Francis Ngannou talks knockout victory: "I think Jon Jones makes sense next" UFC Press Conference


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  • Supes Is fodder
    Supes Is fodder13 dager siden

    Furry destroys him

  • mm
    mmMåned siden

    displaying the belt in a public place in cameroon for kids to see is fucking legit, that would inspire so many kids and better society. More ppl need to think like this

  • Leo Melendez
    Leo MelendezMåned siden

    Lot of young people are going to start a fighting career in his country because of this guy.

  • Warren Harrison
    Warren HarrisonMåned siden

    Everybody: good job Francis. Me: That fight was THREE FUCKING YEARS AGO o_0!

  • Harambo
    HaramboMåned siden

    Crazy as it may sound but Derrick Lewis can win and become champ

  • Sam Milun
    Sam MilunMåned siden

    😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂his voice can put u to sleep.. but his fist can send you to Heaven

  • Christopher Sween
    Christopher SweenMåned siden

    Some of the fighters talk a lil bit then go "Uuhhh" then talk some more and then some more " uuuhh "

  • Work Email
    Work EmailMåned siden

    “Raw American Steel, Dragon Energy” - Francis after the win

  • mjdoakley
    mjdoakleyMåned siden

    What a true professional!

  • The joke was fun
    The joke was funMåned siden

    Such an honourable human being

  • user name
    user nameMåned siden

    4:19 🤣

  • greg g
    greg gMåned siden

    cyril gane, altho never had hiz chin seriously checked yet, probly poses tuffest style matchup vs ngannou. plus ngannou wil b older and slower by the time it actually happens shud gane stay undefeated, time will tell

  • Kola Shodipo
    Kola ShodipoMåned siden

    Excellent answer for silly question. "My career hasn't done yet!" Francis Ngannou

  • Hugo Neto
    Hugo NetoMåned siden

    Welcome everyone to the man that developed the "Tyson" aura ,lacked defense ,no problem, found the "Muhammad Ali" aura and combined both of them ,is name is Francis Ngannou and fights in MMA (aswell representing the combat sport of the modern era). Look and interpret the way he says thank you and that look that he send with humbleness and confidence at 22:58/22:59. Did a hell of a job gathering the best of both , intimidating , powerful and reckless as Tyson , mentality , philosophy of life and manners of answering ,top notch my friend.

  • Alberto Rivas
    Alberto RivasMåned siden

    Tradicion español

  • Vlad Uchiha
    Vlad UchihaMåned siden

    This man needs a movie

  • KNO2005
    KNO2005Måned siden

    It’s insane how well he speaks English now. Unbelievable.

  • Henrique Francisco
    Henrique FranciscoMåned siden

    A number of these questions from the reporters were tricky. Checking what type of Chamo he will be, if he will be egotistical, and checking if his values change. And he handled in superb fashion. Calm and humble, even with English being his 3rd or 4th language. Well done champ



    19 dager siden

    3rd language, Ngemba is his first and french his second. He's learnt to speak english in less than a year

  • ezbakeoven
    ezbakeovenMåned siden

    Man They ask some stupid questions. You can practically hear that one guy smirking "aRe YoU GoIng To SleEP wITh iT tOniGhT?" Jesus fucking christ take away that guys media pass

  • Tim Page
    Tim PageMåned siden

    Definitely need a 3rd fight. Stipe dogwalked Frances in the 1st fight.

  • murmurha
    murmurhaMåned siden

    Jones afraid of Francis, won't dare to, I don't think so..!

  • Leon B.E
    Leon B.EMåned siden

    It's just a metal but the most important thing is the principle behind it. Wow what a deep statement

  • Asad
    AsadMåned siden

    A true gentleman out of the ring and an absolute powerhouse in the ring.

  • CattleCut Killer
    CattleCut KillerMåned siden

    Stipe, as losing champion, deserves a rematch + it's 1/1 now. Or is Stipe the only champion that doesn't deserve a rematch?

  • Martin Springett
    Martin SpringettMåned siden

    5:47 funny face expression

  • Wdf1987
    Wdf1987Måned siden

    Jones will run from this fight for longer than Mayweather ran from Pacquiao

  • Ro Ya
    Ro YaMåned siden

    This guy is the best of all time

  • Frank Gavaghan
    Frank GavaghanMåned siden

    This is the first interview that I have seen.A very humble man!!I really admire a man like this! I realize that purses r created by LOUD mouths because that is all that they do in America and it seems like we have been KICKED out of boxing 🥊 !

  • Dev singh

    Dev singh

    Måned siden

    Thats not really true . Anthony joshua and canelo they both dont really talk that much but are the highest earner compared to other boxers.

  • Tim Jarred
    Tim JarredMåned siden

    Such a nice guy.

  • David Lawson
    David LawsonMåned siden

    It's gonna be upsetting if jones get a title shot. He doesn't deserve it. Can't remember the last time he fought. Others deserve it more. At least make him beat a top 5 guy before a title shot

  • chris2lyon
    chris2lyonMåned siden

    congratulations champion i like the way you talk the way you fight my best friend come from cameroon too and was patient and quiet a wisdom , good behavior coming from africa :-)

  • Michael Hannigan
    Michael HanniganMåned siden

    All class

  • TheMetalButt
    TheMetalButtMåned siden

    If Jon wins, he's the greatest in MMA history. If Francis wins, he will have proven himself unbeatable.

  • Serious 8252
    Serious 8252Måned siden

    Big ups Africa🖤❤️✊🏾👍🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  • James Smith
    James SmithMåned siden

    Mrs josie wallace and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  • Sakthivel Subramanian
    Sakthivel SubramanianMåned siden

    Gentlemen in & out. Respect. Congrats Francis.

  • G59 Manny
    G59 MannyMåned siden

    Francis ngannou for coach ?

  • Butch Pullido
    Butch PullidoMåned siden

    Derek Lewis will take his belt

  • Dzek Trbosjek
    Dzek TrbosjekMåned siden

    Watch out from pictogram.

  • strongdan1
    strongdan1Måned siden

    Give him the respect he needs he’s old school 👨🏿💥☮️

  • Santa on Holidays
    Santa on HolidaysMåned siden

    Francis "Hannibal" Ngannou right there. Very calm and smart and if the moment comes a Nightmare :D

  • Sureihan
    SureihanMåned siden

    Half of the reporters questions are stupid. Their questions have to be reviewed before asking a champ. Francis was polite, patient and humble. Good luck in future Francis.

  • roy ratcliff
    roy ratcliffMåned siden

    Both fellas are good men but glad Francis won.

  • -NN-
    -NN-Måned siden

    He's gonna sleep with him.

  • Noah Seeman
    Noah SeemanMåned siden

    Francis "I will sleep with him" Ngannou

  • Richie T. Official
    Richie T. OfficialMåned siden

    4:20 little subtle shade by Francis lol

  • Max Payne
    Max PayneMåned siden

    what piece of garbage gave a thumbs down......the man spoke with so much class.......idiots......he should change his nickname to KING KONG though for sure

  • Jaccofspades92
    Jaccofspades92Måned siden

    That moment when Francis said "For sure I'll sleep with him" and no body wants to laugh because he's the scariest man on the planet

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh MungusMåned siden

    Im the biggest JJ fan & am really hoping that fight doesn't happen LOL francis is too much

  • Max Payne
    Max PayneMåned siden

    francis is a very classy champion...well deserved, stipe deserves respect too, hope he comes back for one last run

  • iListen
    iListenMåned siden

    New HW GOAT Ngannou vs overall current GOAT Jon Jones both fighter should get at least $50mil!

  • stretch
    stretchMåned siden

    When Francis says "ok" it's sounds like he saying "fuck it" 😂

  • Sinis Me
    Sinis MeMåned siden

    This dude is so fucking Eloquent I can't get over how he speaks

  • Travis Rogers
    Travis RogersMåned siden

    Dude is a silent assassin. I don't see the belt leaving africa anytime soon.

  • MALI Fitness
    MALI FitnessMåned siden

    What a great and humble champion. He's my favorite UFC fighter! Go Ngannou!

  • It was super necessary
    It was super necessaryMåned siden

    I love how Jon Jones dominated his division forever, now he's got Francis waiting on him. And he's got nowhere to run, even if he went down to 205 he has Jan waiting on him there which is equally bad news. I would call it good if I were him and just hang up while my immaculate record is still intact, go do some cocaine or gather speeding tickets or whatever he does when he's not in the cage.

  • Paul Mwanza
    Paul MwanzaMåned siden

    Nice one Champ. So humble and intelligent. You inspire us. Respect brother 👏🏿

  • Factor 263
    Factor 263Måned siden

    Always wondered if the belt was a him or a her now i know ...Thank you champ LoL!!!🙌🙌

  • Amir Jiza
    Amir JizaMåned siden

    Ngannaou is so humble , he deserves the title ! #predator

  • eddy watson
    eddy watsonMåned siden

    What a gentleman,a model human being x

  • That man over there
    That man over thereMåned siden

    Francis has a long career available as a tv narrator after MMA, a voice smooth as silk 👌

  • Kevin Gutierrez
    Kevin GutierrezMåned siden

    I would love a bedtime story read by Francis Ngannou to help me fall asleep

  • Philip Chan
    Philip ChanMåned siden

    A gentle giant he is ...

  • Alek U
    Alek UMåned siden

    I like francis. Unlike israel. But Stipe did not look like himself, or he was just overpowered. Either way... Miocic looked like hes there just to be there, but francis did his homework.

  • Rafal Bieniecki
    Rafal BienieckiMåned siden

    He won't defend the title because this is HW division, one punch and he will go sleep. Jon let's go man!

  • Rude Rabbit Gaming
    Rude Rabbit GamingMåned siden

    Ngannou looked so much more improved. Jon Jones has never fought with that much size, power and skill. That will be an interesting match-up if it ever happens. I dont think Jon could take him down or out-wrestle him which leaves the stand-up.

  • kiely 456
    kiely 456Måned siden

    "its just a medal, the most important thing is the principle behind it"

  • Mickael m
    Mickael mMåned siden

    Hotboxin interview of mike tyson with francis is the best podcast interview

  • Patrick Ogbue
    Patrick OgbueMåned siden

    Jon Jones needs a couple of fights to find his feet in this division, before thinking of facing the champ.

  • Mario Cakalovic
    Mario CakalovicMåned siden

    You deserve win you are better on this match ,i know you are have hard life , but you are also ok i must say i hope to see one more fight with Stipe he deserve more then anyone of course if he feel he can because he have already alot ages ,but i spit on Dana he is asshole , stay cool bro ,i wish you the best in life amd fights in Octagon and also dont forget say to Dana for more money ,all of you deserve more money and more respect ,heavyweight who is King there is a King of fight in whole world ,congrats Champ

  • Jorge Enrique Broncales
    Jorge Enrique BroncalesMåned siden

    I whish Usman could be like Ngannou i bit more.

  • jacob bailey
    jacob baileyMåned siden

    They gonna Create a Real life Prime Ivan drago to robotically make his way to fight stipe. it'll be mecha godzilla vs Godzilla

  • nothing nothing
    nothing nothingMåned siden

    The baddest man on the planet. Its a shame Ufc is not worldwide.

  • yesto CHRIST
    yesto CHRISTMåned siden

    Show me Anthony Rumble Johnson at heavyweight vs Francis...let Jon Jones keep working. Rumble can step right into heavyweight easier.

  • Brett Larkin
    Brett LarkinMåned siden

    16:15. “I will sleep with him” - The Predator

  • jacob bailey
    jacob baileyMåned siden

    straight up was hoping Stipe would win then just retire into the sunset and then we'd see an open belt for francis against whoever. but, honestly, if there was anyone that I would want to beat stipe to become champion. It is this monster-like teddy bear of a human. Insanely good Rep of the sport and really showed a world class evolution in his game. I see francis holding the belt for an extremely long time. Happy for his win. curious to see what happens with stipe. 3rd?

  • Brett Larkin
    Brett LarkinMåned siden

    Francis says as champ he doesn’t get to pick his opponent....dude the 2 other African champs are literally calling their own shots. Usman picked Jorge & Izzy called for Jan and Till

  • Dean
    DeanMåned siden

    Funny, I was expecting the ugly revolting Francis from the first fight press conference, with the Gold rimmed sunglasses and the matching big mouth. I am pleasantly surprised to see THIS Francis, which I believed to be an act and am excited to think that maybe this version is the REAL Ngannou. Someone respectable and worthy of admiration. This is the nature of a real champion. Someone that can appeal to the masses.. For children to admire and men and women to respect. If this is the real Francis, and if Stioe Miocic, the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time had to lose to someone, then at least it could be said that he lost to another honorable man. Don't get me wrong, when Stipe's mind is made up to come back for the trilogy, I bet the house on Stipe. but for anyone else in the division, there is no hope of taking anything but concussions away from Mr. Ngannou. A powerful specimen of a man, who dares to be King, and still seems unafraid to be a kind and decent human being. It will do so much for the people of his country. Theres no better gift he can give them, than hope, and to allow them to share in his honor, in this way. I sincerely hope he hits Jon Jones so freaking hard that his head tears off and hit's the high seats. I'm so sick of the loudmouths, and the simple insecure idiots who idolize them them. It's time for real MEN and (Women) and honor to return to American combat sports. Stipe, GSP, Mirko, Cain, Porier, Whittaker, Namajunas, Ortega, and the like. I.M.O.

  • Austin Kirby
    Austin KirbyMåned siden

    I saw him at a workout in Boston before Stipe v Francis 1. Francis might be the most terrifying human alive. The sound his punches made on pads was insane

  • Sherburne Lee
    Sherburne LeeMåned siden

    He really took Tysons tips to heart. Hes got a brutal uppercut in his arsenal now.

  • Ishey Z
    Ishey ZMåned siden

    Talk soft is a tank in the octagon.

  • Christopher Reyes
    Christopher ReyesMåned siden

    To me Derrick Lewis and Ngannou makes more sense than Jon Jones. Let Jones fight stipe first, whoever wins fights for the belt.

  • papijelly
    papijellyMåned siden

    udc needas to put a car with all of them on it at the same time, all the African champs. They have done a great job and they deserve the spotlight in a big way.

  • Pav Just
    Pav JustMåned siden

    stipe done real good, let his ego box with Francis, now back to drawing board, try harder

  • Whodawhat 313
    Whodawhat 313Måned siden

    John Bones Jones is King

  • breakaway2x
    breakaway2xMåned siden

    Francis is too big for heavyweight. He should move up in weight class.

  • deltagram
    deltagramMåned siden

    Is it just me or the microphone looks like a toy when Francis is holding it LOOL

  • Christian Lanoire
    Christian LanoireMåned siden

    A humble guy, like Stipe, I like him 👍

    WOT MATEMåned siden

    The solid goat intialy cause because possibility initially hurry alongside a general gentle vest. honorable, flippant slime

  • Spyros Pylio Lekkai
    Spyros Pylio LekkaiMåned siden

    What a class...Big Respect.

  • dan KM dunn
    dan KM dunnMåned siden

    Great interview from Francis ,massive respect for this guy not just as a fighter but as a lovely man, his rise has been well earned and he truly deserves to be the champion, i hope he breaks the records and goes on with the belt for as long as he can because hes improving with every fight..i wish him all the luck in the world !!!!!

  • Modest Modestus
    Modest ModestusMåned siden

    Kids in Africa Cameroon u said? Where your corrupt leaders massacring English speaking Cameroon asking for their total freedom from French speaking Cameroon.. All you carrying your heads up as African champions should advise all these evil leaders there to stop 🛑 killing people for asking to be free. You can't reason for African integration without addressing people seeking to be free from all these contraptions called nations as ongoing in Zoological contraption called nigeria, where the slaughtering machines remain busy killing Biafrans. It hurts and shouldn't have happened or continue to happen. What a wicked world..

  • CunningStunts
    CunningStuntsMåned siden

    with stipes resume and the 1-1 they have the only thing that makes sense is a rematch

  • fadhli makkah
    fadhli makkahMåned siden

    did he win the first fight from miocic?? Just because you win by ko at the 2nd fight..doesnt mean you win the first🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝😝 Make it trilogy so we can be a sure whose the absolute champion

  • Stipe immigrant glass chin Miocic
    Stipe immigrant glass chin MiocicMåned siden

    Jones will pussy out, just make Lewis vs Ngannou 2

  • Come get some !
    Come get some !Måned siden

    Would you take a full on clean upercut from Francis for 50k?

  • Jose Gringo
    Jose GringoMåned siden

    If they stretch the cage I would guess Jon Jones beats Francis. If not id imagine JJ wont accept the fight. Js

  • Jason Gilliam
    Jason GilliamMåned siden

    Congratulations champ!

  • Jose Gringo
    Jose GringoMåned siden

    Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man should be playin in the background for good reasons. Who doesnt love a Simple Man!?!?!? Js

  • Alex Aleks
    Alex AleksMåned siden

    Many stupid questions...