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Spend your evening with us and unwind! Nighttime Routine :)
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'Call Me Later' by Daniel Hats
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  • Hailey Lorraine
    Hailey Lorraine3 dager siden

    not peaches chewing on the couch while they're watching tv lmao

  • Poppy Murphy
    Poppy Murphy3 dager siden

    I love how she’s so natural in videos

  • Poppy Murphy
    Poppy Murphy3 dager siden

    “Oh you don’t wanna be in the shot? Oh you wanna be in the shot. Got it”

  • Daniel High
    Daniel High3 dager siden

    Excuse me? Manufacturers??? Sneaky sneaky...

  • m o o n y
    m o o n y8 dager siden

    I don't know why it just hit me but Claudia looks like canon Pansy Parkinson if she were a hufflepuff, in the best way possible

  • Gamer Payton
    Gamer Payton18 dager siden

    i love how Claudia is so organzed all the time i watch her!

  • Gayansa Garusinghe
    Gayansa GarusingheMåned siden

    why does her voice calm me down so much. i watch claudia because she somehow calms me down with out even trying. I think im broken 💁

  • llheaxtsll
    llheaxtsllMåned siden

    Claudia ty your a HUGE impact on my life im trying to improve it im vegetarian now 🥳 im also trying to read more im alot more healthy thanks to you i love you- Lesly

  • bilskirt
    bilskirtMåned siden

    I love ur editing skills sm!!

  • Kristina x
    Kristina xMåned siden

    Claudia Sulewski you motivate me to get my shit together 🤓😂

  • Jhonalyn Generalao
    Jhonalyn GeneralaoMåned siden


  • Mary H
    Mary HMåned siden

    We would love a video on top 10 pieces of advice, favorite meals, cook with me (where you chat and cook dinner), favorite movies & books, tour my journal, and more home organization & hacks!!

  • jojo willo
    jojo willoMåned siden

    Can you send this message to FINNEAS plz claudia: love you FINNEAS

  • Sophie K.
    Sophie K.Måned siden

    you should have hyram rate your skincare routine!

  • Melissa
    Melissa2 måneder siden

    House rule: no outside clothing on the sofa, Finneas, get it together

  • Amandine Mmt
    Amandine Mmt2 måneder siden

    Fun fact : claudia video are the best

  • Ab Du
    Ab Du2 måneder siden

    Appreciate the fact that you post the artist and title of the songs playing in your videos. Huge fan of you.

  • Milli Lopez
    Milli Lopez2 måneder siden

    1:30 I love 😂

  • sunchild -
    sunchild -2 måneder siden

    wow. imagine having crystal freakin clear skin 🥺😞

  • into the mystic
    into the mystic2 måneder siden

    6:05 the dog's face 😂😂😍

  • jen
    jen2 måneder siden

    the way that Claudia motivates me to be good to myself is just ✨delightful✨

  • YoungPineapple
    YoungPineapple2 måneder siden

    6:06 Peach’s look killed me 🤣🤣🤣 my corgi has the same look when she hears something

  • Sergey Atlukhanov
    Sergey Atlukhanov2 måneder siden

    You came to me in my dream, Claudia. It was the best dream ever. I was really upset when it turned out to be just a dream, and I had to wake up.

  • Aysan Shariaty
    Aysan Shariaty2 måneder siden

    Holly mother of god Finneas is your bf how'd you pick up him? 😂😂👍👍 Good for you girl Hope you always be happy together 🙂❤️

  • preksha 192000
    preksha 1920003 måneder siden

    Your voice is relaxing amd soothing. If you ever decide to record a audio book please do go ahead. Im sure it will be a big hit !

  • م فيه اسم دز بس.
    م فيه اسم دز بس.3 måneder siden

    Tell Billy that I love her, please and ilove you🥺♥️♥️.

  • Smood Almansoob
    Smood Almansoob3 måneder siden

    Does anyone know where to get the BIBA cleansers and stuff?

  • Clarissa's Life
    Clarissa's Life3 måneder siden

    Editing is unbelievably good

  • Naturelle
    Naturelle3 måneder siden

    I searched the book as a audio book on YT.. And me like so far.

  • Azhar S
    Azhar S3 måneder siden

    WHAT DOES HE WEAR!!??? I’m sorry Claudia, you cut finneas off at the end of the vid and I will not sleep until know what he wears...

  • Lizzi Kehoe
    Lizzi Kehoe3 måneder siden

    link to local (pref Black owned) businesses instead of amazon

  • Makenzie Schierding
    Makenzie Schierding3 måneder siden

    I’m sorry but peach is just so stinking cute!!!

  • Natalie
    Natalie3 måneder siden

    6:06 PEACHES hahah

  • Dominika Bodzoń
    Dominika Bodzoń3 måneder siden

    THE EDITING!! WOW!!!!!!!

  • Sunny R
    Sunny R3 måneder siden

    Her skin thoughh💫

  • the F. I. G. dm
    the F. I. G. dm3 måneder siden

    omffggggg the transition at 2:03 is wow i had to rewatch it 5 times to understand what happened

  • the F. I. G. dm
    the F. I. G. dm3 måneder siden

    yall who come to claudias social media to see billie why? i come to see the whole gang (Claudia, Finn and Peaches)

  • Mia Koncar
    Mia Koncar3 måneder siden

    IS no one gonna talk about the transition from the closet to the bathroom! IT WAS SO ON POINT! Also love you Claudia!

  • Lindsey Grey
    Lindsey Grey3 måneder siden

    Why do I get the feeling that Finneas is low-key miserable?

  • Charlie Chalmers
    Charlie Chalmers3 måneder siden

    Oml she’s the definition of beauty your sooooooooooooooo beautiful

  • Hannah
    Hannah3 måneder siden

    Oh I read that book it's so good!

  • Olivia Lorenz
    Olivia Lorenz3 måneder siden

    I love when peaches is in your vids 🥺 she’s soooo cute

  • Bean Burritos
    Bean Burritos3 måneder siden

    Ok hold up someone gotta explain to me what birth control is. Why’d you say that at the end of the vid? Are you having a baby or are you joking?

  • kaur
    kaur3 måneder siden

    love her life so cozy and chill 😻💛💛 thanks for sharing with us ☺️💖💖

  • Agáta Kubcová
    Agáta Kubcová3 måneder siden

    How do you lok 18!! You look soo good ❤️

  • Desiree Polistico
    Desiree Polistico3 måneder siden

    Hahaha peaches’ reaction @6:05 🤣

  • breanna beech
    breanna beech3 måneder siden

    your videos are so soothing. me and you are both pisces so i relate to you sooooo much because im so planned and i write everything down and i have planners and i have journals and all this typa stuff, people think its so weird but its nice knowing someone else does that sorta stuff. 😽

  • Użytkownik
    Użytkownik3 måneder siden

    it would be a good idea to record an episode in which you will be teaching Finnas and maybe Billie Polish words. Such an episode or series would bring a lot of displays.

  • ɔrîɔkett
    ɔrîɔkett3 måneder siden


  • Billie’s Takies
    Billie’s Takies3 måneder siden

    Love you❤️🥺

  • itzbrandon
    itzbrandon3 måneder siden

    finneas looks like he's about to go to out 😭😭

  • Riley-Reads-Books
    Riley-Reads-Books3 måneder siden

    I love how you introduce all of these helpful tidbits into your videos, it's not just entertainment I really do learn new and healthy habits from you.

  • iluvfoood 7
    iluvfoood 73 måneder siden

    Claudia: Oh you don’t want to be in the shot? Claudia’s dog: *immediately comes in shot 😂

  • eilishstan
    eilishstan3 måneder siden

    I feel like I could listen to you talk for years and I wouldn't get bored. you're so cute ily

  • SläyingRebbie!
    SläyingRebbie!3 måneder siden

    I- who else is wondering what they were arguing about for like one minute 😂😂. I think it was cause he still had his tight clothing on even though he was at home seeing his own girlfriend being unready

  • crazy billie fan
    crazy billie fan3 måneder siden

    Claudia and finneas are so adorable together but to be honest i only know them because of billie💚

  • LMS
    LMS3 måneder siden

    Can you make a video about how you arrange your home to get an aesthetic vibe, or tips on how to organize? Also, the second I saw that sweatshirt I needed it lol. Where’d you get it?

  • A is for ANNOYING
    A is for ANNOYING3 måneder siden

    Adopt me

  • Lexi Golightly
    Lexi Golightly3 måneder siden

    Just a tip, to get the most out of your serum, you should apply it first and then toner. ☺️

  • Karen
    Karen3 måneder siden

    Am I really the only one who thinks her and Billie look SO much alike??? They obviously have different styles and personalities, but WOW. They have the same facial shape, mouth, eyes, nose, lips, and even similar teeth!

  • Nehmz
    Nehmz3 måneder siden

    no one: not even Finneas in jeans on the couch: Me everytime sb mentions Claudia,Finneas or Billie: 6:05

  • Ms Laura Lee
    Ms Laura Lee3 måneder siden

    I just can’t support you anymore after Finneas told a bunch of us to go f ourselves I’m sure you support his views.....sadly because that would make y’all racist when we all knew how to put political differences aside with your family

  • Money boy Tech
    Money boy Tech3 måneder siden

    I m indian

  • Gaia Antico
    Gaia Antico3 måneder siden

    i really love your videos and i usually get inspired by them. i know u are from Poland too so a video about the culture there or just about a few things u use to do when u are there would be a very interesting. without a doubt i hope u are having a good day .

    MASA EBASH3 måneder siden

    I love you just answer

  • L. V. E O. B. N
    L. V. E O. B. N3 måneder siden

    Vlog with Billie please

  • sofie bakker
    sofie bakker3 måneder siden

    do i see finneas merch----- AAA it looks so good

  • _happy_days_
    _happy_days_3 måneder siden

    I have a question regarding time batching. What is your thought process for that exactly? I’ve tried this technique and always run out of time. So I guess the question is how do you ensure that setting a timer for completing something is going to be effective? (If that makes, not sure how else to word it.)

  • dootsey
    dootsey3 måneder siden

    I loved 6:05 's head perk up haha. So cute!

  • Justine
    Justine3 måneder siden

    4:31 classic peach, eating the couch

  • Liliane Vlogs
    Liliane Vlogs3 måneder siden

    Can we please talk about how cute this couple is the way they have Little arguments and they cuddled omgggg 🥺😭✋💗

  • Hajnalka Héty
    Hajnalka Héty3 måneder siden

    How you are the cutest couple on earth!? 🥺❤️

  • kat
    kat3 måneder siden

    I don't know why, but she reminds me of my art history professor lol

  • Isabella
    Isabella3 måneder siden

    where's this sweatshirt from??

  • Samantha Landers
    Samantha Landers3 måneder siden

    It’s 11am but I’m ready to get unready with you Claudia

  • melissa mckirahan
    melissa mckirahan3 måneder siden


  • Dj melisaa with angel
    Dj melisaa with angel3 måneder siden

    I live in Turkey. And nobody here understands me. And I am someone who always laughs and is happy. Whether I was crushed, mocked, and beaten by one of every class when I was little, or someone who was abused in a disgusting way when I was little. I do not want to describe in detail what I have experienced. But I can say that no human is good and that I am the only one who falls in love with animals and nature. I'm not someone who gets along with anyone because of my character. But no matter what I go through, people always judge me. And I can say that I am a person who always laughs, laughs and knows how to have fun. I am someone who tries to live with my mother but we are dependent on others. I cannot get along with anyone in this world, including my mother. Maybe I can't get along with the Turks, I don't think the same with them on any issue. They are always boring and unhappy but I have the same economic problems in the same country as them. Like the European youth, I cannot travel the world, I cannot eat what I want, I cannot do what I want, but I always try to be happy, laugh and look at life with hope. I WANT TO MEET YOU THROUGH A TRANSLATOR, TO OPEN A ASSOSIATION HELP ANIMALS, AND TO HELP MY DREAM REALIZATION.I CAN'T EVEN STAY IN THE CITY I LIVE. Can you help me get out of prison from where I am?

  • Agnes Permadi
    Agnes Permadi3 måneder siden

    Please vlog with Billie🥺🤗❤️🙏🏻

  • Bilsdad
    Bilsdad3 måneder siden

    Honestly shes so amazing she’s beautiful kind and her voice is sooo calming

  • Street Girl
    Street Girl4 måneder siden

    Oop sis need birth control finneas wat u doin there bud😂

  • Brooklynn Letandre
    Brooklynn Letandre4 måneder siden

    Your skin is so flawless😍🥰

  • Sami Blair
    Sami Blair4 måneder siden


  • penelope ch.
    penelope ch.4 måneder siden

    Big head !!

  • Kendall K
    Kendall K4 måneder siden

    Don’t watch this mid day because now all i wanna do is get unready and relax 😭

  • Leah Morris
    Leah Morris4 måneder siden

    any LA people curious where her vegan burger / fries are from 🤤

  • Gillian McCready
    Gillian McCready4 måneder siden

    Oh so tik tok is upping Claudia’s transition game okuuurrr

  • Milly C
    Milly C4 måneder siden

    I love the vibe of claudias videos 💕

  • jamile
    jamile4 måneder siden

    what's the documentary

  • M __
    M __4 måneder siden

    ppl who know about law of attraction know that book, i love this.

  • Dennika Surgeon
    Dennika Surgeon4 måneder siden

    I love these two soo much😭💚💚♥️♥️♥️

  • Malena Brandy
    Malena Brandy4 måneder siden

    i wanna now the brand of the water bottle 😫

  • Veronika Zabalueva
    Veronika Zabalueva4 måneder siden

    I really wanna hear book read by Claudia

  • Courtney Greenhalgh
    Courtney Greenhalgh4 måneder siden

    Such an odd question but what size hydro flask do you have? xx

  • Janhavi Tibrewal
    Janhavi Tibrewal4 måneder siden

    where is Claudia's sweatshirt from its so cutee

  • Ruby Sinclair
    Ruby Sinclair4 måneder siden

    Where did you get that sweatshirt I am absolutely in love with it 😍

  • jocy ruiz
    jocy ruiz4 måneder siden

    claudia please talk about your birth control experience and what you use!

  • Helena M
    Helena M4 måneder siden

    Loved hearing about your book!

  • ranazapote
    ranazapote4 måneder siden

    The “research manufactures” smirk got me weak 🥴

  • Ann Leonovich
    Ann Leonovich4 måneder siden

    pls tell me the name of doc which they watched, I didn`t hear it well(((

  • isaiah bailey
    isaiah bailey4 måneder siden

    this editing is SO good