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  • Naomi Yvinec
    Naomi Yvinec7 minutter siden

    Actually warm water is way better for you body, it helps digestion and weight loss

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    Jurga Vaitkute5 dager siden

    Please stop using animal dead body parts, periods, breast milk as products. Animal aren't resourses. Please go vegan for animals, health, planet

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    Iris IotaMåned siden

    Dear Claudia, I am a big fan of the way in which you spread a lot of positive messages concerning self-love, mindfulness, healthy living, etc. But I would really like to warn you about the extent to which you endorse capitalist culture (combined with insustainability and climate change inaction). The multitude of unnecessary products you present on this channel never fails to shock me. Please understand that being vegan is definitely a great step towards sustainable living, but your efforts on this front are currently completely snowed under by your capitalist, unsustainable buying and endorsing habits. Please watch this lovely video: nolocal.info/have/video/nHyLaJGctJKrnHg and undestand how companies repeatedly keep convincing consumers that they now need a new completely useless product (eg: how in the early 20th century Gilette became a massively succesful company simply through their advertising strategy of convincing women that their body hair was shameful and unhygienic, source: nolocal.info/have/video/mHWqf6ebqWts06Y). Please know that you are advocating for the 'Gilette's of 2021', and please stop, I know you're better than that. Love, Iris


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