Here Are the 13 Cars I Most Want to Review

People often ask Doug DeMuro which cars I most want to review. Today I'm going to go over the 13 cars I most wish to review, and I'll explain which cars I am especially excited to review. I'm also going to explain why I want to review each of these cars.
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  • John Albert
    John Albert40 minutter siden

    FWIW, I'd like to see a review of the 1970s Opel GT, a cheap little front engine, 2-seater sports car made by GM for the German market.

  • John Albert
    John Albert41 minutt siden

    The Ital Design website says about the Columbus, "The Columbus, dedicated to Christopher Columbus, was a 7-seater MPV van designed as an ultra-high level status vehicle ideal for the urban scenarios of the United States." Which prompts the question, have they ever actually been to a city in the US? What makes them think this ridiculously long vehicle would be practical, let alone "ideal," in a setting where parallel parking is often necessary?

  • Alex
    Alex8 timer siden

    Imagine Doug's face when if Hassanal Bolkiah (The Sultan of Brunei) slid into his DM's. I'd pay to see his reaction, let alone the car review.

  • zaki 1st
    zaki 1stDag siden

    sultanate of brunei*

  • zaki 1st
    zaki 1stDag siden

    love your videos

  • Adam Heeley
    Adam HeeleyDag siden

    How is the Honda S660 not on this list????

  • Hugh W.
    Hugh W.Dag siden

    Pontiac Stinger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Slave Labour
    Slave Labour2 dager siden

    Life goal, make enough money to have top car manufacturer make you a one off car.

  • Ben
    Ben2 dager siden

    If you ever come to the south of France I've got a Renault Twingo that I'd very happily let you review It's nice it's got 60 hp and electric windows

  • Elizabeth Del castillo
    Elizabeth Del castillo2 dager siden

    I was about to make a joke about “what about the Multipla?” Apparently he wanted to do it...

  • GhostShock
    GhostShock2 dager siden

    "there are no more minivans on this list" Number 2 is a minivan. why you lie doug?

  • Ian Alderton
    Ian Alderton3 dager siden

    too much you and not enough cars . . .

  • Jack Hotson
    Jack Hotson3 dager siden

    Please try to review the Volkswagen Golf Gti W12

  • Filippo Giusti
    Filippo Giusti3 dager siden

    The amount of time Doug said he would kill to review a certain car kinda got me worried

  • SupertoastGT
    SupertoastGT3 dager siden

    And here I was expecting thirty wagons to be on the list.

  • nperry106
    nperry1063 dager siden

    I'd love to see you review a Tata Nano. Regular Car Reviews drove one a few years ago and it was abysmal.

  • Allan Kasheikal
    Allan Kasheikal3 dager siden

    50 cent had a maserati mc12 in his «Window shopper» music video, maybe Get in touch with him!

  • Draw Every Day
    Draw Every Day3 dager siden

    How about a Chevy Chevette? That would be funny. Not an impressive car but they are unique and hard to find.

  • YouTUNER
    YouTUNER3 dager siden

    No BMW Nazca C2 or Peugeot RCZ???

  • Bruno von Nünlist
    Bruno von Nünlist5 dager siden

    You should review the Aston Martin Cygnet! One of the rarest cars of modern AM history!

  • usBirury
    usBirury5 dager siden

    Has @doug ever done one on Lexus SC430 before? Interesting to know what he thinks about it.

  • Francisco
    Francisco5 dager siden

    Yeah, like doug wouldn't come to germany to review the Maybach Exelero

  • Lemuel Dunleavy
    Lemuel Dunleavy5 dager siden

    I love the Maserati MC12!

  • Lemuel Dunleavy
    Lemuel Dunleavy5 dager siden

    We had one of the original Chrysler minivans. It was something lol.

  • Aayush Kadam
    Aayush Kadam5 dager siden

    Volkswagen w12 nardo 🤔

  • 16-Bit Bernie
    16-Bit Bernie5 dager siden

    Imagine if the Sultan of Brunei was watching. Also imagine if he is reading this comment and if that’s the case, LET DOUG REVIEW YOUR CARS.

  • 16-Bit Bernie
    16-Bit Bernie5 dager siden

    I feel like this is just Doug saying, hey rich people import all these cars so I can review them.

  • Ryan Makarewicz
    Ryan Makarewicz5 dager siden

    I'm just here waiting for a 4th gen camaro (catfish) review.

  • John Gavlick
    John Gavlick5 dager siden

    There is a Ferrari FX in a museum in Tustin as well as a 456 Venice spider

  • 율아치
    율아치5 dager siden

    the title should be: here are my top 10 wet dreams

  • DAAN
    DAAN6 dager siden

    Doug, have you ever driven a true Honda Civic EK9 Type-R? If not you should look into driving one or a close LHD copy featuring the B16b engine. It's not the fastest car by today's standards but it's an important car in the JDM field. 😁

  • carlos6392
    carlos63926 dager siden

    What about the Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia Manual?

  • Vincent Langel
    Vincent Langel6 dager siden

    Aren’t most of the Sultan’s cars auctioned off?

  • 1985 VW T3
    1985 VW T36 dager siden

    My mum had the twingo and the Picasso

  • Rob Tuffin
    Rob Tuffin6 dager siden

    Dutton Garage have an MC12 in Melbourne at the moment. You'll have to do your two weeks quarrantine but it's COVID free once you're in!

    QUEL NEGRO6 dager siden

    Aston Martin One 77 please Doug.

  • Pavle Sakan
    Pavle Sakan6 dager siden

    In Serbia there is multipla in every city

  • Bonzo
    Bonzo6 dager siden

    As of May, Doug already reviewed a Lincoln Blackwood, and an EB110 video review is on the way!

  • Rich Sackett
    Rich Sackett6 dager siden

    Also. a BMW M1 is one of the only cars I Iust over and would spend crazy money I don't have to get one.

  • c fruen
    c fruen6 dager siden

    1984 amc eagle sedan. Q&f then drive it road (~);}

  • Rich Sackett
    Rich Sackett6 dager siden

    Hey, Doug. A great story and interesting car is the Brazilian Volkswagen SP2. Kinda Porsche-y, if you catch my drift.

  • 11094DEREK
    11094DEREK7 dager siden

    When you said cars owned by the Sultan I thought you meant the giant Jeep and Powerwagon but the ones you mentioned are cooler

  • Vitomir Šimag
    Vitomir Šimag7 dager siden

    Can you rewiew a 240sx

  • Deezy Too Sleezy
    Deezy Too Sleezy8 dager siden

    Honestly Doug you’re absolutely the best. Thanks for being so dedicated to your craft, very inspiring to see you do what you truly love everyday man. Sending much love and respect from miami 🙌🏻

  • GibsonVienna
    GibsonVienna8 dager siden

    Try to review this. There are just 2 Cars worldwide with this kind of disapperaring Car Doors And to the Bentley Dominator: That was a Deal to save Bentley in a Time, where they have no Money. Around 1995, three Years before VW bought Bentley. The Sultan gave them 18 Million Pounds. The Bentley Managers was very thankfully, but known he want someone for the Money. So they offered him first 2 Brooklands, 2 Turbo R and 2 Mulsanne. Sultan: No thanks. Bentley: Ok, 3 Continental R, 2 Brooklands and one Mulsanne? Sultan: No, I want an Off-Roader. Bentley: What? We don't build Off-Roaders! Sultan: HAHA, not yet! And so they construct the Dominator, based on a Range Rover and build him 4 of them. One in Royal Yellow, One in Red and Two in Metallic Grey.

  • Bogdan Paliciuc
    Bogdan Paliciuc8 dager siden

    60k for a 15 years old SUV? That's something 😅🤔

  • Chris Landis
    Chris Landis9 dager siden

    A couple years ago I spent time trying to figure out what happened to the GT90. Best info I could get was an engineer now owns it (only one working car was made,) and is working on making it a running car with all of its original equipment. That's been a while though, so who knows nowadays.

  • Kelly Brooke
    Kelly Brooke10 dager siden

    I'm surprised I haven't seen a review of a Delorean, a Bricklin, or a Suzuki X-90 yet.

  • Atheist Orphan
    Atheist Orphan10 dager siden

    If you want to see a one-off custom Bentley then come to the U.K and check out The Queen’s Bentley State Limousine.

  • sk JDM
    sk JDM10 dager siden

    I just noticed the 69 alabama plate lol

  • Haprdon
    Haprdon10 dager siden

    how about the Dymaxion car?

  • Tony Horner
    Tony Horner11 dager siden

    I knew the Multipla would be on the list... thing is though despite the looks which always raise eyebrows this is a really fantastic family car that is brilliantly thought out.

  • Alex Zamora
    Alex Zamora11 dager siden

    What about the Chrysler ME 4-12 and the Ford Shelby GR-1?

  • Aleksey Alekseevich
    Aleksey Alekseevich11 dager siden

    I want you to review the Alfa 8c competizione. Or forgot to mention that?

  • Alexandre Nunes
    Alexandre Nunes12 dager siden

    The Fiat Multipla is good in the same amount that is ugly, diesel versions have fantastic performance and handling. Again, very ugly but also very good.

  • Eden Ilan
    Eden Ilan12 dager siden

    the rodius is ugly true. but its actually a great car with some performance even, recommending you to drive one :) ps. i dont own one

  • medowucha
    medowucha12 dager siden

    Oh man, I was waiting for this .. Fiat Multipla. that ugly piece of garbage. Good goth, are they awful. Thats the most ugly car I've ever seen (and sadly also had the "joy" of been driven around with once or twice .. friends of my mother owned one of that .. nasties .. ). And no, its quite different having to endure that sight all the time, because at some point, right after it came out, you saw it next to everywhere. Ugh. *shudders inwards* ps: as if it isnt obvious from all my comments - yes, I am from Germany.

  • Milan Toth
    Milan Toth13 dager siden


  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström13 dager siden

    Why, of all the companies, was it BENTLEY that went ahead and built a modern version of these old sultan cars? Is it the sultans fault that the rolling eyesore that is the Bente..bentay.. is rolling on our streets now? Why wasn't it Ferrari that looked att that gorgeous 4 door sedan? Also - Doug. If you get to try the Vector M12 - you MUST arrange a camera car and get some modern HD rolling photage. It's such a nice looking car and getting exterior shots of it in motion would be a service for humanity. And also - you forgot the Mega Track ;)

  • The Twingo Lord
    The Twingo Lord13 dager siden

    6:09 :D

  • Geoff
    Geoff13 dager siden

    He found and reviewed a Lincoln Blackwood just 2 weeks after making this video!

  • John Francis
    John Francis14 dager siden

    that thumbnail is a gift from the gods

  • Tommer Kahan
    Tommer Kahan15 dager siden

    Plenty of those Ssangyongs in Israel.. fyi

  • N i k
    N i k15 dager siden

    If you seriously think that a Fiat Multipla is hideous. My guy.. Have you seen B.Engineering Edonis ever in your life? I rather drive a Multipla all my life than to ever see Edonis on the road. Edonis was featured in Test Drive Unlimited video game and when I first saw it, I was absolutely disgusted by it. ONLY TO FIND OUT that some old employees of Bugatti MADE IT can you imagine that? Horrible. I don't even recommend Googling it up, it's that disgusting

  • Joshua Steele
    Joshua Steele15 dager siden

    That Columbus had to be inspired by a Boeing 747

  • Bouss™
    Bouss™15 dager siden

    It's coup-e (e like in edit) not coup as the e has a tone on it.

  • wojtas6969x
    wojtas6969x15 dager siden

    This Ferrari wagon looks soo goood

  • Michael J
    Michael J16 dager siden

    ☑️ Lincoln Blackwood ⬜ Senyong Rhodeus ⬜ Fiat Multipla ⬜ Chrysler Minivan ⬜ Renault ⬜ Vector M12 ⬜ Toyota Mega Cruiser ☑️ Bugatti EB110 ⬜ Maserati MC12 ⬜ Mercedes G650 ⬜ Mercedes CLK GTR ⬜ Concept Car ⬜ Car of the Sultan of Brunei Making good progress considering how little time has passed!

  • Cabo pup1 Puppy
    Cabo pup1 Puppy16 dager siden

    Can you please review a Volvo 240 wagon

  • Abdalla Matit
    Abdalla Matit16 dager siden

    Mr Doug could you do the worst International car 🚗 Including China India Russia and Africa that would be a great episode thank you sir you’re the best

  • J A P Teixeira
    J A P Teixeira16 dager siden

    That`s a fantastic list...There are so many weird and rare cars...I can think of one from the 90`s the Cizeta-Moroder V16T only 20 ever made...!! Ok very similar to the Diablo. But if you go to Brunei the sultan was selling one last of only 9 in blue for $725 k....!! :)

  • Ed Goddard
    Ed Goddard16 dager siden

    what about the fiat x1/9

  • AndyH23284
    AndyH2328416 dager siden

    Im with you Doug on the Aventime, love the querkiness...

  • Kenny926
    Kenny92616 dager siden

    The Ford GT90 is by far my favorite never-produced concept car, glad to see it here

  • Striker STR
    Striker STR16 dager siden

    Bad news the future banned gasoline

  • Sean Connolly
    Sean Connolly16 dager siden

    Chrysler Minivan for review? Someone get David Tracy on the horn, ASAP.

  • Moss
    Moss16 dager siden

    The nerve on this guy. How can a human being still "want" to try cars after driving a tenth of what he's already driven :D

  • Jack
    Jack16 dager siden

    Fun fact hungarians: Many people in EU own those 2 cars..

  • Jan Verheyen
    Jan Verheyen17 dager siden

    Strange car for you a Citroen Deux Cheveau (we call it a Goat)

  • Leonardo Oliveira Silva
    Leonardo Oliveira Silva17 dager siden

    Lamborghini Miura, please!!

  • Nick Gauthier
    Nick Gauthier17 dager siden

    Doug, you may be the biggest van fan i’ve ever encountered. Be proud of who you are, and never change.

  • Vincent van Kooten
    Vincent van Kooten17 dager siden

    When the Multipla was launched, my dad was asked by FIAT to illustrate a Multipla Xmas card. Worst assignment ever. I'll try and see if I can find it. It has three seats in front...

  • Alexander Marshall
    Alexander Marshall18 dager siden

    I'd love for you to check out my 1999 Volvo S70R which is quite rare, in excellent condition, ( for it's age)and very sought after here in North America. And it's right here in Idaho.

  • madhur goel
    madhur goel18 dager siden

    I just started watching this and reached 2:38. He eventually did review the Lincoln Blackwood as I know already.

  • mia1shooter
    mia1shooter18 dager siden

    Don't forget about the Buick Blackhawk

  • Gayson Jason, the God of atheism
    Gayson Jason, the God of atheism18 dager siden

    The multipla looks like a smart car coming out of the top off the bottom of a golf cart

  • macwozni
    macwozni18 dager siden

    I had Citroen Xsara Picasso for many years... Very practical car.

  • Jake Park
    Jake Park18 dager siden

    I wish you could do the audi sport quattro

  • Amir Case
    Amir Case18 dager siden

    Honda city...should be on that is an Asian car that america never got to see...

  • Roger Rico
    Roger Rico19 dager siden

    Damn, here I finally have something near my home that isn't available in the US. And it's a SsangYong 😂 we even got a dealership. HMU Doug if you ever happen to be in Switzerland haha

  • Abhishek Dutta
    Abhishek Dutta19 dager siden

    Have you ever thought to review a Hindustan Ambassador - that's an Indian Car had a Production cycle of 58 Yrs and closed on 2014. This is probably one of the longest running product with practically minimalistic change. And Indians are still nostalgic about it. It also won the Best Taxi in the world label. Love ur reviews. Thought to share one which Indians will surely connect too...

  • Daniel Buchner
    Daniel Buchner19 dager siden

    Oh yes, the 456 Venice Stationwagon has always been one of my all time favorite designs. There's a silver one in London, with a green interior, number plate I XO. Would love to see a review of that! A plain 456 GT review would also be nice :) keep up the good work!

  • Thiago Villela
    Thiago Villela19 dager siden

    You should review a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo Limited Edition.

  • Adrian Zanoli
    Adrian Zanoli19 dager siden

    Doug visit hungry :-D

  • Carsten Weiland
    Carsten Weiland19 dager siden

    The Multipla actually was very good as a car, check out "Jeremy Clarkson Family car 2000" it is out there!

  • isoyonwall
    isoyonwall19 dager siden

    Doug you have to review the clk gtr; I feel like since it’s so rare that if you made a review it’d be one of the only in-depth videos about the car ever made(even though you could say the same about some of the other cars on this list)

  • Altai Hruby-Wisehart
    Altai Hruby-Wisehart19 dager siden

    The g650 laundoulet is my moms dream car(she loves the g-series)

  • Muhtasim Dishan
    Muhtasim Dishan20 dager siden

    Didn't even cross the mind that the number one would be the Sultan of Brunei's car collection as it is just so impossibly difficult to even have a chance to get access to them. When Doug was going to announce the number 1 concept I heard "I" and thought Isdera Commendatore 112i, then he says Italdesign and I'm still super excited thinking it's the Italdesign Nazca or the Italdesign Cala or any other weird thing that Italdesign made, but Doug being Doug goes for the Italdesign Columbus! 🤣

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C20 dager siden

    Travis Scott had the g wagon lando

  • B00024406
    B0002440620 dager siden

    Renault invented the minivan with the Espace, still produced to this day... in the 80's they even made a formula 1 Espace, basically they slapped a carbon fiber minivan body on a formula 1 chassis, this would be worth reviewing, though probably impossible to get close to this prototype or whatever remains of it.