Giuliani Left Voicemail For Senator After Riot Asking For Help To Overturn Election | All In | MSNBC

“Rudy Giuliani, the president's lawyer, wants [Tommy Tuberville] to do whatever he can to pick up the baton from the mob…use his position as a United States senator to stop the peaceful transfer of power and the lawful recognition of the democratically elected president,” says Chris Hayes. Aired on 01/11/2021.
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Giuliani Left Voicemail For Senator After Riot Asking For Help To Overturn Election | All In | MSNBC


  • Jara
    Jara2 timer siden

    That black cop was NOT O.K.!

  • Ron Surrette
    Ron Surrette13 timer siden

    i do audios off licencia over 25 Yeats fake audios

  • Louis Duran
    Louis Duran14 timer siden

    Screaming blue life matters, but killing a police officer won't make you a patriot, but it make you a Traitor.

  • ML D
    ML D15 timer siden

    So. Trump won the election and there is plenty of proof. He is hated because no one cares about the working class. whether it is jobs or no war or helping theVA, upgrading the military, peace in the middle east, killing ISIS generals, stop payments to Iran, etc. But the cult knows and are grateful Beyond joking about him personally His policies have been remarkable. His predecessors campaign donations have done nothing to enrich life for Americans but to give favours to the rich. Literally taking food from the babies. One percent of the population has 99% of the wealth. Trump saw what needed to be done for the country not the wealthy. The election was rigged to allow corporations to produce overseas, China and ship back eliminating their jobs. Courts would not look at the proof because they all get election money from these rich to do their bidding. Trump also managed to bring about the self sufficiency of oil. Women's health should not include the murder of unborn babies. What about their health. Lots of couples waiting for adoption. They'll love that baby. Only if it is life threatening. Trump has also negotiated lower prices for medicine and insulin. Where other presidents when diabetics were dying because they couldn't afford it. Yah this is brainwashed, programmed, Trump people believe in him so fervently. It's what he does oh yes and golfs. He had no lavish inaugurations with celebrities GAGA and ? .

  • Jason Chenoweth
    Jason Chenoweth17 timer siden

    Hmm... how can Rudy try and say that when he shouted "trial by combat" that he was just referring to the game of thrones... but yet, he then makes a phone call after the capitol was stormed and tried to stall the count!??? I wonder?? He knew EXACTLY what he said, meant, and was doing!! He needs to be thrown in jail, period. These political a$$holes,him and Trump , keep trying to pull this BS, with, "i was just joking" or, it was just "sarcasm"... and now this game of thrones crap?? Really?? Do they really think that we're that stupid?? Lock em up and throw away the key.

  • Annette Elliott-Dunn
    Annette Elliott-Dunn19 timer siden

    If the American government doesn’t confront this rise of fascism, more violence and then hangings will take place. This reporter is dead right.

  • Faysal Khan
    Faysal Khan19 timer siden

    Karma.... I guess !

  • buster crimes
    buster crimes20 timer siden

    It will be interesting to see how differently judges view the cases of BLM rioters too the Trump presidency support rioters and who will be the most harshly dealt with ? My money is on the white guy gal getting away with it and BLM protesters getting nailed to the wall.

  • beavis corholio
    beavis corholio21 time siden

    the US need the US to invade the US to save them from the US making a coup.

  • Jillybean


    21 time siden

    Uh, yup

  • nnout
    nnout22 timer siden

    When is Giuliani getting arrested wtf!!

  • 67buzzo
    67buzzo22 timer siden

    Where was the pepper spray and bean bag guns?? Oh yeah they saved them for brown people..

  • GG Bonifa Cohen
    GG Bonifa Cohen23 timer siden

    Ghouliani should lose his license to practice.

  • Lynne Shawe
    Lynne ShaweDag siden

    Why hasn't Guilliani been disbarred yet along with Sydney Powell and Lin Wood?!?

  • Elena Shumskaya
    Elena ShumskayaDag siden

    It seems that some group(s)-forces are using the situation to their advantage using the crowd for their own purposes as an easy to manipulate tool. The crowd apparently manipulated to think they are doing one thing, while they are being used for other purposes. It’s also possible P. Trump being used just a as a well, as a tool to distract public’s attention while they are working on their own agenda, unnoticed. Without him noticing it ether. Perfect cover and distraction.

  • Dennis M
    Dennis MDag siden

    What will happen with the radicalized vacuum left in the aftermath? This only shows how easily [some] Americans, including those with military background, can be recruited by terrorist entities.

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gztyDag siden

    Imagine how easily they could have thrown a bomb in there. And yet where are the rubber bullets?

  • Jean-Luc Picard
    Jean-Luc PicardDag siden

    But we the left are the only ones who are violent? Oh wait that was Conservatives projecting again as usual.

  • Christine Pellew-Faucette
    Christine Pellew-FaucetteDag siden

    The news that once Representatives made it to the "safety" of their offices, locked the doors, and reached for their panic buttons, only to find that all the panic/alarms for their personal safety had been removed. I wasn't sure this COULD be an "inside" aided insurrection, until I heard that. Every speech given, including Trump's were designed to incite a riot. The President, and all of his GOP puppets have been telling Americans over and over and over that the election was stolen FROM THEM. President Trump said to his followers, "They cheated. I won, and they cheated and stole the election, they stole your votes, and we have to fight or you will lose your democracy." All the while ignoring the pandemic that is now killing more people than died during the 9/11 attacks each day. These people BELIEVE Trump. And Trump reveled in all of it. He got off on it. I have had to wait until today to watch all of the commentary on this insurrection, all of the footage, because I couldn't watch the details during my work week. I knew, as upset as I was when I was watching the live stream of the certifications of the electoral college votes that suddenly became a riot where our elected representatives actually had to run for their lives -- as upsetting as that whole day was, I knew if I kept following every detail of that news, that I would be unable to work. SO here I am on my "weekend" Tuesday and Wednesday, watching it all unfold again and I am still struck by the unreality of it. Of the goon-ish delight and glee of an amped up mob shouting ridiculous non sequiturs, idiotic one liners from what I can only imagine they heard from Steven Segal straight to DVD movies, or, 1776! It's a revolution! Yelled by people I don't think could name two Founding Fathers or describe the events of the YEAR 1776 and the significance of that date to Americans, and why their actions could place them firmly on the side of enemies of the State. These "Patriots" killed a police officer who was performing his duty and fulfilling his oath in the face of unsurmountable odds, while his president purposely kept the National Guard from joining the fight and evening the odds. These are the people who think that a Black man taking a knee during the national anthem is at least an affront, if not a crime. The men who have taken a knee to protest the fact that in 2021, while all people are indeed equal, America still falls short when it comes to treating citizens that way. Those men are protesting and honoring the flag and the people who fight for our country. The thugs that desecrated the Capitol, much to the enjoyment of Donald Trump, the most odious cretin to worm his way into the halls of power are the ones who lack honor, respect and patriotism. They are domestic terrorists, would be murderers, thieves and traitors. At least one rioter has been identified as stealing a laptop or hard drive from Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office so she could sell it to Russia. She and her dad drove to the event together, and met up and returned home together so she could pack a bag and disappear. Why would a patriot sell what may be classified information to Russia? If this was about patriotism and stopping the democrats from stealing an election, wouldn't a patriot, with those beliefs, however erroneous, at least sent the laptop or hard drive to Trump, or Giuliani? Vandals, would be murderers/kidnappers/torturers and thieves. NOT patriotic Americans.

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    Dag siden

    Donald trump will be back in a few years.

  • Chad Wiederkehr
    Chad WiederkehrDag siden

    I just returned from my tour of duty in Syria and this is what me and my team see going on at home. All hate, rage and frustration. I think right now, being there was much better than coming home.

  • CJ Fetta
    CJ FettaDag siden

    How do you know it was an officer, couldn’t even see the person being dragged.

  • 森田. Morita淳一郎 Junichiro
    森田. Morita淳一郎 JunichiroDag siden

    🇯🇵👈🏻🇺🇸Missile development🤮

  • Izke Domichi
    Izke DomichiDag siden

    They weren't trained, they just brought the right gear

  • Devin Hightower
    Devin HightowerDag siden

    I did not see a single flash bang thrown. Msnbc you lie.

  • Laura
    LauraDag siden

    _beats officers with flag poles_ _crushes an officer with a door_ "WE ARE WITH YOU GUYS" Jesus Christ their level of delusion is terrifying

  • Diana February
    Diana FebruaryDag siden

    And why is Ted Cruz being allowed to attend the inauguration when he is a clear and present danger?

  • I dont care Im just kidding
    I dont care Im just kiddingDag siden

    White people climbing walls lol

  • ronduenyc 04
    ronduenyc 04Dag siden

    Stupidity at it best, look at you America...The hypocrisy is real....

  • jesus garcia
    jesus garciaDag siden

    thank god trump is not more the president of this great nation

  • Disa Vidbelle
    Disa VidbelleDag siden

    I can't believe what's happening in the USA. I'm very much horrified!

  • Pam Cervantes
    Pam CervantesDag siden

    The lying mail lovely punish because pen intraoperatively learn among a superficial pair. disillusioned, fancy bus

  • Eric Hendrickson
    Eric HendricksonDag siden

    Your Antifa friends were all over the Capital, Mr. Con Artist. The woman shot was filmed by one of your Antifa friends. Crazy eyes from Utah. He instigated the entire scene and then changes clothes in the stairs to take on another "personality" to instigate more violence claiming she is already dead. Why don't you play that film footage on your show Mr. Con Artist? You guys promoted terrorism for an entire year in Portland and other cities. Shame on you Mr. Con Artist. Get a clue Mr. Con Artists.

  • Jinty C
    Jinty CDag siden

    It’s a peaceful protest just like what you lot said about ANTIFA

  • Future Winners
    Future WinnersDag siden

    OMG! The black police officer looked traumatized. I wonder how many ppl will develop PTSD.....

  • Lauren Thompson
    Lauren ThompsonDag siden

    Donald trump will be back in a few years.

  • daisiesr myfavorite
    daisiesr myfavoriteDag siden

    Giuliani i is an F****** SWEATHOG !!!!!

  • Latchman Mangra
    Latchman MangraDag siden

    The plant channel fascinatingly juggle because female presently fail following a important population. late, observant adult

  • Ted Ebayer
    Ted EbayerDag siden

    Anyone else sick of hearing nothing but trump? ...for the last 4 years....every single day... over wars, natural disasters, covid, international stories etc... every single day. Not a single talk show, not a nightly news...without seeing or hearing about him one way or the other.

  • TheFroperson
    TheFropersonDag siden

    Why has Rudy trashed his career fot a loser? Sad. Wtf

  • TheFroperson
    TheFropersonDag siden

    Its all wrong. The real issue is racial. Oh yes. Always overlooking that.

  • ToPcAt90
    ToPcAt90Dag siden

    Wait I thought the police shoot when they are in fear for the lives????🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Perry Olson
    Perry OlsonDag siden

    Look at Chris Hayes pretending to care about police. 😝 that’s cute

  • Trilly Locke
    Trilly LockeDag siden

    The Republican Party is over. This is it. Trump needs to be prosecuted to the most extreme arm of the law. Along with anyone who participated.

  • Mike Dean
    Mike DeanDag siden

    The narrow chicory yearly bow because room analogously destroy in a third leather. fat faulty, weary pyramid

  • cjnpete
    cjnpeteDag siden

    The same trash that went into Kentucky and did the same thing use your freaking heads instead of spreading rumors about Patriots

  • cjnpete
    cjnpeteDag siden


    EASE IIIDag siden

    Welcome to the streets Capitol Hill

  • Bamaboy 74
    Bamaboy 74Dag siden

    All set up by Democrats. Lol!

  • Tabria Jordan
    Tabria JordanDag siden

    Look in the mirror who are the real animals

  • Bluestrawberry Milkshake
    Bluestrawberry MilkshakeDag siden

    This reminds me of the 3rd hunger games 👁👄👁

  • Pamala Wyerick-Carender
    Pamala Wyerick-CarenderDag siden


  • Rlnstn
    RlnstnDag siden

    OMG you're so dramatic 🙄 were you this appalled and dramatic when blm and antifa were burning and looting businesses and blinding cops with lasers?? No. No you weren't. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Jeffrey Decatur
    Jeffrey DecaturDag siden

    You mad bro?

  • Mireille Saint Juste
    Mireille Saint JusteDag siden

    We have to accept defeats a day move on. Where is our democracy? What a shame. Xanax cannot do a thing for today's psychopath and sociopath.

    DUMP TRUMPDag siden

    Remember Martin Luther King today. MLK was killed by a white supremist like those who attacked our nation's capitol to pull off Trump's coup that did not work. All it did was expose white supremist involved in the military, law enforcement and political offices across this nation. Trump has always backed white supremacy. They are his backbone. Let's hope those dangerous savages get sent to prison for as long as the law allows. They don't love America. They love a two-bit dictator.

  • Morena G.
    Morena G.Dag siden

    MLK “Had a Dream” & this was not one of them!!!!!!🥺😭

  • Cynthia Davis
    Cynthia DavisDag siden

    All of this “info” talk means NOTHING, these privileged people will receive probation, ankle bracelets. But 50 years ago 24 black Panthers did the same thing LEGALLY in Sacramento, Ca. Shortly after, we’re EXECUTED while they slept! So......I’m bored with the hypocrisy

  • QAnon Exposed
    QAnon ExposedDag siden

    Traitors Lock them up!!!!!

  • jada jada
    jada jadaDag siden

    Your first German president.was going.. for..four. more.years go figure

    FEDZ BOYTOYDag siden

    As all you Demorats watched cities get looted and burnt to the ground for years saying nothing. Bunch of hypocrite cheating losers.

  • sona k
    sona kDag siden

    this needs to be updated=the officer has since passed away.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth SeekerDag siden

    lol Biden will not be President, Trump will remain President! But there will be a few months on working this mess out. President Trump and Flynn, our military and the American people will restore the Republic. If media doesn't report what our President/Military tells them to report/broadcast then they will be fined. Around March the new Republic will be in March. 10 to 14 days may be Martial law in order to get things in place. The Joe and Hunter Biden will have their day in court. McConnel and Pelosi will be charged and will no longer serve the people along with others.

  • Kevin Skinner

    Kevin Skinner

    Dag siden

    " If media doesn't report what our President/Military tells them to report/broadcast then they will be fined." So will you "patriots" be ready to overthrow Trump then? Because that's a violation of the First Amendment and it's what dictators like Stalin, Hitler, and Castro do.

  • dean layman
    dean laymanDag siden

    That is horrific.

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw butyDag siden

    This is the same people that says immigrants are “criminals”...

  • L H
    L HDag siden

    & only 100 of these ppl were arrested??!!🤔

  • G
    GDag siden

    But if it was 2.8 billion in damages and burning flags it would be ok

  • Kazil Ziya
    Kazil ZiyaDag siden

    This is what a failed state looks like. We've seen it on tv in other places around the world. Well , the chicken has finally come home to roost.

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    Dag siden

    Therefore coup plotting and dictatorship exists in all human nature. We just found out that the U.S.A. is no exception.

  • Cat M
    Cat MDag siden


  • Subotai
    SubotaiDag siden

    It’s all about white people not want to share the power they have over minorities. Don’t believe anything else you read.

  • Kathy Fritze
    Kathy FritzeDag siden

    I wanna know who filmed inside the capital so up close and personal, seemingly without disruption? Just curious.

  • Rick Valdez
    Rick ValdezDag siden

    And what the heck is the name of all4 years of atempy to depose a duly elected president of usa, you lier mediamsnbc. Buden got robitic votes.

  • Kathy Mickelson
    Kathy MickelsonDag siden

    Who in the Congress and Senate helped the insurrection ? They’ll be charged and banished for ever running for office again!

  • Rick Valdez
    Rick Valdez2 dager siden

    Fake news msnbc. Demorats planed raiots.

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith2 dager siden China Joe is hiding what? He lies so frequently and has perfected the art of lying you can't tell if he's telling his lies all over again. I think he believes his own lies and they have become a reality to him. I call that self brainwashing to his own real world. The result is nothing he says can ever be taken as truth. Nothing! Ever! Anything!

  • richard stonyisland
    richard stonyisland2 dager siden

    Ida shot all the rioters if I were capital police..

  • Cla Tayag
    Cla Tayag2 dager siden

    The coherent tractor quickly found because sharon isely advise abaft a scared vietnam. labored, fretful eel

  • Tomorraight
    Tomorraight2 dager siden

    Time for the hitman's to hunt all the white supremacists and all the cult's

  • Loki
    Loki2 dager siden

    What's the story with the guy with the crutch?

  • Joseph Fuquay
    Joseph Fuquay2 dager siden


  • Haterade
    Haterade2 dager siden

    Antifa and BLM was destroying cities. Did yall forget that?

  • Alain Savard
    Alain Savard2 dager siden

    The guys don't look that trained... They are using the wrong hand to keep contact with the person in front of them... Unless they are all left handed.

  • Profit trader
    Profit trader2 dager siden

    Therefore coup plotting and dictatorship exists in all human nature. We just found out that the U.S.A. is no exception.

  • Jim McConnell
    Jim McConnell2 dager siden

    Love the show...but you are missing a story. Go back 2 months to the firing of Mark Esper and the replacement of a group of DOD officials with Trump cronies. Preparation for his attempted coup on Jan 6? They, including Miller, delayed taking action during the riots, didn't they? Wet finger in the air, see how far the rioters could go?

  • Doua Xiong
    Doua Xiong2 dager siden

    Worse than 3rd world countries Why foreigners countries listen to America?

  • M Rogers
    M Rogers2 dager siden

    One sided reporter there was no way of stealing because the auditing of the electoral votes and voting machines were not checked but because of the law Biden won on the 6th .after the swearing in on the 20 of president joe Biden then the election should be audited

  • Global Warmhugs
    Global Warmhugs2 dager siden

    Bout effing time you treated Jordan and Jenn as the vastly superior journalists that they are. STATUS COUP!!

  • martha conner
    martha conner2 dager siden

    Trump had 90 million votes

  • anthony Phung
    anthony Phung2 dager siden

    The common hand scully reply because cod distally belong including a weary apparel. standing, demonic security

  • martha conner
    martha conner2 dager siden

    Antifa is Democrats created!!!!

  • buddyrichable1
    buddyrichable12 dager siden

    These right wing terrorists are going to win. You want to know why? Because they are out there rioting, organizing and planning, because they believe in what they are doing, as twisted and corrupt as their beliefs are. The true patriots, the sane Americans are sitting by watching it happen.

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B2 dager siden

    I don't think that "Blacks for Trump" sign was being held by a black person. It's a little hard to tell whose hand it connects to off screen, but there is only a cluster of white faces around it.

  • Grant Ray
    Grant Ray2 dager siden

    It's all very simple, Biden not my President!!! What do you not understand. Patriots are going to stop the count of stolen electoral votes. Can you say FRAUD ???? I've had it with liberal media !!!!

  • Shashank Shukla
    Shashank Shukla2 dager siden

    This is what happens when military grade equipment is easily available for people.

  • cheryl laney
    cheryl laney2 dager siden

    Guiliani was just as PATHETIC AND ENCOURAGING as TRUMP !!!! his time out chair should be indicted and sent to prison TOO!

  • Charlemagne Anderson
    Charlemagne Anderson2 dager siden

    Why do the Window frames look so fresh in the other videos?

  • kit hil
    kit hil2 dager siden

    These are not human beings, they are animals. You can have an opinion but when you want to harm someone you have crossed the line. I have no sympathy for any of those who showed up and act like lunatics. They deserve anything coming to them from the law. Yes, Trump did do some good things during his time but he has brought our country to fight against each other in ways I've never seen before. I pray for our country and our newly elected president to bring unity

  • Nancy Kahn
    Nancy Kahn2 dager siden


  • Justice Day
    Justice Day2 dager siden

    Why didn't the cops shoot the front line attackers??? To keep them from entering the Capitol???

  • Cara Biner
    Cara Biner2 dager siden

    Right Wing MAGA Media, like Fox News and various radio/podcasts, HAVE to be held responsible: It takes a village of misinformation, to drive law and country loving people this far.

  • welk2703
    welk27032 dager siden

    Wie froh ich bin in Deutschland in der EU zu leben: God must have bleesed me

  • Robert Secrest
    Robert Secrest2 dager siden

    L O L! “We’ll trained militia” 🤣