Here's Why the McLaren F1 Is the Greatest Car Ever Made


The McLaren F1 is one of the most famous cars in history -- and possibly the very best car in history. Today I'm reviewing the McLaren F1, and I'm taking you on a full tour of the McLaren F1 -- then I'm getting the McLaren F1 out on the road with Jay Leno.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuroÅr siden

    And now you know how to change the CD track in a McLaren F1.

  • Mike G

    Mike G

    8 dager siden

    @Neo Blackjack thee enraged in my case it would be my girlfriend on one side and her husband on the other.

  • Vin Today

    Vin Today

    8 dager siden



    10 dager siden

    Too many interesting facts on this car, how cool. Can't imagine the cost of parts.

  • Mike G

    Mike G

    10 dager siden

    What’s up with the dorky shoes and ill fitting clothes??

  • The Infidel

    The Infidel

    17 dager siden

    Jay Leno won't stop talking he likes to hear the sound of his own voice super annoying

  • NerdThatHitUrMom
    NerdThatHitUrMom2 timer siden

    17:32 Jay!

  • Ken Kj
    Ken Kj3 timer siden

    In 1980 my boss took me for a quick ride in his twin turbo Pantera. Thanks Wes.

  • Bhavya Singh
    Bhavya Singh3 timer siden

    And still the fastest naturally aspirated car......

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez9 timer siden

    A center driver seat also means that it is compliant for left-side or right-side of the road driving in different countries.

  • Kris_T_1982
    Kris_T_198210 timer siden

    I would be very suprised if McLaren haven't made virtual emulators of those computers by now. It's easily done, I'm sure they just dont want people to find out any garage 'could' service them with an emulator. I regularly make my laptop think its a MS Dos PC from the 80's or a windows 95/98 system for running old software. If McLaren own the computers, they can copy them & emulate them on a modern system.

  • utkarsh akhouri
    utkarsh akhouri10 timer siden

    hot pursuit 2

  • kristo jeksan
    kristo jeksan11 timer siden

    24:46 oil: 10w60 27:44 oil:5w40 ?!?!?!??!

  • James Radcliffe
    James Radcliffe16 timer siden

    I wonder if he ever let anyone else drive it.

  • Shane White
    Shane White16 timer siden

    shit car

  • Μηνας Χριστίδης
    Μηνας ΧριστίδηςDag siden

    Bmw m850csi

  • Philip Glassrules
    Philip GlassrulesDag siden

    How much did McLaren ask for this back in 1993?

  • Dr. Cool
    Dr. CoolDag siden

    "ANDDD today I borrowed it"..... reviews inside Jay's garage, not allowed to drive it lol

  • Michael Holyk
    Michael HolykDag siden

    Imagine driving on the highway and seeing Jay Leno driving in a McLaren F1 with Doug DeMuro.

  • A
    ADag siden

    Thank God it's the Germans to build them the engine

  • Mean Mister Mustard
    Mean Mister MustardDag siden

    i just don't like the design of the mag wheels

  • Seth Tyrssen
    Seth TyrssenDag siden

    I dunno ... I think if I had millions to spend on a car, this wouldn't be it.

  • Min Nohara's Channel Of Fun
    Min Nohara's Channel Of FunDag siden

    Outside looks like a great car of my dreams I'd love to drive. Inside looks like a hassle I don't wanna deal with it and feel sorry for whoever likes to drive that AND like that. Also, I think I have that same flash light somewhere...

  • Ricky Godette
    Ricky GodetteDag siden

    You borrowed your brother’s car cool 😎

  • EmoChylde
    EmoChyldeDag siden

    14:22 theres an evil hair on the tip of the index finger

  • Grand Marshal
    Grand MarshalDag siden

    beautiful car, however Leno is a pompous ass

  • Jamie White
    Jamie WhiteDag siden

    Seat belts.... the left side, I regret to inform you, is not the driver's side. The right side is the driver's side. McLaren are a British car manufacturer, design by a British engineer. The left is where Americans position their drivers.

  • james b
    james bDag siden

    At $35,000 a year to properly maintain a McLaren F1, that little romp out on the highway with Jay Leno easily cost about $1,000.

  • Steve Kirk
    Steve KirkDag siden

    Seriously, Jay didn't even let you drive the car.. What a tool.

  • james b
    james bDag siden

    Cost of an oil change is $8000!

  • knotkool1
    knotkool1Dag siden

    jay and doug are the king and queen of pretentiousness. 15 million reasons why it is the worst car ever made. it would cost you 15 million to get in one. my $6000 2008 335xi is a better car than the mc pos. it is winter here. and i would race the mcdungheap from wasilla to fairbanks, 350 miles, and not just win but the f1 would not even make the trip. i could do it with 4 family members with me. i could sell some bitcoin and buy an f1 but, no, it's a pos.

  • Daniel Uccheddu
    Daniel UcchedduDag siden

    No way, F40. Looks like a Ferrari and Lamborghini and the Venter seat is copied from the Lamborghini Egoista. Plus, not even a McLaren Engine,lol.

  • Rick Field
    Rick FieldDag siden

    Dated piece of shit

  • Ben
    Ben2 dager siden

    Jay mentioned miatas a couple times. Looks like somethings on his mind lol

  • SoulFly
    SoulFly2 dager siden

    i think you sit on the left side. you wanna be seen in the f1

  • O Dubb
    O Dubb2 dager siden

    If this car was human I’d give myself to it like a slut on NBA draft night... call me easy...

  • In der Tat
    In der Tat2 dager siden

    Elon Musk crashed his F1 in 2000.

  • acskls
    acskls2 dager siden

    Wow what a brilliant video. I'm amazed at the level of detail Doug goes to in his videos. He must read every owners manual from cover to cover. Easily the best car reviewer out there. Fascinating stuff ! 🚗👍

  • Ben Buescher
    Ben Buescher2 dager siden

    Doug, this is definitely one of the best videos you’ve done. Thank you for dressing up for Jay!

  • stretchwith
    stretchwith2 dager siden

    The F1 is fast and beautiful, but where do I put my- well.....anything? VW GTI is a much better car.

  • Molten Snowball
    Molten Snowball2 dager siden

    I would never be able to take it on public roads

  • BlazinNSoul
    BlazinNSoul2 dager siden

    You are one lucky man!! Just think you're one of the few people that's driven in the McLaren F1. I would have died and gone to heaven. Some might be put off by its minimalist design. I personally like it and furthermore. True sports cars weren't meant to be luxury vehicles. They were meant to be experienced as the ultimate road vehicles. Personally I'm just drooling right now. Just thinking what it must be like sitting in this beast. :b

  • Matheus Theisen
    Matheus Theisen2 dager siden


  • Joel Nawty
    Joel Nawty2 dager siden

    A did you know, in 93 the MKIV Supra was first produced and designed for 800hp. Was so wild it wasn't allowed to be produced. The engine is so strong can see them doing 6 second passes on quarter mile using a standard stick shift gearbox and engine block. All that gold and carbon fibre and a $45,000 Toyota could of decimated it if Toyota was allowed to make it.

  • kprice399
    kprice3992 dager siden

    A joy for sure

  • kprice399
    kprice3992 dager siden

    I don’t know what to say...Love Jay, his cars & show, but he should have let you drive. Every car guy knows you, & has seen your reviews. You know what your doing in a supercar. Great video, & love seeing Jay do his thing talk his talk cause he is a car guy, but he should have let you drive. Still, what a privilege.

  • Hedu Soto
    Hedu Soto2 dager siden

    Jay: "I enjoy sharing my cars with people" Doug: "Can i drive please?" Jay: Jay: "No"



    Dag siden


  • Hedu Soto
    Hedu Soto2 dager siden

    Doug´s questions are like "how is it feel to get laid?"

  • Nic Restrepo
    Nic Restrepo3 dager siden

    “Fastest analog car”.... Carrera GT : hold my beer

  • Rhein Amacher
    Rhein Amacher3 dager siden

    Damn, I wonder how much his monthly car indjmrrew we l

  • Josh David
    Josh David3 dager siden

    Awesome video!!! Check out Xtreme Xperience and if you want to drive with us (I am one of the Chief Instructors), we will see you at the track!

  • H H
    H H3 dager siden

    *Type 37a Bugatti lurking in background*

  • jonntischnabel
    jonntischnabel3 dager siden

    "screen wash" is not a McLaren thing, it's just what we call it in the UK

  • black6turbo
    black6turbo3 dager siden


  • HELL- KrUpTeD
    HELL- KrUpTeD3 dager siden

    Still don't understand how the driver gets in without kicking everything 🤔

  • Michael Keehn
    Michael Keehn3 dager siden

    Doug is a nerd. I cant watch his videos. Too bad, because this indeed is an iconic car.

  • JuPp3
    JuPp33 dager siden

    Can't wait for the video that debunks the legitimacy of this car holding the title of fastest production car for a decade and take my ignorance away from yet another childhood memory, obliterating it.

  • AkashJ
    AkashJ3 dager siden

    NFS 2 SE

    RICK HALEY3173 dager siden

    Jay Leno is enlightened. Share the vibes. He's a kewl guy. Lucky him👍

  • Ron Cosby
    Ron Cosby3 dager siden

    I would totally hate having that 3 seat configuration.

  • Luna Petunia

    Luna Petunia

    3 dager siden

    Not if it were you in the driver seat and two hot chicks in the other seats ;)

  • Jerry Kale
    Jerry Kale3 dager siden

    Boy oh boy ... you don’t want to have an accident in this ... how will u get out ....

  • Savy Ean
    Savy Ean3 dager siden

    Doug is the type of guy to sit shotgun with his legs crossed

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith3 dager siden

    If you can find one, a CLK GTR would be an awesome video

  • Tyler Braden
    Tyler Braden3 dager siden

    20:43 Yes!! it's the BMW V12 LMR engine 33:42 Good god almighty

  • amstaylorph
    amstaylorph3 dager siden

    Congrats on having one of the top 100 best videos on youtube.

  • amstaylorph
    amstaylorph4 dager siden

    Anyone else watched this more than once in the last couple of years?

  • Shawn Vanden Bos
    Shawn Vanden Bos4 dager siden

    The sound of that car is so amazing.

  • D.D. Henderson
    D.D. Henderson4 dager siden

    It also uses tail lights from a bus

  • D.D. Henderson
    D.D. Henderson4 dager siden

    It still holds the title of fastest production car without forced induction

  • D.D. Henderson
    D.D. Henderson4 dager siden

    McLaren F1 LM just sold for 19.2 million dollars

  • FBI Complaints Division
    FBI Complaints Division4 dager siden

    In your opinion..

  • Luna Petunia

    Luna Petunia

    3 dager siden

    @FBI Complaints Division everyone's*

  • FBI Complaints Division

    FBI Complaints Division

    3 dager siden

    @Luna Petunia Again, that’s “your” opinion.

  • Luna Petunia

    Luna Petunia

    3 dager siden

    In everyone's opinion* 😃

  • Lindsay Green
    Lindsay Green4 dager siden

    It gos to11!

  • A. Siracuse
    A. Siracuse4 dager siden

    Doug > Hoovie I said what needed to be said.....

  • Kevin Negoro
    Kevin Negoro4 dager siden

    Jay's Chin wouldn't fit threw a drive thru

  • TeaParty1776
    TeaParty17764 dager siden

    Is the MF1 better than a Ford GT?

  • Paul Stepanis
    Paul Stepanis4 dager siden

    Are the front and back wheels the same diameter? Or the rear tires just beefier? I apologize if he mentioned this and I missed it

  • Paul Stepanis

    Paul Stepanis

    17 timer siden

    @Luna Petunia you do know that width and diameter are two different things, right?

  • Kevin Wessling
    Kevin Wessling4 dager siden

    How many tickets has jay gotten- showing his cars

  • Horace
    Horace4 dager siden

    How clean does it sound when Jay opens it up a bit. Hmm mmm

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron4 dager siden

    It has been replicated look up Canadian supercars by htt the Pleator

  • Ricky Lee
    Ricky Lee4 dager siden

    If I had a £1 for every time he said Mclaren F1 I could now afford one.

  • spacex Tesla Roadster gaming
    spacex Tesla Roadster gaming4 dager siden

    McLaren F1

  • Michael Stanaway
    Michael Stanaway4 dager siden

    I thought the CARRERA GT was the greatest car ever made

  • Maria Fernandez
    Maria Fernandez4 dager siden

    I dont get the hype around this car. Why is this car the best car ever made?

  • MadeUrWifePuke
    MadeUrWifePuke4 dager siden

    Is it just me or do they look like father n son like crazy

  • Flashbek87
    Flashbek874 dager siden

    7:22 lol Compaq doesn’t even exist anymore xD

  • Kwabena de la sankofa
    Kwabena de la sankofa4 dager siden

    yeah, yeah, heard it all before 60s Grand Prix cars had adjustable pedals, a feature borrowed from WWII fighter aircraft all the way back, i believe, to midwar China Clippers) til the next best thing...

  • Luna Petunia

    Luna Petunia

    3 dager siden

    60's grand prix cars were also the furthest thing fron street legal 😂

  • Anuj Gaike
    Anuj Gaike4 dager siden

    Mclaren f1 is mini Jaguar XJ 200.

  • BartoszXIV
    BartoszXIV4 dager siden

    I thought it was BMW E39 M5

  • Brett DeLong
    Brett DeLong5 dager siden

    Awesome story about the 10 year old.

  • Brett DeLong
    Brett DeLong5 dager siden

    It is a special kind of human being that shares a $17 million toy that goes over 200 mph. Thank you Jay.

  • Brett DeLong

    Brett DeLong

    21 time siden

    @Mayank Nikunj I wouldn't either. Insurance, liability, and old fashioned wrecking. The internet is full of crashed high-powered sports cars at the hands of people who didn't know how to handle them.

  • Mayank Nikunj

    Mayank Nikunj

    Dag siden

    Didn't let his son drive though!

  • William Burke
    William Burke5 dager siden

    Except for the BMW engine, I bet the rest of the car falls apart fairly often. I've owned an English car before, they look great, but that's about the best thing I can say for them.

  • PhoenixUltraMotive
    PhoenixUltraMotive5 dager siden

    And now Gordon Murray is remaking it in a more modern style in the GMA T50. And I know a dude getting one and I'd love to see if I can get you two in touch. However he lives a bit north of Cali, in Washington state, so I don't know if you're willing to make the trip

  • Chris Fischer
    Chris Fischer5 dager siden

    "See it's warming up a bit now" .5 seconds later: BWWAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • ristomatti kolsi
    ristomatti kolsi5 dager siden

    The most successfull McLaren Formula 1 race car ever, was the 1988 "Marlboro red/white colored" and powered by Honda V6 turbo engine. Drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

  • MTL-ss


    5 dager siden

    ++ Kiwi - Andrew Bagnall McLaren F1- only two in the world fitted with the extra high downforce package, 680bhp LM-V12,spec race engine. from, New Zealand, - chassis #18 -has owned for more than ten years.!!! Kiwi-owned 1994 McLaren F1 supercar sells for $30,805,000

  • CRAIG5835
    CRAIG58355 dager siden

    Jay seems a pretty decent guy Doug and a car GNUTT. Im in Wellington New Zealand, we have a Great Car museum here its called Southward Car Museum, its online and i suggest you take a look, i met an old couple on Twitter who are both US living, she can do anything CAR by all accounts (My dream wifey) car nuts and restorers, i gave them the name and they got back to me and said that it is a World Class place and there are several cars there that they had NEVER seen before, and they reckon that...."Thats saying something" given their life long involvement in being petrol heads.

  • David Muenchow
    David Muenchow5 dager siden

    I bet Doug can't do 10 pushups.

  • ELKO
    ELKO6 dager siden

    This dude sure ain't no Jeremy Clarkson!

  • Michael Menges
    Michael Menges6 dager siden

    Doug DeMuro you are Lay Leno's out of wedlock love child, no big deal for you to borrow one of daddy's cars.

  • Jeff Hartwig
    Jeff Hartwig6 dager siden

    $20 Million.... Yes. I hit that Lotto and someone is selling one... I am buying! My favorite car since the 90's!

  • MTL-ss


    5 dager siden

    + Kiwi - Andrew Bagnall McLaren F1- only two in the world fitted with the extra high downforce package, 680bhp LM-V12,spec race engine. from, New Zealand, - chassis #18 -has owned for more than ten years. Kiwi-owned 1994 McLaren F1 supercar sells for $30,805,000

  • Alex R.
    Alex R.6 dager siden

    studyin’ Gordon Murray’s biography ... has a lot more to say about this car ... and answers all teh questions about how crazy this car really is

  • Jacques du Plessis
    Jacques du Plessis6 dager siden

    Yes please.

  • Cypress Thunder
    Cypress Thunder6 dager siden

    Jay: its warming up now. jay: FLOORS IT

  • Pwnzistor
    Pwnzistor6 dager siden

    Jay Leno is such a cool guy.

  • Geenimetsuri
    Geenimetsuri6 dager siden

    It's the F40 of nineties.

  • Jay AR
    Jay AR6 dager siden

    The Carrara GT is the best but this is second.

  • Alex R.

    Alex R.

    6 dager siden