🐹 Hamster escapes the amazing maze! 🐹 Real life traps


New great adventure of Sunny the hamster!
She managed to steal the Rare Seed.
Will she be able to leave unnoticed?


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    Wow what a smart and intelligent little guy and how did you build that?! Your so talented!

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    25.000.000 de visualisaciones y menos de 50.000 likes

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    For a moment when hamster got stuck in the thermocol ball trap, I myself felt claustrophobic 😅

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    梯子を下りるため、向きを変えて足から下りる賢い ハムスター初めて見ました。ブラボー!

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    Ok so 5:14 the blades really cutted him so

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    how can people watch this it is like animal harassment these people are scaring these cute animals for entertainment

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    also putting the hamster in danger

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    I would only have paid the bail and he would be free

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    00:30 - Thinks of Trainspotting toilet scene

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    my hamster is a dwarf😀 so what is your hamster im wishing That i can built it and yeah :( please make a song a 'escaping' (song) plese do that i be happy so make the song 'escape' (song) please...

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    please it is a perfect song🐹 please :(

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    Why did you write a danger letter here at 0:44, warden? 😂

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    The hamster is so cute makes me wanna hug it a long day😁

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    Me wishing I was as smart as this hamster🙁 ok but on the other hand he/she is so cute!

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    So cool! Built my Hamster a Mansion as well in my latest video - Would be happy if you check it out :)

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    This is cruel animal abuse!! The poor animal is probably hurting it’s self! 😭😭

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    it likes it thats y it goes on its own i dont think its abuse

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