Harry Kane or Erling Haaland - who would be the BEST signing for Manchester United?!


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Roy Keane, Micah Richards and Jamie Redknapp debate who would make a better signing for Manchester United between Harry Kane and Erling Haaland as uncertainty builds over Edinson Cavani's future.
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  • Jim Canty
    Jim Canty9 minutter siden

    3:36 micha's laugh 😅

  • Donal
    Donal5 timer siden

    No.6 and a no.9

  • Trini
    Trini7 timer siden

    Cavani also exposed Keane's football knowledge...Cavani's biggest mistake was going to the mancs to be shafted by the same club and the same F.A. that sided with that French wannabe raw-meat eater against Suarez...Neither Kane nor Haaland are able to do what Cavani does without the ball with both needing decent service to score, and Bruno Fernandes also needs a hand in the creative part of the team's game.

  • Shehzad Janbocus
    Shehzad Janbocus23 timer siden

    kane because he knows how the premier league is.

  • R Jones
    R JonesDag siden

    Sheer arrogance of Keane and the whole of skysports Getting excited at the thought of Spurs selling Harry Kane! Why should they sell! Would be different if it was a utd or Liverpool player! Spurs closed the gap on Utd years ago and it really annoys certain media especially Skysports!

  • uncontrollable343
    uncontrollable343Dag siden

    Who remembers when Micah claimed to have “burst onto the scene” and Roy was like “what defenders burst onto the scene” 😂😂 they make a cute couple.

  • The Grimm Commoner
    The Grimm Commoner2 dager siden

    United needs another Vidic. Just a Terminator in the back line.

  • sebi kmetec
    sebi kmetec3 dager siden

    why they should sign for united. you have city , chelsea, real, barca, juventus,

  • Suresh Ambani
    Suresh Ambani3 dager siden

    Why is No one signing Andre Silva. He has proved to be a terrific striker.

  • fega 82
    fega 825 dager siden

    dedicate a tomar wisky irlandes pelotudo

  • dude letsplay
    dude letsplay5 dager siden

    They sould sign ronaldo and harry kane and sell martial

  • Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild
    Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild6 dager siden

    What did he do

  • Jelle Bigge
    Jelle Bigge7 dager siden

    Kane is a decent player but not world class. Halland is. It's a no brainer if you have the choise.

  • Garzif Alias
    Garzif Alias7 dager siden

    Benteke would be huge!!!!!!

  • mat moore
    mat moore8 dager siden

    Did Richards just say its a rebuilding stage at Spurs? Where's the re come from..... this is the best team theyve ever had..... they rebuilding to win another league cup? 🤣🤣

    KILLIT JP #KILLIT8 dager siden

    I'd rather have Kane . Am I the only one

  • Wolf Pack Pete
    Wolf Pack Pete9 dager siden

    I really don't believe utd should be in the market for another striker. Cavani can play about 30 games and give them that top quality and experience for the big games. On the left of the attack they've got Rashford, Martial, Dan James who can provide pace and put in crosses from the right as well. On the right they've got Greenwood who's going to get more experience as a central striker over the next 2 or 3years, but for the big games he's best on the right for the moment. Diallo is a real talent and will feature in 20-30 games next season. Pellistri has done well during his loan in Spain. It's unclear what will happen with Dalot but he's still a utd player and has done very well on the right wing - he was a key part of the legendary comeback in Paris. Chong is also still a utd player and doing well on loan, he just needs a little more meat on him for the Premiership. Elanga looks close to getting into the first team... so for central strikers even if Cavani leaves they've got Martial, Rashford, Greenwood all capable of playing there. Pogba gets into the box providing height and goals with his head. McTominay was a striker in academy and could be that 6'4" target man on occasion if needed. They've also got Hugill, McNeill, and Hoogewerf impressing in the youth teams. £100m on a big name striker and all the time and effort put into their development is wasted for that 'headline signing' and quick shirt sales. The priority has to be a centre-back, maybe a keeper, maybe another midfielder although that might be Garner. Spurs want £175m for Kane, and Haaland's £68m release clause can't be triggered until next year. Dortmund will play hardball this summer and Haaland wants £1m per week wages. Forget signing either of them. If utd want an experienced striker Griezmann could be an option as barca are over £1b in dept. Dzecko might be a reasonably priced option. Ronaldo is reportedly willing to accept half his current wages to return.

  • João Rebocho OaW
    João Rebocho OaW9 dager siden

    I don’t think anyone will debate against Harry Kane being the better player out of the two. It’s not even close really. It’s just a matter of picking the best investment, and it probably still is Kane. In theory he can still have some 5 years in him before he begins to decline. Both he and Haaland are prone to injuries, Haaland is a promise but there is no guarantee he’ll ever reach Kane’s level and he’s never played in the premier league. It’s a tough choice though

  • James Westray
    James Westray9 dager siden

    Micah trying his best, but Roy wasn't taking the bait.

  • Jason Orton
    Jason Orton9 dager siden

    Kane is on a loser if don't go 2 top 3 club now is the time year late but he has 2 go cmon

  • Daniel Catino
    Daniel Catino10 dager siden

    Cute but you’re not going to get either lol

  • Toffee
    Toffee10 dager siden

    Haaland is miles better than Keane.. but that will never happen.

  • stem ster
    stem ster10 dager siden

    How can keane say haaland after what he done to his dad

  • Jack Jordan
    Jack Jordan11 dager siden

    Definitely kane hes old and on his way out would suit perfect for Manchester

  • Ryan Shaw
    Ryan Shaw12 dager siden

    Harry kane all day prem proven and hes the best striker in the prem for me

  • Eric Yeboah
    Eric Yeboah12 dager siden

    Kanes boot alone is even better Haaland

  • alucardromeo
    alucardromeo13 dager siden

    man united ex player wants kane to play for them lol

  • Steven Strange
    Steven Strange13 dager siden

    Love seeing Richards wind Keane up 😂😂

  • Lil PUMP
    Lil PUMP14 dager siden

    There’s no way Haaland is playing for man u lol. Keane a Man U player did one of the worst tackles in history on his dad

  • HerrBratwurst
    HerrBratwurst15 dager siden

    Haaland is probably the worst bet. He plays in Germany yes, he scores in UCL yes, but he's still far from being actually good and consistent. Bringing back Zlatan would've been a better deal than Haaland. Haaland plays for Norway too meaning on an international level he's not going to do well, we all know how that works.

  • ngc 5139

    ngc 5139

    13 dager siden

    He's the best bet by a mile. It's very rare when it is obvious a young player is truly going to be great. That is Haaland. Kane is far older and it was never obvious.

  • Paul Wevers
    Paul Wevers15 dager siden

    Kane is overrated in the following sense , great for the English football but real madrid, barcelona paris? I do not see him doing just as good as he does in English football. Haaland however i see succeed anywhere in different football cultures.

  • Paul Wevers
    Paul Wevers15 dager siden

    Kane is overrated in the following sense , great for the English football but real madrid, barcelona paris? I do not see him doing just as good as he does in English football. Haaland however i see succeed anywhere in different football cultures.

  • The Mancalorian
    The Mancalorian16 dager siden

    Haaland, thats whats called the future of a club especially for Man Utd to carry on global youth within local youth. Atleast decade of new club legend that can help bring back glory.

  • innit
    innit16 dager siden

    I don't see Harry leave England. Real and Barca could get him but no way. PSG are excellent but don't seem to desperately need a new striker. City and United are in the race as he wants to be the all time best striker in the PL.

  • Sam Jerome
    Sam Jerome17 dager siden

    Avoid players from shitbag agent Simple

  • Aurelius
    Aurelius17 dager siden

    Man City: Haaland Man U: Kane Spurs: Zlatan

  • Sharon Ghghgh
    Sharon Ghghgh17 dager siden

    Dont often disagree with keane but I'd rather kane over haaland all day long I understand the age the sell on get your money back in years to come when if you have haaland but kane for 4 or 5 years will be top goalscorer and score a ridiculous amount of goals and win man United pretty much everything where as haaland might do the same but his a risk coming to a new league the hardest league kane is proven just my opinion

  • ngc 5139

    ngc 5139

    13 dager siden

    Haaland has a chance to be a top three in the world player and top pure striker. Kane never has been and never will be a top three player or top striker.

  • smooth grooves
    smooth grooves18 dager siden

    Cavani is 3rd highest scorer in all top four leagues in last ten year. If we don’t keep him my choice would be haaland

  • Saxon Defender
    Saxon Defender19 dager siden

    hahaha anyone who says Kane has to have a mental check-up

  • Gary PETRIE
    Gary PETRIE20 dager siden

    Harry kane before Haaland 🙈🤣🤣

  • Ghost GoingDark
    Ghost GoingDark20 dager siden

    Man untd should sign player's who is not under riaola or else he's gonna pimp the players after 3 or 4 yrs

  • Andy Capocci
    Andy Capocci20 dager siden

    Manu have closed the gap? I don't think so. They're just this year's runners up. With the added fixtures next year they'll drop out of top 4, not win a euro trophy and get back to top 2 seasons later. But that's the same for all teams up there bar City and Chelsea.

  • zPAKK
    zPAKK20 dager siden

    Harry Kane shouldn’t leave Spurs, Sprus needs a better team.

  • Tom Bara
    Tom Bara21 dag siden

    Obviously NOT signing either of them, both too expensive, way too pricey in the current economic climate and completely unrealistic for all except two clubs in world football.

  • dannyzee4
    dannyzee421 dag siden

    Micah's right Man Utd are still rebuilding so not guaranteed to win trophies, although in current form they're already a solid top 4 team. Of course Liverpool and City will both probably improve next season, so next season could be tougher for them.

  • Adam Ardbäck
    Adam Ardbäck21 dag siden

    I have no idea why this discussion is even here. This team got all the talent it needs and they have played with each other a time now so small changes and keep it going is what ill say. i would expand with cavani 100% and keep this project growing 1 more season cus they have lost 4 games and are 2nd in the hardest league in the world and they are probably going to win the europa league. so what is all this fuzz about kane and haaland? i would kill for a Greenwood in my team..

  • Dennis Clancy
    Dennis Clancy21 dag siden

    All the teams are skint, jeeso

  • Colin Clarke
    Colin Clarke21 dag siden

    You can't let your heart rule your head. Kane will cost £150m and is 28, Haaland £150m, is 20 but has Raiola as an agent and when it's being reported that Pogba wants 1/2 a million a week to stay what would Haaland want. And how long before he is being agitated to move. He will also want a sell on clause again. We have to be sensible. Kane IS the better option but Spurs can be hard to deal with.

  • Tommy Ggs
    Tommy Ggs21 dag siden

    Levy won’t sell Kane for less than 150m it’ll never happen

  • Adam Ford
    Adam Ford21 dag siden

    Given the disgusting things keane did as a player, he shouldn't be on a pundit. Pig

  • Thomas Ramsay
    Thomas Ramsay21 dag siden

    Kanes nowhere near the level of haalund... no comparison

  • Ron lim
    Ron lim22 dager siden

    Can you just make a channel called Sky Sports Manchester United already

  • Georgey Thompson
    Georgey Thompson22 dager siden

    Neither are going to united 😂😂😂😂

  • Proud Indian
    Proud Indian22 dager siden

    At the moment Cavani is good. Else whoever comes cheap. Haaland looks like golddigger.

  • cnn
    cnn22 dager siden


  • Adrian Hansen Solheim
    Adrian Hansen Solheim22 dager siden

    Håland aint never going to Manchester

  • C C93
    C C9322 dager siden

    As a Spurs fan, respect to Micah for reminding everyone Harry is still our player.

  • AviLOrkQ


    19 dager siden

    Yeah, but still he has to leave. He's wasting his world class talent right now. Kane deserves to win something and this is totally impossible at Tottenham.

  • Mr Mixalott1983
    Mr Mixalott198322 dager siden

    Micah got it spot on I hate utd but ffs go for haaland

  • Lebo Makhubedu
    Lebo Makhubedu22 dager siden

    Martial's best position is reserve player

  • Rusty Nails
    Rusty Nails22 dager siden

    I'm confident Roy's blood pressure raises slightly every time Micah speaks!

  • Gilbert Geneus
    Gilbert Geneus22 dager siden

    I prefer Harry cane, is a finishing product I dont want a other kid at My Man united

  • Xander Dimi
    Xander Dimi22 dager siden

    Levy has made it clear that Kane will not be sold to another premier league club. If he leaves he will go elsewhere

    DARIUS-PETRU SALE23 dager siden


  • thedark knight
    thedark knight23 dager siden

    If Keane hit a little higher with his tackle haaland jr wouldnt even exist😂

  • A Puppy Named Oz
    A Puppy Named Oz23 dager siden

    Kane would be a good signing, however, haaland would be akin to when United signed Ronaldo.

  • adam hasny
    adam hasny23 dager siden

    Kane > Haaland 1. Kane knows the League 2. Raiola in the business 3. Greenwood need space in the next 2 season with all young players in front (Rashford-Haaland-Amad-*Sancho) it's difficult for him Haaland > Kane 1. Haaland is younger (* come on Sancho to United is obvious)

  • Tom Andrews
    Tom Andrews23 dager siden

    This has to be the first time Keane has been seen smiling on the thumbnail.

  • Jason Kennedy
    Jason Kennedy23 dager siden

    The Keane Richards bromance continues. They have more chemistry between them than me and my missus.

  • Darren Evans
    Darren Evans23 dager siden

    Psg will be where kane goes if he does leave

  • Alistair Monaghan
    Alistair Monaghan23 dager siden

    Not one of the pundits mention Riaola....Haalands agent, the toxic money grabbing scumbag

  • rocky x
    rocky x23 dager siden

    I don't think we will sign both of them

    ANAND SUNIL23 dager siden

    haland to united OH come on united right now do not want any thing including riola

  • Philip Manning
    Philip Manning23 dager siden

    Roy Keane is the only person who could replace Anne on the weakest link

  • Elbee Kb
    Elbee Kb23 dager siden

    Micah Richards have a point.. maybe the greatness of man utd and its history may attract him in some way but going to man city, a team that is already winning titles makes the most sense for Kane if he is in search of silverware.. only reason he would leave a rebuilding team to join another rebuilding team with no guarantees of any silverware would be money.

  • djo lo
    djo lo23 dager siden

    would rather go for harry kane, avoid the trouble of dealing with another raiola player plus you get someone who already has huge epl experience

  • bradda01
    bradda0123 dager siden

    Micah's sly digs at Roy that city being the top club in manchester right now 😁😁

  • Mr.James David Robert
    Mr.James David Robert23 dager siden

    Martial just isn’t an elite striker. Harland will never go to United because of Roy Keane.

  • moslemecoz
    moslemecoz23 dager siden

    Neither of them! Don't get me wrong they're both phenomenal strikers but why break the bank when you can go for an experienced, reliable and cheaper like Iago Aspas or Mikael Antonio to replace Cavani shouod he go? Let Greenwood develop over the next two seasons.

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt23 dager siden

    SKY strategically put Micah between Keano and Jamie. No more heated conversation lol!

  • Let’sMathsDebate
    Let’sMathsDebate23 dager siden

    United are going nowhere under Ole

  • Andrew Clavin
    Andrew Clavin23 dager siden

    Lot of nonsense Man u are not top dogs anymore.Journeymen like cavani..ighalo..

  • Filip Rock
    Filip Rock23 dager siden

    Haaland will go to Bayern. It's not even a debate. He won't move to England. Lewandowski is nearly 33. Dortmund are a feeder club for Bayern. Simple!

  • Chris D
    Chris D23 dager siden

    Mel Gibson

  • R S
    R S23 dager siden

    If United had a real #9 this season instead of another inconsistent immature French player upfront they would have been top of the epl

  • R S
    R S23 dager siden

    Halaand > Cavani > Kane

  • LemonFanta
    LemonFanta23 dager siden

    So people have been calling Kane a one season wonder for years and he’s not all that even with all the goals. Halaand has 1 decent season in a big league and everyone loses their minds

  • The 90’s fatty from Take that
    The 90’s fatty from Take that24 dager siden

    Roy ended haaland senior 😂

  • chen miki
    chen miki24 dager siden

    kane is better in my opinion

  • gazbason
    gazbason24 dager siden

    Love how they are taking about the gap between city and United but no one was near Liverpool last year, if no one gets injured, Liverpool walk the league

  • D T
    D T24 dager siden

    United get results, but they look like an MLS side when they play. IMO it would be a waste of Kane's ability to go there.

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly24 dager siden

    Haaaaaaland class

  • alastair mackay
    alastair mackay24 dager siden

    as someone ho finds it hard to praise any england player i have to say the Kane is an EXCEPTOINAL player of the highest quality and i would love it if he was Scottish. If i supported an English club i would be desperate for them to him before i would want Haaland

  • russ rua
    russ rua24 dager siden

    Is it me, or when Micah talks, you just want him to shut-up !!!

    SHUBHAM RAWAT24 dager siden

    Manu won't be getting kane or haland come on..they are shir

  • Dale Bonam
    Dale Bonam24 dager siden

    Neither there both to good for united

  • Roger Kay
    Roger Kay24 dager siden

    People always trying to sell Kane, think Levi will have something to say about that. Kane overrated, Haaland a talented brat.

  • Abdalla Noor
    Abdalla Noor24 dager siden

    From Tottenham to Man United doesn't make sense

  • Niko
    Niko24 dager siden

    Agent Keane at it as usual

    MARTIN24 dager siden

    Kane wouldn't fit at MUTD he wanders all over the fcking place , Haaland is a proper number 9 and hes probably the best striker in the world or will be for many years . I just wish we could get him at Leeds United hes Leeds born in the city and loves LUFC but we cant afford him or offer him Champions League football YET . Whoever gets him will gain some player hes fantastic . Personally i think Haaland will go to City and Kane to MUTD .

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni24 dager siden

    "You wouldn't hang your hat on him" Thank you Sir Keane, I am stealing this! Brilliant expression