HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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  • Vivziepop
    Vivziepop15 dager siden

    HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► nolocal.info/have/video/hJ6VnLKr0Zuet2s Episode One ► nolocal.info/have/video/mp6ThKehrJ6Bsm8 Episode Two ► nolocal.info/have/video/oKKiq7agl25vqog Episode Three ► nolocal.info/have/video/h5mcp8ukv4OcyJ4 Episode Four ► nolocal.info/have/video/Zox6p8mStaWipaI



    8 dager siden

    The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

  • vermelon


    9 dager siden

    Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

  • Carmen Angulo

    Carmen Angulo

    13 dager siden

    0 l Prv^¿*^^

  • Slyuniform


    13 dager siden


  • Alisha Fox

    Alisha Fox

    14 dager siden


  • Lilly xSJ
    Lilly xSJ4 timer siden

    *Stella saying it in front of her family at dinner* Me just: 👁👄👁

  • Starthur500
    Starthur5004 timer siden


  • CreepyCHaRLie
    CreepyCHaRLie5 timer siden

    Norman Reedus. The only man I will let do me dirty. In the dirt. Dry... *muah*

  • T3 4
    T3 45 timer siden


  • CMD Shadow
    CMD Shadow5 timer siden

    Can't believe KAOS voices Moxie

  • Thepvongsa Architecture
    Thepvongsa Architecture5 timer siden

    8:54 for you dirty ones ( look at biltzo I might spelled it wrong)

  • Cookie Beast
    Cookie Beast5 timer siden

    Who else loves Blitzo being a bi mess... omg sir. I also love Stolas and Blitz's relationship :3

  • 123dead0
    123dead05 timer siden

    Can we have more drunk moxie it's funny

  • MarioToast
    MarioToast5 timer siden

    Hmm... the imps are gathering a sizable rogues gallery. Perhaps some future episodes will feature a few villain team-ups? Or something like the battle royale episode in Wander Over Yonder, where all the bad guys competed.

  • Jackson Rigney
    Jackson Rigney5 timer siden

    I love when Moxxie says “ I still have some fight in me”

  • Rosalyn Cardona
    Rosalyn Cardona5 timer siden

    love the vid:)

  • Snow Tooth
    Snow Tooth6 timer siden

    Freaking love this show thank you

  • Mysterious Dragon
    Mysterious Dragon6 timer siden

    "I love you hun but what the fuck"

  • Spirit ‘n’ Sultan YT
    Spirit ‘n’ Sultan YT6 timer siden

    Blitz(o) needs to just admit it.

  • Awesome Freak
    Awesome Freak7 timer siden

    Lmao 🤣 how she said infront him is funny

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex7 timer siden

    Everyone else: guns Blitz: C H O M P

  • Classic / Undertale Sans
    Classic / Undertale Sans7 timer siden

    Blitzo poked moxie's -pelvis- Wait isn't that gay? ._.

  • Undertale Fan
    Undertale Fan7 timer siden

    I'm sorry but the shark just taking down moxie was such a breathe taking scene 😂😂😂

  • Juna Denz Agaton
    Juna Denz Agaton7 timer siden

    It actually shocks me that Ed bosco (VA of Alastor) also voices Joe. (Millie's dad)

  • Rexdal
    Rexdal8 timer siden

    Hitman reminds me of Jake's rattlesnake from Rango

  • bean moo
    bean moo8 timer siden

    Broo Luna is just 😍

  • Sos Soso
    Sos Soso9 timer siden

    كرتوني المفضل هيلوفا بوس و هازبن هوتيل

  • Gedeon Conde
    Gedeon Conde9 timer siden

    The shark had me dyingg I always thought why they weren't using theirs tails

  • Ochen C
    Ochen C9 timer siden

    Well thats troubling.

  • Zyra Albana
    Zyra Albana9 timer siden

    @3:57, Blitzo have fast hands..

  • h o e s y
    h o e s y9 timer siden

    I absolutely love Stolas🤍🛐

  • BOI George
    BOI George9 timer siden

    Y'all got Norman Reedus on this, hot damn!

  • the daughter of unicron
    the daughter of unicron9 timer siden

    Stolas looks si cute hiding under a blanket and poor moxie

  • Syreni
    Syreni10 timer siden

    are we not going to talk about how smooth 17:25 was orrrr

  • Spyro 132
    Spyro 13210 timer siden

    And sorry for messaging here I didn’t know where else to ask

  • Spyro 132
    Spyro 13210 timer siden

    Hay viv this is a very far shot of a question but I want to do something with myself and I want to see if voice acting could be something for me, I’m dyslexic so I don’t think I’d be much good but I really do just want to try something that will make me feel complete, again sorry for the out there question and I don’t expect a reply, and also thank you for this series I have smiled every time I watch it keep it up

  • Strange ASMR
    Strange ASMR11 timer siden

    saying from my heart the way that bled so defends Moxie is one of the most adorable things in the world he really does care about him on

  • LutroxicPlays
    LutroxicPlays12 timer siden

    10:34 This is way to cute we need a episode of Blitz getting a horse.

  • keiladhafnie cruz
    keiladhafnie cruz12 timer siden

    WHERE THE (___K) IS EPISODE 6😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sophie Greco
    Sophie Greco12 timer siden


  • Jeff_killer
    Jeff_killer12 timer siden

    Now I feel bad for stolas and his daughter-

  • Clownman
    Clownman12 timer siden

    Ok i want that shark to be a running gag throughout the series XD

    YAREVIANN12 timer siden

    I just realized Striker's voice actor is Norman Reedus and I swear to fucking Satan i'm losing my shit-

  • Beasty 380
    Beasty 38012 timer siden

    This is my favorite episode now omg, it was so epic

  • Weirdo_ AlienLovesRed
    Weirdo_ AlienLovesRed12 timer siden

    I KNOW im not the only simp for striker- that man is a SNACC

  • Korn K
    Korn K12 timer siden

    I laughed at this part 3:52

  • AGeneric_ _Gamer
    AGeneric_ _Gamer13 timer siden

    12:22 SuS

  • JustFoxxThings


    12 timer siden

    I hate you 🤣

  • AGeneric_ _Gamer
    AGeneric_ _Gamer13 timer siden

    was that a jojo reference

  • unamericano
    unamericano13 timer siden

    Bruh they got Norman Reedus????

  • Random Meme
    Random Meme13 timer siden

    sorry to be telling the truth but no actual 18+ people watch this its only 10 year olds in the comments rip

  • Prison Health Inspector
    Prison Health Inspector13 timer siden

    17:27 had more animation then the seven deadly sins entire series

  • Dank meme Boi
    Dank meme Boi13 timer siden

    Hey blitz where are the deviantART that showed you with the fortnight skin Axo

  • Nick Ruiz
    Nick Ruiz14 timer siden

    Si no one will comment on Norman Reedus Playing Striker... SHAMMEEE ON YOU

  • ImposterOfThe Crew
    ImposterOfThe Crew14 timer siden

    Top 10 anime fight scenes

  • waffle Taylor
    waffle Taylor14 timer siden

    Striker definitely things to Luna is ugly, when she came in he was like no I'm out

  • DarkPanda Lou
    DarkPanda Lou14 timer siden

    This is the most beautifully animated episode I've ever seen

  • James Fears
    James Fears15 timer siden

    So I just learned Norman Reedus, the dude who played Daryl Dixon in the walking dead, was Striker. How did they get him to be a VA

  • Zach Roth
    Zach Roth15 timer siden

    What ever happened to Hasbin Hotel? I was looking forward to that

  • NickPlayzStuff
    NickPlayzStuff15 timer siden

    1:36 [what do u want sir for my personal use]

  • John Traxler
    John Traxler15 timer siden

    Holy crap blitz is good at fighting. Wonder if we could get a solo mission of blitz

  • ThatGarchomp Guy
    ThatGarchomp Guy15 timer siden

    Everytime I rewatch I feel different

  • teen Titans go fan_x glitchy glitch
    teen Titans go fan_x glitchy glitch15 timer siden

    I like the part when Moxie said mother-even the part when the rattlesnake was singing and Moxie said what the f***

  • Ronald Neal
    Ronald Neal15 timer siden

    Imagine if SMG4, Omar Sebali, Markiplier, Eminem, Jacksepticeye, Snoop Dogg, Ava Max, Toby Fox, Saberspark, Caddicarus, Cardi B, Dave Microwaves Games, Doja Cat, Seth Rogen, Mike Pollock, or Gordon Ramsay stars in this series.

  • Cailey Adams
    Cailey Adams15 timer siden

    This literally all the characters personalities in one pic: 1:56

  • Super Rupee
    Super Rupee15 timer siden

    Moxxie be like: I may not be good a punching or blocking, but I know about shooting and glocking Knock 'em dead headshots only

  • Kat Hambrick
    Kat Hambrick16 timer siden

    Blitz: "it's a transactional fu*king" proceeds to make hand gestures that don't help his case

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper16 timer siden

    Great series of this shot just waiting for the full thing of hazbin hotel.

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper16 timer siden


  • Elastic Opossum
    Elastic Opossum16 timer siden

    That was NORMAN REEDUS? To be fair, I don't know what I expected.

  • Ana b ch
    Ana b ch16 timer siden

    Ame La parte final, thank you🤗

  • zephaniah freeney
    zephaniah freeney16 timer siden

    Please can you guys speed the episode up im craving this shit please

  • my _plue
    my _plue16 timer siden

    Idk why but anime or cartoons make me smile more then reality 🙄🤣 ❤️

  • moth bae
    moth bae16 timer siden

    striker is hot..................yeah i’m gonna leave now.......

    SALADAGA, JANILLE CARLO16 timer siden

    it's funny how it all makes sense...

  • Bias toward Junhui
    Bias toward Junhui16 timer siden

    Ok why am I not seeing anyone gushing over the fact of how much of a weapons nerd Moxxie is? He went OFF about the technology warfare.

  • Wooper
    Wooper16 timer siden

    I was gonna ridicule the animation for being a lil worse than usual but THAT LAST FIGHT AND THE LAST SCENES WERE AMAZING

  • nicole wiggins
    nicole wiggins16 timer siden

    I loved that

  • DrewCodez
    DrewCodez16 timer siden

    Bro that AWP is a chance of 0.98 wanna trade it for my Asiimov AWP

  • River Crow
    River Crow16 timer siden

    Moxxie: "I'm also glad my instant dislike of you has been validated" That client from the 1st episode: "It was validated the second he knowingly flirted with your wife!"

  • StarBird3055
    StarBird305517 timer siden

    Is it weird that I would actually kind of want Blitzo and Stolas falling in love for real? Or is that a common wish with all of us?

  • YRMM
    YRMM17 timer siden

    This video is so well made-im speechless. I cant wait for more!

  • Nice
    Nice17 timer siden

    8:48 Moxxie turns into either a possum or the vine swinging dude from a show I forgot the name of

  • Gangster dog Paradise
    Gangster dog Paradise17 timer siden

    It was Luna’s fault the striker escaped

  • texasallstar6969
    texasallstar696917 timer siden

    Moxxie will kill striker

  • Seth Bach
    Seth Bach17 timer siden

    God that scene is awesome the last one

  • n0tMA&_YT
    n0tMA&_YT17 timer siden

    I love how Millie never disappoints us from protecting moxxie

  • rUb3_
    rUb3_17 timer siden


  • Mega high
    Mega high17 timer siden

    15:54 Me when someone says nobody aske-

  • A name that catches your eye
    A name that catches your eye18 timer siden

    I- I love this show... I love it so much.

  • Hamza Ridouane
    Hamza Ridouane18 timer siden

    Is anyone here simping over their tails?

  • trolgerroger x
    trolgerroger x18 timer siden

    For a second he looked like invader zim

  • Iron Milatary
    Iron Milatary18 timer siden

    Hi so I have sort of a theory stroking through my mind(which could all be nonsense if this is more of an episodic series) but it's been on a thought since the first episode. "Who is Stolas' boss". I'm posting this here so if I'm wrong I ll get it pointed out to me immediately, so I'm open for people responding. So my sorta theory is Stolas works for the sin of Sloth(cant remember the name). This is mainly reliant on two/three items. 1 The pilot consists of complications of the group going out to hunt down a global warming activist. So which demons would want global warming? My answer sloth, less the comedic lazy person sloth, more the deceitful slothful population, mass death because the humans didnt react in time to the crisis nor were open to change quick enough. (I'm sure theres several hundred other options as to why it's not sloth please tell me) Second reason: We either hear of, or glimpse at (or assume to see)5 of the sins/ rings. Pride (imp city,) Envy(photo in hazbin hotel presumably), wrath(satan mentioned + wrath ring), Greed( loo loo land), lust (succubus + possibly seeing ring in trailers). Two we havent heard form/seen yet is Glutony nor Sloth. I see Sloth representing Lack of change and a demon who enjoys watching change suffer. No sleeping around, more delaying the world for oneself. Stolas knows this and knows as soon as word gets out hes lgbtq+ , Sloth will see him as someone who's changed, who's broken the shackles of a noble and strict prince. A Traitor. I also like the idea that Sloth is the reason sinners cant leave pride, he hates sinners because they reak of change. My assumption is Sloth is the closest ring to pride, knowing hundreds of these sinners could flood to his ring, Sloth tries his hardest to block all chances of pride expanding nor letting sinners out. Sorry this is long as said theres prob a million reasons why I'm wrong but that's why I posted it here, so I can face the harshest of them quickly and silence the gears in my mind. Lol

  • dead ed
    dead ed18 timer siden

    Easiest lengthy ticket to earth Translation: BOYFRIEND

  • Pixwool
    Pixwool18 timer siden

    How is it that moxie and Millie can’t not be cute

  • Adrian 64
    Adrian 6418 timer siden


  • lime pie
    lime pie18 timer siden

    This episode had some fantastic animation, and it really came out in the fight scenes!

  • lime pie
    lime pie18 timer siden

    I love how Stella was screaming about killing Stolas right in front of him lmao

  • big milk chicken
    big milk chicken18 timer siden

    what this

  • Davis Family
    Davis Family18 timer siden


  • Tristan Batt
    Tristan Batt18 timer siden

    Me:patiently waits for hazbin hotel episode Helluva boss: Episode 5

  • TPG candy
    TPG candy18 timer siden

    I swear Blitz is just Moxxie and Millies cat.

  • PixiePlays
    PixiePlays18 timer siden

    why does millie sound like shes 40.

  • Bacons Eggs
    Bacons Eggs18 timer siden

    The thing that gets me is at the end, the angelic six shooter doesn’t glow in the dark when it very clearly emits light

  • Arkan NOA
    Arkan NOA18 timer siden

    Why didn't you guys just make Hazbin Hotel yourself?