Fredo - What Can I Say (Official Video)


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  • Joel Foru
    Joel Foru47 minutter siden

    How can loski say this rap thing is all an act looll realest shit ever

  • Hughie Robertson
    Hughie RobertsonDag siden

    Big up fredo

  • aaklsfkalsfn
    aaklsfkalsfnDag siden

    nice gentlemen

  • Vàradi Laci Official Music
    Vàradi Laci Official MusicDag siden

    gods harcosa

  • Ismail_7869_
    Ismail_7869_2 dager siden


  • Strategic Music London
    Strategic Music London2 dager siden

    Empathy 😍 Long live Billy N Muscle

  • Showaman Z
    Showaman Z2 dager siden

    RIP muscle

  • Dipak Patel
    Dipak Patel2 dager siden

    I want fredos wardrobe

  • Joe Sanchez
    Joe Sanchez3 dager siden

    Tf is this 😂

  • Ty Jacobs
    Ty Jacobs3 dager siden

    fredo never disappoints, if i wanna get hype play change, if sad play this- something for everyone. also his footwear always on point lucky shit haha

  • YourAveragePakis
    YourAveragePakis3 dager siden


    HARD TARGET3 dager siden

    council estate of mind. real shit 🔥👌

  • roo boy
    roo boy4 dager siden

    versatility, sentiment, realism, flow and savvy is on another level, too hood to be a mainstream hit but man he’s evolving

  • BOY From The Dark
    BOY From The Dark4 dager siden

    this is emotional😭🥺

  • BillsBlanco
    BillsBlanco4 dager siden fredos older brother sounds good too

  • rhys iqbal
    rhys iqbal5 dager siden

    Rip to the fallen soldiers 🙏

  • GAMA 84
    GAMA 845 dager siden


  • Derek Nkansah
    Derek Nkansah6 dager siden

    this is a deep tune young bro, west london representing in marbella, love and keep doing what you do, Mozart, woods, grove all the way

  • Red pilling
    Red pilling6 dager siden

    Ok he’s getting better

  • Ryan Newland
    Ryan Newland6 dager siden

    We love yoooouuuuu

  • Poetry Motion
    Poetry Motion7 dager siden


  • Bunda Slapper
    Bunda Slapper7 dager siden


  • Sean Burton
    Sean Burton7 dager siden

    whats the beat sampled from its familliar

  • J J
    J J7 dager siden

    This thing we call life is a mistery

  • geordie west
    geordie west8 dager siden

    Boss man

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike8 dager siden

    🥀 RIP BDK 🥀 RIP Muscle

  • Amall mediouni
    Amall mediouni8 dager siden

    I luv u fredo.Ur here 4 a long time,I prey ❤️💯

  • Mark Hazel
    Mark Hazel8 dager siden

    Real rapper 💯. Forget all these new rappers on that auto tune crap

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris8 dager siden


  • A. y . m
    A. y . m8 dager siden

    Getting top boy vibes from 0:00-0:20 FR tho deep song, 💯

  • Mc.Nialler
    Mc.Nialler8 dager siden

    I never rated fredo until now. He’s started moving differently recently. As if the money and fame has become empty and worthless. He’s digging deeper into life’s meaning now. Big respect to him and I pray he finds what he’s looking for.

  • Twerkaholic TV
    Twerkaholic TV9 dager siden

    i fell your pain bro!

  • Ash Millions
    Ash Millions9 dager siden

    What a song really good touch the heart but.... what can I say everyone has a choice and they wanted to bang on the roads sooo that’s the life you live then it’s only normal the grim reaper takes he’s cut in these streets

  • Team Crew
    Team Crew10 dager siden


  • El Montana
    El Montana10 dager siden

    This my favourite track by fredo in a while

  • Jesse Elman
    Jesse Elman10 dager siden

    Is that Kensal Green graveyard

  • Mr BigBongLove
    Mr BigBongLove10 dager siden

  • El Montana
    El Montana10 dager siden


  • #Albanian boy
    #Albanian boy11 dager siden

  • SlimeyR
    SlimeyR11 dager siden

    “What can I say” That your pure gold

  • many_contrasts _

    many_contrasts _

    3 dager siden

    Kiss him already!

  • Jamie Jamie
    Jamie Jamie11 dager siden


  • Lani Good
    Lani Good12 dager siden

    Praying for you ❤️

  • Modern Classic Collectables
    Modern Classic Collectables12 dager siden

    What can I? Say? You are GAY. You're welcome.

  • akz 7

    akz 7

    5 dager siden


  • Cash Rebel Entertainment
    Cash Rebel Entertainment12 dager siden

  • DIONE HYMAN official
    DIONE HYMAN official12 dager siden

    Dope! 💪

  • Y K
    Y K13 dager siden

    3:30 free whoo? baraqi!!!😅

  • Derek Nkansah
    Derek Nkansah13 dager siden

    big tne little bro, latimer representing in marbella

  • Paul Webbe
    Paul Webbe14 dager siden

    Anybody else think the start of this track sounds like the start of white iverson?

  • Official ZEUS
    Official ZEUS14 dager siden

  • d m
    d m14 dager siden

    Fred stop playing this vibe is dead, drop the dam pop smoke tune

    RAAYAN TV14 dager siden

    Real ones know that digga and Fredo been beefing for time

  • Mr Foodys kitchen
    Mr Foodys kitchen14 dager siden

    Yo this really hits close to my heart, fredo on 🔥

  • Moses Ofari
    Moses Ofari14 dager siden


  • TOZINK beats
    TOZINK beats14 dager siden

    I know you read a lot of comments like this but I would really like you to take 1 minute to watch my beats, it would really make my day, take care of yourself ;)

  • EBK Music
    EBK Music14 dager siden

  • Fein For The Feature's
    Fein For The Feature's15 dager siden

    sauce bro

  • Fay Ahmad
    Fay Ahmad15 dager siden


  • Giffers01vlogs Giffin
    Giffers01vlogs Giffin15 dager siden

    I hope Fredo sticks to the thing about sending his girl half of the Ps cos it’s only right.

  • Rev O
    Rev O15 dager siden

    What I can say is I will be you lots favourite rapper and I put that on my life

  • Josh Wa
    Josh Wa16 dager siden

    They banging blood in the uk?

  • zandr


    15 dager siden


  • It’s bitty Girl
    It’s bitty Girl16 dager siden

    Reminder pop smoke died the same week when his daughter was born as well

  • A5H3R B0Y
    A5H3R B0Y16 dager siden

    Fredo Remembered His NOlocal Password 🐸

  • TheSlimshorty21
    TheSlimshorty2116 dager siden

    Whats the instrumental?

  • Faris Rai
    Faris Rai16 dager siden

    What a guy

  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan16 dager siden

    Free Ratlin ?

  • Daniel Hewlett
    Daniel Hewlett16 dager siden

    Makes me wanna shred a tear bruv but I guess that's what the game is about eh

  • Twsss
    Twsss16 dager siden

    Fredo - what can I say Depzman - rip shamz Nines - rip style Best rap from the heart

  • Tal _96
    Tal _9616 dager siden


  • Beede Bawng
    Beede Bawng17 dager siden

    More stereotypical music. Nah, I'm good, thanks.

  • french mount anal
    french mount anal17 dager siden

    Just a bunch of clown

  • Sanchez F

    Sanchez F

    12 dager siden


  • Fam Methuen
    Fam Methuen17 dager siden

    Yo this is deep and fiyar

  • b h
    b h17 dager siden

    love you babe your so beautiful and humble. love watching u on Insta x

  • F D
    F D17 dager siden

    damn he really fell of init

    BASHIR HASSAN17 dager siden

    R.I.P Muscle

  • Endrit Kamberaj
    Endrit Kamberaj17 dager siden


  • Berkan Basilgan
    Berkan Basilgan18 dager siden

    Man like Fredoo

  • Sa5quatches
    Sa5quatches18 dager siden

    I think this is by far fredos best tune made

  • splinter360
    splinter36018 dager siden

    They'll forever be songs like this until us as a people realise how stupid it is banging over post codes. Lands we don't even own. Think about it. It's utter madness.

  • splinter360


    17 dager siden

    @Key 1arda It's not really though. Deeper feelings spawn from it. But It's just a never ending game ofone upmanship.

  • Key 1arda

    Key 1arda

    17 dager siden

    I kno wah u mean but it’s deeper then that

  • Ihsan
    Ihsan18 dager siden

    No free ratlin

  • Nx R3CON
    Nx R3CON18 dager siden

    Except your welcome.

  • Samuel N
    Samuel N18 dager siden

    I never rated fredo until now. He’s started moving differently recently. As if the money and fame has become empty and worthless. He’s digging deeper into life’s meaning now. Big respect to him and I pray he finds what he’s looking for.

  • rikodein
    rikodein18 dager siden

    real shit r.i.p

  • Shredded GoTh
    Shredded GoTh18 dager siden

  • Shredded GoTh

    Shredded GoTh

    18 dager siden

    Fredo diss

  • Shane James
    Shane James18 dager siden

    Pure 🔥

  • I am watching you w
    I am watching you w18 dager siden

    Even 1000s he makes he only holding 5 the rest to your girl and your kids that’s only right

  • Have a pint. Go on
    Have a pint. Go on18 dager siden

    Stop with the red bandaners. Your not Americans. Beg

  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed18 dager siden

    This was really sad ☹️

  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed18 dager siden

    Rip muscle,and billy

  • Rayane Sedik
    Rayane Sedik18 dager siden

    My brudda what a hitta ..

  • Oli Haque
    Oli Haque18 dager siden

    Rolls Royce make nuclear weapons stop showing off rolls royces

  • Savage Rampage
    Savage Rampage18 dager siden

    Americans say uk grime/drill is trash but how come the top 3 is drill/grime and most of it is from the uk. Americans r tapped

  • Leo Burton
    Leo Burton18 dager siden

    This is a track man wow

  • Lou & Mas With BASE
    Lou & Mas With BASE19 dager siden

    Fredo has a shit year... hope he’s good

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi19 dager siden

    Icl this one got me kinda emotional. Big up Fredo. RIP Muscle & BDK and 3 all the Harrow Road gs in da can

  • I SUCK zyper
    I SUCK zyper19 dager siden

    Who else is here from daily duppy

  • London life
    London life19 dager siden

    Real life sad as fuck

  • kaze london
    kaze london19 dager siden

    I like Fredo cause his music is relatable and real, like the vibes

  • King Dom
    King Dom19 dager siden

    R.I.P Muscle.

  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

    19 dager siden

    What can say except delete this

  • J Hommie Music
    J Hommie Music19 dager siden

    King 🏁

  • Adrian Butura
    Adrian Butura19 dager siden

    That in Croydon?