Going to a Garage Sale and Trying to Buy the Garage


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0:00 Timestamps
0:02 Driving the LeBaron
0:42 Selfie with the sleepin dude
1:01 Guinness book of world weckerds
1:28 Tree fort
1:54 Never change Kole
2:19 Seagull talk
2:32 Off roadin in the LeBaron
3:21 Moley Moley Moley
4:43 Going to a garage sale and trying to buy the garage
7:51 Edamame
8:26 Bustin a tire
9:12 The man in the blue truck
9:50 Kickball
10:29 Colorado hot springs
11:05 Skateboarding on Eli
11:20 Hoverboard tricks
11:30 How we watch movies


  • Vlog Creations
    Vlog Creations5 dager siden

    0:02 Driving the LeBaron 0:42 Selfie with the sleepin dude 1:01 Guinness book of world weckerds 1:28 Tree fort 1:54 Never change Kole 2:19 Seagull talk 2:32 Off roadin in the LeBaron 3:21 Moley Moley Moley 4:43 Going to a garage sale and trying to buy the garage 7:51 Edamame 8:26 Bustin a tire 9:12 The man in the blue truck 9:50 Kickball 10:29 Colorado hot springs 11:05 Skateboarding on Eli 11:20 Hoverboard tricks 11:30 How we watch movies

  • Lewlu Plays

    Lewlu Plays

    Dag siden

    Heres a shirt idea. Vote for cole. On the back say, He aint scared of sh!!

  • RaiD NoVa

    RaiD NoVa

    Dag siden

    Honestly I stopped watching your vids and just started watching baylen Levine instead cause ur a$$ takes forever to upload like sheesh frick this guy ima go to baylen LOLL😂 no offense !

  • NJB Motocross

    NJB Motocross

    Dag siden

    Do a vid Asking poor people if they want to give money to a charity

  • NJB Motocross

    NJB Motocross

    Dag siden

    Do a vid on asking poor people if they want to give to a homeless charity

  • mk


    Dag siden


  • Nivio Fuschini
    Nivio Fuschini23 minutter siden

    would you transfer and upload a copy(backup) of your channel to odysee.com please? Its a youtube alternative. I wanna follow you from there and not here. Too much regulation here and your rewards there will be much bigger there too. Thanks.

  • Kyle Van
    Kyle Van56 minutter siden

    Go to a store and buy at the minimum 10 items but every time the cashier scans you have to moan, but louder after every item is scanned

  • Qqq Myes
    Qqq MyesTime siden

    Have you ever seen a car do the splits?

  • Gary Edwards
    Gary EdwardsTime siden

    Go through a drive through and ask to pay for the people in front of you

  • Exomaricle Vids
    Exomaricle Vids2 timer siden

    I love watching you guys but why does coal always look high is he a cannabis user ?😂

  • roof jumpers
    roof jumpers2 timer siden


  • The Independent Mind
    The Independent Mind2 timer siden

    I legit never not watch all of your videos or ads I want you to go as long as you are going to brotha. Your humor is so genuine and off the charts

  • AKA.TimmyTheThomasMan
    AKA.TimmyTheThomasMan2 timer siden

    Get a seagull costume and steal food from the humans on beach.

  • Joe M
    Joe M3 timer siden

    If the avatars didn’t live in a magical, futuristic forest... but lived in a trailer park... they would drive what that fella who called Eli broke drove.

  • Nate, the Great
    Nate, the Great3 timer siden

    Going up to a famous person and asking for a picture then make them take a picture of you

  • karas gr
    karas gr3 timer siden

    Idea 1: run like u want to get on the bus while its leaving, and when it stops continue running Idea 2: act like u talk to ur phone while passing by a stranger and say "I just walked pass them"

  • Sonic Infinite
    Sonic Infinite4 timer siden

    Is this RossCreations undercover?

  • Savage Playz
    Savage Playz5 timer siden

    You should tell eletric cars to rev it like so he can An see this

  • gixr
    gixr5 timer siden

    why are all the vids 11:46 mins long ??

  • indecisive youtuber
    indecisive youtuber5 timer siden

    Go through a drive thru and say you don’t want anything

  • jack van oort
    jack van oort5 timer siden

    Holding a conversation behind someone and call it talking behind their back.

  • Simply Shady
    Simply Shady5 timer siden

    You should give seagulls laxatives at the beach or other birds

  • Liam Watson
    Liam Watson6 timer siden

    Kole needs a mullet like if u agree

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou6 timer siden

    I bet he comes up with his good ideas at 3am when he can’t sleep.

  • Alanah Marie
    Alanah Marie7 timer siden

    This dude is the definition of Livin' Like Larry

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    6 timer siden

    Pain in my heart for ruining that car

  • zac
    zac7 timer siden

    Video idea: Bringing my own gym equipment to gym.

  • SGTrollinski
    SGTrollinski8 timer siden

    Hey, video idea guy here. Go to a bar, order a Shirley temple, and start acting drunk. “Hey man, take my keys, I don’t think I should drive home”

  • NAGC Hate
    NAGC Hate8 timer siden

    Go to a drive thru and ask for a refill on your soda

  • Brandon Cook
    Brandon Cook8 timer siden

    Do a prank where you go into Petco or pet store and get gold fish and casually tell the cashier that you're making sushi for your date 😂

  • Leon Kabo
    Leon Kabo8 timer siden

    Idea: get 2 twins or 2 people who look similar, and make 1 of them run past a jogger, and then 5 mins later, get the twin to run past the jogger, so it seems like he ran the entire lap in 5 minutes. Edit: Oh, and as each twin runs past the jogger, they should say "On your left" as a movie reference of Captin America from the Avengers

  • JuFN
    JuFN8 timer siden

    Go to an aquareum and pretend to be a fish

  • Noah Case
    Noah Case9 timer siden

    Here an idea: you should go to a restaurant, order food, and eat a little bit. Ask them for a box to-go and act like you're going to leave and transfer all your food to the box. Then just finish eating anyway. You just like the box more lol

  • YaPalAnthony
    YaPalAnthony9 timer siden

    sit at a drive thru after closing time and see if people will start lining up thinking its open

  • Kim Robles
    Kim Robles9 timer siden

    Hold my hand and stretch.....no out to the rock dude 😆

  • SB
    SB11 timer siden

    I didn't even realize he had a mole

  • Sammie T̾e̾a̾
    Sammie T̾e̾a̾11 timer siden

    wait, why aren't day wearing masks.

  • Anthony Xanthos
    Anthony Xanthos11 timer siden

    Guys help me out, I’m tryna find the vlog where Kole sits next to a stranger and chows DOWN on an onion. Which one is it??

  • Bots Can shut
    Bots Can shut11 timer siden

    Prank idea on kole: buy a cheap truck that looks like koles and swap the license plate so he thinks its his car. But the inside will be different and we wanna see how he would react.

  • nick_the_skaterboi
    nick_the_skaterboi11 timer siden


  • Kyler 12
    Kyler 1211 timer siden

    what kind of mics do you use?

  • Bulletz 47
    Bulletz 4712 timer siden

    Pain in my heart for ruining that car

  • SnowHaZard01
    SnowHaZard0112 timer siden

    Cole change every now and then

  • JuFN
    JuFN12 timer siden

    Scamming a scammer

  • Emiliano De laRosa
    Emiliano De laRosa13 timer siden

    Ask some to give you a hand and try to take there hand

  • Logan Diaz
    Logan Diaz13 timer siden


  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers15 timer siden

    I dare Ross to wear the same outfit for 3 videos straight

  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers15 timer siden

    Cole Change every other day haha

  • marcus cobra
    marcus cobra15 timer siden

    Go up to someone in traffic and ask if you can Borrow There steering wheel.

    SAGEDANDY15 timer siden

    More videos!!❤️

  • Carter Clark
    Carter Clark15 timer siden

    Go thru a drive thru and give the food back and ask for a receipt! 😂

  • Carter Clark
    Carter Clark16 timer siden

    Kohl change your clothes 3 videos later and he hasn’t changed

  • SyN
    SyN16 timer siden

    From this -> nolocal.info/have/video/lpl3bNmnkn-F0Ko to this ^^. Crazy transition over the years lol

  • Purple Yam
    Purple Yam17 timer siden

    Next video: shooting people with HIV-covered nerf bullets

  • Sabrina Chamberlain
    Sabrina Chamberlain19 timer siden

    It would be so funny to either ask for bells and whistles at a car dealership or have a car you bring to a dealership with bells and whistles inside like "I paid extra for these bells and whistles my dad always said get all the bells and whistles you can, son" lmao you could do it!!!!

  • Caps Lock
    Caps Lock19 timer siden

    Kole is the funniest except when Ross destroys a pretty sick car u guys are awesome

  • Madmen Gaming
    Madmen Gaming19 timer siden


  • Vanilla Bike
    Vanilla Bike21 time siden

    If this is what they call a “man child” id be alright with being that.

  • Mitcheru Gaming
    Mitcheru Gaming22 timer siden

    "I use all that stuff" no you dont lol

  • Mitcheru Gaming
    Mitcheru Gaming22 timer siden

    Call AAA in unreachable locations! Get a craine and put it ontop of some bullshit.

  • austin rideout
    austin rideout22 timer siden

    anyone feel bad for the car?

  • austin rideout
    austin rideout22 timer siden

    never change kole lol

  • kyle Brender
    kyle BrenderDag siden

    Where do you get your ideas Ross? You are brilliant!

  • Wolfy Films
    Wolfy FilmsDag siden

    6:34 dude coulda been nicer holy shit 😂you didn’t know he acted like you didn’t listen the first time

  • Gabe Poirot
    Gabe PoirotDag siden

    Jump over a cop..... oh wait 😂 (it’s been long enough rightttttt) (oh btw if you see this comment Jesus loves you haha)

  • Ian


    8 timer siden

    whats your opinion on swag

  • Oatmeal Cookies
    Oatmeal CookiesDag siden


  • Darius Jones
    Darius JonesDag siden

    Me- watches add. Little girl- can I tell you a secret my mouth hertz vlog creation- rams a car into a van

  • Jaden T
    Jaden TDag siden

    Keep it for jokes lol

  • Royal Beans
    Royal BeansDag siden

    You should go up to random couples in public and ask the girl “didn’t i see you on tinder?” And see what the boyfriend does

  • Melissa Soto
    Melissa SotoDag siden

    I love how they buy old cars to mess up 🤣🤣🤣

  • Danamon
    DanamonDag siden

    5:11 Even as a conservative, thats really embarrasing xD

  • Bushbrothers02
    Bushbrothers02Dag siden

    I know you have done something similar but please go to a Chinese buffet and stay as long as possible and take whole trays of food 😂

  • Shay Jones
    Shay JonesDag siden


  • Michael Jackson
    Michael JacksonDag siden

    Get a bald guy and have him go a barber shop and ask for a haircut

  • Dog Frog
    Dog FrogDag siden

    Me “laughing” at my friends “funny” joke: 7:36

  • Reece Keeble
    Reece KeebleDag siden

    Hear me out.... going to Lowes and kicking ice cubes under the refrigerators

  • Anonymous Apple
    Anonymous AppleDag siden

    I knew the first people in the garage sale prank. they go to my church. when you see someone you know in a video it’s like... WaIt WhAt

  • Marie Lodor
    Marie LodorDag siden

    Wash your ass Cole 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kylfa Froknulf
    Kylfa FroknulfDag siden

    Florida is lit.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girlDag siden

    lights around the actual cart

  • Cade Current
    Cade CurrentDag siden

    11:28 Ross is so athletic my god

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Dag siden

    Ross I have an idea you should dress nerdy and formal and pull up in the sickest classic gangster car

  • Jessica Bryan
    Jessica BryanDag siden

    When he started talking about the Guinness world records so fucking true though😂🤣

  • Ockeino Grant Official
    Ockeino Grant OfficialDag siden

    Bro, I kid you not, the amount of inspiration you gave me in one night is ridiculous. If I never met you in person again I’ll be blessed forever fam for sure

  • Dyson Frye
    Dyson FryeDag siden

    Man calls him broke holding a 1000$+ phone lmao

  • Elite Zerowheel
    Elite ZerowheelDag siden

    Ross is so innocent to think no one was in that position with a guy next to them

  • Anthony Amaya
    Anthony AmayaDag siden

    Go up to a stranger and act like you’re meeting up with a friend and confuse them with your friend but then have your friend show up and look nothing like them

  • Mark erpen
    Mark erpenDag siden

    Book a doctors appointment then call in sick and tell them you cant make it.

  • Vince Stegall
    Vince StegallDag siden

    At a red light with your window down, make eye contact with unmasked passengers in another car. Quickly put a mask on, act overly nervous and roll your windows up.

  • Manic Man
    Manic ManDag siden

    Go to a movie theater and tell people as they're watching a movie that you're having a tough time with your divorce and insist on talking about it

  • Booty Tickled
    Booty TickledDag siden

    9:20 😂😂😂

  • Papa Johns
    Papa JohnsDag siden

    Get a spotless perfect car detail, then after hes done call another mobile detailer to come clean your car 😂😂😂😂

  • Skittle Bunny
    Skittle BunnyDag siden

    You make me smile more than my husband. Dont tell him i said that XD

  • Mr Macaroo
    Mr MacarooDag siden

    His new merch should be a lost poster of JJs mole

  • Peppa Pig Bacon
    Peppa Pig BaconDag siden

    You should go to a gragrge sale and try and buy something that’s two dollars and say how much for this and they say two dollars and you say how about 2 George Washington’s and give them a dollar and a quarter or two quarters

  • adelhadj Ali
    adelhadj AliDag siden

    you should " cut people's headphones then give them ....... nothing ◄┘ " how about that ? its a creactive idea with a non sense & stupidity + it confuses who ever you did to , lmao if anyone like's my idea give me a like so maybe the top liked comment will be the next stupid thing to do on this channel xD

  • Greater Done
    Greater DoneDag siden

    Cole looks like Brian Kelley of Florida George Line

  • Gabe Chavira
    Gabe ChaviraDag siden

    Ross I have an idea you should dress nerdy and formal and pull up in the sickest classic gangster car

  • Webbz
    WebbzDag siden

    You should go to a drive through and keep telling the worker “I’m still deciding” for as long as possible😂

  • gramerpolise
    gramerpoliseDag siden

    Honk at people the second the light turns green

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown UnknownDag siden

    @Vlog Creations Should try going to a Gas Station with an Electric Car pumping “Gas”.

  • NJB Motocross
    NJB MotocrossDag siden

    Do a visit on asking poor people if they want to give money to a homeless charity

  • Trent Frazee
    Trent FrazeeDag siden

    Go up to people in their cars telling them the dropped their exhaust pipe and hold an exhaust pipe

  • Shiggle
    ShiggleDag siden

    Go to a Subway restaurant and ask for a LGBTQ sandwich.

  • SyMPocxx
    SyMPocxxDag siden

    Bring a fishing pole to an aquarium

  • Jordan Daniels
    Jordan DanielsDag siden

    Calling a plumber and when they get there take them to an outhouse and say its not working