Fun On Set | Derek Series Two

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It's all fun and games on the set of Derek
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  • Brett Gurney
    Brett GurneyDag siden

    Ive got a stumpy knob!

  • Rahul A Barua
    Rahul A Barua9 dager siden

    Sad. Karl's character wasn't through the End. I liked Douggie and liked Karl since forever

  • Pipedream
    PipedreamMåned siden

    I put off watching Derek because I thought it looked rubbish. How wrong was I, it’s absolutely brilliant!

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher SmithMåned siden

    what i want to know is why his cast and commissioning only ever lasts 2 series?

  • eliten
    eliten5 måneder siden

    Kevin is one of the funniest characters in TV history, David Earl did a fantastic job!

  • TheWolfskinder
    TheWolfskinder6 måneder siden

    Respect for the elder actors, they are great!

  • Me
    Me6 måneder siden

    Come back please!!! Make more episodes

  • Mike Charidemou
    Mike Charidemou6 måneder siden

    Amazing series!!!! I'm sorry it took me so long to watch it!!

  • Muriel Donahue
    Muriel Donahue7 måneder siden

    Difficult to understand accent, seemed to talk to fast. Don’t normally have trouble understanding Ricky.

  • Dawn
    Dawn8 måneder siden

    Oh to be an extra on one of your sets... I’d give you a bottle of wine for that... hang the toilet roll trade lol!

  • Aaliyah Essex
    Aaliyah Essex8 måneder siden

    ricky is a national treasure

  • Tracy Haus
    Tracy Haus8 måneder siden

    The guy who plays Kevin...wonder what hes like in real life cuz it seems just too easy for him...😲🤗😆

  • Gardening gal
    Gardening galÅr siden

    This show makes me so happy, I so wish it’d come back....Rickys laugh cheers me up every time

  • William Hopper
    William HopperÅr siden

    We need More series

  • Chris Johnzo
    Chris JohnzoÅr siden

    we just found this show last week and it's already over's not fair that this show only had 2 series!! lol great show!

  • Karuzela Studio
    Karuzela StudioÅr siden

    I don't get it. I really don't. It's some crazy wizardry that one thing can be so funny, moving, cringy, hearbreaking, dirty, innocent and inspiring all at the same time. I watch it when I need a good cry and a kick in a butt to get my life together.

  • Gardening gal

    Gardening gal

    År siden

    Karuzela Studio couldn’t have said it better myself! ❤️

  • Anjana Naturelover
    Anjana NatureloverÅr siden

    What a difficult job the cameramen have, to do their job without laughing!!!🤣 Regards from India for both Derek and After Life...very touched by both,God bless🙏🇮🇳

  • Paula Mackman
    Paula MackmanÅr siden

    I wish he would bring Derek back lve watched them over and over again always makes me laugh

  • Jimmy The Fool
    Jimmy The FoolÅr siden

    Brian Gittins

  • Suzi Benz
    Suzi BenzÅr siden

    Why Ricky Why did this ever end??? My favorite show. I really loved it. I watch videos of you laughing to get me in a happy mood. Love you.

  • Jeremy Beadle
    Jeremy BeadleÅr siden

    Anyone got the outtake of the wank scene pretty please? Ricky?

  • Mir5
    Mir5År siden

    I miss Kevin and Karl

  • PAC CO
    PAC CO2 år siden

    Kerry’s hot!

  • Boo Bear x
    Boo Bear x2 år siden

    Loved it. Brilliantly done . Beautiful moments.

  • Max Dalton
    Max Dalton2 år siden

    I have just finished watching season 1 again. Dear lord, It's just so good. The writing, the acting, the cast. Incredible, now I don't want to make Ricky's head as big as Pilkington's perfectly round bonce but I truly think Ricky is on a par with Ronnie Barker when it comes to creating a character. I'm a huge fan of all his work but Derek is just brilliant.

  • Christine Woodruff
    Christine Woodruff2 år siden

    Brilliant!!! if you ever feel a bit down you need to watch a couple of episodes of Derek and you will laugh, does you good x Thanks Ricky you're so clever x

  • Darren Carr
    Darren Carr2 år siden

    The best tv show ever I still watch it every day via netfix. It never gets boring and still makes laugh & cry & think about life & being kind and helpful to others. Such a really funny and heartwarming show I love it.

  • Sarah Ingham
    Sarah Ingham3 år siden

    A third series is needed , come on Ricky lets have it 😁😁😁😁

  • Adam Britain
    Adam Britain3 år siden

    This is the best work RG has ever done. It is absolutely fantastic.

  • Ronald


    9 måneder siden

    @Helen McCarthy this Friday!

  • Helen McCarthy

    Helen McCarthy

    9 måneder siden

    @Ronald 100% Agree. Definitely can't wait for After Life 2

  • Ronald


    År siden

    He even topped it recently with After Life

  • Rebecca H
    Rebecca H3 år siden

    I miss this show so much .every once in a while I go back and watch it all all over again .

  • Tim Nelson
    Tim Nelson3 år siden

    Mind blowing how profound this entire production was. I think I suffered a concussion from the laughter and the crying, almost simultaneously.

  • MetalPhobos
    MetalPhobos3 år siden

    For years ive just typed in Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington, Steve Merchant and I have not been let down yet.

  • Arveleg of Arthedain
    Arveleg of Arthedain3 år siden

    Anyone happen to find out the song played towards the end?

  • Adam Olliver

    Adam Olliver

    2 år siden

    Arveleg of Arthedain Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - High On Love. Greatest Band EVER!

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube3 år siden

    i think ricky knows what he's doing... if he doesn't that's okay too.

  • Hide Barnes
    Hide Barnes4 år siden

    this is the BEST thing ricky Gervais has performed and written

  • Ronald


    År siden

    Until now! Seen his new show, After Life? It's a new level

  • Claudia Etxeji
    Claudia Etxeji4 år siden

    Wonderful Serie. And Ricky´s role. WOW!

  • Black Betty
    Black Betty4 år siden


  • Delores Hartin
    Delores Hartin4 år siden

    cant get enough!!!!!

  • dewy200884
    dewy2008844 år siden

    Whts the song played at the end ?

  • Adam Olliver

    Adam Olliver

    2 år siden

    dewy200884 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - High On Love. Greatest Band EVER!

  • acajudi100
    acajudi1005 år siden

    I love this! Google: Judi Grace StoryCorps.

  • PeowPeowPeowLasers
    PeowPeowPeowLasers5 år siden

    It's a shame whoever shot the interviews didn't employ a sound recordist. The wedding mic is no substitute.

  • Steve Powell
    Steve Powell5 år siden

    for anyone wondering the playout track is Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros - Lets get High.

  • Anna Mariposa
    Anna Mariposa5 år siden

    im very sad it ended:(((( cried like a baby when the doggie was put to sleep:(((

  • Rahul A Barua

    Rahul A Barua

    9 dager siden

    @Jake Williams wow! Actually then i saw After Life and an Animation movie called Storks... Oh cried Like Baby

  • Jake Williams

    Jake Williams

    16 dager siden

    When I saw that I cried my eyes out and then the next episode aired and at the end of that I had never cried so much in my life

    RZAJW5 år siden

    Is there coming a season 3?

  • TomeBombadile
    TomeBombadile5 år siden

    What is the name of the song at the end? 3:04 starts. Thanks. Great show ;)

  • Adam Olliver

    Adam Olliver

    2 år siden

    TomeBombadile Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - High On Love. Greatest Band EVER!

  • John McSomething
    John McSomething5 år siden

    Many people have opinions....that's mine..

  • James
    James5 år siden

    3:37 is that Karl dad on the left

  • dedpxl
    dedpxl5 år siden

    if he took production more seriously the show would probably be better.

  • Bowie Addict
    Bowie Addict5 år siden

    Many people I chat with disagree that continuing Derek would 'spoil' the series. We really wish the series had gone into more seasons. It's got to be difficult making that judgement call of continuing or leaving the audience wanting more. I want more. :)

  • Im a gay faggot
    Im a gay faggot5 år siden

    Hahahaha 2:00 ish, best bit!

  • Mohammad Rouzbeh
    Mohammad Rouzbeh5 år siden

    I don't know why americans waiting while they could torrent it 3 months ago

  • Dubacity
    Dubacity5 år siden

    Love it!

  • sasaom jerokwi
    sasaom jerokwi5 år siden


  • Rex Or
    Rex Or5 år siden

    Wish I could've been there.

  • Callum Davage
    Callum Davage5 år siden

    Anyone know the music? :)

  • White Antelope
    White Antelope5 år siden

    Perfect music for Derek.

  • Sam Quilter
    Sam Quilter5 år siden

    By comparison to The Office and Extras, this feels, personally, like the best of all three. The writing of the other two was brilliant, but this show really makes you feel a whole lot better than the others. It is more uplifting than draining. I see Derek and feel like I wanna do good things as opposed to seeing David Brent and wanting to fight him. Not saying one is better written than the other, but I do think Derek is written a lot nicer.

  • Peter j Slevin

    Peter j Slevin

    3 måneder siden

    @12sandy345 100% agree

  • Ronald


    År siden

    And After Life even more so :)

  • Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange

    Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange

    År siden

    They're all good. It normally depends on how and when you watched them. I loved Derek and After Life, but personally, my favourite of all of Ricky's shows was Extras.

  • 12sandy345


    2 år siden

    I often fail to understand why do people have strong urge to compare to call something better and say something is less good. Can't we enjoy and appreciate things for what they are worth, every piece of writing has its own purpose and quirks. That's what makes each of them beautiful in their own way. Personally I love both The Office and Derek, one is aimed at awkward humour and other is more of heartwarming comedy. Peace!

  • Yes Whut

    Yes Whut

    2 år siden

    Why yes. Yes it does.

  • Jessica Curtis
    Jessica Curtis5 år siden

    Kevin has to be one of the funniest characters on any of his shows! Glorious series!

  • Draven Lee

    Draven Lee

    2 år siden

    Jessi Curtis check out Steve Cumberland if you haven't already.

  • Pirosbor


    2 år siden

    "hitting that pretty, white ass" :'D

  • weimerdale
    weimerdale5 år siden

    This is truly the best series ever done! I cannot wait until April the 3rd. Ii have enjoyed all of Ricky's other projects. But this one should make him to be proud to be called an actor. I have never cried and laughed so much!! :-)

  • Yes Whut

    Yes Whut

    2 år siden

    I love these fake shill accounts and that are paid to praise this trainwreck of a show.



    5 år siden

    April 3rd? wasn't it shown over Christmas, I've seen it...

  • tonyspoetry
    tonyspoetry5 år siden

    Aint saw the special yet. Must check it out.

  • tonyspoetry


    5 år siden

    Series was so good. Will probs check it out when its on Netflix. Missed it on Christmas day. Probably eating turkey :)

  • sickDegen


    5 år siden

    It was so disappointing I thought. It seemed so rushed unlike the normal episodes. It was a big anti climax watching it on Christmas day.

  • Azphix


    5 år siden

    Kev dies

  • Dan Hebbard

    Dan Hebbard

    5 år siden

    3rd April

  • Dan Hebbard

    Dan Hebbard

    5 år siden

    Not out yet.

  • SGHD Rides
    SGHD Rides5 år siden

    dat laugh tho!

  • Sam Quilter

    Sam Quilter

    5 år siden

    Rules are in comedy the funnier your laugh, the more famous you are. Look at Jimmy Carr for instance.

  • The Crack Addict
    The Crack Addict5 år siden

    Love Derek, Never Seen such a good mix in One Series.