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  • Keralis
    Keralis16 dager siden

    As promised, today we will spend some time helping out TangoTek and in the next episode, we will start expanding our new zoo! Do you have any zoo ideas? Please leave a comment and also a LIKE on this video for more Hermitcraft! Love your faces & have an amazing weekend! Don't forget to follow me over at Twitter twitter.com/WorldofKeralis or Instagram instagram.com/iamkeralis

  • Tómas Máni Bjarnason

    Tómas Máni Bjarnason

    3 dager siden

    Rhino Habitat

  • popularm mos

    popularm mos

    8 dager siden

    Don't sit on your chair of your office

  • Raedoublebae


    11 dager siden

    Build a Tiger K̶i̶n̶g̶ enclosure 🐅 🐯

  • Molten Freddy 88

    Molten Freddy 88

    11 dager siden

    Um how about making an acuarium

  • Rhys Ferguson

    Rhys Ferguson

    12 dager siden

    Hcbbs stands for hermit craft big base swap, Keralis u still own ur shops

  • Billy Bob
    Billy BobDag siden

    I like that his totam is a beef

  • Tommy A
    Tommy ADag siden


  • Hi random people :D
    Hi random people :D2 dager siden

    dang it i wanted to see the timelapse music lol

  • Runk purse
    Runk purse2 dager siden

    Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Continue....

  • Rosma Chen
    Rosma Chen2 dager siden

    I DARE U TO MAKE MODERN HOUSE TUTORIAL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Urban Goth
    The Urban Goth3 dager siden

    I have been set a challenge by the realm I am on. I need to build a skyscraper shop that looks like it sells redstone, netherite etc. Please help

  • RavenLeBean
    RavenLeBean3 dager siden

    *Keralis makes queen reference* Me: This man is incredible *Almost crying* He deserves an award {I'm stupid xD}

  • Ben Grank
    Ben Grank3 dager siden


  • Sofia Dragon
    Sofia Dragon4 dager siden

    "I've done it on myself." Reminder that Bdubs has daughters. I believe he has had braids in his hair like that IRL. This is a thing girls do to their dads.

  • Bode Meleski
    Bode Meleski4 dager siden


    POTATOLIFE 14 dager siden

    K: I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me. Me: HES JUST A POOR BOY NOBODY LOVES HIM!!!

  • E-vex
    E-vex4 dager siden

    do a grand tour of your city!!!

  • Jake S.
    Jake S.5 dager siden

    This server would be dope with feed the beast mods

  • J T
    J T5 dager siden

    your oofering an i.o.u.? damn maybe you are out of diamonds those can be a LOT more valuable

  • J T
    J T5 dager siden

    omg the all stars in the backround xd it will be in my head for day now

  • J T
    J T5 dager siden

    technically cleo had two bases but you just stole one of hers nothing wrong with that but you did

  • jenson israel
    jenson israel6 dager siden

    Keralis I love your videos you just take 2 long to post

  • Qunia
    Qunia6 dager siden

    When your reserve holding is 6 stacks of blocks. I think everyone's semi aware of it.

  • Mihauu
    Mihauu7 dager siden

    I didn't even notice I got craftrolled

  • Bekahoot
    Bekahoot7 dager siden

    I'm really excited to see what you do with the zoo!

  • xxfirespirtzxx
    xxfirespirtzxx7 dager siden

    I love your intro!

  • Martin Makhubela
    Martin Makhubela8 dager siden

    Papa k I know you are sad about your city base but knowing you and how creative you are I just can't wait to see what you do with your new base. Zoo ideas *How about bringing in some polar bears with their house build in ice *adding a bridge that has a river underneath it along with some drowns and pufferfish *Dolphins will also be good and you can add an activity were when a visitor comes to see the dolphins they get to see but also to swim with them and maybe right something about what's special about them *Maybe add the legendary dinosaurs

  • popularm mos
    popularm mos8 dager siden

    And your normal siti is indanger

  • elvisboi123
    elvisboi1238 dager siden

    I'm on a quest to get @Loony in Hermitcraft. Please get him whitelisted.

    DARKSTAR8 dager siden

    23:10 what else would he be snipping 🤣🤣😳

  • gniaren
    gniaren8 dager siden

    Kan jeg få joine hermitcraft

  • LCkanon
    LCkanon8 dager siden

    Keralis' "simple" pond is like Mumbo's "easy" redstone contraption

  • CrociGator Allidile
    CrociGator Allidile8 dager siden

    Keralis has got that drip now

  • drgonrush
    drgonrush8 dager siden

    Cleo doesn’t own LLAMB, it’s not your base it’s your shop

  • Rushil Walunj
    Rushil Walunj8 dager siden

    Which data pack is used by hermits to place items as blocks. The one that keralis has used in his office please give the link if you all know it 🙏🙏

  • TheRealCornelius
    TheRealCornelius9 dager siden

    you do the most subtle references that the youngins would never notice lol "no and then"

  • Beckett Smutz-Ulmer
    Beckett Smutz-Ulmer9 dager siden

    make this the most lked comment

  • Penguin King
    Penguin King9 dager siden

    That haircut do be aerodynamic though

  • Brian Shelley
    Brian Shelley9 dager siden

    Better sale than chaetu de grian

  • Sassy Muffin Gaming
    Sassy Muffin Gaming9 dager siden

    Keralis: Let me think... Me waiting for the German Coast Guard joke Keralis: NO, I am not going to say it Also me: Sad villager noises - But I said it in my head in his German accent lol

  • signsabound
    signsabound9 dager siden

    I love BDubs so confused because Keralis is trying to just buy the buildings instead of just writing down bids.

  • MinecraftIsMissing Funny Moments
    MinecraftIsMissing Funny Moments9 dager siden

    Fork knife And atlest you have hair

  • Spaceduck
    Spaceduck9 dager siden

    the base swap didn’t give up the shops did it?

  • User C
    User C9 dager siden

    30:00 grrr I literally didn't notice the base was pink. I hate being colourblind

  • aNOniME
    aNOniME9 dager siden

    I think some ice really would make the cave prettyer

  • programer2573 Roblox
    programer2573 Roblox10 dager siden

    I just realized that one of the songs in the background is never gonna give you up god damnit

  • val didar singh
    val didar singh10 dager siden

    umm did keralis just rickrolled all of us?

  • Kelly Jordan
    Kelly Jordan10 dager siden

    Karelis I've watched all your videos

  • David Yodo
    David Yodo10 dager siden

    The End Credit Scene was Hilarious 🤣

  • Hm Prime
    Hm Prime10 dager siden

    26:16 never gonna give you up playing at the background?

  • A Google User

    A Google User

    10 dager siden

    I don't hear it ...

  • Gavstin
    Gavstin10 dager siden

    Everyone is talking about the haircut but is no one going to mention how he rickrolled all of us at the end???

  • Jason Hydrea・10 years ago

    Jason Hydrea・10 years ago

    8 dager siden

    Literally EVERYBODY is talking about the rickroll.

  • Gavstin


    10 dager siden

    @A Google User the outro

  • A Google User

    A Google User

    10 dager siden


  • Vathilia Mage
    Vathilia Mage11 dager siden

    keralis... you don't pay diamonds right away during the bid. you only pay after the bid has ended.

  • Gopher Productions
    Gopher Productions11 dager siden

    Fork knife 🤣🤣🤣

  • Peeps 1007
    Peeps 100711 dager siden

    keralis is so... awesome? dangit forgot the word. uhm WHOLESOME! thats it!!!

  • EJ IsWeird
    EJ IsWeird11 dager siden

    It's bot the union it's the local gang

  • sith mage
    sith mage11 dager siden

    was that ending.. a noteblock rickroll?

  • b b
    b b11 dager siden


  • Pizza Nugget
    Pizza Nugget11 dager siden

    You should put iron golems in the yeti cave :D

  • JMB Games
    JMB Games11 dager siden

    Sorry Keralis but i think you've lost a fan. The reason that i watched your videos was because of the city-building content.

  • Molten Freddy 88
    Molten Freddy 8811 dager siden

    22:26 wut

  • Pburg 21
    Pburg 2111 dager siden

    Keralis hit us with the slick Rick roll at the end

  • MatCor1337
    MatCor133711 dager siden

    Put ice in the yeti cave.

  • Lukis Boy
    Lukis Boy11 dager siden

    Big base swap not big store swap

  • Pj Miller
    Pj Miller11 dager siden

    Idk if im hearing this right but when he's with bdubs I swear I here never gonna give you up

  • Kid Megatron
    Kid Megatron11 dager siden

    you have the smoothist voice out of any hermit

  • Reinhart Strobl
    Reinhart Strobl11 dager siden

    Would change some of the snow in the yeticave to ice 🤔

  • NightKrowe
    NightKrowe11 dager siden

    It's been a while since you gambled with the hermits... You'd be a real high roller if you bet a deed ;)

  • Seth Adling
    Seth Adling12 dager siden

    We got Rick rolled by keralis

  • Lucas Binnenmars
    Lucas Binnenmars12 dager siden

    grian feeding the bird and mini grian are actually cod fishes lol

  • Dante Valencia
    Dante Valencia12 dager siden

    it is completely beyond me how Bdubs kept himself from laughing throughout the entire haircut bit, or at the very least throughout the parts Keralis uploaded

  • Fangy Does Art
    Fangy Does Art12 dager siden

    Keralis you NEED to refly your Race around the Base times, Tango is beating you and I'm rooooooting for you!

  • BridlingZebra
    BridlingZebra12 dager siden

    Keralises intro song is the best

  • Melissa Bouston
    Melissa Bouston12 dager siden

    I love you

  • Chron 710
    Chron 71012 dager siden

    Bdoubs could sell a broken car with the way he was acting after that hair cut

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 6912 dager siden

    You are the first human being to say that my face is beautiful SPENK YOU VERY VERY MUCH

  • Shelle Popelle
    Shelle Popelle12 dager siden

    Keralis doesn't like fork knife how is he eating only with spoons?

  • Mike raeger
    Mike raeger12 dager siden

    Base swap, not store swap

  • sevenyard307
    sevenyard30712 dager siden

    grian my deed no!!!

  • Jack Haycraft
    Jack Haycraft12 dager siden

    I’ll be honest, I thought the camera guy was mugging the family with a gun.

  • ThomasKl3in
    ThomasKl3in12 dager siden

    Keralis your shop is still yours! there your own diamonds.

  • Jacob Rattin
    Jacob Rattin12 dager siden

    You got the worst base man.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith12 dager siden

    I gotta say Bdubs’ haircuts look a little silly at first but when you look closely they actually look really dope, Bdubs’ new blonde hair took a sec to get used to but I appreciate the work that went into that skin. This has gotta be one of my favorite little ideas on this server as of yet

  • Donna May
    Donna May12 dager siden

    Cry laughing. Just cry laughing through most of that. Thank you!

  • Constantine Yassin
    Constantine Yassin12 dager siden

    there are no secret bases in your base. One of my friends spread th is idea to mess with you

  • Sunny Ost
    Sunny Ost12 dager siden

    Cleo getting a whole city to populate is so perfect :D

  • Roho
    Roho12 dager siden

    Bdubs face is so adorable.. With the new haircut

  • Maximiliano Patroni Serrano
    Maximiliano Patroni Serrano12 dager siden

    Keralis´s haircut looks not family friendly

  • minec Channel
    minec Channel12 dager siden

    novisor novisor we will make you one of us

  • The K
    The K12 dager siden

    Hum what’s the tune at 27:00?

  • Idk Tbh
    Idk Tbh12 dager siden


  • Hxlleigh シ
    Hxlleigh シ12 dager siden

    “Look at grian” I-it’s a cod head-

  • Ali SM
    Ali SM12 dager siden

    That rickroll was flawless

  • you succ
    you succ13 dager siden

    4:18 "nigga jackpot" ???????

  • Monkey Pantera
    Monkey Pantera13 dager siden

    Keralis made the race look insanely easy compared to the other hermits. Everyone else had to slow down for turns and stuff while Papa K rocket spammed the ENTIRE time. I was actually amazed by these runs. Even the first practice run was pretty good until the end.

  • Susan
    Susan13 dager siden

    I was feeling a little bad for Papa K with his lack of diamonds until I remembered his stash at his LLAMB shop. :-D

  • Jessica kamukama
    Jessica kamukama13 dager siden

    a mineshaft with a cart from the mine to the cave

  • Legacies Reacts
    Legacies Reacts13 dager siden


  • AGL Studios
    AGL Studios13 dager siden

    When people find out Keralis rick rolled them in this video 👁👄👁

  • seventhranger
    seventhranger13 dager siden

    I'm unsure if I did hear a noteblock rickroll somewhere in there or it's just my imagination XD

  • Big Nol
    Big Nol13 dager siden

    I didn’t know they had mods on in hermit craft

  • Isa Mahmood
    Isa Mahmood13 dager siden

    keralis idk if u know this (u probably do), but its not grian. its a cod XD.

  • Jasmine Stairs
    Jasmine Stairs13 dager siden

    Keralis: “Okay, this is just an idea, this is just so Tango has something to work with, we are still going to make it pretty, this is just a start-“ Keralis: *shows me the most beautiful tableau I’ve ever seen in Minecraft in my life*

  • Enkay_ Army
    Enkay_ Army13 dager siden

    Isn't it the deed to your base not everything you own, so don't you keep your shops?

  • Kaikaku
    Kaikaku13 dager siden

    Your jokes do never get old, or do they?