Hermitcraft 7: Episode 54 - THE BARGE QUEST


Hermitcraft 7: Episode 54 - THE BARGE QUEST Grian is finally done with the barge's latest selling point - Events. This one doesn't quite go to plan though.
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  • XI_ShadowReaper
    XI_ShadowReaper54 minutter siden

    i finally figured out that etho's skin is kakashi from naruto

  • Md Humayun
    Md Humayun11 timer siden

    Plz do this again

  • DeoxysPlays
    DeoxysPlays13 timer siden

    26:54 My Fav Line

  • Bobert Roswell
    Bobert Roswell15 timer siden

    Love it 10/10

  • Intellectual Kitty Cat
    Intellectual Kitty Cat16 timer siden


  • Jen Robinson
    Jen Robinson18 timer siden

    Who else remembers the tiny raft GGG

  • Aqueous_Fireball
    Aqueous_Fireball21 time siden

    I still find it absurdly awesome that ren had built the Mustafar base from Star Wars and the jawa sandcrawler and some of Mustafar itself (I think I just geeked out over Star Wars, damnit)

  • Manan Jha 8A KTE
    Manan Jha 8A KTEDag siden

    grian - i will give them dimond armour dosent matter if it gets destroyed normal minecrafters - what the heck ??????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mighty boy lksh
    mighty boy lkshDag siden

    Feeling bad for impulse they should also get 1/4 of 1st place price

  • Addicted To YouTube
    Addicted To YouTube2 dager siden

    The riptide corse was just giving me the best mcc vibes

  • TheStacheIsEvil
    TheStacheIsEvil2 dager siden

    You definitely could have charged more for the Barge Quest. Value of items + your time + their happiness = rich Grian ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Malicious Beaver
    Malicious Beaver2 dager siden

    200+200+200+200=1000? MaTHs

  • master eripedese
    master eripedese3 dager siden

    Very awesome game grian!!!

  • •ˆWaning Moonriseˆ•
    •ˆWaning Moonriseˆ•3 dager siden

    You out did yourself Grian

  • Seminole Soul
    Seminole Soul3 dager siden

    Great way to start off an episode ” I’m about to start a war”

  • Z4CK 0512
    Z4CK 05124 dager siden

    good game gamer grian!!!!

  • Jenni Gaffney
    Jenni Gaffney4 dager siden

    I loved it! So fun to watch! Can't wait to watch the other guys' channels too! Thank you Grian!

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari4 dager siden

    Only 4 minutes in and doc is going to take over the full herniate craft server

  • NAME
    NAME4 dager siden

    Hermitcraft:LetS GO dO SomE MiNing OfF camerA After ten mins :SO WE GOT 199291929190101 NETHERITE SO NOT SO MUCH

  • David Farnham
    David Farnham4 dager siden

    To me it was‘t that entertaining . But good GG !!!!!!

  • Michael Egan
    Michael Egan5 dager siden

    1:29 He sounds like my brother when talking to my dogs

  • Jiana Malaya Mateo
    Jiana Malaya Mateo5 dager siden

    He has said odea so many times already mumbo can sue him now

  • Plasma Bolts
    Plasma Bolts5 dager siden


  • Gayla Apollos
    Gayla Apollos5 dager siden

    so who all had to go watch the others perspectives after seeing this masterpiece? The troll part, where they have to mine out grians base was the best part!

    BENTLEY6 dager siden

    “I will take all of these boxes back young man” 😂

  • Campervised
    Campervised6 dager siden

    Everyone: Did you kill the Wither? Ren: Yes. Everyone: What did it cost? Ren: *Everything*

  • aukira
    aukira6 dager siden

    Please do more of these they were amazing!

  • Vodar
    Vodar6 dager siden

    OMG! This was amazing

  • allegretto_jules!
    allegretto_jules!6 dager siden

    Grian - Spawns 3 Withers Me - **Flashbacks to Technoblade, Phil and Dream blowing up L'Manburg**

  • Lord Miasma
    Lord Miasma6 dager siden

    That was great

  • Mackenzie Reasor
    Mackenzie Reasor7 dager siden

    Grians parents: grian, the next time u start a war or take part in helping 2 start a war we will have to take away ur elytra privileges...

  • nathan riley
    nathan riley7 dager siden

    loved this vid

  • Vic Payne
    Vic Payne7 dager siden

    do a nother bardge quest

  • Immortally Annoying Gamer
    Immortally Annoying Gamer8 dager siden

    I am now convinced that Etho is wearing a Kakashi skin

  • Immortally Annoying Gamer

    Immortally Annoying Gamer

    8 dager siden

    @GhostZhukaya YES!! I KNEW IT

  • GhostZhukaya


    8 dager siden

    he is

  • Owen Hillis
    Owen Hillis8 dager siden

    7:22 I just love how Bdubs says yes it cracks me up every time😂😂

  • person on internet
    person on internet8 dager siden

    Batman: saves people and arrests bad people. Goatman: makes a mushroom the deadliest place for some friends in a group

  • Iman 112004
    Iman 1120048 dager siden

    that was great

  • pennywise y.
    pennywise y.9 dager siden

    Rens base is starwars

  • Christine Rossi
    Christine Rossi9 dager siden

  • joshua asgari
    joshua asgari9 dager siden

    every time i watch a myclium meeting i swear they are missing their head of investigations

  • Alvin Nash
    Alvin Nash10 dager siden

    Great time

  • Floss Moo
    Floss Moo11 dager siden

    I loved it the best thing ever it was AMAZING 🤩!!!!!!!

  • Tammie Buchanan
    Tammie Buchanan11 dager siden

    DO 3V3

  • George Marks
    George Marks11 dager siden

    I loved it!!

  • The V.D.A. gaming squad
    The V.D.A. gaming squad11 dager siden

    Bdubs is THE BEST hermit ever period.

  • Falire
    Falire11 dager siden

    11:48 HES JUST SAYS F``E YOU

  • Falire
    Falire11 dager siden

    im late but i heard your far ku what i hear f'ke you

  • Zane Surrette
    Zane Surrette11 dager siden

    this was hilariously fun, also, giving them the armour/items to use for the game sounds like an excellent plan.

  • Nathan Randle
    Nathan Randle12 dager siden


  • Sawyer’s Content
    Sawyer’s Content12 dager siden

    The amazing race Minecraft version

  • Benton Nelson
    Benton Nelson13 dager siden

    Never in my life I thought scar would out smart ren

  • BabyYoda Playz
    BabyYoda Playz13 dager siden

    It was super cool and the teams were perfect Hep vs. mycelium

  • Elyan The Minecraft fighter
    Elyan The Minecraft fighter14 dager siden


  • Alexander Kedl
    Alexander Kedl15 dager siden

    That was cool

    SPACEXC5GAMING15 dager siden

    Please make hermit craft infinity wars

  • real linkzilla
    real linkzilla15 dager siden

    Grian: Starts 1 war in season 6 *starts 2 wars in season 7* Next thing ya know (*if* no other wars are started in this season) season 8 has 3, and hebjust starts one more war per season lol Edit: wait was it two in season one Braincells 100

  • Warp Ozz
    Warp Ozz15 dager siden


  • Lala’s Galaxy
    Lala’s Galaxy15 dager siden

    The challenge was INCREDIBLE!! I loved it so much! I hope you do more of these videos! Great job for all of your time and effort as well👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Jaxen Marks
    Jaxen Marks15 dager siden


  • Caerigna
    Caerigna15 dager siden

    This was fun to watch, even from admin POV. The camera boy POV mixed with yours was a good call. Diamond Quest Armor is definitely a must, cause this needs to be a thing. Maybe with some admin help, maybe Impulse a new junior barge partner?

  • Jaxen Marks
    Jaxen Marks15 dager siden

    Goo Ren goo Impulse

  • Jaxen Marks
    Jaxen Marks15 dager siden

    Cum on Ren !!

  • Mya Daniels
    Mya Daniels15 dager siden

    I love this

  • Isaac Ludwig
    Isaac Ludwig15 dager siden

    I feel like the withers were too much

  • Samz the Monkey Sheep
    Samz the Monkey Sheep15 dager siden

    this was very amusing

  • bonnie allen
    bonnie allen15 dager siden

    I loved it. I also think they loved playing the hunt.

  • Franklin Hepburn
    Franklin Hepburn16 dager siden

    Omg Grian I really enjoyed that it was awesome and I think you should do it again, it was soo funny to see everyones panic and excitment soo I really would love to see another barge box quest episode. Oh and I just want to say your videos are amazing and very funny and I think you should keep doing what you love soo bye.

  • johoudini_kingjake 2
    johoudini_kingjake 216 dager siden

    Do it again

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas16 dager siden

    I love how chaotic this is! It's like I'm watching total drama island or something 😂

  • SpOoKy BoI
    SpOoKy BoI16 dager siden

    I LOVED the quest thingy- mah- jig

  • Cryptonace Gaming
    Cryptonace Gaming16 dager siden

    Loved it

  • Kiiten Giirl
    Kiiten Giirl16 dager siden

    ggg, grians great game.

  • Shock one
    Shock one16 dager siden

    We liked it very much

  • Elliot Landry
    Elliot Landry17 dager siden

    I LOVED IT!!

  • Augustho Colla
    Augustho Colla17 dager siden


  • Penguin
    Penguin17 dager siden


  • Amincderrr
    Amincderrr18 dager siden

    DO IT AGAIN (pls)

  • •Corathyst•
    •Corathyst•18 dager siden

    I love how grian just wanted to waste some of their time XD

  • Karn Phutanate
    Karn Phutanate18 dager siden

    That was hella fun!

  • Christian Janss
    Christian Janss18 dager siden


  • Sequoya Joseph
    Sequoya Joseph19 dager siden

    We paid 500 diamonds to work!!?? 😂😂

  • Aila Brown
    Aila Brown19 dager siden

    Yes it was great!!!

  • Life
    Life19 dager siden

    Is Docm77 Democrat Man?

  • Lina Bräunig
    Lina Bräunig20 dager siden

    your best episode I saw so far :D

  • Flaming_Blaze_
    Flaming_Blaze_20 dager siden

    Those end crystals had a family :(...

  • Annoying Dog
    Annoying Dog20 dager siden

    I thought they were talking about mumbo

  • GamingPro5452
    GamingPro545221 dag siden

    Grian: I'll give them diamond armor so that it doesn't matter if it breaks Everyone else: what?!

  • Omer Kalisky
    Omer Kalisky21 dag siden

    I really really liked it

  • The gaming thistle
    The gaming thistle22 dager siden

    aerial battle.. op

  • TB Burke
    TB Burke22 dager siden

    Grian: Lets start another war Me: How many wars are there in the season

  • Sephonnie Elliss
    Sephonnie Elliss22 dager siden

    that was a crazy fighting quest

  • Seraphim
    Seraphim22 dager siden

    This was actually so cool

  • Thedarkpiggy
    Thedarkpiggy22 dager siden

    evryone looks so magestic with those elytras. like woah

  • Hailey Merrill
    Hailey Merrill22 dager siden

    their teams are literally HEP and the ressistance!

  • Cara Draper
    Cara Draper22 dager siden

    There should have been a third team: “the podzoil posse”

  • Madison C
    Madison C23 dager siden

    I feel like Impulse and Ren should’ve won, but that may just be the Mycelium Resistance bias in me talking........

  • Generation Builds
    Generation Builds23 dager siden

    That is the smartest play I have ever seen

  • Tea Cup
    Tea Cup23 dager siden

    I need the link, i need to see my brian hoodie.

  • White Lightning
    White Lightning23 dager siden

    Love it! Plz do another

  • Ffe1 1106
    Ffe1 110623 dager siden

    I loved this. If you do another one, I would suggest making a system where you need items from the other challenges to continue/win