Gaining 100 POUNDS In A WEEK Challenge

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  • Thereisnohigherbeing
    Thereisnohigherbeing5 måneder siden

    why do they have codes on their doors if they all know what each other’s room codes are.

  • Potato Grey Got Oofed
    Potato Grey Got Oofed9 måneder siden

    Faze Thor

  • lil_yusuf1
    lil_yusuf19 måneder siden

    fat suit

  • lincoln wilkinson
    lincoln wilkinsonÅr siden

    Not being a hater but it's fake pause the video and pit it at 1:06 and look up his sleeve

  • MKJUSTIN Realone
    MKJUSTIN RealoneÅr siden


  • MKJUSTIN Realone
    MKJUSTIN RealoneÅr siden

    OMG fat boy faze fat XX

  • Trxn On The hub
    Trxn On The hubÅr siden

    nice skit

  • Rafi Shikari
    Rafi ShikariÅr siden

    Burga jackson

  • Notghostbeta
    NotghostbetaÅr siden

    This is fake

  • Hope R
    Hope RÅr siden


  • Alex 1k47
    Alex 1k47År siden

    yo i thought this was real

  • MrDaRkNeSs
    MrDaRkNeSsÅr siden

    that's fake sorry look at the mouth

  • Frank Matejka
    Frank MatejkaÅr siden

    It’s just a pillow he wants not fat leve a like if u agree

  • Marissa Carter
    Marissa CarterÅr siden

    That's the mighty ducks jeresy your wearing from the movie

  • islah jr
    islah jrÅr siden

    Damn first ksi starts bulcking then adapt

  • HNM King
    HNM KingÅr siden

    It’s fake his neck don’t move at all

  • Tifa 101
    Tifa 101År siden

    And we can see the makeup

  • Tifa 101
    Tifa 101År siden

    I saw the jacket under his shirt it was like a vest jacket

  • Brent Clemens
    Brent ClemensÅr siden

    You can see the pillow and you have face paint on

  • michaela costa

    michaela costa

    År siden

    Brent Clemens noooo really 😂😂

  • GorgeEx
    GorgeExÅr siden

    why are your hands so small

  • Mario Velasco
    Mario VelascoÅr siden

    FaZe chungus

  • Ayaan Mustafa
    Ayaan MustafaÅr siden

    Is this fake?

  • Logan Wilson
    Logan WilsonÅr siden

    The very end of the vid has me dead😂😂

  • 719. Seth
    719. SethÅr siden

    FaZe Dave's tripple

  • bob the builder bob the builder
    bob the builder bob the builderÅr siden

    Wtf is this

  • Younis Alj
    Younis AljÅr siden

    I wish my reflection would snap dog

  • Tidy Widy
    Tidy WidyÅr siden

    FaZe chicken breast

  • Scrappymilk
    ScrappymilkÅr siden

    You know it’s fake because there is no acne

  • Yatecs
    YatecsÅr siden

    Fat James Charles

  • Maha Ahmed
    Maha AhmedÅr siden

    He looks like trump!?

  • Kenzen Kong
    Kenzen KongÅr siden

    No way this is real😂😂

  • Atlanta Hawks fan
    Atlanta Hawks fanÅr siden

    FaZe Chungas

    MEAR MCBLÅr siden


  • Juar Krasniqi
    Juar KrasniqiÅr siden

    I gained one hundred thousand pound In one day☹️

  • ur mom
    ur momÅr siden

    For real I don't know if this is real or not😕 either way ill still watch him

  • Biszark


    År siden

    I pray for you...

  • Mohican Tom
    Mohican TomÅr siden

    Fake you see the pillow in his shirt when he falls in the gym

  • RM Family
    RM FamilyÅr siden

    Hahaa! Alex The first one u did made me laugh so much! And this one was great too!

  • Wolfzzy -_-
    Wolfzzy -_-År siden

    I had a comment with 600+ likes where tf did it go can I try get the likes back

  • Ali’s Gaming channel
    Ali’s Gaming channelÅr siden

    Make a meme out of this big chungus

  • Recovery Lifestyle
    Recovery LifestyleÅr siden

    Do another fat suit skit that shit was Soo funny

  • Ella Pollard
    Ella PollardÅr siden

    Moto moto???

  • Bill Gaming
    Bill GamingÅr siden

    That's what u call a man that has nothing to do in life btw i lov faze😋

  • Storky RL
    Storky RLÅr siden

    I can see the pillows lol 😝😂🤣

  • Bruh
    BruhÅr siden

    “What’s up fatass” 😂😂😂

  • Connor Dickinson
    Connor DickinsonÅr siden

    its so fake man

  • Pyrocynical X
    Pyrocynical XÅr siden

    this series is so good



  • Pulse
    PulseÅr siden

    So FAKE

  • Miyuki Perez
    Miyuki PerezÅr siden

    At 3:17 if you pause it you can see the fake makeup on the back of his neck 😂

  • Bniggz 23
    Bniggz 23År siden

    U got any oreos fuckin guy

  • The real Mr. Sanic
    The real Mr. SanicÅr siden

    Is this real his face looks so fake

  • Savannah R
    Savannah RÅr siden

    I’m so confused

    kING UNKOWNÅr siden

    what theeeee

  • Sandhutton Farm Produce
    Sandhutton Farm ProduceÅr siden

    this is fake

  • Puneet Somisetty
    Puneet SomisettyÅr siden

    He kinda looks like Kim Jong un

  • NoLifePhantom
    NoLifePhantomÅr siden

    Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbatted And so did you Also you can see a pillow in his sleeve at 0:40

  • Mohican Tom

    Mohican Tom

    År siden

    Mr.4id3n I saw that to

  • Vibez


    År siden

    Mr.4id3n it’s a skit

  • xd Acrylix
    xd AcrylixÅr siden

    Rice gum isn’t chinese

  • Darleen Farley
    Darleen FarleyÅr siden

    fuck you this is insensitive to people who actualy cant do anything about their weight

  • Bvacc
    BvaccÅr siden

    Dayyyuuuuummmmnn bboooooyyyyyy he ttthhhhiiiiicccccc bbbbboooooooyyyyyyyyy 😏 👌👕🤙 👞👞

  • Eat yo Cereal
    Eat yo CerealÅr siden

    I got a losing weight ad😂

  • weebtrashkuno
    weebtrashkunoÅr siden

    Vbn hub has porn hub thingy

  • TheGamer King
    TheGamer KingÅr siden

    Lose weight now dude because you are making me think you big chungas

  • Phase
    PhaseÅr siden

    He lost the acne at least

  • LGM slimes
    LGM slimesÅr siden

    You looking mad T H I C C

  • US government
    US governmentÅr siden

    this is what u look like when ur fat😂 my gosh that is big like big chunggus

  • Brodieplays X5
    Brodieplays X5År siden


  • Aria Ahmad
    Aria AhmadÅr siden

    Is this fake or real

  • Lil Midg
    Lil MidgÅr siden

    This is so fake

  • RexR28
    RexR28År siden

    Is this real

  • um did I ask
    um did I askÅr siden


  • InDirect MSX
    InDirect MSXÅr siden

    FaZe Chungus

  • Jon Melendez
    Jon MelendezÅr siden

    I feel bad for the people that are actually fat 😕

  • Kieran
    KieranÅr siden


  • icytoes
    icytoesÅr siden

    2:27 *bish what*

  • Antonio Gracia. iii
    Antonio Gracia. iiiÅr siden

    Lmaoo cx

  • JoeyBrownVlogs
    JoeyBrownVlogsÅr siden

    It’s fake as hell but nice

  • James
    JamesÅr siden

    looks like a fat james charles no cap

  • A Birb That Wants Seed
    A Birb That Wants SeedÅr siden

    This actually motivates me to not be fat....Thx Alex👍💪

  • Karlos Martinez
    Karlos MartinezÅr siden


    NAWT GRIFFINÅr siden

    Ordering post mates 😂🤣😂🤣

  • cloutyyboi4
    cloutyyboi4År siden

    Who else thinks it's a fat suit

  • Gerard Joseph Hirschfield
    Gerard Joseph HirschfieldÅr siden

    Is this real?????

  • Shisui Uchiha
    Shisui UchihaÅr siden

    Like how he says try yes I know it's a skit

  • Reece Bailey
    Reece BaileyÅr siden

    Why u taking The piss I’m insucure about my body

  • Trever Wilkinson
    Trever WilkinsonÅr siden

    Bruh wish this guy would stop being fake it’s annoying I keep seeing this shit on Snapchat u can tell it’s fake cause his neck don’t move

  • Felipe Alves
    Felipe AlvesÅr siden

    Fake as shit your could tell by the way he walks and moves bru

  • ZahZee •
    ZahZee •År siden

    This is so fake😂 look at his chin

  • ZahZee •

    ZahZee •

    År siden

    It’s a mask lmfao

  • XhaunterX1
    XhaunterX1År siden

    this shit was funny as FUCK

  • Aydin Copley
    Aydin CopleyÅr siden

    He wore glasses so you couldn’t see the mask and you can’t see the fat suit if this is fake that’s how he did it

  • Ahmad majbour
    Ahmad majbourÅr siden

    Is it me or the double chin is makeup

  • fresh_ e42

    fresh_ e42

    År siden

    No you dont say

  • ICY_ Sharp
    ICY_ SharpÅr siden

    It’s a skit

  • S2S Daze
    S2S DazeÅr siden

    Great video wasn’t a huge fan of the mirror swap part woulda liked to see you progressively make videos of the fat version of adapt try to get back to shape and show a grind (obviously tho you’d fuck around and mess up and do dumb things as the fat version of you was) great video still

  • Ewan Whatley
    Ewan WhatleyÅr siden

    *Faze Afat

  • Aleksa Domanović
    Aleksa DomanovićÅr siden

    Chig Bungus

  • FBL
    FBLÅr siden

    But I like the throw back at the end with fortune family

  • FBL
    FBLÅr siden

    The only thing gross about this video is your acne

  • Dallas Woolard
    Dallas WoolardÅr siden

    I miss your old shit adapt now you're just begging for fucking content😑

  • therealslimshadyjr
    therealslimshadyjrÅr siden

    Hi Read more

  • Milo
    MiloÅr siden

    Is this real?

  • itzzMilkk Edits
    itzzMilkk EditsÅr siden