Here Are Doug DeMuro's Favorite Cars He's Ever Reviewed

You've asked me what my favorite cars are, so today Doug DeMuro is explaining my favorite cars I've ever reviewed.
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    EVERYTHING UNEDITED4 dager siden

    Mclaren F1

  • james curtis
    james curtis5 dager siden

    you never answered the question about a car normal people can get- $25000 is WAY out of my price range- $12000 MAYBE- even that is pushing it... I've still got my 20 year old Civic....

  • nicandlucian
    nicandlucian18 dager siden

    whats you best affordable car you ever reviewed

  • Ojas Thakur
    Ojas Thakur23 dager siden

    Hearing "hello" instead of "THISSS" hits different

  • Scott Kosatka
    Scott Kosatka25 dager siden

    He’s certainly as annoying as Jay Leno.

  • dcobbism
    dcobbismMåned siden

    Well this was a pretty useless video. Hey Doug do you have a top 10 cars video for under 50K or 100K. Something the average person could get?

  • Phteven Chevas
    Phteven ChevasMåned siden

    I bet the Gamera will change everything!

  • Phteven Chevas
    Phteven ChevasMåned siden

    I’m surprised that the Porsche 918 spider didn’t make this list, have you driven one?

  • Mark Brisec
    Mark Brisec2 måneder siden

    OK, I'm confused. Doug is repeating on an on how he can't afford this or that car.. He's got millions of views on YT weekly.. Plus all the other things he's involved in (bidding site, etc..). He's making close to 7 figures people. If he can't afford 150 grand for a car every year than I don't know who can.. After all he's an enthusiast who's willing to spend money on cars...

  • swingersonian
    swingersonian3 måneder siden

    What about the McLaren F1? That was #1 on your spreadsheet before!

  • Mic Dib
    Mic Dib4 måneder siden

    The Gen2 Viper isn't on your list? Wow, I'm surprised a car you owned for a while and that iconic isn't one of your favorites... maybe it's because you didn't replace the radiator hoses on a 20 year I'll car, lol.

  • Ami's Breakthrough
    Ami's Breakthrough4 måneder siden

    Well you worked for Porsche, you’re biased!

  • Thasinnerman
    Thasinnerman5 måneder siden

    It's the kia spectra period.

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo6 måneder siden

    look at the doug score now the 911 2020 is the 3rd best

  • Jake Edwards
    Jake Edwards6 måneder siden

    Acura nsx makes great gas too

  • Mike H.
    Mike H.7 måneder siden

    Damn, the Ford hate ...

  • Jackson Gambrell
    Jackson Gambrell7 måneder siden

    Love your channel

  • Robin Leach
    Robin Leach7 måneder siden

    One of Doug’s best videos.

  • Mark Ring
    Mark Ring7 måneder siden

    You can afford a new e63. Don’t you own a Ford GT

  • Brian Davies
    Brian Davies7 måneder siden

    Where was the McLaren F1, which Doug labelled the "greatest car ever made"? Edit: This video was made before he reviewed the F1

    NICHOLAS GALLEGO7 måneder siden

    my favorite car is the Ferrari f40

  • Nicos
    Nicos7 måneder siden


  • TheFinch80
    TheFinch807 måneder siden

    i just bought a clk not a black series its a clk280 with a supercharger

  • Victor Lima
    Victor Lima7 måneder siden

    Moore MugDeDorifto

  • Logan Stemler
    Logan Stemler7 måneder siden

    Doug 2020

  • jessy Ember
    jessy Ember7 måneder siden

    the sti 22b isnt on this list? shame.

  • Ethan Velastegui
    Ethan Velastegui7 måneder siden

    Evo 9? Or even 10.

  • Ace Gaurav
    Ace Gaurav7 måneder siden

    I am watching this video in 2020! I am not late.

  • bremms1
    bremms17 måneder siden

    F40 is an incredible car.. McClaren F1. Best sports car ever. A friend of a friend has a Carrera GT and drove an F1 a good bit. He likes the Mclaren better overall. It is STUPID expensive though.

  • Invermere
    Invermere7 måneder siden

    Doug: hello Me: THISSSSS intro makes me uncomfortable

  • Joshua Cortez
    Joshua Cortez7 måneder siden

    Doug, can you please do more “ Nissan” vehicles please.

  • Niels Bruggeman
    Niels Bruggeman7 måneder siden

    Wait what? No Maserati Ghibli?

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix7 måneder siden

    @1:01 Yeah, but it rates different categories of cars based on a bias.

  • theoldmototoad50
    theoldmototoad508 måneder siden

    Before he says in this video: I know his favourite car is the porsche carrera gt

  • Ashley Li
    Ashley Li8 måneder siden

    We only want to see million dollar super cars cause we can't buy them

  • Sketti Boi
    Sketti Boi8 måneder siden

    Doug are you related to Jay Leno?

  • JoeyLovesTrains
    JoeyLovesTrains8 måneder siden

    I was surprised he never mentioned the UTE

  • JoeyLovesTrains
    JoeyLovesTrains8 måneder siden

    The awards in the thumbnail look like dashcams

  • Nathanael A. K.
    Nathanael A. K.8 måneder siden

    Doug's favourite car revealed : 2003 kia spectra

  • Jet Turns In
    Jet Turns In9 måneder siden

    I honestly thought you would mention the Huracan. I can still remember the glee on your face when you reviewed that

  • stefano ath
    stefano ath10 måneder siden

    I tough it would be mclaren F1

  • Tom Peterson
    Tom Peterson10 måneder siden

    Doug I sent an email to you about if you wanted to review my car! Didn’t know if you had seen it or not. I’m a huge fan and love your reviews!

  • TheLennon1230
    TheLennon123010 måneder siden

    This isn't the real Doug DeMuro, he's only wearing one shirt.

  • Cal T
    Cal T10 måneder siden

    When you described a ~$300,000 Ferrari F40 for throwing around the back roads, you are basically just describing a Lancia Stradale. Roughly the same power to weight ratio, similar looks, similar build quality, similar interiors. One of the coolest cars ever made, and while still super expensive, is a fraction of the cost of an F40.

  • coolhandchunk
    coolhandchunk10 måneder siden

    I wonder why Doug hasn't been involved with with VINwiki guys and their 'best car for x dollars'?

  • Shane Hubert
    Shane Hubert10 måneder siden

    Paul walker didnt think the Carrera gt was all that great

  • Anatoliy Moroz
    Anatoliy Moroz10 måneder siden

    The most unrealistic reviews with no focus on reliability or major issues of these cars. Review for someone who has unlimited budget.

  • D-Rock
    D-Rock10 måneder siden

    Get on with it, the slowest car is 0-60 in 10s. Your explanation is 3 minutes until you cut to it, wow bro.

  • HMAN 998
    HMAN 99810 måneder siden

    Love the South Carolina sticker 👍

  • Steve Haas
    Steve Haas10 måneder siden

    Doug, you are always mostly sometimes correct. I like your car reviews very much. Really. But the Carerra GT? No way. I don’t see it. Thanks for the fun informative show.

  • Carter Baralt
    Carter Baralt10 måneder siden

    What car does Dougs wife drive? Is she into cars in anyway also?

  • MadGorilla
    MadGorilla10 måneder siden

    Thank you for naming Carrera GT. It truly is a the pinnacle of "old school" automobile engineering.

  • Rikky Here!
    Rikky Here!10 måneder siden

    How come you never show any other people in your videos. I’ve watched most of your vids and I never see any one else in it.

  • John Hetherington
    John Hetherington11 måneder siden

    total jackass

  • Felix Schmidt
    Felix Schmidt11 måneder siden

    Na McLaren F1 is the best Car ever

  • Greg Cahill
    Greg Cahill11 måneder siden

    You don’t incorporated practicality much. There’s a reason why the AMG loses value. Expensive to fix.

  • Ryker Brown
    Ryker Brown11 måneder siden

    Lol how are you going to call a wagon cool that thing is aids

  • David WD
    David WD11 måneder siden

    Trackhawk is the best SUV

  • Jey Kay
    Jey Kay11 måneder siden

    Wait i thuoght the kia spectra is your favorite car

  • Logan Riki
    Logan Riki11 måneder siden

    Hey man, be more realistic. The average person doesn't have that kind of dough, therefore, your picks are not relevant to the general public.

  • Koufax
    Koufax11 måneder siden

    Acura legend ? Boss 302 mustang? Z28 4th gen Camero? Witch would u wanna own?

  • Grotug
    Grotug11 måneder siden

    As a self-proclaimed Porsche fanboy and as someone who has never driven a supercar or even any high end sports car I'm a little surprised that this car is Doug's choice. If you're going to pick a pure car that is hard to handle I would have thought you'd pick one that is quite a bit quicker and quite a bit more legendary than the Carrerra GT. You know, like the the Mclaren F1. Then again, I'm not sure Doug has ever driven a Mclaren F1, even though he reviewed it with a video titled "Why the Mclaren F1 is the greatest car ever made". Ever since I learned of this car playing NFS:HS back in 1999 it has been my personal favorite car of all time, and during the 20 years since my discovery of the car, it still remains my favorite car of all time." --ahh, I found the answer to my question: he had yet to review the Mclaren F1 when he made this video.

  • Selim Sabbagh
    Selim Sabbagh11 måneder siden

    Why don’t you lease the new E63 AMG?

  • gioiosa54
    gioiosa5411 måneder siden

    Lancia Delta Integrale , -- you missed this one

  • Cook Fin
    Cook Fin11 måneder siden


  • cut
    cut11 måneder siden

    Porsche 911 GT3 about 190 k (May 2020)

  • Syncerus Caffer Caffer
    Syncerus Caffer Caffer11 måneder siden

    0:13 sec in, is the very first time you say "this", what's with that?

  • Syncerus Caffer Caffer
    Syncerus Caffer Caffer11 måneder siden

    "Hello" !!?! You'r not Doug; you're some imposter!! Thisss is a travesty!!

  • Samia Kam
    Samia Kam11 måneder siden

    Doug: Hello and welcome to More Doug Demuro

  • Ryan Dilbeck
    Ryan Dilbeck11 måneder siden

    Still waiting on a ONE-77

  • Ryan Dilbeck
    Ryan Dilbeck11 måneder siden

    Carrera GT for the win again. Doug and vinwiki whoop whoop My dad had a customer that owned one. I. Will. NEVER. Forget that sound.

  • baron hyatt
    baron hyatt11 måneder siden

    Yeah I heard you tease nice but I kind of disagree with what you say if you go along the lines of what you're talking about about cars it would have to be at the McLaren F1 but came out before that but I don't know if you review the McLaren F1 or not I can't remember but keep on going. I love you Channel

  • Raymond Gilbert
    Raymond Gilbert11 måneder siden

    Nissan Cube better be on this list

  • Muhammed Zayan
    Muhammed Zayan11 måneder siden

    You are bugatti fan

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson11 måneder siden


  • Cuan Gavin
    Cuan GavinÅr siden

    Can you review an Acura tl 2005

  • Argos Ron
    Argos RonÅr siden

    I did not know Doug and me have so different car preferences. ..I owned up to 17 cars at once, all kind...I hate the Ford GT, dislike almost all Ferraris, feel zero attraction to the Veron, and my favorite car was BMW 750 for its confort, perfs and handling, but my, best driving experience, my RV Mercedes (I love driving buses)

  • Zyworski
    ZyworskiÅr siden

    I have not watched one second of this video and I am already nominating that silver Carrera GT as the number one car, it was awesome.

  • Joe
    JoeÅr siden

    now that you've made a video on your favorite cars you've ever reviewed you should do a video on your least favorite cars you have ever reviewed and the ones that have the worst rating

  • andyhello23
    andyhello23År siden

    Even though i have no interest in cars, at least your not biased like alot of americans, towards american cars. So many youtube americans, seem to have hate on for german cars, as its a massive competition to there own brands. Even though i have never heard of any of these cars, interesting to just hear an american, who appreciates european cars, alot more, then most of what i have seen on youtube. What your speaking about is so subjective, its a shame, there are not enough words, to help you desrcibe what your trying to say. It just went over my head, as i say i have no interest in cars, i just tuned in to hear someone speak on this subject just to see and hear, what sorts of cars and techs they have today. I never assumed there were so many super cars out there. It makes one wonder who buys all these cars, and how many each manufacturer makes of each model here, as surely they are too expensive for the vast majority of people. But like i said, at least your not biased. So many americans seem to have a hate on german cars, due to them wanting to click bait people into watching there vids. Good to see, you appreciate european cars, as well as american cars. I am just amazed, there are so many socalled super car models, and makes. Makes one wonder, how many of these actually get sold, and where are they, as i doubt many of these super cars, are everyday drivers for people.

  • Shayne Biggs
    Shayne BiggsÅr siden

    You should start another channel called too much Doug demuro and it would feature Doug doing what Doug does...sans clothing.

  • Mike Denman
    Mike DenmanÅr siden

    I don't think a Doug score includes things like reliability, cost of maintenance, quality of construction, etc. He drives them one day and decides this is the best or worst car, unfortunately, people who buy them have to live with them for a few years and have a different perspective.

  • Tom Jerman
    Tom JermanÅr siden

    could you test Skoda? There are only few in the US

  • JB91710
    JB91710År siden

    What car combines good looks, sound, luxury, performance, practicality, usability, reliability and is priced under $50,000 New? Same question for used at that price. In other words, Based On Reality! Obtainability!

  • Isaac Ibarra
    Isaac IbarraÅr siden

    Sounds more like jeremy clarksons favorite cars

  • Daniel Barbee
    Daniel BarbeeÅr siden

    Good video ...

  • Mélissa Carrier
    Mélissa CarrierÅr siden

    1M was not produced because nobody wanted it... it didn't sell at all, and later, people realized it was special, but it was too late, BMW had stopped producing it as it was a sells fail !

  • Greg Boam
    Greg BoamÅr siden

    Doug sounds a little at times like Jay Leno.

  • Billy Joe Carmack
    Billy Joe CarmackÅr siden

    Doug, the type of guy to put stickers on his laptop in complete symmetry.

  • I gotta dig bick

    I gotta dig bick

    11 måneder siden

    Billy Joe Carmack he sure is

  • Redmenace96
    Redmenace96År siden

    No Lagonda!?!? Previous video was a lie?! I click on Doug for interesting cars. Clicking a lot less in the future, now that I know he is just clickbait "here are all the cars you can never own-guy". All you people that think he is a 'regular guy'? Do you think Al Roker is a regular guy? How about Tom Cruise? Doug puts on a give-away T-shirt and suddenly he is Regular Guy?! Like Clark Kent, haha. Suckers. Dude probably eats breakfast in a morning coat, and a monocle, reading the WSJ. When he goes out to driveway and his Mercedes, he probably frowns at all the Toyota cars in his neighbor's driveways. P.S. Jay Leno has more taste than you! P.P.S. Thanks for the Acura NSX love. You nailed it.

  • 13BlcKJcK13
    13BlcKJcK13År siden

    Admittedly, a re-painted F40 might be a driver’s dream come true: namely the value is at least somewhat limited by the modification, so perhaps giving less guilt for miles accrued

  • Auspishos Skverill
    Auspishos SkverillÅr siden

    I think Doug described all of Jeremy Clarkson's cars - those ones that surprised him.

  • Pierre-Andre Labeau
    Pierre-Andre LabeauÅr siden

    I’m yearning for a Tesla model 3... The main reason is the « dog option » combined with the performances and it’s ability to upgrade... but if i had the money and space, I would have also a longer list of cars for each type of use... but as I love my furry companion, the « dog option » made it for me

  • Renko
    RenkoÅr siden

    This should have been called Doug DeMore-o

  • jose David urbano
    jose David urbanoÅr siden

    Do it again :)

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony RamirezÅr siden

    Rumor has it when Doug farts it sounds like a after market turbo blow off valve. Psssssh.

  • Triadii Official
    Triadii OfficialÅr siden

    You know you are a true petrolhead when you have a _few_ favourite cars

  • Zac
    ZacÅr siden

    the GT spins out and loses control?????? Jay Leno, on a track?

  • Paul Bradbury
    Paul BradburyÅr siden

    My first new car after I graduated college in 2007 was the first version of the 135i and after a year and a half, I lost my license for a month, got a ticket for going over 100 (separate incident), crashed it at the cost of over $10,000 and was on my third set of tires already.. Always wanted a fast car, unfortunately my driving skill didn't match the vehicle lol..

    BORJA REZOLAÅr siden

    First, second and third, european.... Not bad.... Does it hurt??? Then, first murican, Ford GT. Nuff said. Buuuuuhhhh