here comes the sun


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  • waterbe3
    waterbe317 minutter siden

    I was actually here when he posted it

  • Thy Hexagon
    Thy Hexagon29 minutter siden

    This feels like a unity song

  • Kid Kuroba
    Kid Kuroba40 minutter siden

    Can u make more documentaries?

  • ಠ_ಠ
    ಠ_ಠ55 minutter siden

    Plot twist: He schedule uploaded this video 2 years ago

  • Reece Jones
    Reece JonesTime siden

    but the sun is a deadly lazer, right????

  • Jivan Pal

    Jivan Pal

    14 minutter siden

    Not anymore; there's a blanket! _(but ppl are destroying it)_

  • Szymiii
    SzymiiiTime siden

    Where are monday videos >:(

  • Ezra Giovanni
    Ezra Giovanni2 timer siden

    The legend is back

  • ofir nadel
    ofir nadel3 timer siden

    Please don't tell me he is gone again >~

  • zDexver
    zDexver3 timer siden

    Bill wurtz: I’m gonna make a video about me going to might quit Also him?: haha that was a distraction now I will make a video 1 year long to make and it’s in 3 DIMENSIONAL Note: it was good video and it was good effort good job 👍🏻

  • BoredSathvik
    BoredSathvik4 timer siden

    after 2 years of waiting

  • Josh London
    Josh London4 timer siden

    You're an international treasure mate, never change.

  • That1Gemini
    That1Gemini4 timer siden

    bill wurtz would be the person to make a song dedicated to answering the question “what came first the chicken or the egg” without answering it and still making the song amazing

  • Stryll3x
    Stryll3x4 timer siden


  • Rudy 56
    Rudy 564 timer siden

    Here comes Bill Wurts Doo,doo,doo.

    OTTYRQ4 timer siden

    Can you do history of russia

  • Super fruity
    Super fruity4 timer siden

    Time to wait for another year I guess

  • アーメン
    アーメン5 timer siden

    *And when the world needed him the most, he came back stronger than ever*

  • Clovis Pictures
    Clovis Pictures5 timer siden

    Alternate title: Bill experiments with Blender for about a year and makes a song

  • Chippry Chip
    Chippry Chip5 timer siden

    Man he just skipped 2020

  • jony prepper israel
    jony prepper israel6 timer siden

    Hes back

  • Lynian Perez
    Lynian Perez6 timer siden


  • 547t_gaming
    547t_gaming6 timer siden

    Yay ur back

  • Endless Fanfare
    Endless Fanfare7 timer siden

    "If this song is not good enough I'll erase it" D O N ' T Y O U D A R E B I L L

  • Anika Shimazaki
    Anika Shimazaki7 timer siden


  • pknm
    pknm7 timer siden

    beatles who

  • Lyn
    Lyn7 timer siden

    You really out did yourself this time

  • neil
    neil8 timer siden

    i have been waiting for a comeback

  • Darth Nerd
    Darth Nerd8 timer siden

    Hes back!

  • Sad Mani
    Sad Mani8 timer siden

    Sad that you dont post as much you're amazing thank you for making your videos they will always bring me happiness so it's at least one person..

  • MrR5890
    MrR58908 timer siden

    Don’t worry this song is more than enough

  • Mouse_ Man1
    Mouse_ Man19 timer siden


  • Lactose Cheese
    Lactose Cheese9 timer siden

    aaaa uploads after 3 years

  • OILipsy
    OILipsy9 timer siden

    This song is a bop tho... Also that Steve reference at 1:22 is so pure

  • Fine Boi
    Fine Boi9 timer siden

    “The return of The King”

  • Jan Hedani
    Jan Hedani9 timer siden

    Imagine “history of the entire world, i guess” but in this style.

  • Piano Hypnoshroom
    Piano Hypnoshroom9 timer siden

    im just commenting so i can be a part of the comments

  • Just JEMM

    Just JEMM

    6 timer siden

    im just replying so i can be a part of the replies

  • LilyPad
    LilyPad9 timer siden

    here comes the sun and the day goes on

  • Focused
    Focused10 timer siden

    how tf did he get his hands on a 3090!?

  • Gastón Abeo
    Gastón Abeo10 timer siden

    This is the most creative guy in the world.

  • Brian
    Brian10 timer siden

    The legend has returned

  • Toad Stuff
    Toad Stuff11 timer siden

    I know he was going do something like this the whole time.

  • yellow bird
    yellow bird11 timer siden

    2:49 rick roll?

  • Harvey619316
    Harvey61931611 timer siden

    Thanks for checking in im still a piece of garbage.... Same guy right?

  • Suarax
    Suarax11 timer siden

    Here comes the deadly laser.

  • Yasmeen G
    Yasmeen G11 timer siden

    “Here comes the sun” *N O .* “Why?” *THE SUN IS A DEADLY LASER*

  • Ineedhelp101
    Ineedhelp10111 timer siden

    Disco ball, Disco ball, what is that? DISCO BALL

  • Just some guy with pink hair
    Just some guy with pink hair12 timer siden

    When the word needed him the most he vanished but after many decades the master has returned

  • Rynngaming
    Rynngaming12 timer siden

    He’s baccccc😊

  • Sciencesid
    Sciencesid12 timer siden

    me: learning how to make a doughnut in blender bill wurtz:

  • PringleDude
    PringleDude12 timer siden

    he’s back

  • Shiny Hydreigon
    Shiny Hydreigon12 timer siden

    Ok, here me out. 2020 was awful. Bill wurtz was gone during 2020. Bill wurtz came back in 2021. aside from the remaining COVID, 2021 hasn’t been that bad..... pattern?

  • Harnai Digital.
    Harnai Digital.12 timer siden

    The Rendering took a very long time thats why he was absent *i guess*

  • Pin
    Pin12 timer siden

    Here comes bill wurtz :)

  • TRMO Productions
    TRMO Productions12 timer siden


  • JuJu The Gamer Boy
    JuJu The Gamer Boy14 timer siden

    This over a month until this was posted

  • Lougit Avdiu

    Lougit Avdiu

    13 timer siden

    @Christian Baker bruh why you replying to every comment

  • Christian Baker

    Christian Baker

    14 timer siden

    Ya Thats What I was Just Thonking Isnt That Crazy?

  • I SugaMuda l
    I SugaMuda l14 timer siden

    Amazing, astounding, brilliant, spectacular, immaculate, show-stopping, courageous, perfection, beauty

  • I SugaMuda l
    I SugaMuda l14 timer siden

    And when the world needed him most *He came back more legendariously than the legend he was*

  • Lougit Avdiu

    Lougit Avdiu

    13 timer siden


  • Christian Baker

    Christian Baker

    14 timer siden

    Sorry buddy but someone already reserved this comment

  • Yoda
    Yoda14 timer siden

    On today’s episode of Bill learns camera angles and goes insane

  • Big Balls
    Big Balls14 timer siden


  • The Ambassadors
    The Ambassadors14 timer siden

    Super bill 3D World

  • Casey Banana
    Casey Banana14 timer siden


  • hOoMaN
    hOoMaN14 timer siden

    *shuts a tear* 👏🏽bravo!👏🏽

  • Sara :3 Moris
    Sara :3 Moris14 timer siden

    If you ever feel useless, just remember that 5.2k people disliked this video

  • Christian Baker

    Christian Baker

    14 timer siden

    Original and funny bravo

  • P7NK
    P7NK15 timer siden


  • TheGreat SometimesMaster
    TheGreat SometimesMaster15 timer siden

    He’s back. :o

  • Landodando Gaming
    Landodando Gaming15 timer siden


  • DynamicLyte
    DynamicLyte15 timer siden

    what does this look like while taking acid

  • RedKyla Entertainment
    RedKyla Entertainment15 timer siden

    The Legend Has Returned

  • Original Username
    Original Username15 timer siden

    I thought this was going to be a Beatles cover

  • Lemon Zest
    Lemon Zest16 timer siden

    did someone say surreal entertainment?

  • WillemRWD
    WillemRWD16 timer siden

    Who wants to bet that Bill didn't even realize there's a pandemic

  • Spoopy Snake
    Spoopy Snake16 timer siden

    The lord has returned

  • 1andrew123
    1andrew12316 timer siden

    Bill is a generational talent that will be studied in school by future generations. The man is a genius.

  • The Spartan Squirrel
    The Spartan Squirrel16 timer siden

    Hey sadness back off I dont know what I'll do

  • Sinan Akkoyun
    Sinan Akkoyun16 timer siden

    Bro, the good old delete default cube reference

  • Sinan Akkoyun
    Sinan Akkoyun16 timer siden

    3:10 that's where I exactly stopped and learned for uni

  • Sinan Akkoyun
    Sinan Akkoyun16 timer siden

    Jacob Collier is a joke to him

  • Wilzon 360
    Wilzon 36017 timer siden


  • Nilster
    Nilster17 timer siden

    3D !!

  • Oliver v
    Oliver v17 timer siden

    Fun fact: sun

  • BambooPyanda
    BambooPyanda17 timer siden

    Fun fact: He actually wrote the 3d modelling software during the year he was gone

  • BambooPyanda


    5 timer siden

    @lobo No, it's just a joke

  • lobo


    8 timer siden


  • Overdose
    Overdose18 timer siden

    “Taste the sun”

  • Qweee
    Qweee18 timer siden

    He has Officially transcended to the third dimension there is no stopping him now

  • NG games
    NG games18 timer siden

    Can I just say that song is amazing? I love it

  • criztoper
    criztoper19 timer siden

    ngl these effects and cgi are very good.

  • Gadha Dum
    Gadha Dum19 timer siden

    AHH boi

  • Johnathan
    Johnathan19 timer siden

    _all day all night_ we lay about and wonder what were gonna do. we speak to ourselves -and the conversation wonders what were talking to then sadness takes over then sadness _sadness_ wonders what were gonna do them sadness comes closer 🙂☹️ then sadness comes to sing a song for you oh a world what wonderful "Oh" _oh how you got to have more_ deneneenenn when darkness covers the -earth- denenenene _--_-_-_--_-_--_-_-__-_-_-__-_--__-_-_-_-_-_-_--_-_-_-_ | then u no its the end for sure | _-_-_-_-__-_-_-_-_--_-_-|_-_-4-4-4-4-__--_-_-_-_-_-_-_ here comes the sun

  • Neven
    Neven19 timer siden

    Seeing bill upload again is like seeing an online friend for the first time in years.

  • UtkArsh
    UtkArsh19 timer siden

    Legend returnnssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WoogiePlayz
    WoogiePlayz19 timer siden

    you can make a religion out of this

  • Jonah Millonida
    Jonah Millonida19 timer siden


  • aDiOs _YT
    aDiOs _YT19 timer siden

    The king has returned

  • Derpy Grandad
    Derpy Grandad19 timer siden


  • the bookworm hotel
    the bookworm hotel20 timer siden

    My man just skipped 2020

  • The D4rk void of silence
    The D4rk void of silence20 timer siden

    This is epico

  • hannah .shifting
    hannah .shifting20 timer siden

    Fun fact this isn’t your first time here and it’s not your last

  • ChrisPhil Gaming
    ChrisPhil Gaming20 timer siden

    here comes bill wurtz here bill wurtz has been he will be here for some additional time he will be here for some additional time he will be here for some additional time he will be here for some additional time

  • Taylor Derbyshire
    Taylor Derbyshire20 timer siden

    The metaphors are insane

  • Amsal Avdic
    Amsal Avdic21 time siden

    This is so emotional

  • Allen Wang
    Allen Wang21 time siden

    _He_ is the sun in this song