Game Theory: Did Dream FAKE His Speedrun? A Final Analysis.


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There has been a controversy brewing on the Minecraft side of NOlocal centered around well known Minecraft creator Dream. He's been accused of faking his speedrun and it has caused a lot of stir. I'm not here to point fingers or accuse anyone. What I'm doing today, Theorists, is going over the facts of this situation and why it is a lot more complicated than people are making it out to be.
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FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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  • Adam Naser
    Adam Naser16 minutter siden

    I know dream lied cuz there is a person that is playing for him he said

  • X Black X
    X Black X20 minutter siden

    Hello! I just wanted to say that there is a theory about the game Genshin impact and the two twins. Someone says that one of the twins had been taken 500 years in the future while the other one stayed at the same timeline when they got separated. We don’t know much and I’d really like to see you make a theory vid about it!

  • HeyIt’sAustin
    HeyIt’sAustinTime siden

    Hey, I watched this and when you brought up the divorce rates in Maine I was shocked because I live in there.

  • Iwan Evans
    Iwan Evans2 timer siden

    If you put a immortal monkey in front of a keyboard they will eventually beat the Minecraft speed run world record

  • Katherine Davies
    Katherine Davies2 timer siden

    This is a joke.

  • Armando
    Armando2 timer siden

    I only had three teachers that were really helpful and made it easy to learn Ms,King Mrs,Ivorye and Mrs,Staples. Writing, Math, and Social Studies(History) these are my best subjects, even though I hate with a passion writing, and love science. But is was amazing to have those three to help me.

  • kid rapper
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    0:12 Is anyone going to talk about mrbeast in the background lol

  • logan grau
    logan grau2 timer siden

    60 0ut of 100

  • my precious deprecious
    my precious deprecious3 timer siden

    I bet you most of the dislikes were dream stans that were angry about matpat questioning their king dream ( no hate on dream or matpat)

  • R.A.C Corp Studios
    R.A.C Corp Studios4 timer siden

    I have a headache now

  • IF HD
    IF HD5 timer siden

    dream is acctually a monster in the dream smp he is in a prison i still sub to dream

  • Zi Xuan Yeoh
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    Mr Beast walking in the background with a full cart in the background was something I didn't know I needed 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gage Gaming
    Gage Gaming6 timer siden

    If you guys watch the vid it says the run revolves around luck I highly doubt he cheated but hey who will belive me.

  • April Ann
    April Ann7 timer siden

    Dream Did not cheat i also got super lucky on mcpe survival

  • youluvana
    youluvana8 timer siden

    At 17:57 he changes the subject and never finishes the analysis.

  • Kryptic Illusion
    Kryptic Illusion8 timer siden

    How did this video get so many likes? He didn’t even answer the question?

  • kyle gesin
    kyle gesin10 timer siden

    So, MAtpat avoided the question. But Stand up Maths answered it. And the answer? Yes, Dream cheated. Or minecraft is lying about the odds. Can't remember exactly what his forumla was. But he showed that even if you had every person on Earth, all 8 billion of us, do a run every single second, the entire run finished in it, for 100 years straight, you still wouldn't ever see results like he got.

  • Brian Bowers
    Brian Bowers10 timer siden

    Why do the video if your not going to answer the question?

  • LJ
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    Can we take a moment to appreciate this GOD tier editing? Jesus, this must have taken so many hours to edit

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    Damp was not12 timer siden

    Dream was to sad to comet

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    So you secretly wanted to be Indian 😂😂

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    You Can Just Buy Every SIngle Lottery Ticket And Win.

  • Henry
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    Bruh I never realized how toxic MatPat’s comments section is.

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    I think he just used a good seed.

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  • Nathaniel Feliciano

    Nathaniel Feliciano

    17 timer siden

    Flip a coin ten times and get 7 heads

  • Tommy Winata
    Tommy Winata18 timer siden

    Normies : So did he cheat? The smart one : hmmm this case seem interesting. If [Insert a lot of math here] then that mean he [cheated/didn't cheat] The other : [Insert weird thing] And then there's me Me : ahh yess good background music

  • Bakhadur Marupov
    Bakhadur Marupov18 timer siden

    This theory might explain how our universe was created cause like how was the big bam created

    MT PEDERSEN19 timer siden

    I mean who really cares if he cheated if he didnt get the world record or even close to it

  • AverageDamian
    AverageDamian19 timer siden

    "did dream cheat?" Matpat: well yes but actually no

  • xBløxy Gãmerx
    xBløxy Gãmerx19 timer siden

    I know people are thinking that he did not...but your right he used mods and cheats

  • Leslye Beauchamp
    Leslye Beauchamp21 time siden

    I wanna know that skit MatPat's in at 11:27

  • Deathymoon 1
    Deathymoon 121 time siden

    That guy in the intro looked scared, like OH NO PLEASE NO.

  • John Armstrong
    John Armstrong21 time siden

    Fun Fact - regression towards the mean is one of the most important elements in determining sample size for clinical testing. This random statistics phenomenon is what determined if covid vaccines were safe enough.

  • Vonvon Gonzales
    Vonvon Gonzales22 timer siden

    Make a funny video on animal crossing

  • Garou
    Garou22 timer siden

    Thank you all in the comments section for stating what I already figured and saving me 23 minutes and 29 seconds of my life.

  • Azguard Mike 2013
    Azguard Mike 2013Dag siden

    With the Blazes, what NOONE is talking about is on one of those runs, Dream found a LOOTING 2 sword at a ruined portal. For the n00bs out there, LOOTING 2 increases the odds of a mob dropping loot when killed. This has not been addressed by anyone. The report also compares FIVE of Luminas speedruns with SIX of Dreams. So there already is a inconsistency. Thats like me saying: "Ok matpat, flip this coin 50 times for five days and record how many heads and tails you get." Then I go to Stephanie and give her a coin and say "Ok Steph, flip this coin 50 times for Six days and record how many heads and tails you get." Then on the Monday next week, i'll see Steph had more heads that Mat. Did she use a two headed coin? Did she cheat? No because she had higher odds so had a higher Heads. Same with Dream on his trades. He did more trades and thus got more drops. Come on matpat do your job instead of repeating what everyone has already been saying.

  • Theater Bratt
    Theater BrattDag siden

    Wasn't the point of 1.16 to change the game dramatically to make it feel different

  • Bush MG
    Bush MGDag siden

    Ah MatPat, you began an eccentric entertainer at home amongst the Wild West of NOlocal, but the years of advertiser scrutiny have pushed you down to little more than a shill who profits off the young. Perhaps your time on this platform is due to expire, and you may not be missed.

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  • lucktr8
    lucktr8Dag siden

    8:35 youtube is broken my button is white :p

  • sebastian bell
    sebastian bellDag siden

    wtf that wasent even a theory...... is that just a slogan now adays?

  • Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8
    Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8Dag siden

    Just saying, I am not a dream stan, but I AM good at math. And they released a statement that the chance of getting dream's runs was 10 billion to 1? 100 billion to 1? 1000 billion to 1? Point is, there is a chance of dreams runs to be true. That he didn't need to manipulate rng and that his luck was good. If the statement and said impossible then, well, I am with you, dream cheated. But the statement gave numbers that were near impossible, improbable, because they still had a chance to be true. I think dream hit the luck jackpot and is telling the truth.

  • Benjamin Jakubec
    Benjamin JakubecDag siden

    Hey Matt , Id like to ask , when enderman are people or ancient builders , how did they got to End when ender pearls drop from Enderman? ._.

  • シJusDibzュ ス デ ィ ブ ズ
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    Me : explains simple math My family;

  • Ella Cavanagh
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    Well what are the chances of finding a stronghold RANDOMLY ( finding it by chance or without eye of ender ) im guessing very slim yet it happened to me tis luck

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    Me: about to beat the speed run by 00000000000.1 seconds

  • ariel hernandez
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    who was the first person to ever make a netherite beacon

  • Nguyen Bui Ha Linh
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    deam is mrbeast

  • Ares Lothbrok

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    Dag siden

    Bruh no

  • Dean Fawcett
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    He does not

  • SCP Productions
    SCP ProductionsDag siden

    1.16 : so different some people don't accept it 1.17 : *uhhhhh*

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamerDag siden

    When does the video start? Over 5min mark haven't started the video yet where is minecraft speedrun. Haven't dissapointed more in any of ur video almost never dissapointed but this one oh yeah wasted my time.

  • ken dow
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    the joker has aids

  • ken dow
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    gooba gabba

  • Holly Carr
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    Mr beast was In the background at the store

  • Michael Langston
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    0:14 why does mr beast have so much stuff???

  • dandad
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    spoiler alert: dream cheated

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    i dont get it

  • Victoria And Joseph
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    I Had More Cringe

  • Brandon Gee
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    It was fake

  • madhvi goyal
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    "Did dream cheat his speedrun?" That only dream fan : *clicks out of video*

  • The Aisha Biscuit
    The Aisha Biscuit2 dager siden

    Before Reveal: 10 = 7 heads Answer Reveal: IM CORECT!!! :D

  • Tiger Arora
    Tiger Arora2 dager siden

    We: did dream cheat? MatPat: Well yes, but actually no

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  • Player 1
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    I saw someone beat minecraft in 4:24 minutes

  • Aafiya arissa
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    Me: being that one 8 year old kid bad at math but likes game theory lol

  • GINGY_zamination Yt
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    Flip 10 and get 7+heads

  • Kobe is Children
    Kobe is Children2 dager siden

    although there are 10-37 major factors involved, it seems that "the thing that makes minecraft 1.16 speedruns 5 minutes faster than previous versions is the piglin trading, it's basically a slot machine". so if one were to cheat at this game, do you think they would change those rates? and change the rates of "one of the biggest bottlenecks in any minecraft speedrun"?

  • Kobe is Children

    Kobe is Children

    2 dager siden

    and don't you think that Kobe is children? cause he is

  • Kenrick John Marquez
    Kenrick John Marquez2 dager siden

    NEW THEORY FOR MINECRAFT What is bedrock made of

  • SK_WantsToGameEnd
    SK_WantsToGameEnd2 dager siden

    YT theory: Matpat inetially had an awnser, but the awnser was that Dream did cheat. However, since Dream has already collabed on Game Theory, Matpat didn't want to ruin his future chances with Dream's clout (attacking someone on the internet who has more clout then you is a death sentance). But since he didn't want to throw away hours of research, he made a video that never gave a diffinitive awnser.

  • Pranav J pillai
    Pranav J pillai2 dager siden

    But with the stupid barter,I barted with more than 280 gold,u know how much I got? 5 pearls,5 PEARLS, if u are thinking how I got that much, I had a Mesa near my village

  • Pranav J pillai
    Pranav J pillai2 dager siden

    I have got more than that much blaze rods so does that mean I cheated? No it's just luck And looting 😂

  • Benedict Masengi

    Benedict Masengi

    2 dager siden

    He doesn't get the drops once and thats it after hours of clips his luck is much higher than anyone

  • Mateus Fernandes
    Mateus Fernandes2 dager siden

    Stand-up maths did a video that actually answers the question... 🙏🏽

  • The man with Panda eyes
    The man with Panda eyes2 dager siden

    This is worst then mrbossftw’s video’s

  • Ruby _Gem
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    When he was talking about flipping coins I did not get any of that lol

  • susan alvarenga
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    8:32 my aswer is (a)

  • Marco Rivera
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    idk that questiopn

  • KOJONES123 4
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    Why tf do people even care he’s not even first he’s sixth , people only care because it’s dream

  • Benedict Masengi

    Benedict Masengi

    2 dager siden

    It's because he faked a speedrun

  • morbideddie


    2 dager siden

    Exactly, any other runner and their run would have just been quietly removed and they would have been suspended from posting. Because it’s dream we have to keep talking about it because he won’t let it go and his stans don’t understand maths.

  • Ian Owens
    Ian Owens2 dager siden

    im gonna tell my math teacher to find out if he was cheating

  • Ian Owens
    Ian Owens2 dager siden

    "when they bust out latex, you know its serious" thats what she said im sorry i had to

  • SilencedLamb_ _
    SilencedLamb_ _2 dager siden

    I want to matt to be my mentor like om not joking

  • Black and yellow
    Black and yellow2 dager siden

    10 and getting heads 7 times

  • DIO Brando
    DIO Brando3 dager siden

    Dream Speedrunner *exists* The Game Theorists: Dream the Game *Exists*

  • Ruben Quack
    Ruben Quack3 dager siden

    Here's an actual answer to this question by Matt Parker from StandUp Maths: Bonus: it doesn't have the ridiculous bragging about understanding a bunch of math that he clearly doesn't understand at all.

  • Chimbi Choombi
    Chimbi Choombi3 dager siden

    How can some people in this comment section be so ignorant as still think that dream definitively cheated. Matpat’s argument is that the chance of Dream’s drop rates is subjective, which is clearly evident by the different methodologies of the “Particle Physicist” and the mod team. The definitive answer to whether he cheated or not is obtainable only in a perfect world. The best solution would be to support the number of factors (why is it 10 vs 37?), and then to select data from every single recorded instance of Dream’s speed running attempts. Both sides did none of this, and both were biased, and used “true” but misleading statistics. Statistics may be right on a graph, but when applied to a topic, are misleading. For example, “4/5 dentists recommend Colgate”. It may be true, but perhaps those same 5 dentists all recommended Sensodyne. The original statement isn’t false, but it is misleading you to buy the less recommended brand, when obviously Sensodyne was recommended more. Conclusion: Statistics are often biased and used to lie to people, and Pat’s video is saying the ways you can come to a conclusion (and also how both sides did) is not truly representing the entire picture.

  • animesh rawat
    animesh rawat3 dager siden

    matpat is like you when you're asked "would you save your mom or dad?"

  • Gaetan Siffert
    Gaetan Siffert3 dager siden

    2:11 oh god no not latex

  • Alexander Wiseman
    Alexander Wiseman3 dager siden

    This was decidedly a YES to anyone who really understood the data, but a "...maybe no??" to Dream stans. I understand, PatPat, but if you ain't finna answer the question yourself, you shouldn't finna ask the question in your title. Title it something like "An in depth analysis on the Dream situation" or something.

  • Viktor Milojevic
    Viktor Milojevic3 dager siden

    If he is better than you in minecraft it doesn't mean you should make fake videos about him

  • Arianna Oros
    Arianna Oros3 dager siden

    Little did future Matpat know was that the argument continued more on the down low

  • Mel Marmoria
    Mel Marmoria3 dager siden

    this video is so infuriating to watch for so many reasons - too many unnecessary tangents - no real conclusion/answer to the actual title question, hence just pure clickbait - flexing that you share some business with LE DREAM, i guess he is somebody to gloat about - this was basically the longest loudest loading screen for an (skillshare) ad - claiming this video is supposed to be educating about the maths, in the end only explaining the theory of it in a very weird and hard to understand way - the finishing verdict. "minecraft 1.16+ shouldnt be getting speedruns anymore cause too high dependence on luck :c"

  • SleekJupiter
    SleekJupiter3 dager siden

    This is last year's drama mat

  • noname
    noname3 dager siden

    60 is harder than 7 :)

  • Honshu :]
    Honshu :]3 dager siden

    I think we all forget what kind of channel Matpat has, he is a Theorist. Yes, he is a good theorist but everybody isn’t always right. Maybe he did cheat, maybe he did not. Your all in the comments talking about how he dodged the question but really he’s literally just doing what he normally does. Yet you don’t say this when he makes different themes such as FNAF and other DDLC? Yet nobody from these games have stood up to things such as this? Why say all of this now because it’s a NOlocalr and not a game of which you can’t say to somebody’s face? Yes, it is basically click bait but what isn’t? My god people it’s 2021, click bait is everywhere right under your noses! Not even just on youtube and even I think you know that. Go ahead, comment down how wrong I am but you can’t deny that this is suspicious and seems acted. Yeah, he might be right but he isn’t a mind reader, the only person who knows whether they cheated or not is Dream. I wonder why it’s always the NOlocalr’s fault and not the game/game developers? 1.16 just came out when this event took place so their is bound to be bugs. But that still doesn’t mean Dream is off the hook and neither is MatPat. But remember, at the end of the day it’s just a theory everybody. :) (Please debate about this in the comments, I wanna see all of opinions on this :D)

  • Oda Siam
    Oda Siam3 dager siden

    This channel helped me learn more than my class lol

  • Zack Pumpkinhead
    Zack Pumpkinhead3 dager siden

    8:36 THEY"RE BOTH THE SAME! HA! Sorry so many comments. I'll do less next time

  • Zack Pumpkinhead
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    1:46 Warzone... huh? Have you heard of... 2b2t?