåned siden

    Francis' leadership qualities shine through in this interview. He could work in politics after his fighting career if he wanted.

  • Jason Wisdom
    Jason WisdomMåned siden

    Lol have we learned yet to stick to SIMPLE questions with Ngannou? 😂

  • Slick Rick
    Slick RickMåned siden

    ...this is a good interview

  • emt Ten
    emt TenMåned siden

    Bravo Nganou, we love you. You talk like a true cameroonian. We always love going back home. Thanks

  • phaserra
    phaserraMåned siden

    He turned his childhood spite into sheer determination to prove his worth to those who looked down on him.. and now, he is the champion.

  • Uchenna Egbuna
    Uchenna EgbunaMåned siden

    Francis yahhhhhhhh

  • Brandon Blooming
    Brandon BloomingMåned siden

    Congratulation/félicitation Francis Ngannou from Cameroon. Me and Ngannou actually have very similar names. His last name is Ngannou, My fathers given name to me is Ngabam. Congratulations to you Francis Ngannou, From Cameroon. We both share the same culture and Country. You are a Inspiration to me. To become great. God Bless you in yahawashi(Jesus) Mighty Name.

  • A Y

    A Y

    Måned siden

    u believe the Gospel.

  • dude231ification
    dude231ificationMåned siden

    "Sweet Vanilla 99" 😅 did people not watch to the end? This is hilarious 🤣



    Måned siden


  • DNA
    DNAMåned siden

    Brett dropping bars at the beginning: "Francis, we didn't plan this"

  • DMD
    DMDMåned siden

    He probably speaks a local Cameroonian dialect. English. French. Spanish. I wouldn't be surprised if he speaks 5 languages. Africans in Europe tend to be at least bi/tri lingual.

  • Talal
    TalalMåned siden

    Francis voice is music to my ears.

  • ValiantFox
    ValiantFoxMåned siden

    Vanilla99 has sent you a message - "Send me location"

  • FreakTheNihilist 22
    FreakTheNihilist 22Måned siden

    Get ngannou in a movie man

  • Wolfs Winkel

    Wolfs Winkel

    Måned siden

    @Christophe Tam whoa.

  • Christophe Tam

    Christophe Tam

    Måned siden

    He's gonna be in Fast & Furious 9.

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy DeanMåned siden

    This guy is a great American story even though he is from Africa and has deep love for I guess he is a great global story

  • mikiy84
    mikiy84Måned siden

    And now he is the UFC Undisputed Heavyweight Champion👏👏👏 Well done to Stipe aswell on a long championship reign.

    LABU SHOWMåned siden

    Such a humble Man and a beautiful soul. As a Cameroonian stories like His gives us reasons to smile even with our very terrible leader (Paul .B) Nice job Ngannou🙌👑🥂

  • O'Brien975
    O'Brien975Måned siden

    Ngannou should be in a James Bond movie.

  • JB Johnson
    JB JohnsonMåned siden

    This dude is NOT 34 years old. More like 38.

  • Wolfs Winkel

    Wolfs Winkel

    Måned siden

    @JB Johnson not really.

  • JB Johnson

    JB Johnson

    Måned siden

    @Wolfs Winkel My opinion matters.

  • Wolfs Winkel

    Wolfs Winkel

    Måned siden

    @JB Johnson nobody does, really.

  • JB Johnson

    JB Johnson

    Måned siden

    @Demiurge Obzen I do fool

  • Demiurge Obzen

    Demiurge Obzen

    Måned siden

    Kay thanks pal, nobody cares.

    A O AJIBADE OUSCA AOAMåned siden

    You are already Great..You are only going to become greater Our Champion..well done Brother ..E ku ise takun takun..OLUWA a maa gbee yin arakunrin waa ..

  • Casey Hodgson
    Casey HodgsonMåned siden

    Id be shitting myself if my name was john jones right now.

  • Andy H
    Andy HMåned siden

    You deserve every dollar, big man

  • Jorge Pacheco
    Jorge PachecoMåned siden

    Such a great story. Love this guy a big fan brotha. You deserve it

  • Nick Barahona
    Nick BarahonaMåned siden

    Where he comes from should carry this guy to success,dude draws the will to win from the pain of the past and from the scars that keep reminding him what he is here to do !!

  • Applasamy Subbha Rao
    Applasamy Subbha RaoMåned siden

    What A Gentle Tiger. I love the way he speak in control.

  • Cesar M.
    Cesar M.Måned siden

    So happy for Francis man, well deserved, what a specimen

  • V
    VMåned siden


  • M S
    M SMåned siden


  • Mad Max 1988
    Mad Max 1988Måned siden

    Hi Francis I’m Martin fae Scotland and I just want to give u my full support brother . You in my eyes are total inspiration to the whole of Africa and the world in general Your story reminds me that hard work really does pays off eventually. “If greatness is to be achieved the path of the worrier will inevitably be hard” well Francis your journey was hard but I bet totally worth it. Inspirational to say the least bro. If the Africa ufc goes down I’ll b there defo

  • Dylan Salinas
    Dylan SalinasMåned siden

    The tough prepared eventually spark because thunder topologically fool including a itchy sand. freezing, oceanic test

  • Jenson Cripps
    Jenson CrippsMåned siden

    The unhealthy swan ethnically juggle because degree oddly rot qua a female fertile degree. guarded, free creator

  • Arcane Artisan
    Arcane ArtisanMåned siden

    Imagine being Ngannou's favorite fighter... Respect to Gaethje!

  • Francois Weber
    Francois WeberMåned siden

    Francis see this. Your fists .. they are your power, Stipe has alot. He has family. He has country. He has passion. He does not have nothing. The feeling of nothing. I can see it. When the question comes.... How does it feel to have everything. No! I have nothing.

  • Dart 66
    Dart 66Måned siden

    Ngannou vs Gane has to happen in France

  • Dart 66

    Dart 66

    Måned siden

    @Ozzee well other than Lewis and Jones there are no other fights lol, Gane is the best of the rest. Also he was just playing it cautious against Rozenstruik because he was cruising to victory and was afraid of getting hit at the end like Overeem did

  • Ozzee


    Måned siden

    Gane has no name value don’t nobody care about that fight especially after his last performance against a guy ngannou destroyed in seconds

  • Venelin Stanev
    Venelin StanevMåned siden

    The more he talks, the more you got to love this guy! He deserves everything right now! What a journey! He is a winner already!

  • Dart 66
    Dart 66Måned siden

    When Francis has better English than Stipe

  • Siegmeyer
    SiegmeyerMåned siden

    Francis' English is definitely really good now. It is really interesting to hear his accent though, I assume he speaks some French as well. I've not seen it, but if Francis just spoke with a little more energy he would sound like an African guy doing his best George St. Pierre impression.

  • Wesley Andries
    Wesley AndriesMåned siden

    Respect.... English has improved wicked👊👊lets go champ👊👊

  • Christian Zelioh
    Christian ZeliohMåned siden

    I don’t know how the fight will go. But I absolutely love Ngannou and I love and respect Stipe but I’m rooting for my country man 🇨🇲🇨🇲 Francis . As a Cameroonian, I can relate to what he’s been through . I admire his humility and I pray he gets the win. Cuz He deserves the win . Let the better fighter win the game . Good luck to both fighters . Francis my brother go get the title 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲

  • ryan bray
    ryan brayMåned siden

    Well I hope his ego is in check......the way he threw his head coach out the door for questioning his ego is sad....

  • Kai Ali
    Kai AliMåned siden

    This guy is one humble warrior 👏👏👏👏👏 Whoever wins this fight baddest man on the planet

  • William Butcher

    William Butcher

    Måned siden

    That's a cool mask

  • Ken jan
    Ken janMåned siden

    He is a beautiful human being. Very humble and a quick learner. A pleasant guy to be around.

  • weezhum
    weezhumMåned siden

    Has anyone ever given Bret this much respect ever? This man is an absolute gentleman and an amazing human. To even give Bret respect is really going above and beyond what’s required. Awesome to see him so great at English already too. Amazing human.

  • weezhum
    weezhumMåned siden

    Most likeable personality in all of fighting.

  • Jeffrey Mclean
    Jeffrey McleanMåned siden

    Love Frances humility as a fighter! He is a true warrior and great role model for all of us! Rooting for you future champ!!!

  • High nature veda
    High nature vedaMåned siden


  • Tanner Snell
    Tanner SnellMåned siden

    Vegas local here hope I see Francis someday guys a beast

  • Haroon Khan
    Haroon KhanMåned siden

    26:45 onwards is genuinely so heartbreaking, stipe you’re the greatest HW of all time, let him have this man!

  • brownboy90
    brownboy90Måned siden

    What went wrong....? He hasn't got anything other than a big punch. And of they don't land... they're irrelevant.

    BOOMSQUAD HNSMåned siden

    the future president of Cameroon.

  • M G Koch
    M G KochMåned siden

    This interview confirms the importance of the mental part!

  • MMA Virus
    MMA VirusMåned siden

    Ngannou's English is far better than Stipe's.

  • MMA Virus
    MMA VirusMåned siden

    English language wise, Ngannou is far better than Stipe.

  • ChiefCuning Coyote
    ChiefCuning CoyoteMåned siden

    Both fighters are so likeable I don’t know who to root for? Welp May the best man win

  • Sam Gaudet
    Sam GaudetMåned siden

    Hate to see either one of them friggijn lose

  • Susay Sul
    Susay SulMåned siden

    what if he lose on this second time?? is he gonna act like he doesn't know himself??

  • Luis Enrique
    Luis EnriqueMåned siden

    Ngannou is gonna beat Stipe this time and they would make the trilogy. Jones would probably ask for too much money

  • Straight outa of Space

    Straight outa of Space

    Måned siden

    You my friend are an oracel everything you said abt the fight and jones happened

  • Bartholomew Lyons
    Bartholomew LyonsMåned siden

    The guy climbing the mountain is hungrier than the one at the top. Let’s see how and if Stipe motivated himself

  • G Money
    G MoneyMåned siden

    This guy speaks better english than me. And I'm American 😣

  • Marilyn Fat
    Marilyn FatMåned siden

    What a humble man

  • alfredo alain
    alfredo alainMåned siden

    "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. " Mike Tyson

  • Loop Doc
    Loop DocMåned siden

    I think nganyou wins

  • Art Monroy
    Art MonroyMåned siden

    This universe needs more individuals like Francis.......

  • Marri Harris
    Marri HarrisMåned siden

    I think Francis will be a great choice to play Rock in stormlight archive

  • jezac823
    jezac823Måned siden

    What went wrong? He thinks just becuase he is strong he can beat any one stipe show him is better to be smart than strong simple tomorrow same thing is gonna happen he haven't learned the lesson every single fight he have wom the first thing he does is swing power shot i doubt he have built a good cardio

  • iclark2400
    iclark2400Måned siden

    Francis "Sweet Vanilla 99" Ngannou that should be his new nickname 😂 his story is inspiring, win or lose he's a champion in life

  • Jianyne charles
    Jianyne charlesMåned siden

    great interview,Francis is a monster in the octagan , but a well spoken gentle man in real life.

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota ToriumiMåned siden

    The befitting cello bizarrely look because war understandably divide by a elderly breakfast. medical, breakable pimple

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael RogersMåned siden

    Such a wise scary man

  • Goran Kosanović
    Goran KosanovićMåned siden

    Stipe made everything to go wrong.

  • Fuad Uddin
    Fuad UddinMåned siden

    Francis is too smart to "play with house money", he needs that money to provide for himself and his roots back in Cameroon!

  • morriskl3
    morriskl3Måned siden

    Ariel: your're taking everything I worked for mfer! Bret 'soft serve' Okamato.

  • Corey Lakshmanaswamy
    Corey LakshmanaswamyMåned siden

    This man went from the working in the fields of Cameroon, from homelessness to be where he is today, win or lose tomorrow Ngannou is still a champion!