Guy Throws Christmas Tree Out of Window and it Lands Perfectly on the Ground - 1169330


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  • Shua's forehead
    Shua's forehead5 minutter siden

    See y'all in 10 years time lmao

  • Nancy's boring LIFE
    Nancy's boring LIFETime siden

    I was here before it became famous 🙄

  • W00TNW00T
    W00TNW00TTime siden

    Expected all the needles to fall of as it hit the ground, just me?

  • Haley Rennspies
    Haley Rennspies2 timer siden

    Imagine people start to do this 😂 just to see if they can

  • Insidex
    Insidex3 timer siden

    Every year the same problems...

  • Miguel Aranda
    Miguel Aranda3 timer siden


  • tira
    tira3 timer siden

    If a video is under 20 seconds I'm going to watch it no matter what it is

  • Ged Xavier
    Ged Xavier4 timer siden

    The most legendary videos are always the shortest. Fight me.

  • 이롼
    이롼4 timer siden

    This looks like something out of Mr bean

  • Nabira Fatima
    Nabira Fatima5 timer siden

    No way am I watching a 10 year old video at just 1 week

  • Prachi Jain
    Prachi Jain5 timer siden

    Wow 😮👍🏼

  • Beshai car designs
    Beshai car designs7 timer siden

    We will again meet in 2030

  • you are my sunshine
    you are my sunshine7 timer siden

    I was about to say "do a backflip" but it turns out the tree already did.

  • Anna F
    Anna F9 timer siden

    This tree said “A tree is for life not just for Christmas dammit”

  • Praveen.S
    Praveen.S11 timer siden

    Lazy people waste less time

  • Praveen.S
    Praveen.S11 timer siden

    Lazy people have improved efficiency...!

  • Joanna


    6 timer siden


  • Celine H
    Celine H12 timer siden

    a short video with millions of views and it's NOT from 2014? wow

  • sleepy head
    sleepy head14 timer siden

    He has superpowers guys. 🥴✋

  • Spiros Somas
    Spiros Somas14 timer siden

    Yeah see ya in 12 year on random recommendation

  • Arnold Stephen
    Arnold Stephen14 timer siden

    Where is the iPhone meme music ?

  • Allen Villafranca
    Allen Villafranca15 timer siden

    May kotong ka kay santa

  • Nikdelstgelvon Dequito
    Nikdelstgelvon Dequito15 timer siden

    Wow u got a mad skills 😂

  • CheslynTwinkle Dahan
    CheslynTwinkle Dahan16 timer siden

    The tree: Who says Christmas is over?

  • Kaz
    Kaz17 timer siden

    Who throws a christmas tree out the window

  • Allan Smith
    Allan Smith18 timer siden

    ?what funny a about this it's a Christmas tree being thrown out a window absolutely stupid.

  • Allan Smith
    Allan Smith18 timer siden

    A will say this,looking at all yar comments yous are all fucking delinquents get a life !!

  • ???
    ???18 timer siden

    It's unusual to see this kinds of videos being uploaded just a week ago...

  • Sauce Anyone?
    Sauce Anyone?19 timer siden

    Hello people from Future! 👋

  • Arkopriyo Banerjee
    Arkopriyo Banerjee20 timer siden

    What if it had landed perfectly on someone's head? 🤣

  • RightBurst
    RightBurst21 time siden


  • Eric Valenzuela
    Eric Valenzuela23 timer siden

    Dude perfect

  • Jeddi 6970
    Jeddi 6970Dag siden

    Bet that if he was trying to land the tree like that intentionally it would've taken 100 or more attempts.

  • ForeverAVII
    ForeverAVIIDag siden

    Physics exists. Christmas Tree: "And I took that personally."

  • Tiggster2005
    Tiggster2005Dag siden

    You’d think this kind of video would only be recommended to me like ten years later, but no. It got recommended now

  • MeLaNiE AgUdElO
    MeLaNiE AgUdElODag siden

    Tree flip

  • Original
    OriginalDag siden

    Its TikTok’s turn.

  • DynoSkrimisher
    DynoSkrimisherDag siden

    The Grinch: I HATE CHRISTMAS 🎄 : Well I hate you too.

  • Tayy
    TayyDag siden

    The noise I- 😂😂😂

  • Ender
    EnderDag siden

    I like how he dabbed at the end

  • dreamtby
    dreamtbyDag siden

    everyones saying this guy is a legend but its simple physics 😐

  • Lindsay Cohlmeyer
    Lindsay CohlmeyerDag siden

    See people on the future I’m from the past when corona was terrible

  • nope not today
    nope not todayDag siden

    My only question. Why would the person throw a christmas tree out the window

  • MAGI
    MAGIDag siden

    Guy: Christmas' over. You're going back outside. Tree: *plant's itself back*

  • Joshua Waddell
    Joshua WaddellDag siden

    Proof that you can't kill the spirit of Christmas.

  • My True Story
    My True StoryDag siden

    What a christmas miracle

  • Dreaming Fish
    Dreaming FishDag siden

    See y’all in 13 years when this is in my recommendation list🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Dreaming Fish
    Dreaming FishDag siden

    Something tells that tweety bird is going to have a home nearby lol 😂

  • Nishanthi Perera
    Nishanthi PereraDag siden

    see you in 2040!

  • MatthewPlayzRobloz
    MatthewPlayzRoblozDag siden

    I am from the future and this is in my recommended

  • rashmitt
    rashmittDag siden

    6 days????what ???meet yall after 5 years

    BENCODag siden

    i was here 6days after post see you in 2034 🚶

  • Akshat Singh
    Akshat SinghDag siden

    Plot twist: He is from dude perfect

  • Mhay Oh Mhay
    Mhay Oh MhayDag siden


  • Radhalucky Kiran
    Radhalucky KiranDag siden

    In future:- Guy throws chistmas tree and it lands perfectly on a man's bald..

  • micoolkid films
    micoolkid filmsDag siden

    The new bottle flip?🤔

  • Ronixdash
    RonixdashDag siden

    Just came here to find 'Ray mark' in comment section

  • Kamal Ahmed
    Kamal AhmedDag siden

    What a legend EDIT: see all of you in 6-12 years lol

    CARL ZARADag siden

    See ya next year surely.

  • Holly Wilson
    Holly WilsonDag siden

    Cya friture holly when this gets recommended to me in 50 yrs

  • ᜐᜒᜃ᜔ᜇᜒᜆᜓ
    ᜐᜒᜃ᜔ᜇᜒᜆᜓDag siden

    Honestly thought this was a vid from 10 years ago

  • Said Khidir
    Said KhidirDag siden

    A proud christian i would say.

  • Vivek Akre
    Vivek AkreDag siden

    how many re takes to took to complete the video?😂😂😂

  • Izzy K
    Izzy KDag siden

    Just marking my comment here before this video gets 45 million views 10 years later

  • Cassie
    CassieDag siden

    NOlocal: guy throws Christmas tre- Me: say no more... clicks

  • creations
    creationsDag siden

    I am sure he was about to dab

  • 5T (17) NGAI BOON GA
    5T (17) NGAI BOON GADag siden

    See u in 20 years and I’m already not into these vids I will be 30

  • Whitney
    WhitneyDag siden

    Human beings are hilarious 😄

  • Koushik Allu
    Koushik AlluDag siden

    Me : Watching the tree beside my house. Tree : Don't even think of that

  • Xeruna
    XerunaDag siden

    The future is weird

  • Asiyah Eibhlin
    Asiyah EibhlinDag siden

    It is the nature version of toast cat.

  • Vermil Anim
    Vermil AnimDag siden

    *Plot twist:* The video is in reverse. He actually used telekinesis to lift the tree to his window. That's why it looked like it stood up perfectly.

  • Sadique Mohammad
    Sadique MohammadDag siden

    Welcome to daily doze of NOlocal recommendation!

  • kemal
    kemalDag siden

    10 yıl sonra buralar değerlenir

  • BOBBY 2N:D
    BOBBY 2N:DDag siden

    Meninggalkan jejak

  • Justin Small
    Justin SmallDag siden

    We meet again

  • Omnia Hawari
    Omnia HawariDag siden


  • Si Fr
    Si FrDag siden

    My mom : christmas is already over! put out the trees Me, still in a forever christmas mood :

  • Kaden Laehu
    Kaden LaehuDag siden

    See u boys when this gets posted on Daily Dose of Internet

  • Tay Woode
    Tay WoodeDag siden

    Isn’t that because the base is the heaviest, like when toast falls butter side down? Centre of gravity etc

  • Sandra
    SandraDag siden

    Dont worry guys this was the tree flip challenge back in years

  • satou Kazuma
    satou KazumaDag siden

    He was angry on tree so he flip out tree I hope he don't get angry on his wife

  • Alisha Aries
    Alisha AriesDag siden


  • Giga h
    Giga hDag siden

    Wow what an aiming

  • Johaan Francy
    Johaan FrancyDag siden

    Accidental Dude Perfect

    ANTRILLIASDag siden

    He does bottle flips as a hobby

  • Ashi Artsy
    Ashi ArtsyDag siden

    Lets play a game called:"Why is this in my recommended!"

  • yes tv
    yes tvDag siden

    Don't spoil it for others. Guy throwing off the CT window would be enough

  • Pexel
    PexelDag siden

    When your life is falling apart but you are still standing strong.

  • Jimmy The Clown
    Jimmy The ClownDag siden

    Wow ☺️😂

  • 0h. manzzang
    0h. manzzangDag siden

    That looks so cute

  • Buncha Voices
    Buncha VoicesDag siden

    "How many years was this- 6 DAYS AGO??"

  • MotoRen
    MotoRenDag siden

    4.1m views in 5 days for this shit?

  • regina gonzales gonzales
    regina gonzales gonzalesDag siden

    👏she is legend

  • Thilan W
    Thilan WDag siden

    This is the new bottle flip challenge 😂

  • Pineapples for life Here you go spongebob
    Pineapples for life Here you go spongebobDag siden

    See i guys in 6 years when this gets recommended

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick BatemanDag siden

    240p in 2021. Why?

  • The Sound of History 78s!
    The Sound of History 78s!Dag siden

    ah yes dude perfect's apartment

  • Anime Weeb
    Anime WeebDag siden

    Guy throws Christmas tree out the window and it lands, 4.6 million ppl:interesting 🧐

  • Kapitan_SeekJ
    Kapitan_SeekJDag siden

    We can already tell the camera girl is a blondie.

  • Nest
    NestDag siden

    The Grinch could not have been more disappointed