im sorry Charlotte I was bored...
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family friendly pg clean


  • Genaro Avila Garcia
    Genaro Avila Garcia4 måneder siden

    She was next to him while he took a dump😃😃

  • clarissa
    clarissa5 måneder siden

    Imagine if they dated 😭

  • Aidan Raine Garay
    Aidan Raine Garay6 måneder siden

    Alex: quit bitching Kay: that was funny

  • Gen_r8 ‘
    Gen_r8 ‘6 måneder siden


  • excitin kai
    excitin kai6 måneder siden

    3:39 3:40

  • Atomic
    Atomic7 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt change title to handcuffed to roommates friend

  • Chris Villalobos
    Chris Villalobos7 måneder siden


  • Nid Hasani
    Nid Hasani7 måneder siden

    adapt is no simp

  • RiceGum
    RiceGum7 måneder siden

    he called a sunrise a sunset

  • Sam Fernandez
    Sam Fernandez7 måneder siden

    Quit bitching 😂

  • lil H2O
    lil H2O7 måneder siden

    Wait was this why they broke up.wait I'm not trolling Have a great day.🙄

  • Se7enthson
    Se7enthson7 måneder siden

    Fun drinking game, take a shot every time she sais "What you mean?"

  • Dynamic_Alex11
    Dynamic_Alex118 måneder siden

    Anyone have this on recommended

  • tyler_cocker spam76
    tyler_cocker spam768 måneder siden

    Do this to Sommer ray

  • Lars Rymenants
    Lars Rymenants8 måneder siden

    “Oh shit bltch”

  • Max_Zemog
    Max_Zemog8 måneder siden


  • Jennifer Fuentes
    Jennifer Fuentes8 måneder siden

    Wene alex said quite bitchen bruh i lost it lol 😂

  • Amos Pietikäinen
    Amos Pietikäinen8 måneder siden

    I can’t be the only one hearing uzi in the back

  • fallen Dark YT
    fallen Dark YT9 måneder siden

    All girls are the love same love I admit another girl got me finished broke my heart oh no you didn't juice wrld was fire I wish I met him

  • Tameem Chowdhury
    Tameem Chowdhury9 måneder siden

    At least handcuff on her left hand

  • Anxiety
    Anxiety9 måneder siden

    Your funny towards the end on fortnite hahahaha no wonder your popular on NOlocal no one can be as funny as you lmao

  • yuttus
    yuttus9 måneder siden

    "Quit bitching"😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Buck Wheat
    Buck Wheat9 måneder siden

    I hear that lil uzi vert bro Xo tour life

  • Yourabotomegalul This Game TRASH
    Yourabotomegalul This Game TRASH9 måneder siden

    14:20 he tensed up so much he pulled his pickaxe out

  • West Redemption
    West Redemption9 måneder siden

    Quit Bitchin

  • kevo _
    kevo _9 måneder siden

    She said what you mean like a million times

  • BKL Games
    BKL Games9 måneder siden

    Charlotte:Alex im not running ***Starts Running***

  • That's Insane
    That's InsaneÅr siden

    6:13 that sounds more like"let him walk Chai and im gonna walk you"😂

  • Uzi Vert
    Uzi VertÅr siden

    W H A T C H A M E A N ?

  • Nadia
    NadiaÅr siden

    This video was so funny lol keep up the good work Alex!! :D ❤️🔥👍🤗

  • trickshotsmurf 115
    trickshotsmurf 115År siden

    I thought it said cuffing Charlotte

  • Shrey Shah
    Shrey ShahÅr siden

    Your a god at fortnite

  • Alejandro Ortega
    Alejandro OrtegaÅr siden

    Stop flirting with Charlotte

  • Queso
    QuesoÅr siden

    That’s wired



  • Andrew Dorweiler
    Andrew DorweilerÅr siden

    I saw that Lil Uzi vert luv is rage 2 plack on the bed

  • Brendon MB
    Brendon MBÅr siden

    Charlotte: it's my last day here!!! Alex: shhhhh stfu please srry I'm tryna win this fuckin shit 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Solo Force hero adventures
    Solo Force hero adventuresÅr siden

    When you say look at the view, 😂

  • chely99
    chely99År siden

    Alex: “She keeps bitching about food” Frazier: “Oh no way” 💀

  • chely99
    chely99År siden

    Alex: “stfu... please... sorry” Charlotte: *silent*

  • Ambro Gt
    Ambro GtÅr siden

    I’m watching this In 2027

  • Sins Untaken
    Sins UntakenÅr siden

    This is a weird ass video

  • uncleaspect
    uncleaspectÅr siden

    She is the lvl 1 crook of morgz mum

  • Jackfc2
    Jackfc2År siden


  • Son GOHAN
    Son GOHANÅr siden

    Whats the outro ?

  • Dredpool
    DredpoolÅr siden

    Charlotte is gonna stab the shit out of Alex...

  • Kevin Alvarez
    Kevin AlvarezÅr siden

    How does dis video not have 1 mill views

  • Matt Hype
    Matt HypeÅr siden

    Boring video

  • Muhammed Taqi
    Muhammed TaqiÅr siden

    Stfu plzz😂😂

  • Drizzy1k
    Drizzy1kÅr siden

    He said " Alright whats going on guys, it is alex or faze app here" 😂😂

  • 1smoFN
    1smoFNÅr siden

    Hah banger, Litteraly the worst video

  • 1smoFN
    1smoFNÅr siden

    Why haven't charlotte broken up with kay 😑

  • 1smoFN
    1smoFNÅr siden

    Yea this was not that introtaining 😐👎✌

  • Not Vstro
    Not VstroÅr siden

    13:10 stfu😂

  • HeroGaming
    HeroGamingÅr siden

    she was mad asf

  • Jason Padilla
    Jason PadillaÅr siden

    If I was Frazier I would’ve beat tf outa you while you were handcuffed to her

  • 1smoFN


    År siden


  • Monkeyy
    MonkeyyÅr siden


  • Jackelyn Gonzalez
    Jackelyn GonzalezÅr siden

    HAHAHA STOPPP charlotte: it’s cold i want a jacket alex: ya i got a hoodie that’s why i thought ahead

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis DiazÅr siden

    7:22 best moment

  • Amar Khaliq
    Amar KhaliqÅr siden

    12:10 she got the shock of her life

  • bryson
    brysonÅr siden

    oh yeah he was listening to juice wrld unreleased song called “naruto”

    MICHAEL 0N 60FPSツÅr siden

    Lol quit bitching

  • Static Duck
    Static DuckÅr siden

    Wrong arm lol 😂

  • Gael Cruz
    Gael CruzÅr siden

    the controller wasn't even on 14:31

  • nile vanood
    nile vanoodÅr siden

    dang this is weird af...

  • Alicia Selina
    Alicia SelinaÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to do a 24 hour challenge and put a day in the name

  • OneSpade7
    OneSpade7År siden


  • Nooderman
    NoodermanÅr siden

    adapt: ur making this hard charolette: ur making my life hard adapt: ur making my dick hard

  • LAX_ YT
    LAX_ YTÅr siden

    this is fake bc at the beginning he had his bracelet in front of the cuffs then later the cuffs are in front

  • Raruru
    RaruruÅr siden


  • Paul Hoang
    Paul HoangÅr siden

    Alex trolling


    That trick shot was lit

  • Artis SN
    Artis SNÅr siden

    Mr stead your girl

  • Muhammed a
    Muhammed aÅr siden

    Feels bad for her

    TITUS FPSÅr siden

    5:12 you can see the nub on the cuffs to release them, its just toy handcuffs

  • azz crack
    azz crackÅr siden

    Fucking roommate's girl vid

  • Kevin Aguilar
    Kevin AguilarÅr siden

    Charlotte took too many bitchy pills

  • SickleCell19 _
    SickleCell19 _År siden

    Alex:quiet bitching Charlotte:Frazier don’t let him talk to me like that Frazier:bRo thAts inSaNe

  • chad
    chadÅr siden

    What u mean

  • Lilmanfromthe6
    Lilmanfromthe6År siden

    Her accent makes it 10x funnier😂

  • BFS Cali
    BFS CaliÅr siden

    Yooo 24 hour handcuff and prank them. Get a lookalike key and throw it to the resevoir and keep the real one hidden

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan JohnsonÅr siden

    this man told her to shut the fuck up LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Max Kronqvist
    Max KronqvistÅr siden

    10 kills bro

  • Max Kronqvist
    Max KronqvistÅr siden

    Hahahah she's soo angry ahahahahah

  • AsianBoi
    AsianBoiÅr siden

    I get the feeling like that Alex will become one of those fun dads or grandpas that don’t give an F about kids

  • Kirsten Johnson
    Kirsten JohnsonÅr siden

    Airex. You. Direy. Day. Hirey. Love love love love. Bay. Boy gires. Cirehs. Mirek Good. Pay. Hiup. Wirek job. Sirey blly my

  • Socks skins xbxbx
    Socks skins xbxbxÅr siden

    Mc controller wasn’t even on

  • yoyocoolx
    yoyocoolxÅr siden

    kay is sus man he is a pussy no offense :)

  • Alfredo Trujillo
    Alfredo TrujilloÅr siden

    this man does NOT listen to a word she says

  • Zion Lui-Viti
    Zion Lui-VitiÅr siden

    Handcuffed to faze kay (mocking faze kay) sick???

  • oSolstice
    oSolsticeÅr siden

    Adapt: *Finds a Way to Steal Kay Girl* Kay: tHatS InsAnE bRo

  • pug boii

    pug boii

    7 måneder siden

    J A R V I S

  • pug boii

    pug boii

    7 måneder siden

    H O L Y

  • TK Saitama
    TK SaitamaÅr siden

    And they didn’t use the bathroom together

  • Mike Lopez
    Mike LopezÅr siden

    7:57 had me dying

  • 780 Biggz
    780 BiggzÅr siden

    I love the "family friendly pg clean" in the description 😂

  • Timmy Time
    Timmy TimeÅr siden

    How he says “shut the fuck up sorry”😂😂😂

  • Rhian
    RhianÅr siden

    2:20 FaZe Adapt is looking at charlotte ass

  • Amin _A_A
    Amin _A_AÅr siden

    Adapt has a crush on charlotte

  • Ovgah
    OvgahÅr siden

    Adapt - hands cuffs to charlotte Frasier - YOUR INSANE BROO

  • MilkyFN


    År siden

    ᴅʙɢᴀᴍᴇʀヅ so old

  • bad qualityッ

    bad qualityッ

    År siden

    @Ovgah i know XD

  • Ovgah


    År siden

    bad qualityッ oh lol close enough

  • bad qualityッ

    bad qualityッ

    År siden

    its frazier not frasier but i was dying when i say this lmao

  • Anastasia
    AnastasiaÅr siden

    At the start he forgot his intro😁😁😁😁

  • sheree stanaway
    sheree stanawayÅr siden

    Lucky she didnt bicth slap you