GTA 5 Cars vs. REAL LIFE!


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Today is an EPIC DAY Kops because we are BUYING my INSANELY EXPENSIVE GTA 5 car! This is one of the best SUPERCARS of ALL TIME! I can't wait to show you ALL my GTA 5 VEHICLES!
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  • Kwebbelkop
    KwebbelkopMåned siden

    Like this if you think my twin brother should make a NOlocal channel too!

  • Abraham Hernandez

    Abraham Hernandez

    16 dager siden

    @Alaoui Adam because I did?

  • Alaoui Adam

    Alaoui Adam

    17 dager siden

    @Abraham Hernandezhow did u know

  • Ronav Patel

    Ronav Patel

    22 dager siden

    The cars were rented liar you said the cars were yours

  • Ashfi Wasif

    Ashfi Wasif

    24 dager siden

    This super car is insane like usol🙆cool

  • Adolfo Araujo Lopez

    Adolfo Araujo Lopez

    Måned siden


  • Elmar Chris Alinsurin
    Elmar Chris Alinsurin8 timer siden

    The aventador as 730 HP

  • Thet Su Thet Su
    Thet Su Thet SuDag siden

    Thats a wiper

  • 10 Milli
    10 MilliDag siden

    The Lamborghini is Like 650 horsepower

  • Bob De Vylder
    Bob De Vylder2 dager siden

    man I love this video so funny and silly

  • Hessa Alzaabi
    Hessa Alzaabi2 dager siden

    He is literally flexing with his lambo LOL 😂

  • Duskfn


    Dag siden

    Hes flexing cuz you a hater

  • New Phase
    New Phase4 dager siden

    Vis 😂😂😂

  • Matt Gaming 0548
    Matt Gaming 05485 dager siden

    Do a roast vidie

  • CamoSquid21YT
    CamoSquid21YT7 dager siden

    This has got to be one of the weirdest, but also best car reviews ever

  • Adah Ekpes
    Adah Ekpes7 dager siden

    Kwebblekop I think you forgot to cover your plate number on your car

  • Andy Amhd
    Andy Amhd9 dager siden


  • David Tapper
    David Tapper11 dager siden

    You said that the lambo is the ugliest car

  • Humd Omer
    Humd Omer14 dager siden


  • James Gahan
    James Gahan16 dager siden

    The LAMBO TRASSSSSSSH the first one Beautiful

  • Patmando
    Patmando18 dager siden

    Err, the 500 is a brioso in gta not a panto

  • A-RHØN
    A-RHØN21 dag siden

    When you come back after 2 years and he has a drivers license now

  • Pulse_Saturnus
    Pulse_Saturnus22 dager siden

    And the V12 screams.

  • Maphuti Julius
    Maphuti Julius23 dager siden

    lamborgini aventador 700 HP HorsePower

  • Titancat
    Titancat23 dager siden

    jordi you know nothing about you car invite me to Amsterdam to teach you all about your cars

  • manal nehme
    manal nehme26 dager siden

    Not 50 HorsePower

  • manal nehme
    manal nehme26 dager siden

    Your Lamborghini Aventador S Has Like 16000 HorsePower

  • Hridaan Jhaveri
    Hridaan Jhaveri27 dager siden

    Jordi I hate you we all know the lambo's best.

  • Viggo Feldfoss
    Viggo Feldfoss27 dager siden

    Lol 3 gears i have 24 xD

  • Gursewak Singh Year 7
    Gursewak Singh Year 728 dager siden

    And also be's like a Hurcan is the same as a Aventadoor S

  • Gursewak Singh Year 7
    Gursewak Singh Year 728 dager siden

    Says a Benz is the same car as a BMW ;-; - Kwebbelkop 2021

  • Galaxy Universal vlogs
    Galaxy Universal vlogs29 dager siden

    My guy got a lambo

  • Benedicto Lauzonll
    Benedicto Lauzonll29 dager siden

    every car has wipers

  • Ayan Khan
    Ayan KhanMåned siden

    The things that wipes away rain is called wipers

  • TJ M
    TJ MMåned siden

    It is not a zentorno

  • Yafis Khan
    Yafis KhanMåned siden

    You r car nice

  • Rtpi
    RtpiMåned siden

    Can i get a love from jordi please 🙏

  • LIL.DVD. X
    LIL.DVD. XMåned siden

    Jordi is awesome.....

  • Carlito Linang
    Carlito LinangMåned siden

    I have a bike like george

  • Joseph Rrasi
    Joseph RrasiMåned siden

    That lambo is not in gta

  • XxFire FIex
    XxFire FIexMåned siden

    My bike has 12 gears

  • Veta Veta
    Veta VetaMåned siden


  • menchie Harfouche
    menchie HarfoucheMåned siden


  • Dat Fortnite kid Dude
    Dat Fortnite kid DudeMåned siden

    3:20 nobody Jordi it’s pretty much a ling mo zein

  • Sezer mazi
    Sezer maziMåned siden

    Panto=Smart Fortwo not abarth/fiat

  • Mahatir Chohan
    Mahatir ChohanMåned siden

    The Obey 9F Drafter would've been better for your BMW...

  • Kato Adrien
    Kato AdrienMåned siden

    Umm 3:02

  • Shelliotone Amie Jones
    Shelliotone Amie JonesMåned siden

    That's not ugly

  • Leah Noid
    Leah NoidMåned siden

    Woke up that car looks nice I love it

    GAMING WARRIORMåned siden

    I dont think he know the real horsepower

  • HajriHalili 666
    HajriHalili 666Måned siden

    Bmx is actually my favorite thing to travel in gta 🤣

    KGF CHEAPTER 1Måned siden

    I will steal your car in 2021 in your birthday in real life

  • yeetgamer
    yeetgamerMåned siden

    Kewbbelkop u should visit my youtube channel it's gonna make u laugh love ur video 😋

  • Cory Radcliff
    Cory RadcliffMåned siden

    There rented

  • Jesse Vadnais
    Jesse VadnaisMåned siden

    Now who care about the lambo. That panto is sick. More luxurious then the roles ryoce.


    It means a V12 engine

  • Lara Theakston
    Lara TheakstonMåned siden

    what is he wearing

  • Celia Marcos
    Celia MarcosMåned siden

    I like the video please some of them are funny

  • luke mason
    luke masonMåned siden

    Bruh that was funny: baby girl I'm gonna bep you soo hard in the bep

  • PizzaBoy
    PizzaBoyMåned siden

    Just want to warn you Lamborghini is the Worst wost car Maybe buy McLaren

  • Ryan Bennet
    Ryan BennetMåned siden

    Jordi: I can't buy a zentorno that's like 3 miĺlion dollars Me: don't you own half of Amsterdam

  • Sofi R
    Sofi RMåned siden

    Tiger hacked you

  • Michal Orsag
    Michal OrsagMåned siden

    He saying his Lamborghini has 50HP me for like 500HP

  • riley rilmkl2
    riley rilmkl2Måned siden


  • kierra payton
    kierra paytonMåned siden

    Already subscribed

  • X stijl 15
    X stijl 15Måned siden

    You kan Spike Nederland

  • Alassane Bodian
    Alassane BodianMåned siden

    Just watch gta7 trailer is so realistic

  • taylins garage
    taylins garageMåned siden

    And the gta lambo is not an aventador it's a Lamborghini hurican

  • taylins garage
    taylins garageMåned siden

    Dude ur f90 m5 is not the same as the gta one u showed us the gta one is a mercades C class

  • Keira Wolf
    Keira WolfMåned siden


  • DDE 2X
    DDE 2XMåned siden

    No the engine is a v12 engine

    MR MAGMINDMåned siden

    rtx3090 lol

  • Mariah Brooks
    Mariah BrooksMåned siden

    Hi I love your videos can you do spider man vs hulk

  • amit malhotra
    amit malhotraMåned siden

    If anyone doesn’t know the meaning of sarcasm show them this video.....loved the vid tho😍

  • Valsama Thomas
    Valsama ThomasMåned siden

    U forgot to blur the number of your Lamborghini lol😂

  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy HillMåned siden

    hold up, you actually had cars the whole time? (in real life), I always thought you only had a bike for transportation damn I'm missing out

  • rolando bennett
    rolando bennettMåned siden

    you, cursed bad word

  • Ghost_Lee Gaming
    Ghost_Lee GamingMåned siden

    Brah did you take the covid vaccine?

    ANGEL WOOMåned siden

    50hp for lambo?🤣

  • golden eagle
    golden eagleMåned siden

    Show off

  • rana ibrahim
    rana ibrahimMåned siden


  • Ibret Gjynafi
    Ibret GjynafiMåned siden

    Jordy do you sell drug

  • killer Jack
    killer JackMåned siden

    Play redline in gta

  • Pooja Sri
    Pooja SriMåned siden

    Haha kwebbelkop have small car

  • Raphin Hoque
    Raphin HoqueMåned siden

    I’ve never seen Kwebbelkop cuore

  • bentleylambo
    bentleylamboMåned siden

    Get a rain rover

  • Docc Herron
    Docc HerronMåned siden

    Gta fiir

  • Docc Herron
    Docc HerronMåned siden

    Wow you rich wow dan

  • Dragon boy
    Dragon boyMåned siden

    Tiger stole your bicycle

  • heamanth kumar
    heamanth kumarMåned siden

    Aventodor has 780 horse power

  • Ernie Benitez
    Ernie BenitezMåned siden

    4 years

  • Johncokie Enderio
    Johncokie EnderioMåned siden

    Tiger get the bike

  • Jernnie Jayson Condes
    Jernnie Jayson CondesMåned siden

    My dads bike was stolen but theres a new bike the bike is old but he upgraded it!

    COREY WESTONMåned siden

    hahaha tell the trooth

  • Sxrion_
    Sxrion_Måned siden

    Too bad in real life we dont respawn smh

  • Grace Eyitayo
    Grace EyitayoMåned siden

    12 has thats bad

  • lood kapply
    lood kapplyMåned siden

    Your a cool youtoher I love e you

  • Ken Kar
    Ken KarMåned siden

    the gta 5 lamborghini is a lamborghini huican performante not and aventador

  • fx_baller
    fx_ballerMåned siden

    You should get an old school Bugatti the best car ever

  • fx_baller
    fx_ballerMåned siden

    Is that actually your car the lambo

  • BillsTheCrafter
    BillsTheCrafterMåned siden

    When a non cur guy reviews a car😅

  • Drago
    DragoMåned siden

    If you think the lambi is ugly we would be happy to take it

  • a9
    a9Måned siden

    Now this is cool

  • olivia maguire
    olivia maguireMåned siden

    My dads car has 900 horse power

  • legit O.R
    legit O.RMåned siden

    Dam v12 engine

  • Obieze Akalugwu
    Obieze AkalugwuMåned siden

    Kwebble your a madman you said aventedor is the ugliesttttttt